SOGIE is a lie. Sexuality and gender are inseparable

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Originally posted 2017-07-19 21:48:02.

SOGIE stands for ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression’. It is a popular concept amongst many Western LGBT, and they are assiduously trying to export it.

SOGIE, basically, posits — contrary to what you might think — that sexual orientation — whom you want to have sex with — and your gender are separated. Further that your sense of gender identity and your expression of that are also unrelated. So a person who looks like a man, behaves like a man, sexually desires women like a man, can still ‘identify’ as a woman — and everybody else just has to go along with this. But it is  utter nonsense. Sexuality and gender are two sides of the same coin and they CANNOT be separated.

A  standard explanation of ‘SOGIE’ is at the bottom, with my comments on it.



SOGIE has its roots principally in the writing of Michel Foucault, a French philosopher who specialised in obscurantism. He was a masochistic homosexual who was obsessed with death and suicide, and who died of AIDS. That seems fitting.


Michel Foucault. Any resemblance to Nosferatu the Vampire is probably intentional.

Though he was not the only culprit, Foucault is really the ‘father’ of the USican version of ‘Post-Modernism’. In essence this holds that there is no such thing as objective reality, only the narratives of people; and every narrative is equally valid. It specifically denies the existence of objective reality.

I think it’s important to fully grasp what that means: objective reality and the tool we used to quantify it, science, are, according to this bunk, meaningless. Only people’s reported experiences and feelings matter. ‘Narrative’ is primate and facts must be modified to fit with it.

Post-Modernism, then, is a fancy name for ‘touchy-feeliness.’

In this, no matter what we can be observed to be, we are what we say we are. Unless of course, we break one of the internal rules. So a man can claim to be a woman and that’s all white, but if a white woman claims to be a black one, the sky will fall in.


SOGIE is derived from this self-serving, delusional nonsense.

It has its roots in two movements that have adopted Post-Modernist non-thinking completely. The first of these was Western homosexual men.

Until the late 20th century, homosexuality between men was regarded as a way of having sex. ‘Homosexuals’ were males who desired sex with other men and who were recipients in the act of sex. They described comprehensively by Havelock Ellis and Magnus Hirschfeld.

They were characterised by ‘ their femininity, their smallness of stature, their desire to be penetrated and their lust for men.’

Notably, the men who penetrated them, because they did not conform to the above, were not regarded as homosexual. (If these men fell foul of the law, it was those laws banning a specific sexual act — anal penetration, or buggery.)

After World War II was over, many demobilised servicemen in the USA found themselves in the cities of New York and San Francisco, because these were the two principal demobilisation centres


The Mattachine Society

They included a significant number of homosexual, by the above measure, men. These men, knowing full well that a life of misery and probably an early death awaited them in small-town Hicksville, stayed. In New York, one of these was a man called Harry Hay, who founded the Mattachine Society. Hay was the ‘Pixie’. He was a an effeminate gay man who cross-dressed.


Gay journalist Milo Yiannopoulos, who said on a radio interview that he enjoyed dick ‘just like any other woman’. Thank fuck for non-politically-correct gays

A group within the Mattachine developed that proposed that homosexuals should seek partners amongst themselves. These came to be known as the ‘accommodationists’ Eventually they grew so strong that they threw Hay out and took over completely.

They rejected the idea that homosexual men should be feminine, despite the fact that this is what they are. They had to appear to be masculine, because this would help them to be accepted by the broader society. But there was a more fundamental reason for the invention of this, the ‘New Gay Man.’

Homosexual men are attracted to masculine men. Their sexuality is the same as a woman’s. They want to be penetrated, by hunky straight guys.


A hundred ‘bottoms’ looking for a ‘top’

Which leads us to J Michael Bailey’s famous quote about 100 ‘bottoms’ looking for a ‘top’. In societies where homosexuality was and is normalised, homosexual males adopt the roles, manners and often the appearance of women, in order to make themselves attractive to the men they desire. In the intensely homophobic USA, and Anglo-Saxon culture generally, this was not possible. Men interested in having sex with homosexual males risked prosecution, social opprobrium or worse.

