A woman pretending to be a man in a male body.

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Originally posted 2021-02-16 16:37:20.

(A brief History of Homo, Part 2) In hypermasculine ‘egalitarian’ homosexuality, the basis of the New Gay Man cult, the individual’s Erotic Target, is himself, in the form of a masculine man. This results from the peculiar social conditions he operates in.

The New Gay Man is a male with Sexual Inversion, that is to say, he has female or passive sexuality.

(In sexuality) activity is put into operation by the instinct for mastery through the agency of the somatic musculature (the body); the organ which, more than any other, represents the passive sexual aim is the erotogenic mucous membrane of the anus.
Sigmund Freud

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Feature pic: apparently Sir Ian thinks ‘gay men’ are more masculine than straight men. Well, women are better judges of this than men…but really I think it’s because we don’t have to try as hard as gays.

In other words, penetration implies a hierarchy, mastery in the male or active and passivity in the partner,  and also a binary — the desire to dominate and penetrate and the desire to submit and receive.

A male who desires to attract others who can satisfy his sexual Inversion, that is, his need to be penetrated, should appear to be feminine: he should have feminine gender, because gender is how we advertise sexuality to others. Dr J Michael Bailey put it like this:

both the members of an egalitarian homosexual relationship are (homosexual). Both (are males who) want masculine men…Even if one of the partners would…enjoy taking the feminine role – taking a female name, wearing a dress, (becoming) a woman, he would refrain in order to make his partner (who seeks masculinity) happy. If a (homosexual male) wants to attract (heterosexual) men, he should (transition into) a woman. If he wants to attract (homosexual) men, he must stay a man.

The Man Who Would Be Queen, 2003.

To put that another way, the New Gay Man is obliged to perform in a manner completely at odds with his nature, because of the society he lives in. He has female sexuality and should present as feminine; but instead he is obliged to perform masculinity.

erotic target
This is pretty much what gays look like everywhere except the West. Cute femboys. The one on the left saw the light, she’s a girl now.

The gay ghetto of LGB

The New Gay Man is attracted to powerful masculine men, but, partly because he has retreated within the cultural ghetto of ‘LBG’ he no longer has access to them, as he would, say, in Asia or Latin America, or would have had even in the West until about 1970.

This dramatic change occurred because of a ‘gay’ activist movement which held that both partners in a relationship between two males (or females) were equally homosexual. This is ‘egalitarian homosexuality.’ It is unique to the West and simply does not happen, at least to any statistically relevant manner, elsewhere. But this cultural shift meant that masculine partners were no longer available to Homosexuals, because potential ones refused to accept the cultural stigma of being homosexual, which very few actually were anyway.

erotic target
See what I mean? Put her in a minidress…

The male Sexual Invert’s Erotic Target is always a masculine man, to whom he wishes to submit sexually. He is in fact a woman pretending to be a man, but who inhabits a male body. Deprived of access to such men, he begins to locate his Erotic Target on himself, in a reflexive masturbatory cycle. This will cause him, over, time to perform an exaggerated and theatrical pseudo-masculinity, in order to make his appearance match the qualities of his Erotic Target — in this case, a masculine male: a man.

books by rod fleming

Erotic Target Location Error

This is an Erotic Target Location Error. This condition is sometimes called ‘Autoandrophilia’ and we can compare it usefully to Autogynephilia, which also depends on an ETLE. However, it is more difficult to understand than Autogynephilia, where the subject’s sex and sexuality are conformed, because in this case the subject has Sexual Inversion and thus is a male with female sexuality. He might look male, but sexually he is a woman. His desire is to be  receptive and he constructs an internal narrative within which sexually submissive men remain masculine.

His ideal sexual partner, to recap, is an extremely masculine, heterosexual man. He creates, in his mind, this ideal Erotic Target, which is exactly the same as any other male Sexual Invert’s, but then identifies with it. Just like the Autogynephile, he wants to become that which he desires — in this case, a masculine man. This leads to narcissistic behaviour as he adopts increasingly outrageous social identities but crucially not the one he should, that of a Transsexual — which is what he actually is.

erotic target
Oh God my eyes…I’m going to hell for this.

Trad vs modern

Compare this to the traditional situation in the West or that which obtains practically everywhere outside it, even today. This conforms to what I call the Roman Model. In it, male Sexually Inverts, that is Homosexuals are seen by both themselves and the society around them as not being men. They are defined by their natural lack of masculinity and are happy with that. When and if they can, they seek sexual encounters with masculine men, often in secret. But even though this does still occur in the West, the New Gay Man is at pains to deny it, because he has been culturally conditioned to see himself as precisely what he’s not — masculine.

