Sexual Inverts and transition

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Originally posted 2018-12-10 06:24:25.

Sexual inverts, or, in males, ‘feminine homosexuals’ — along with a range of much less polite vernacular terms — make up a class of homosexuals which have been identified, for over 100 years, as having characteristics of the opposite sex.

I’ve just been reading over a group of papers on this, with one typical being Zucker 1993 ‘Physical Attractiveness of Boys with Gender Identity Disorder’. That is by no means the most recent, with numerous studies by a swathe of researchers making the same findings, along with 2D:4D finger length ratios and other measurable parameters.

The observed facts are that male sexual inverts are naturally feminine (and female ones are masculine.) This was first noted, in the modern era, by Karl Ulrichs, was written about in depth by Havelock Ellis and has NEVER been refuted. It remains the scientific consensus.

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Physical characteristics of Sexual Inverts

Being naturally gorgeous and feminine: ladyboys in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The clustering of physical and behavioural characteristics in the group is far more than can be explained by chance. They were formerly called ‘Sexual Inverts’, a term I have now begun using again. They are cross-sex identified and same-sex oriented from childhood and will often exhibit Early Onset or Homosexual Gender Dysphoria, sometimes as young as 2 years old. If they transition they are True TransSexuals or HSTS.

Male Sexual Inverts have repeatedly been noted to be shorter than the average for related males. There are always outliers but even where they are taller, the literature notes that they tend to be slender and more lightly-built. This is verifiable by observation.

Transition is  the natural developmental end-point for such a person and the life-path most likely to lead to happiness — and this works even in cultures like the Anglo-Saxon West where, until recently, tolerance for HSTS transwomen was close to zero. But trans women did it successfully because they are so feminine that NOBODY EVER KNEW they were trans. That alone should tell you something.

HSTS transwomen range from being so naturally feminine that it is next to impossible for them to convincingly ‘pass’ as men, to somewhat less so, but still noticeably feminised. In cultures like those in southeast Asia, the full spectrum of types can easily be observed.

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Not all ‘gays’ are Sexual Inverts

Nobody is suggesting that all ‘gay’ males are Sexual Inverts. Many clearly are not. Within New Gay Man culture there are pederasts, non-trans autogynephiles and sexual opportunists, not to mention those who have been seduced into the lifestyle by its superficial glamour, as a protest against conventional social mores and many other reasons.

I was going to put in a picture of some macho gays to show what they’re like, but I couldn’t. So have a cute ladyboy and her pals instead, much nicer

Transition risks.

The risks of transitioning HRT for MtF are minute and were written about eloquently here:

Very few trans women in southeast Asia, usually known to themselves as ladyboys, undergo GRS, although many do have other cosmetic surgery, like breast implants. But the fact is that generally, most Sexual Invert/Early Onset/HSTS types don’t need that to look feminine. (The AGP type very much does exist in Asia, and they often need all the help they can get to look feminine; but even they rarely go for GRS.)

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Here’s a thing: you can’t have it both ways.

Either homosexuality is innate, or it’s acquired, in which latter case, people could be conditioned out of it. And that appears to be the very last thing New Gay Man activists want to hear. ‘Once gay, always gay,’ that’s the saying. But the truth is that homosexuality is only innate for Sexual Inverts; for most others, it’s acquired — and so could be treated. It’s a lifestyle choice, often a statement of youthful rebellion, that can have terrible consequences.

Before you criticise them for taking the path they do, remember that the alternative for male Sexual Inverts, in the West, is the New Gay Man culture, which is a ruthless, pederastic meat-market that preys on pretty boys.

‘Gay’ culture in southeast Asia is far more gentle  because nearly all ‘gay’ men here consider themselves to be ‘women inside’ and do not attempt to hang on to a pretence of masculinity. They exist, as a group, within the same social space as women and are accepted there; they are not persecuted or forced to hide.

Southeast Asian ladyboy culture — kathoey, bakla, beki, bading, waria as well as others like newhalf in Japan — provides a social space for male sexual inverts that is far more successful and less traumatising than the Western New Gay Man.

That social space — which is generally nurturing and protective — is probably why the New Gay Men — the so-called ‘macho gays’ — are ridiculed here. They just don’t fit; there is no social space for them. They are seen for what they are — women pretending to be men in order to pursue other women pretending to be men.

