Transgender, Autogynephilia and Narcissistic Rage

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Originally posted 2017-06-11 16:44:21.

Transgender,  Autogynephilia and Narcissistic Rage


Autogynephilia, defined as ‘a man’s propensity to become sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman’ is the primary cause of male to feminine transgender expressions. It occurs all over the world but takes different forms depending on the local cultures.

In the West, autogynephilia is most often seen amongst middle-aged men. Today, as our culture changes, that remains the case, though there are larger numbers of younger autogynephiles, some even transitioning in their teens — which would have been exceptional only a decade or so ago. Nevertheless, most transition, that is, begin living as and appearing to be women, above the age of 25.

Western autogynephiles or AGPs are characterised by a visceral intolerance of any suggestion that they might not be ‘real women’, no matter how absurd such a claim might be.

It is quite clearly nonsense for a 65-year-old former Olympic athlete, a father, who has been married most of his life, to claim that he has ‘always been a woman’ or that he has a ‘female body’.

Yet challenging this obvious lunacy will typically provoke a vicious, personalised attack that may well become physical. Why does this happen? Why are autogynephiles incapable of discussing their condition rationally?

The reason is that by questioning it, the other party demolishes their carefully-constructed and nurtured fantasies of themselves as women. The simple suggestion that they might not be ‘real women’ is enough to set off an extreme over-reaction. This, of course, is an illustration of how implausible their case actually is.

The Narcissistic Rage Attack

The fantasy they inhabit is the core of their very selves, their own identities. The merest suggestion that it might not be accurate, because it is so lacking in substance, causes their façade of pseudo-femininity to collapse. The pseudo-female second personality that they have been carefully tending and nurturing for years or, more likely, decades, just vanishes. The consequence is a Narcissistic Rage Response which is typically violent and destructive. The autogynephile so provoked will do everything possible to silence the perceived enemy and worse, to ruin his life.

The experience Dr Michael Bailey suffered, when he was falsely accused of professional delinquency, having sex with a research subject, carrying out research without the proper permits, providing mental health services without a licence and even paedophilia with his own daughter, was absolutely typical. The intention of his autogynephilic attackers was not merely to counter his ideas but to eradicate his very being.

Thankfully, Bailey was cleared of all the trumped-up charges; but most people would wonder what could possibly provoke other people — in his case, other senior academics — to such extreme dishonesty and personal defamation.

The answer is that Bailey, simply by presenting the science in a readable and easily understood manner, provoked a Narcissistic Rage Attack.

I made this video in response to an interview with Dr Bailey HERE

9 Replies to “Transgender, Autogynephilia and Narcissistic Rage”

  1. Got a chance to catch some of that interview. I did read parts of the Man Who would be Queen book. It was a bit of a parody on the Autogynephiles and the Homosexual transsexuals.

    The Autogynephilic got more angry at the book, but when reading you see he kinda took just as harsh to the Homosexual group. Saying they were well suited for prostitution, etc..

    The interviewer is good in this video presenting how many of the Autogynephilic trans respond to questions of erotic components of crossdressing with oh that’s not me etc.. But Baily quotes good work by Lawrence addressing A romantic attachment to their female side that is not necessarily erotic. This is a good point. It would have been more effective if he emphasized this more at the time of the book, or maybe he didnt go this far in his study of the issue.

    Autogynephiles need to be given some slack and credit in that until recently with the trans fad they fought hard to kill their female persona. Burning their crossdressing clothes, Seeking out more sex with women to ween off the fantasy, doing sports etc.., Going extra to man up. But the persona keeps coming back. They work hard to try and get rid of it.

    The profile of a lot of the autogynephilic types I know is that they are in many cases very successful men who accomplish a good life. So having autogynephilia doesn’t seem to be the problem, maybe its the stigma of it.

    Most youth trans groups today in the USA are a combination of Autogynephilic and Homosexual types. And they usually mingle and adjust well together.

    It was only in the past when you had young Homosexual types in a group with Older middle aged autogynephilic types. That’s were it got really awkward were there was a real disconnect in the group. The older men just couldn’t let go of their guy habits or power.

    The distinction between the two is most important for therapists etc in their treatment and working with the individual to transition or not. As far as the public they could mostly care less.

    The good autogynephilic transitioners are ones that can blend well and even act as if they were of the homosexual type. The ones that don’t well they are really obvious in their masculine behavior in public and tv etc.. So Autogynephilia is not the problem, its how the men with it transiton and don’t make the necessary behavior changes.

    1. Hi Pri,

      You make a good point regarding the co-existence of the two types in more modern youth culture. In Asia this is exactly what you see. INterestingly, in the P_hils they all see themselves as gay — because it doesn’t quite mean the same as it does in the West.

      Nuttbrock 2009 posits that autogynephilia might be ‘dying out’. I firmly disagree but I would say that in a climate of greater tolerance, they appear much earlier in life, so the classic Blanchard Type — while still common — is probably decreasing. Nuttbrock also studied a less homogeneous group than Blanchard, with significant non-white respondents, which likely changed the result. AGP is hugely influenced by culture.