The ETLE may occur, therefore, because of social intolerance of his natural femininity. However it may also occur because of a mistaken mapping of sexual desire in his early masturbation sessions, in which he will be fantasising about big hairy men and their cocks. Unlike our Asian, who actually could find such a man or at least a close approximation, this avenue is denied the New Gay Man — paradoxically because of the ‘gay liberation’ of the 1970s.

This actually was a straitjacket, a corral that separated ‘all things gay’ from ‘all things straight’ — itself exemplary of the inability of USicans to conduct nuanced thinking. No longer were Homosexuals able to liaise with straight men, because of those men’s fear of being called ‘homosexual’ themselves. Clearly, this shows weakness on the part of the men, but on the other hand, they are naturally repulsed by masculinity, which is exactly what the New Gay Man affects.

books by rod fleming


However, while it may satisfy those masturbatory desires, just as happens with the Autogynephile, the ETLE leads to problems in relations with partners. This is again because the Invert himself has female sexuality and desires to be receptive in sex. He is more or less repulsed by penetrating and by femininity in his partners, but ‘egalitarian’ homosexuality, which I call the New Gay Model, demands that he must both penetrate them and by doing so turn them into women and also allow himself to be penetrated, and so be ‘womanised’ himself. (Which is what he actually wants.)

Penetration is the big problem. The culture our man is part of considers itself ‘egalitarian,’ a concept, in sexual relations, that has no meaning because to penetrate immediately creates a status hierarchy. We do not refer to ‘tops’ and ‘bottoms’ just because of their preferred positions in sex; tacitly, this is a binary of power. Tops are strong and masculine, bottoms are weak and feminine.

Physical sex requires this hierarchy, which is in direct conflict with the Autoandrophilic character, itself trying to be the most butch and masculine in town. His host persona desperately wants to be penetrated, but the invented one — a masculine man — absolutely rejects it. This is cognitive dissonance on the seismic scale.

erotic target
See what I mean? Cute gay boy becomes beautiful girl. That’s so much better

No emotional commitment

This man will penetrate just as he masturbates, frequently and without emotional commitment, because he could only give such commitment to a man much more masculine than he is. This is why Sir Ian thinks ‘gay’ men are more masculine; he is actually referring to ‘tops’ who are not, except in the delulu world of the West, ‘gay’ at all; and they are certainly not Homosexuals.

At the same time, he is driven, by his Autoandrophilia, to hyper-masculinise himself and rapidly finds that this is a vicious cycle: all the men he knows are role-playing women themselves, all striving to be more shrill in their performed masculinity than the next. The irony is exquisite. As a result, he is constantly seeking the mythical character who can at once be genuinely masculine and at the same time accept his own performance of masculinity. But this is a fool’s errand, for no such man exists.

(Much of the blame for this ridiculous state of affairs lies at the doors of Plato and Alfred Kinsey. I have discussed those elsewhere.)

books by rod fleming

This is just so much more like it. Not a hint of liniment. These girls all recognise themselves to be gays in the Asian, indeed World sense. Aren’t they cute? I’d take any of them home.

19 Replies to “A woman pretending to be a man in a male body.”

  1. Given the differences in ‘gay’ cultures do you find a preponderance of Western sexual inverts living in Asia or interested in moving to Asia? You only seem to post photos of Asia HSTS so I’m just wondering if there are communities of HSTS westerners who have discovered and seek out the non-western HSTS culture in Asia and beyond.

    1. Hi Donna I’ve no experience of Western male gays here (though there are some Westernised ones). It might be that I frequent the wrong areas though. There are a couple of ‘macho gay’ hot spots. Baklas won’t go near them, but they are definitely on the NGM radar. Puerta Galera on Mindoro is notorious. I have met baklas from such areas and they left lol. As far as Western women are concerned, I only discussed this once with one, talking about Thailand. She said it ‘was a terrible place for lesbians’ which I found weird, since it’s full of them. You can’t move for tomboys. But I soon realised that she was femme and wanted a femme partner, not a butch one. In other words, she was pursuing ‘like with like’ which is very rare here. It’s not accepted socially and those who do it (like the macho gays) keep to themselves. LGB here does not challenge the ‘gender binary’ it supports it fully. The rule is ‘boys go with girls and girls go with boys’ So if you want a man, you make yourself into a girl, and if you want a woman, you make yourself into a boy. My correspondent, despite being of Asian heritage, had been brought up in the USA and she simply could not get her head round that. She literally said ‘What’s the point of that? You might as well be straight!’

      That was actually a eureka moment when I realised that without the transgressive political element and the deliberate attempt to shock the establishment (ie parents) Western LGB, the modern form any way, is a chimaera. It doesn’t exist. It’s a socio-political lifestyle that has nothing to do with sexuality per se. Its just that nonconforming sexualities are a good way to enrage the bull.

