Heterosexual men, transwomen and femboys

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Originally posted 2018-12-12 09:26:36.

Heterosexuality is an orientation which is, in males, based on male sexuality. This, at its most simple, is the desire to penetrate. Femininity is the set of gender signals used by heterosexual women (ie, those who wish to be penetrated and are attracted to masculinity) to advertise their female sexuality. Heterosexual men respond to these gender signals. At the same time, to advertise their own male sexuality, they express masculine gender characteristics.

Gender is clearly about more than just sexual attraction, since it has reproductive components like nurturing, protecting, desire for children and so on. But its biggest, most important and most obvious factor is the signal it sends out about the sexuality of the individual. Such signals and the gender binary can even be observed in populations where the people wear no clothes and do not follow Western patterns of heterosexual, monogamous marriage, eg the Zoe people of the Amazon.

This is because the whole of human culture is based on the binary structures of sex, sexuality and gender.

Zoe people — no clothes but clear gender division

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So ‘straight’ men, in this context, are those men who are attracted to femininity who like to penetrate and avoid being penetrated. Gender and sexuality are two sides of the same coin.

There is no separate category for straight men who like transwomen; they are attracted to femininity and desire to penetrate. They are not bisexual (if that even exists). The problem has been that in Anglo-Saxon cultures, especially the USican one, there has been extreme homophobia and an insistence on biological essentialism, which has clouded the issue. A Roman would have understood it perfectly: he who penetrates is a man, she who is penetrated is a woman, no exceptions, and these irrespective of their natal sex organs. Losing, or deliberately suppressing, that understanding, as a sop to Usican prudishness, has made understanding homosexuality and transsexualism far more difficult than it needs to be.

I have talked to many straight, trans-attracted men over the last 15 years and every single one was also powerfully attracted to natal women. In fact, the standards of femininity desired by such men tend to be higher than the average.

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Heterosexual men may think it better to pursue attractive transwomen than unattractive natal women

There seems (and here I am drawing on myself as well) to be a certain convention that, if the intention is not to have children, then it may be more rewarding to pursue an attractive trans woman than an unattractive natal woman. Thousands of men visit southeast Asia to have sex or establish relationships with trans women there — relationships in which they will penetrate the girl and absolutely do see her as a girl. Nearly all those I have spoken to say that they find trans women are often more feminine than natal women, especially those found in the West today.

(Of course, this gets right up the noses of the gender-crit Nazis and their fellow-travellers, since they are trying to destroy both masculinity and femininity, and through doing so, humanity itself.)

Here in the Philippines, there will always be a few ladyboys at parties or gatherings. They will invariably be in the upper third of feminine attractiveness of those present, presuming they are HSTS and it is not unusual to find that the most attractive girl there is actually a ladyboy.


There is no ‘internalised homophobia’ here: by the Roman model, the penetrator is a man and the penetrated a woman. If the latter transitions into a woman, then she has brought her gender into line with her sexuality and, by doing so, makes herself attractive to straight men. She’s just being honest with herself and the world: she knows that her desire to be penetrated makes her a woman, so why not just accept that? Why waste a life pretending to be something you’re not? Given the natural femininity that has been noted in such individuals, which makes it easier for them to ‘pass’ as women, why not? Because of essentialist notions like ‘born with a cock, must be a man’? Our Roman would be choking with laughter by now because he knows that a ‘man’ is much more than ‘adult born with a penis’ but is dependent on behaviour.

In fact, there is no ‘homophobia’ of any kind, because the relationship between a straight man and a transitioned HSTS is heterosexual. He’s a man, because he penetrates and she’s a woman, because she is penetrated. Simple. Why would people in a heterosexual relationship pretend to be homosexual? Because it’s fashionable?

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Because of the intermediate nature of a transwoman’s life, especially an HSTS one, she naturally attempts to make herself as feminine as possible. Unlike non-homosexual, autogynephilic transwomen, who rarely even approach passing in the West, HSTS transwomen there survive on passing ability. So of course they make themselves more feminine.

This just makes them even more attractive to straight men. Trans-attracted men tend, when they have relations with natal women, to be extremely choosy and so, HSTS transwomen’s ‘hyper-femininity’ is like a searchlight to a moth. I certainly never dated a woman who was not extremely feminine, ever, whether she was trans or natal and this experience has been shared to me by many.

