Transsexual women attract straight men. How?

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Originally posted 2021-03-11 18:53:25.

It’s easy to see why men are attracted to transsexual women — they’re gorgeous — but how do they cope with the presence of a penis, if she has one?

This is a transsexual woman.

What is a transsexual woman?

First of all, when I use the term ‘transsexual woman’ I’m referring to a HomoSexual Transsexual, HSTS, otherwise known as a True Transsexual. This person will have had Childhood/Early Onset or Homosexual Gender Dysphoria. I am not referring to non-homosexual transitioners, who are ordinary men with an obsessive-compulsive delusion called Autogynephilia or AGP which they have let get out of hand. These individuals are Pseudo-Transsexual. They feel a different form of Dysphoria and are essentially high-performing (or not) transvestites.


Girls have dicks too

So how does it work? All boys, when they are little, believe that girls have a penis just like they do, although they may either forget this or lie about it in later life. This was  first described by Sigmund Freud and led him to his theory of Castration Anxiety. Freud was not the only one to notice this and it has been well documented. Boys, if they see a naked girl, will assume she is hiding her penis; that she has ‘tucked it in’.

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The Erotic Target

This misapprehension can last well into adolescence, in some cases, though in most it is dispelled during puberty. But during the time the child is developing and has this idea, he is also establishing his ideal sexual partner in his mind, his Erotic Target.


This occurs mainly during what Freud described as the latent phase and the feelings are characterised by romantic crushes rather than sexual desires. Many boys, if asked to draw a naked woman at this stage, will depict her with a dick. Girls are characterised (to boys) by other things, long hair, wearing skirts, so on, a load of culturally dependent stuff — being feminine, girly in other words.

To put it simply, the boy’s developing Erotic Target will be a girl with a penis. And we know these, in adult life, as transsexual women.

Another transsexual woman, Fah. Begin to see what we’re talking about here? It’s not Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, okay?

But the boy has a penis so he assumes everyone else does and that the difference between girls and boys is all outward, that under the clothes they are the same. And the truth is that prior to puberty, boy and girl children have very similarly shaped bodies — apart from this one area.

Many boys think that babies come out of the anus. They may also think that sex is done that way, though often they think that it is by rubbing penises together or other means. (Which can be quite good fun lol.) This probably accounts for the popularity of insertive anal sex amongst men too.

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Reality strikes back

When this is challenged by the reality of a naked girl, (Fiona, 14 and Inanna arisen if there ever was one) the boy has to remodel his Erotic Target to match what he has seen and possibly felt. She’s not hiding a penis, she has something else, something he doesn’t really understand. At this stage he may become fascinated by female genitalia (which may in fact become a pathway into AGP, but that’s another issue.) He might become very interested in graphic pornography, if he can access it, and in girls’ bodies generally.

There is a fascinating scene in John Boorman’s film Hope and Glory where a slightly older girl lines the younger boys up and shows them the contents of her drawers. I have no doubt that, and the boys’ reactions, were drawn straight from memory.

The boy, having seen his first vagina, will forget or suppress his earlier ET, throw her into the cupboard of childish nonsense. But what happens if — when, these days — he then is exposed to imagery or the reality of a woman who actually does have a penis?


Eureka, that’s what. Suddenly, there she is, that bedicked darling of his childhood fantasy, his first love. She has leapt out of the closet yelling ‘I’m baaaack!’ Did you miss me?

This will provoke one of two reactions, but before we discuss them please note: even if a man has blocked out that period of his boyhood when he thought girls had dicks, he still did think that. The thought may shame or confuse him, but he still has it. That is probably why searches for Shemale Porn are so popular.


In the first the man will embrace this new reality, just as he embraces women who don’t have dicks and accept it as an alternative Erotic Target. So his ET now is a bit like a double-exposure that at the same time has a dick and does not. This man does not see the penis as being definitive of not being a woman. He sees a trans woman’s penis as a woman’s penis. It does not indicate that she is a man; after all, all girls used to have dicks, didn’t they? This one just escaped the knifers, no?.

