Gendercrit Activists: The Enemy

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Originally posted 2020-07-03 13:05:11.

We are currently, in 2020, in a crisis in which young Sexual Inverts, sometimes called gender non-conforming children, sex non-conforming children, pre-transsexual children or just transkids, are under a level of attack not seen since the 1980s. This comes largely from a disparate and thoroughly poisonous group calling themselves ‘gender critical’ or ‘gendercrit activists’.

Gendercrit feminists

This group appeared about ten years ago and is partly comprised of various flavours of radical feminists who believe, erroneously, that gender is a ‘social construct’. If HSTS is what it is claimed to be, then two things logically must follow. One is that Sexual Inversion is a real thing and the second is that gender must be related to sexuality. It cannot be formed by ‘socialisation’ but instead is the innate means by which an individual expresses and communicates his or her sexuality. This destroys the greater part of feminist dogma and so these feminists would like to see HSTS erased. Prominent in their ranks are Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, aka ‘Posie Parker’, Anne Ruzylo, in the featured picture and Graham Linehan, a television screenwriter. (See HERE)


At the same time, these feminists are in terror of Autogynephilic transvestites, whom they claim are simply men in dresses who predate on women.  But they refuse point blank to accept that there are two different stimuli towards MtF transition, homosexual and nonhomosexual gender dysphoria, or that both are legitimate and recognised by the psychological and medical communities.

The former affects a group called Congenital Sexual Inverts who have the chromosome type of one sex but the sexuality of the other. This happens because of anomalies in hormone delivery in utero. (See my links pages.)These individuals are always same-sex attracted and opposite-sex identified, from childhood. This condition always appears prior to puberty. In the latter type, individuals have a condition called Autogynephilia, ‘a man’s propensity to be aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman’. This form only ever appears after puberty, though there may be some ‘signalling’ beforehand, and sets on strongly in adolescence. These are always cross-sex attracted (ie, to women) despite presenting in a feminine identity. We do not know if Autogynephilia is innate or not.


Gendercrit gays and butch lesbians. Of course

Seriously, if my son were supporting (transition), it would be just as devastating to me as if he had joined Operation Rescue [an anti-abortion organization] or a white nationalist group. I would feel like a complete failure as a parent for not instilling critical thinking skills and for raising a misogynist.


‘Susan’ is a fake name invented to protect her identity but notice how she links support for trans people to ‘white nationalism’ and opposition to the killing of unborn babies. This is standard gendercrit doublespeak and reflects her own bigotry.


Gendercrit feminists, many of whom are masculine lesbians, are aided and abetted by gender-conforming Western male homosexuals who, despite their Sexual Inversion, have been conditioned to suppress their innate femininity, at great cost in the Gender Dysphoria they suffer. Instead they perform a false masculinity and indeed, develop an Erotic Target Location Error in which the target of their sexual desire (in this case a masculine male) becomes their own self. This is similar to the ETLE found in Autogynephilia, again found only in males, where the target is the self as a woman. Unlike the feminists, these individuals are fully aware of what Sexual Inversion is and what it means: ripening fruit on the tree. And they want that fruit for themselves.

As a result of their own Sexual Inversion these men are obsessed with masculinity and overtly detest any femininity in themselves and their sexual partners. But the fact is that every one of them was once a feminine homosexual boy and remains Sexually Inverted; his masculinity is but an act; indeed it is caused by an Erotic Target Location Error or ETLE, in which ths subject becomes the object of his own sexual desire and then modifies his appearance and behaviour to suit that.

For this group, repressing HSTS transition in males is a cynical attempt to garner more recruits for the New Gay Man lifestyle. These men were persuaded to abandon their femininity, usually because of social intolerance, and think of themselves as ‘gay men’. This type, the macho gay, did not exist in significant numbers until around 1970. It was mocked brilliantly by the Village People in the disco hit ‘Macho Macho Man.’ (Link) But in those days it was still all right to be feminine.

The New Gay Man is constantly hostile towards transition. He couldn’t care less about Autogynephiles, since he knows they’re heterosexual males with a fetish, but he knows that Sexual Inversion is a biological phenomenon and occurs at a predictable rate of incidence. He believes that if enough Sexual Inverts turn their backs on pseudo-masculinity and become women, then his lifestyle will collapse due to starvation of new recruits. This fear was publicly stated by New Gay Man activist Jim Fourrat twenty years ago and is constantly repeated.

Religious conservatives were previously the most virulent of the transphobes and they remain problematic but have less influence, due to a general secularisation of Western society. Nevertheless they ally themselves with the gendercrits in this, though they may be opposed on many other political issues, notably the killing of unborn babies.

A dangerous influence on parents

Many parents today are rightly concerned by the exponential increase in so-called ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ (ROGD). This is not a genuine gender dysphoria at all, since it lacks the sexual component essential to those, but activists have, by suppressing the truth about gender dysphoria and the dichotomy explained by Blanchard’s Typology, provoked a situation in which it is being seen as one.

ROGD is in fact a disorder of adolescence that mainly affects females and is associated with social media contagion; it has been compared to disorders like anorexia. As such, it may disappear at any time, but if irreversible surgeries and other treatments have been wrongly carried out in the meantime, then that individual’s life has been damaged.

In essence, ROGD occurs because young people are being taught the feminist doctrines that gender is a construct and that women are oppressed for being women. Neither of these are even remotely true; they have been invented and promulgated by the most privileged group in the world today, educated Western women. Despite their absurdity, they are central to feminist orthodoxy.

However, if you believe that gender is a construct, then it follows that you can change it at will; indeed, that you might simply choose your gender or invent a few new ones. And if you were that being a woman (an adult human of feminine gender) led directly to ‘being oppressed’ then why not just change it? Become a man and join the ‘oppressor class’, or something else altogether. But this has NOTHING whatsoever to do with genuine gender dysphorias; it is essentially a socio-political stance.

Unfortunately, gendercrits have proven adept at persuading concerned parents and the general public that the conditions which surround ROGD in females also apply to Sexual Inversion and HSTS in males. In fact there is no relationship at all between these and this mischievous conflation is both wrong and severely damaging to HSTS. It does serve the gendercrit activists  well but they are not concerned about the harm they do to the young people involved; as long as ‘socially normative behaviour’ is being performed, then all is well. Of course, this makes them no different from the witch-hunters of olden days.

A knee-jerk reaction to ROGD — which is a real problem — that also limits access to care for genuine gender dysphorias, must inevitably harm HSTS. Even on the most pessimistic assessments, favoured by gendercrit activists but which significantly under-estimate the true numbers, around 1 in 5 persistently sex nonconforming male children will be transsexual; most of the rest will be homosexual, but we must wonder whether they are so out of free will or because of the massive levels of social intolerance they will have suffered. These children are persistently coerced and bullied into thinking they are ‘gay men’ — as if such a thing existed.

It is unacceptable for us to return to a situation where Sexual Inverts are both erased and wilfully denied the help they need. This is exactly what gendercrit activists want. HSTS are, unquestionably, one of the most disadvantaged and voiceless groups in society and they need to be supported.


See my Links pages for peer-reviewed studies on the above.

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