So this attraction pattern is not only heterosexual but also an exaggerated form of heterosexuality. It’s turbo-charged. While trans-attracted straight men are frequently accused of ‘fetishising the penis’ (often by autogynephilic transvestites who themselves chase women) this is a misrepresentation. Many of us do respond sexually to the penis, but it is as a part of a girl’s body, like her breasts or her thighs.

We have normalised it as a part of the person we desire. We don’t accept penetration, because we are men. If we fetishise anything, I suggest, it would be femininity itself – and can that really be a fetish, outside the poisoned mind of a feminist? Femininity is the gender presentation that attracts straight men, so are men attracted to ‘hyper-femininity’ not simply ‘hyper-heterosexual’?

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Other types of men


Studies at NorthWestern University in Chicago and direct observation, however, show that these straight men are not the only ones attracted to transwomen. There are non- or pre- trans autogynephilic men, who are attracted to femininity but who desire to be penetrated.

The educational careers of several ladyboys I know in Thailand – and many more whom I don’t – have been funded by their ability to give what such men desire, that is, a stiff member, inserted anally, with force. Others have bought houses, cars, homes for their mothers, even; and this phenomenon is far from being restricted to southeast Asia. (Many of these girls are themselves transitioned autogynephiles but others are HSTS; the latter may hate having to penetrate, but it’s a job requirement.)

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Are these men ‘straight’? I should say not. They are attracted to femininity, but they desire to be penetrated, to play the female role in sex. Our Roman would classify them instantly as women, no matter what they look like; just as he would mock the evident internalised homophobia that drives the New Gay Man, so he would laugh at this deceit.

I would not include any man who expresses a recurring desire to be penetrated ‘straight’ and I don’t care if it’s Helen of Troy with a dildo on doing it. I’d agree that a fair few have tried it, since men are sexual adventurers. I think they’re just being curious and when they find out how unpleasant it is, for a male with male sexuality, they never repeat the experiment. Taking pleasure in being penetrated anally – as many transwomen definitely do – is not something that men do or really understand, although we may be pleasantly rewarded when our partners orgasm like express trains as a result of it!

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Femboys and pederastic homosexuals

There seems to be a third category of men who are attracted to transwomen who are actually pederastic homosexuals. They are not really attracted to femininity but to youthful masculinity; it’s just that neoteny, the preservation of child-like features,  is an important component of both.

Essentially this is a variation on Narcissistic Homosexuality, but here the subject is sexually attracted to the image of himself as a pubescent boy and seeks partners who match that. There is in fact a class of kathoeys, baklas, ladyboys etc, loosely called ‘femboys’ who are significantly attractive to these men. Typically, such men will stop desiring a girl like this if her transition progresses and she becomes more feminine. (Again, I have frequently encountered men who specify that they are only interested in the ‘fresh femboy’ who can ‘shoot cum over the headboard’ — something that long-term feminising hormones will largely prevent.)

A Thai femboy. She displays the boyish features that pederasts like, while a trans-attracted straight man immediately imagines her with long hair, breasts and  a dress. This girl is actually 22 years old and her time to decide, whether to attempt to live as a ‘gay man’ or to transition, is running out. Although southeast Asians can and sometimes do, successfully transition later, for most ethnicities, around 23 is the limit. Typically, a girl like this will already be taking low doses of feminising HRT to stave off the inevitable effects of testosterone, although, looking at the skin on her hands, this is not being fully effective.

The role that these femboys play is clear: they combine the androgyny of youthful masculinity with being old enough to be legal sexual partners. Sixty years ago the men who chase them would probably not have bothered with the ‘fem’ bit, they’d have been chasing boys — as Oscar Wilde and others famously did. But that can really ruin your life these days and pederastic homosexuals are not stupid — at least, unless they’re Paul Gadd. So they wait till the femboys are in their later teens when, because of the hormones they take, they look as if they are much younger.

This girl is probably too fem and not boy enough for the pederast

This brings up an interesting question: how does a trans-attracted male categorise such an individual? Is there a distinction between types? I think so. The straight man sees a young transwoman who has potential to become his desired target: in other words, he sees her exactly as any heterosexual man seeing a teenage natal girl would — ‘give her a few years and she’ll be just right’. Indeed, such men often have a horror of the girl masculinising. This is because of the cognitive dissonance he experiences any time his partner exhibits masculinity; he is repulsed by that.