      I have not met any Western MtF HSTS here though they certainly do come, especially for surgeries. Kabaklaan is so well integrated into society here that it’s hard to see how they could fit in. I mean, they would be welcome, but they couldn’t fit into the barangay life. FtM is probably more common as local girls might be open to relations with them, probably more so than Western girls. In Thailand these are called ‘dees’ from phonetic ‘lady’. The culture does not consider them to be lesbian at all though (see above). There seems to be a ‘by’ for these culturally, on the grounds that the girl’s virginity would not be compromised by such an arrangement.

      There are a few Western AGPs in Thailand but they are really obvious. They generally hunt AGP men who want to be penetrated.

      1. I recall Milo writing that part of the fun of being gay is being subversive and with the acceptance of gays, gay marriage, etc., it’s taken some of the fun out of it. That gave me a new perspective on the whole LGBT rights movement narrative.

        1. That’s exactly my point. When the gays got all they’d asked for, what was the point in causing stash? Lifestyle gays are only in it for the lifestyle and if that gets old and boring, they move on. So now the people who would have been gay when it was transgressive and dangerous are ‘enbies’. Same old same old.

  2. Do the locals have a different attitude about HSTS, narcissistic and pederastic ‘gays’ in their communities as well as the tourist sex trade? Are the others just as much embraced as the HSTS are in the Philippines or Thailand?

    1. Pederasty is uncommon here. That said, most men have their first sex with a bakla (kathoey). This is because female virginity is protected and male virginity has no value at all. So baklas, even as young as 10 or 11, become targets for randy young men. Remember there is no stigma in banging a bakla, as long as no switching. Married men also often indulge, because screwing the baby bakla from down the road doesn’t really count as having an affair and men are expected to philander anyway. So why not little Jose? He’s got the face of an angel, a bum like a ripe peach and look at those legs! — and he can’t get pregnant. But a Westerner who tried any of that would find himself open to some serious bribe demands, today, although there are plenty of written accounts of Western men coming to Asia specifically for the boys, from as recently as the 80s. I put this down to the usual toxic influence of the US.

      Formalised pederasty, however, is very rare, though it might happen in the context of temples in Thailand. Pederasty is a specific form. It is cyclical with the sub eventually becoming dom and taking a sub. That I have not seen here.

      The local attitude to HSTS is that they are baklas, that is, they have green blood. They are unmasculine males, all the way through to drop-dead women. Every family clan has at least one bakla and they are often out by the age of 6 — at which point they will begin exploring sex with local boys. This is considered normal within traditional society. ALthough the tourist trade is important in Thailand, it is far less so here and I get messages from men saying it’s really hard to find ladyboys — despite the fact that they are on every street. Kabaklaan is most emphatically not organised for the benefit of tourists and neither is the kathoey lifestyle, which is very similar. It’s just that where there are tourists, there is money.

        1. Another example of why people should not rely on Wikifakia. There is no concept of a ‘third gender’. In Thailand, one term for a transwoman translates as ‘second type woman’ (but still woman) while in the Phils there are literally dozens of words but they all mean the same thing: unmasculine male or ‘not-man’ The last is very widely understood as ‘male but not a man’. In these cultures, ‘man’ is one gender and ‘not-man’ is everyone else. There is no third. You are either a man or a not-man. Crucially, although a bakla fits into society as a woman, her inability to have babies limits her status,as it does for kathoeys. Thais and Filipinos definitely do not consider them to be a ‘third gender’. Wikifakia is absolutely to be avoided, it is a cesspit of misinformation.

          1. Wikipedia is awful, I agree. It’s funny how the woke culture make a big deal about colonization but ignore their colonizing of East Asian transgendered terminology replacing the local meanings with their own western LGBT post-modernist politically correct interpretations.

          2. The most vicious and toxic cultural imperialists of them all are woke USicans. And they do not have the self-awareness to see it.

      1. So it seems you are saying that pedophila is common. I’m surprised the parents aren’t outraged. Is it because the parents are poor or something else?

        When do girls normally marry?

        1. Hmm I don’t remember saying that, but strictly local cultures and between males, yes there’s a fair bit of canoodling. Let’s be clear: a father whose son is a bakla will beat the crap out of him until he either realises it’s futile, the son ends up on the street or his wife or mother intervenes and tells him to lay off. Women are the authorities in these cultures, not men and men do not argue with their mothers. Once he has accepted the inevitable, he is no longer interested in what his bakla son is doing. And boys need sex, so… this is the ideal solution. Mum is delighted that her batang bakla daughter is serving it up hot and her natal daughters are not getting pregnant, and the mums of the boys doing the honours are equally glad their sons are not porking the girl next door and ending up a statistic when the girl’s dad comes after them. Nobody gives a hoot, in other words, what a batang bakla is doing behind the bike shed.