All About HSTS is the web’s foremost resource on Sexual Inversion and HomoSexual TransSexualism.

New Gay Man identity is a product of the toxic Western Anglo-Saxon culture, which is itself intensely pederastic. The New Gay Man culture exemplifies this; it is a classic pederastic meat-grinder that uses pretty boys until their prettiness is all gone and then either throws them on the scrap-heap or turns them into ageing, predatory pederasts themselves.

Worse, far worse, is that the pederasty of this system is entirely hedonistic and contains none of the didactic or mentoring qualities that such systems had in Ancient Greece or Japan, say.

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The Bottom Line

Every case is different and has to be considered on its merits, but the old mantra ‘it’s better to be gay than trans’ is self-serving bullshit. However, the New Gay Man apologists know that without the regular supply of fresh meat in the form of pretty young boys, their system will collapse.

Jim Fouratt, one of the leading New Gay Man apologists of the last half-century, has said exactly that, on many occasions. In order to ensure the continued supply of the required young bodies, New Gay Man apologists recruit gullible academics and others, some of whom may mean well but do not see the massive deception they are being sold, and some of whom are politically motivated and don’t care.

The bottom line is: we should not be condemning boys to this lifestyle if they could successfully live as women.

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  1. Hi Rod

    One thing I have difficulty with is the notion that transgender homosexual males tend to be smaller, slighter, prettier etc. than males in general – wouldn’t these things be determined by their genes, not by a brain that has been somewhat feminised?

    I know male gays, a bit feminine in behaviors, tastes, etc. (and I suspect would be more so naturally if they didn’t have a desire, I’m guessing, not to appear feminine) who are not light, slight, delicate etc. – they have the type of build you would expect looking at the families they come from, and are no more feminine-looking facially, and in build, etc. than their brothers.

    Maybe there are lots of feminine gays who because they are not small slight etc. see that there would be something maybe a little ridiculous in their acting “girly” and so consciously repress this (and also never develop any idea of “living as a woman”)?


    1. Hi Molly

      The scientific consensus is that anomalies in pre-natal testosterone delivery are the cause of Sexual Inversion/Transgender Homosexuality. Some people are still trying to identify the ‘gay gene’ but without success. Blanchard has had some success in sibling comparisons, but this could be down to the testosterone delivery anomaly too. Pre-natal hormone delivery issues do seem to be the most likely cause, at our present state of knowledge.

      So, in this case, the effects in morphology, sexuality etc would be innate but not genetic in cause. (There might be a genetic or epigenetic predisposition operating on the mother, but I’ve not seen any literature on this.)

      As the following article proposes, variation in pre-natal hormone delivery, being a biological function, should exhibit a normal biological variation in the intensity of effect. This may explain what you’re asking about:

      However, another possibility is non-trans autogynephilia. In this, men become fixated on ‘being women’ and one of the ways they do that is through being penetrated. AGP is classified as a paraphilia but there is no clear explanation of the actual cause of it. In some cases this makes the subject ‘pseudo-bisexual’, which may actually be the only true form of bisexualism in males. Typically, pseudo-bisexual AGPs will pursue men while ‘en femme’ but this requirement could be met by relatively minor behavioural effeminacy rather than cross-dressing. There are no differences morphologically between AGPs, whether trans or not, and other men.

      We do not know what proportion of men in the ‘gay’ lifestyle are actually Sexual Inverts or pseudo-bi AGP. This is largely due to both the AGP and ‘gay’ lobbies doing their utmost to prevent any research that might explain what’s going on, for political reasons. It is often thought that AGP men are all trans, like Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, but that is far from the case. There are full-time transitioners, certainly, but also part-time ones and non-trans ones, who, in addition to being penetrated, may enjoy ‘feminine’ (actually pseudo-feminine) behaviours.

      Until very recently, most AGPs in the West were covert; they did not transition and if they did, it was later in life. This might have to do with confidence levels. In se Asia, they transition — if they are going to — much younger, typically in their teens and we now see this being replicated in the West, with a reducing median age of appearance for AGP (the actual onset is typically around puberty but the latency period in AGP can be literally decades long; many go to their graves and not a soul ever knows.)

      Best R

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