Several studies have been done now on how Men Who Have Sex With Trans Women or MSTWs practise a form of suspension of disbelief in relations, especially sex, with transsexual women. They incorporate their lovers’ penises into sex in ways that don’t challenge their model. She’s a girl and they penetrate her as they would any girl. Her dick is a girl dick, that’s all.

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This man is probably strongly repulsed by masculinity, hirsuteness, muscled bodies and so on. Many (I am one) find female bodybuilders, MMA fighters and trans men sexually repulsive even though they are actually female; it is not sex that attracts, but gender. In those cases, the vagina becomes a man’s sexual organ.

Getting the picture now?

The other reaction

Unfortunately another reaction is possible, especially if the man has been repressing his childhood memories of girls with dicks, pretending to himself that it never happened. He may instantly reject the new information and try to sweep this vision under the carpet, destroy it, burn it, kill it. This man is extremely dangerous for transsexual women and unfortunately in the West he is very common.

(Much less so in Asia, where most men will have at some stage banged at least one ladyboy; they appreciate the soft yielding skin, the moment of submission, the unique pleasure and of course the incredible sensation of someone climaxing anally on his organ. That is one you never forget.)


Our second man’s reaction is visceral and may be potently violent. That is why, in my opinion, attacks by men like this, like the Laude and Araujo ones, are characterised by such extreme levels of violence, continuing long after the victim was dead.The woman’s very existence provoked a narcissistic rage response because it challenged his entire world.

His whole conception of society, of sex and gender, everything even his very manhood, had just been totally shattered and worse he knows he is turned on. He is sexually excited — because this is after all, his first love returned from wherever he buried her. The most transphobic heterosexual men are always strongly attracted to transsexual women, believe me. Their denial of that desire fucks them up, rots their souls out from the inside.

Little Miss Dickypants. What’s so scary boys? You haven’t been listening to feminards again have you?

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True transsexual: Little Miss Dickypants

Going back to the man who accepts the return of Little Miss Dickypants into his life, he’s no more ‘gay’ than he ever was. He may be a little confused but because he never tried to repress his memories, this will pass. He grew up thinking girls had penises and lo and behold so they do, well some of them anyway. So no big deal. 

Except that those girls with penises, the intact ones, gosh, they’re so beautiful even with their clothes on. They’re more lovely than ‘real’ girls. Why? Because to this man they are complete women. Cis women — and for that matter post op trans women — are, in this model, missing something. A very important something. This man will find hos porn-surfing habits shifting gradually towards more and more transsexual porn, even to the exclusion of all else; and if he gets the chance, he will do his best to meet some of the girls personally. 

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You’ll find that men like this generally prefer HSTS to AGPs because of their greater femininity. Although this is changing, there is a marked difference between the two on this parameter. They may prefer small pretty cocks, not big ones (True of me but also of many others.) That is because their first Erotic Target, that first dream lover, had a dick that was similar to their own at that time — a boy’s, not a man’s.

(I spent a decade researching on discussion boards and forums where this topic is central; I know how these men think.)

Miss Dickypants again. Some men are so terrified of what’s in those pants they’d kill her for it. Sorry, did I say men? I meant scum.

Flobbly Meat

They have never once entertained the idea that the girl might penetrate them; they’re shocked and repulsed by it. It’s just that this girl’s vagina is a bit further back and there’s a flobbly bit of meat in front of it; a flobbly bit that feels rather pleasant in the hand, as you fall asleep with her and look, when you play with it it gets hard, just like yours does. How sweet.

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We are not talking here about Autogynephilic GAMP men.  While their pathway might have similar elements, they do not see their partners as women, but as penises on legs that don’t offend their homophobia. These guys definitely want to be railed and railed blue at that. They have no empathy or feeling for women at all.; they are just the means they’ll use to satisfy their fantasy — of being a woman themselves. Talking to TS sex workers, believe me it’s an eye-opener. Poor innocents like me are shocked and lest you doubt me, look up a YouTuber called ‘The Pretender’. I have literally felt like puking at some of the things these guys say — and think is normal.