          Let me illustrate. Yesterday a good friend of Sam’s, a fem gay a bit older, came by but she wouldn’t come in to the yard. She was afraid of our dogs (who would lick her to death, especially Pikachu). I asked if she’d been bitten and she had, and I asked where. ‘On my ass.’ I asked if she’d been running away from the dog and she said ‘No not really. My pants were round my ankles.’ (Raised eyebrows, hoot from Sam.) ‘I was on the woods and a guy was fucking me against a tree, see? He ran but I couldn’t get my shorts up quickly enough and the dog bit me.’ (These confessions are not exactly unusual.) ‘How old were you?’ I asked. ‘Eleven, twelve maybe. That’s where the baklas in my village went to get fucked, into the woods. I didn’t go again though, not after that’

          Don’t be getting the idea that men are chasing boys. Boys chase men here. I can assure you, two out of three times I go out without Sam I am guaranteed to have some precocious little strumpet of a batang bakla giving me the eye, the come-on, all the stuff, showing her ass, you name it. They even do it if Sam’s there and they think she won’t notice. This has caused me several visible bruises on my upper arms.

          But girls — nononono. That’s taboo. Female virginity is important. Double standard? For sure but that’s the culture here. Girls are totally different from boys: female virginity is a prized asset that is to be protected. The age of consent laws all over the region are there to protect girls, not boys.

          Age of marriage varies with social class but ordinary girls, who are not going on to college, start about 18.

  3. Hi Rod,

    I found your site through your writing on pederasitic homosexuality, which i think is an important issue regarding a lot of the abuse tolerated in UK higher society. I also came across your video on JK Rowling and was surprised more people didn’t see it that way as I had the same opinion you did.

    This leftist youtuber Philosphy Tube has now come out as transgender, do you think they are the autogynephilic type? Even when they came out as bi/queer they seemed to be narcissistic and in love with themselves to me. Like Contrapoints a lot of these people seem to be fortunate men who had a lot of wealth and women in their lives previously and now have decided to do something else since they had everything and that got boring.

    Personally I believe this trans issue, as well as many other issues in modern political discourse, is being used as a scapegoat and exploited by socialists for their proletariat/burgious oppressor/oppressed didactic, along with feminism, race relations etc. when in reality they want more government power to reshape the current free market regime.


    1. Hi Damian. Well, Abigail Thorne ‘came out’ as bisexual in 2019 so that strongly suggests AGP, but she is a trained actress and one is never sure to what extent they are roleplaying. I agree with your comparison with Contrapoints. There is no question that trans identities have been hijacked by socialists. They, especially the US ones, have never forgiven the white working family man for his rejection of their bunk philosophy after WW2. They had not realised that it’s next to impossible to radicalise a man with a good job who owns his home and has two cars in the garage. This was exactly the situation in the US in the 50s, 60s and 70s. But modern radicalism was formed in the US in exactly that time frame, by non workers. This led directly to Clinton calling the entire working class ‘deplorables’. This division is now entrenched. Radicals will annexe any social group they think they can turn, as long as they are not straight white working men.

      1. Hi Rod, thanks for your reply.
        Yes whenever I’ve argued online lefties inevitably accuse me of being a middle aged white man. I’m 33 and from Bulgaria, so I’m getting there but the whole rhetoric is so flawed. My own home country colonized nobody for instance, we were enslaved by the Turkish for 500 hundred years, and many brutal genoicdes later freed in 1878 before the USSR came and took those freedoms. I often wonder what exactly eastern Europeans, the Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Finnish or Swedish can be accused of when it comes to all this colonialism nonsense. I mean the Scottish were arguably colonized by the English first? And even if I was English, most English lived awful lives and never left the UK for instance, my ancestors would more likely have worked in some factory rather than had the time of their life. But logic doesn’t really come into play when assigning mass guilt to swathes of people. Meanwhile China gets away with whatever they want in the world. Not just historically but in the present.

        1. Everything has to fit in to the USican narrative. The US is the most imperialistic and aggressive nation on Earth and TBH if it rips itself apart in civil war I’ll laugh. The French are right: English must be rejected as the ‘EU language’ because it is through English that they corrupt. A part of the USican narrative, all whites are guilty.

        2. “later freed in 1878 before the USSR came and took those freedoms”
          This sentence is interesting af. You didn’t say who gave you a freedom, but at the same time you didn’t forget to say who took your freedom after a while. Amazing.

          1. The USSR did not exist in 1878. It was Russia that liberated Bulgars from the Turks, not the USSR. The USSR was responsible for much evil and nobody regrets its passing..

          2. Completely agree with Rod’s comment, I have nothing against the Russian people, we are similar in many ways, its the evil of Communism that I resent. The USSR oppressed many Russians. Interesting how Russians don’t mention who gave them their alphabet (Bulgarians) but I wont go there.

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