The New Gay Man presented a solution: since homosexual males are attracted to masculinity, they should appear to be masculine, not feminine. That way they might attracted other homosexual males as partners.

But homosexual males aren’t in the least bit masculine; they’re feminine. So they invented the faux masculinity that we all recognise as the signature of a gay male.

No more frocks and wigs and woe betide anyone who let slip a hint of femininity, at least in public. Now homosexual males could form a ‘community’ in which they all chased each other, and whether they were being a man or a woman depended on who was penetrating whom, at that particular moment.

Feminine gay men were ostracised and shunned and transsexuals called, literally, ‘Uncle Toms’. Nice.


The New Gay Man

sogieThe New Gay Man created the ‘clone’ gay scene that appeared in the 1970s and is still with us today, morphed into a happily married, overweight, middle aged couple of males with bad suits.

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell is a UK-based homosexual who brought with him all the bitterness, self-hatred and entitlement typical of Australians, and overlaid it with even more, resulting from the fact that he appeared to suffer gender dysphoria. This was because he was obliged not to dress up in pretty frocks for the sake of the cause. He rose to fame, if you can all it that, by ‘outing’ straight men who buggered femboys as ‘gays’.

(The absurdity of the masculinist position is that today, people who work to counter the effects of AIDS and HIV, have had to invent a whole new category of men — MSMs or ‘men who have sex with men’. Invariably, these men penetrate. One wonders what the waspish, now ageing, queen Tatchell thinks about that.)


Nevertheless, this gave rise to the first leg of the infamous SOGIE — that masculine men like to be fucked like women. So, there must not be a link between such a man’s ‘gender expression’ — which is a kind of pseudo-man — and his sexual desire, which is to be arse-rogered senseless.

Well, it’s complete BS but nobody was paying attention. All homosexual males are feminine. Every single one. And they all suffer from gender dysphoria. Their notion of ‘masculinity’ is risible, but hey.

This leads us to the next whopper: the above means that wanting to be fucked does not make you a woman.

Well, yes it does. But never mind, here we have the first premise of the SOGIE nonsense.

Homosexual males are feminine innately

This is to disguise that fact that homosexual males are feminine. In fact, Western homosexuals today are punished for being feminine. They are ostracised. Dr J M Bailey calls this ‘femiphobia’ and Dr Alice Dreger calls it ‘sissyphobia’. The fact is that what Western homosexual males hate most is their own innate femininity. They are naturally feminine and have been conditioned to reject this in favour of New Gay Man faux masculinity. They were never attracted to femininity — that is the point.

That is why they struggle against it. It is why they invented ‘SOGIE’ and countless other nonsenses — to divert attention from the fact that homosexual males cannot ever be men.

Their faux masculinity is a joke, but it’s one that homosexual males don’t get. The sad thing is that a profoundly homophobic Western culture causes them to hate their true natures.

The second premise of SOGIE comes about because of transsexuals. Historically these were always considered to be closely related to feminine gay men, just a little further along the scale. And this is true of a significant number. However, right from the time of Magnus Hirschfeld, a pioneer in this field, another group had been observed. These didn’t look like women and they did not act in an effeminate way. More particularly, a great many were not attracted to men but to women.


Ray Blanchard

What on Earth was going on? Well, thanks to the work of Dr Ray Blanchard, we now know that these males are not primarily homosexual, that is, they are not attracted to masculiniity . Instead they have a condition called ‘Autogynephilia’, which Blanchard described as ‘a man’s propensity to be aroused at the thought of himself as a woman’. You might call it ‘an overwhelming desire, on the part of a born male, to be a woman’. But we’ll go with Blanchard for now.

Around 60% of these people, in the West, are gynephilic. That is to say that they are attracted to and desire to have sex with women. In this population, a further 20% are pseudo-bisexual, that is, they pursue sex with men in order to maximise their fantasy of being women by being penetrated like a woman. (This is more common in southeast Asia where nearly all AGP transwomen exhibit it. The most likely explanation is social conditioning.) A final 20%, in the West do not have sex with other people.