The narcissistic, pederastic homosexual, on the other hand, sees his target as the boy she is ceasing to be; he is not interested in where she is going but rather, the remnants of where she has been. He may well discourage her use of hormones,  to prevent feminisation. But this will not end well for the girl, because if the pederast establishes a relationship with her, he will dump her as and when she gets older or becomes too feminine. It is her boyishness, not her femininity, that he desires.

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Death in Venice

In a sense there is always the miasma of loss, of corruption, of the death of beauty, in these pederast/femboy relationships, like the one that pervades Thomas Mann’s novel, ‘Death in Venice’. The mortality of the relationship is inevitable. The boy will simply become too old for the pederast, and either they will morph the relationship into one more resembling an uncle and nephew, likely dispensing with the sex, or they will part.

Once he has drained the life and youthful vigour from her, the pederast will turn her loose, now too old to transition and too habituated in the dark ways of New Gay Man culture to change. She will perhaps find another abandoned, abused femboy like herself, with whom she may establish a lesbian relationship, or she may turn into a male pederast herself; ‘turning top’ as the culture has it.

Youtube stars Max and Yos (L). Is Max really gay? Yos is in every way feminine and if he were here in the Philippines, would be a girl.

How straight men see femboys

Another way to describe this might be to say that to the straight man attracted to transwomen, seeing a teenage femboy is seeing a teenage girl. Numerous studies have confirmed that teenage girls are the most attractive to men, with attractiveness rising sharply just after puberty around 14 and then falling off somewhat after around 22. But this attraction to youthful women seems to be associated with the prediction of their suitability as mothers. In other words, the man looking at a teenage girl and finding her attractive is really seeing her at 22, as the young mother of his children. The trans-attracted straight man is seeing the exact same thing in the femboy. He is isolating the features that will lead to her being beautiful and a suitable partner as she grows older.

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Pederastic homosexuals don’t want girls

The pederastic homosexual is not at all interested in where his femboy target is going. He seeks only to keep him as he is. He doesn’t want to see the boy grow more womanly, but to preserve his boy-looks in aspic, to keep him frozen in time at that point at which he was most attractive. Precisely when that is would depend on the individual, as pederasts often have very specific target age ranges. Crucially, where the straight trans-attracted man, looking at a femboy, sees someone he hopes will grow up into a beautiful woman, the pederast – because of his narcissism – sees a younger version of himself, whose perfection, a product of youth, is necessarily ephemeral.

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This, as an aside, is another of the reasons why, within New Gay Man culture, femininity is treated with such hostility. NGM is a bizarre mixture of types but two important ones are the Narcissistic Homosexual, in love with his own masculinity and the Pederastic Homosexual, who is in love with the image of himself as a perfect boy.

The former detests femininity in any form and for the latter to work the NGM must attract and seduce pretty youths, whom it then proceeds to try to stamp the femininity out of. It grooms them instead to become pederasts in their turn.

This is torture for young male Sexual Inverts, who are routinely recruited into NGM culture as fresh meat. There they will be preyed on and abused, when what they should really do is transition in order to escape the entire ghastly culture for good. That is why encouraging young male Sexual Inverts to ‘just be gay’ is such a monstrously cruel thing to do to them. They will never achieve happiness in such a system.

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Sly and tricky

So, again, the trans-attracted pederast is definitely not a straight man. He is similar to the AGP male and to other Narcissistic Homosexuals, in having a sexual target based both on and inside himself, a phenomenon known as an Erotic Target Location Error or ETLE. The difference between the conventional AGP trans-attracted male and the homosexual types is that the former is strongly attracted to femininity and the latter to adult or youthful masculinity.

In fact the pederast  is trans-attracted only by accident, as it were, seeking a sexual target that satisfies his desire yet will not land him in prison. Transwomen are not really his ‘thing’; boys are.

But he is sly enough to know that today, openly pursuing boys will get him in big trouble. So instead, he waits till they’re eighteen, then ruins their lives on the altar of his pederasty.


books by rod fleming

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  1. Femboys ain’t all gay or in teens or bi or trans I’m a femboy and I’m straight, 23 and I’m cis which means I identify as male. You should do your facts a little more but I do think homo pedophiles are concerning to kids.

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