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2 Replies to “Transsexual women attract straight men. How?”

  1. That last type of guy you mentioned is one I’ve mentioned before; the guys who want “versatile gurls” who will penetrate them instead of them doing the penetrating themselves. You helped articulate it a bit more for me, and this was interesting reading. It may explain why I have no issues with the notion of being with a woman who is sweet, feminine, soft and submissive (sexually anyway) who just has a “little something extra” in front that isn’t there to be used for anything other then peeing.

    I see trans women as being just that, women. But maybe women who have better insight as to what we men want in women because of how they were born male initially but then changed course to become more feminine early on because they weren’t what society expects men to be. Heck, *I’m* not the most typically masculine man, but I’m still masculine enough to appreciate femininity, and what with how modern Western women are parading their culturally conditioned hatred of men openly since it has been allowed to fester and spread like cancer through their brains (not to mention their eagerly cultivating being as anti-feminine as it gets in a variety of ways), trans women are far more appealing to me because they are more feminine than those “real” women. They Get It, whereas genetic women are willfully throwing it away.

    They can call me “sexist” all they want for speaking the truth; this is why they are angry and hateful towards trans women as well, because they’re jealous of the fact that trans women are reminding them of what it is to be feminine and how they’re throwing it away and losing men’s interest for it, and they’d rather (in typical fashion) project and not take responsibility for themselves and their words and actions. Not to mention attracting the kind of effeminate “soy boy” types who will submit to their self imposed authority as a “boss bitch”, all the while disgusting those women by being as easily pushed around as they think men should be. Reality bites, don’t it, girls? Get what you want, be disillusioned, and get angrier for it because you’re not getting the men you believe you deserve (who only exist in trashy romance novels and Hollyweird movies). It’s not even that men *all* want perfect 10s; *we’re* the ones who will lower our standards if a woman is not the prettiest woman, but has personality and intelligence and good traits to make up for the lack of perfect beauty. Women, however…I heard a story recently about a relationship consultant who no longer will work with women because she discovered that all the women she worked with to a one want “Mr. Perfect” and won’t budge from that notion. Go figure. Good grief, I wrote a novel, here, apologies!

    1. Good post! I agree with you. Here in the Phils the disease of feminism is held at bay. Women are still women and men are men — and ladyboys are gorgeous and incredibly enthusiastic, not just about sex but also about femininity and beauty. I’ll be adding to the ‘Eye Candy’ showcase soon and it will become obvious that transsexual women are amongst the most gorgeous women anywhere.

      You’re right, it really pisses cis-women off. I mean really really. They resent having to compete with other cis-women to start with, because they don’t think men merit the effort. But they never, ever expected Little Miss Dickypants to pop up and say ‘You don’t want these men? OK, we’ll take them. You don’t want to be real women, you want to be pretendy men instead? Screw that, I want some cock!’ Feminards are angry about AGPs and always have been, because they understand that AGPs are men in woman suits and boy do they hate men; but right since the first poisoned words of Janice Raymond and before, they have tried to erase transsexual women. Gwen Araujo’s murderers were egged on by cis-women trying to erase her, to obliterate her. How dare she be more attractive to men than they were? But as I said in the piece, men are hardwired to find women with penises attractive even if they deny it, because all men, as boy children, thought all women had dicks.

      Penis Envy is a real thing, strongly felt by cis women. That’s probably why the uptick in FtM transitions; they don’t want to be men, they want to be women with cocks, because they believe that a man’s mojo, his power over women, is on account of having one. But no female can ever be a man, although a male can be a woman — because a male is born with both a vagina and a cock, an inny and an outy. No amount of surgery can ever give a woman mojo. That’s why sane trans men like Buck Angel don’t have bottom surgery. They know they can never have mojo, so what the hell would be the point in going to all that trouble to get a Frankendick? IT CANNOT MAKE A WOMAN PREGNANT!!!! It has no power at all.

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