Of course, the heterosexual desire of that 60% calls into question whether they are women at all. (Something well understood by those Asian AGPs.)

They aren’t lesbians, because you need to be a woman to be a lesbian. What makes their sexual attraction to women any different from any other man’s? The answer, of course, is ‘nothing’. So their sexual orientation — their desire to have sex with women — makes them men, who happen to wear frocks.

SOGIE to the rescue!

SOGIE says that no matter what observation tells us, only narrative counts. If a person claims to be a woman, then that person must be a woman, no matter their orientation, or how they appear to others, because the most important precept of SOGIE is that its parameters, its proponents claim, ARE NOT dependent on each other. They act independently.

Obviously, since many of these individuals claim ‘to be a woman’ yet are attracted to women, then there must, in turn, not be any link between gender and orientation.

Of course, this circular reasoning is utter bunk; it’s playground philosophising. Reality is what counts, not ‘narratives’.

‘SOGIE’ is a self-serving piece of blatant Political Correctness that is untrue in its premises and misleading in its conclusions. Sexuality and gender are not only linked, they are innately so. Gay males and HSTS transwomen are feminine because they have a woman’s sexual desire for men.


The following is from a pamphlet distributed by UConn’s ‘rainbow centre’. Original (with spelling corrections) in italics, my comments regular.

SOGIE Basics 101

Sexuality: a range of concepts, ideologies, identities, behaviours, and expressions related to one’s values, actions and attitudes regarding life, love, and relationships. Sexuality is not only about sex, but is multifaceted and unique to the individual.
(In other words, it is not defined. So we don’t know what it is. Do they?)

Orientation: Sexual/Romantic Determination of attraction for people/persons of the same gender/sex, another gender/sex, or multiple genders/sexes (Multiple? There are only two. And there is no reason, other than to make up an acronym of made-up terms, why this should be separated from ‘Sexuality’. They’re the same thing.)

Attraction: The desire for or lack of desire (!) for intimate, emotional, romantic, and/or sexual relationships with a person(s). Ex. Pansexual, Asexual, Lesbian, Gay, Aromantic, Bisexual, Panromantic, Queer, Heterosexual, Polyamourous, Non-Labeling, Polysexual, Two-spirit ... (Incredibly, ‘homosexual’ and ‘asexual’, which are real, don’t make it onto the list of made-up orientations.

Gender: A societal construct of categories that divide bodies into a binary system of women and men, based on the gender binary assigned at birth. (Factually incorrect: part of gender is constructed but much of it is innate.  And one’s sex is identified, not ‘assigned’ at birth.)

More recently, categories such as transgender, androgynous, and genderqueer have been embraced and advanced. (These are not separate genders. There are only two, masculine and feminine. In other pieces I explain this as the Men/not-Men binary. Essentially, all Men are masculine and their behaviours are policed, while the not-Men can present any way they like, because, well they’re not Men and nobody cares.)

Identity (internal sense of self): A person’s internal sense of gender; their self-perception of gender. Ex. Gender Non-Conforming, Agender, Man, Woman, Cisgender, Two-spirit, Bigender, Gender Fluid, Transgender…
(Again, there are only two genders, Men and not-Men. The above are all not-Men and so the binary stands.)

Expression (outward reflection): The presentation of one’s gender, often reflected in behaviour, body features, clothing, hairstyle, voice and other external characteristics. Ex. Feminine, Androgynous, Masculine, Gender Non-Conforming,…
(This is called ‘fashion’. )

Expectations/Roles: The set of ever-changing culturally and historically specific meanings that shape the social expectations for bodies, behaviours, emotions, and roles, based upon gender classifications. (This is just a part of gender; people expect men and women to look and behave differently. This applies to the Men/not-Men binary, in that Men are expected to behave in a certain way according to the particular culture, but always masculine, while the not-Men can do and appear as they please.