      Thanks for you interest, I appreciate it.

  2. Is that what’s happening in Asia. The Autogyephilic transition and blend in well enough that no one really gives a fuck what their motive was ?

    1. Hi Pri, basically, yes. Everybopdy knows they are trans but nobody cares. In the Phils they might get a little pushback from extreme religious types but in daily life, nah. I’m editing another video now that gives more detail. Thanks again for your support and please stay tuned!

  3. Super interesting. What do you make of the bathroom/locker issues in the West? That’s my primary concern with transgenderism getting so popular and American trans dogma so obviously bonkers.

    I couldn’t possibly care less if a guy gets a sexual thrill out of wearing lace panties, but I don’t think I want him changing into his bikini next to my daughter, either.

    And yes, you can’t discuss anything of actual real world importance with transwomen in the US or they do go all GI Joe aggro on you. Your video helps explain why, and I’m at least a little sympathetic.

    But it doesn’t make me trust them more around my kid, you know? She weighs 55 lbs, has a shy, intense and sensitive personality and I obviously value her feelings and safety about a billion times more than some 45 year old 200 lb AGP narcissist who has “ALWAYS been a woman.”

    They do sound intensely freaky and not to be trusted but I suppose they’re so wrapped up in their fantasy lives they might not do any real harm. I don’t know, the ick factor is strong here. I’m gonna have to think about this one

    1. Hi

      Regarding the bathroom issue, I think transwomen have done themselves n favours. We have already seen pushback in the US and it will happen elsewhere too.

      Remember that although this piece and vid was about transvestite autogynephiles, there is another category of transwomen, the HomoSexual TransSexual or Blanchard HSTS. These present absolutely zero risk to women because they are basically super-feminine, strongly homosexual males. My correspondents amongst this group in the US have told me they are scared now. They have been using women’s facilities for years, decades even and never had any hassle because nobody ever noticed. (HSTS are noted for their femininity and usually have no trouble ‘passing’; think Blaire White.) Now, however, that AGPs have flamed up the issue, they are scared they might get clocked and possibly ‘outed’. I know some who are living in ‘deep stealth’ which is to say that nobody in their circle of friends knows they are TS. (Yes, HSTS really are that passable.) Their lives would be ruined if it ever came out; so they are scared to use women’s toilets and of course they can’t use men’s ones. So big thank you to AGPs there.

      The other point I would make is that the whole thing is a red herring anyway. Men’s rooms are not full of murderers and brutal transphobes. I have certainly had a not very passable trans use a urinal next to me, more than once, and so what? I’ve seen natal women use the cubicles, when there’s a queue at the ladies’. They didn’t get raped, nobody said or did a damn thing. I have never, not once in decades as a journalist, heard of a transwoman being attacked for using a male facility.Men don’t give a hoot, is the reality. This notion that male bathrooms are dangerous is a function of feminism, which has instilled the idea that all men are violent rapists. It’s not just blatant rubbish, it’s highly offensive to men. TS are not at risk using male facilities.

      I don’t know what the answer is. I too have a daughter, but I also have a TS girlfriend. Now she is HSTS and nobody ever clocks her. But still, despite the fact that she has zero interest in women, she does have a dick. I’m conflicted.

      I will do more on this but I want to explain the Asian profile AGP first because knowledge of that is most useful. For now I would just say that one of the things that does make Western AGPs so difficult and often so creepy is the fact that they have had to hide their condition, even from the people they most love, for decades. I think that is less so now, but there are still an awful lot of damaged middle-aged people out there.

      Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.

      1. Cool, will look forward to hearing about it. Yeah, I really would not have an issue running into Blaire White in the locker room, partly because she seems like she’d have the manifest good sense not to expose herself to everyone there for shits and giggles and partly because I just don’t get those creepy dude vibes off of her. Or any dude vibes at all, really.

        (Thanks for suggesting her videos, btw. Helped power through some boring chores the other day. I’m a fan, would have to ask for an autograph if I saw her in the women’s bathroom lmao)

        I like men and think 95 percent of them are fine upstanding citizens. I have sons, a husband, brothers, male friends and coworkers etc, all of whom I trust implicitly. the 5 percent that aren’t fine are reeeeaaaallllly not ok, though. And they tend to outweigh me by 50 lbs worth of muscle and be six inches taller, so let’s just say I’m a little wary about dudes I don’t know. Seems prudent. This is all much less of a bother for me now that I’m middle aged, cranky, and a bit fat. But I remember being young, naive and pretty; a creep magnet.

        My daughter is ten now, about the age I started getting harassed on the street and groped at the swimming pool and the train. I haven’t forgotten how miserable that was. You couldn’t tell anyone or you’d be the one who had your freedom restricted for your own safety. Nothing ever happened to them. Creeps! Women detest creeps, and not for no reason.

        And the “penis is a female organ!” crowd is pretty damned creepy. If they had an ounce of self awareness they would know this. Awful P.R. at the very least…

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