Sex and Gender

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Sexuality, Sex and Gender

Sexuality, Sex and Gender are inextricably linked. This is despite anything you might have head form the trendy ‘trans’ lobby. Feminine gender exists to attract masculine men, so that the parties can have sex and procreate. Following from that come social roles which exist because the function of females is to gestate babies, give birth to them and raise them. The function of males is to protect and provide for the females and the children. It’s not rocket science.

General Sex and Gender


However, there is a complication: gender and sexuality are always linked but in a small number off individuals may be at odds with their birth sex. Please note, nobody was every ‘assigned’ anything at birth. Their genitalia was examined and their sex was determined from that. Just as we do with cats, you know?

Homosexual or Real Transsexuals

sex & gender

Just because you have for example, male sex, it does not necessarily follow that you will be attracted to femininity in a partner. You might be attracted to masculinity. This is called ‘Sexual Inversion’ and it was discovered nearly 150 years ago. This will lead to true homosexuality and in supportive situations, real transsexualism.

If you happen to be sexually inverted then you are confronted with a serious issue: if you are male, then how do you attract the masculine partners you desire? It’s easy for females, they just perform the gender that is most natural for their sex, femininity, and that will attract men very well. But what if you’re a male? Men are not attracted to masculinity, so if you perform that, it won’t work.

Heterosexual: What at least 97% of us are.

Pic: Rod Fleming This is a real woman, in case you were wondering

Since a great part of gender is performed, perhaps you might also perform feminine gender, for the same reasons. And all over the world, that is exactly what such males do. Indeed they did the same in the West until a mere fifty years ago, when a very strange social inversion happened.

The New Gay Man — the modern western homosexual

These are often Sexual inverts in denial. it’s not a river in Egypt. Their inverted sexuality should lead to the expression of feminine gender, but they suppress this. Self-loathing and gender dysphoria result.

new gay man

The articles linked from this page will explain all this in detail.



Ladyboys are a category of transwomen who appear under different names in Asia, such as bakla, beki, kathoey,  bencong, waria, newhalf and many others. They are cognate to travestis in Latin America and southern Europe, as well as other transwomen, with detail lifestyle differences. They are all male, attracted only to men and reject sexual and romantic liaisons with others like themselves. Some of these are amongst the most beautiful women in the world.

Autogynephilia and fetishistic transvestism

fetishistic transvestites

Sadly, there is another category we must cover here, the autogynephilic transvestites. Although they can sometimes appear young and if they do, may be quite passing as women, most of them ‘struggle even to be presentable.’ They suffer from a severe mental problem, a paraphilia called Autogynephilia, which if not caused by excessive porn use, is certainly exacerbated by it.

These individuals remain strongly attracted to femininity, indeed they might be called ‘hyper-heterosexual’ and thus may present a threat not only to women but to the much more passing, in fact downright gorgeous homosexual transsexual. The latter should avoid them at all costs. They rarely ‘pass’ as women.