Homosexual Gender Dysphoria

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Originally posted 2022-07-02 12:30:30.

Homosexual Gender Dysphoria occurs in both males and females and is always signalled by childhood Sex Non-Conforming behaviours.

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Homosexual Gender Dysphoria leads to Homosexual Transsexualism and is relatively rare. Since it ONLY affects those who are uniquely homosexual, from their earliest experiences, there is a clear upper bound on the numbers.

Numerous studies have been carried out which suggest that the total number of Sexual Inverts, that is, genuine homosexuals, is probably not more than 5% of population, although this again is subject to the definition of ‘homosexual’ being used. We use it to mean ‘an unmasculine male’ and nothing else. Homosexual transsexuals, being a subset of these, must necessarily be fewer.

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All genuine homosexuals, that is those who were sex non-conforming as children, are potentially transsexual. It is only social intolerance that prevents them from completing themselves.

Homosexual Gender Dysphoria is quite distinct. In this, transition with hormone replacement therapy and possibly surgery is often entirely appropriate. It can lead to a full and satisfying life in the target gender. Subjects, if male, can integrate into society as women and may find partners amongst regular straight men.

homosexual gender dysphoria
This is Annie. She is a Sexually Inverted male; this is what a homosexual looks like. She’s gorgeous and completely feminine. Although it is not clear from this picture, Annie is intact, or was at the time.  She had no implants either. ‘Bottom’ surgery does not make a transsexual woman; being a homosexual male who is cross-gender identified, does. Whether or not she has a penis has nothing to do with it.

‘Gay lifestyle’

These girls do not become a part of the Anglo-Western ‘gay’ lifestyle, although in other parts of the world theymay label themselves gay — but the word has a different meaning there. In the West they often simply vanish. (Those who think they can ‘always spot’ a transwomen simply have not met any Homosexual Transsexuals; or maybe they have and were completely taken in.) This life-path even has a name: ‘woodworking’.

It might be a little harder for females, but many do achieve it. The precursors to homosexual Gender Dysphoria may onset as early as age two and so it is called, in the DSM-V ‘early onset’.


In males, non-homosexual Gender Dysphoria is caused by Autogynephilia, ‘a man’s propensity to be aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman’.(Blanchard.) This is a complex mental condition that might result in tranvestism or cross-gender role play.  These individuals are never transsexual, although they often claim this status, especially if the have had Genital Reconstruction Surgery.

These individuals are not transsexual because they are not homosexual. They are always heterosexual, indeed, one might say ‘hyper-heterosexual’. Despite this they may begin to seek relations with men as a function of their Autogynephilia. This is called Pseudo-bisexualism.

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