Gateways to Heaven: Check in Bar, Bangkok.

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Originally posted 2021-03-01 15:50:04.

Well the pandemic seems to be easing and so the Gateways to Heaven — ladyboy bars — are opening again. These girls are from Check in Bar in Bangkok.

Here’s a wee Youtube video. Apparently Check In has residential rooms and a restaurant so you could just fly to BKK, take a taxi to Sukhumvit and then just have a different girl on your knee every night. Or two. Or three…Never need to set foot outside the door.

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4 Replies to “Gateways to Heaven: Check in Bar, Bangkok.”

  1. Oh yes, some beauties there! Whether I ended up in bed with any of them or not, I’d be glad to have their company for sure. I’m sure they’d be better company than Western women these days would be. As I’ve not been on a date in 4 years (or had sex in the last 3 of those years), it’s made me step back and realize that the MGTOW types have a valid point in regards to women in America. Once you get through the angry and bitter rhetoric on their end, mind–I find them often to be just as bad as the Feminazis they despise so, not to say that I blame them entirely for that (I don’t, because it takes two to tango, two sides to every story).

    1. Hi I agree. The West has been contaminated by feminism to the extent that it is no longer a functioning society, as proved by the disastrous reproduction rate in the white demographic. I was sceptical about MGTOW and especially the Incel wing too. I found the language, especially of the latter, deeply offensive. Nevertheless, the underlying point is true and I have come round to it. The whole ‘woke’ thing is a corruption and we need to be rid of it.

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