Sex assigned at birth (medical)The medical term assigned at birth which involves a certain combination of chromosomes, external sex organs, gonads, secondary sex characteristics and hormonal balances. Assignments may include the following broad terms: Intersex, Female, Male. (Sex is identified at birth, not ‘assigned’. The doctor did not give you your sex; you were born with it.)

And here is the biggest whopper of the lot:

Note: Identities exist on a variety of spectrums. A persons identity as related to one spectrum holds no bearing on how they identify on other spectrums.

(In fact, ALL of the above are inextricably linked and informed by Sexuality. )

There is not a single claim in SOGIE that stands up to scrutiny. Not one. It is a canard from beginning to end.


4 Replies to “SOGIE is a lie. Sexuality and gender are inseparable”

  1. If you believe that all gay men are just repressed trans women, what do you think of cis lesbians? Do you think that they’re all really male and that their sex drive is the same as a heterosexual male sex drive? If so, then should they all transition to male?

    1. Hi Emily. Well, I don’t use the word ‘cis’. Like most PC terminology it is worse than redundant, it aims to take control of the debate. And in any case there are no ‘trans lesbians’. They are crossdressing straight men with a heteronormative desire for women.

      So what you mean is women who are attracted to other women. There is pretty much no similarity between female sex drive and male. Males are target-oriented, objectifying, naturally promiscuous and risk-taking. Females are socially-oriented, do not see people as objects, are naturally far less promiscuous and risk-avoidant. So no, lesbian sex drive is simply not the same as male homosexual sex drive.

      Male HomoSexuals, those exclusively attracted to men from childhood and, with very rare exceptions, preferring the submissive role in sex, who do not transition, are preyed on by gay ‘men’. Many of the latter are not homosexual in the sense described above at all. Some are bisexuals operating only one side of their sexuality, some are opportunistic pansexuals addicted to the promiscuous, high-risk ‘gay’ lifestyle and some are ephebephiles, attracted to adolescent boys. These all see young homosexual boys as fresh meat for the larder and they all abuse them ruthlessly; and when they get older, HS boys can never be masculine, even to the faux standards of the New Gay Man — and they find themselves pilloried and rejected for being ‘too effeminate’. Paradoxically, being ‘gay’ is a route to misery and self-harm for HSTS.

      Condemning anyone to a life like that when they could live successfully as a woman, is beyond irresponsible, it’s downright cruel.

      It follows that the decision to transition or not is about what kind of life the subject wishes to have, and before making that decision, the true nature of the ‘gay’ male lifestyle — a perpetual, promiscuous orgy of increasingly outrageous sex, featuring the sort of practices that most of us would be horrified at the very nature of, needs to be clearly understood, by both the individual and his advisors. Unfortunately it is quite clear that many of those latter do not understand or choose to gloss over what the gay male lifestyle is really like — a meat market that devours people.

      Lesbian culture is not like that because lesbians are female and so they score higher in areas like nurturing, protection, sociability, agreeableness etc. I have never seen any convincing evidence that lesbian culture is a meat-market in the way that male gay culture is, and lesbians do not target other women in the way that males target their objects of sexual desire.

      I am always against major surgery for purely cosmetic reasons, which is what GRS is, either way, and I think the ‘transman’ fantasy is a canard. Seeing young women preyed on by venial medical professionals who should be trying to help them avoid ruining their bodies, is horrific. So no, I do not think that lesbians should ‘transition’ into ‘transmen’. If they so wish they can live and be happy as masculine-appearing crossdressers with no adverse impact on their bodies. This is very much the case too, in SE Asia, where very few transwomen, or for that matter lesbians have GRS. We don’t call the males ‘crossdressers’ because that would conflate HSTS with AGP, something that should always be avoided. But effectively that is what MtF HSTS are: highly naturally feminised, homosexual males, who just do better romantically and socially as women.

      I don’t think GRS is at all justified for the vast majority, though they can reasonable suppress masculinisation with HRT; oestrogen is nothing like as harmful to males as testosterone is to females, assuming one desires to be feminised, anyway.

      So, no, I don’t think lesbians should transition, period.

    1. They’re the same. Both sexes can have these, though they are actually a function of sexuality, rather than sex.

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