Kay Brown: an example of appropriation?

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Originally posted 2022-02-14 15:42:22.

Observation in the Philippines casts light on an interesting group of Autogynephiles in the West. One of these, who is public, is called Candice ‘Kay Brown’ Elliott.

Kay Brown maintains a website discussing the scientific consensus about trans and has even written a book about it. She has been claiming for decades that she is HSTS and loses no opportunity, in her writing, to support this claim. However even cursory examination of her body morphology and career indicates that this diagnosis would be unlikely.


A more plausible explanation would be that Kay Brown is Autogynephilic, but that within her family, middle-class and liberal, her feminisation was accepted because she explained it as a consequence of homosexuality. Ever since then, Brown has maintained this facade, marrying a man and becoming ‘mother’ to his children. In other words, while their motivations are definitely different, it is not always easy to tell between HSTS and AGP.

books by rod flemingIt is not clear, at the moment, how prevalent this behaviour is. Certainly there are others in the West who claim HSTS status but whose profiles simply don’t match that. It is quite true that such a profile, for HSTS, is neither absolute nor inflexible but deviation from it, especially such extreme deviation as Kay Brown’s, must make us pose questions.

I would go further than to suggest that there is no way that Brown could be HSTS. I would suggest that her case represents appropriation of HSTS identity on the part of an Autogynephile. I have had enough experience of AGPs outside the conventional forms, as described by Blanchard, to be quite sure in my own mind that Kay Brown falls into a category of Autogynephiles that is better known in Asia.

Not Kay Brown
For reference, this is what a middle-aged HSTS looks like. She does not look like a builder, but a lovely older woman, slight, delicate and elegant. This is Marie-Pierre ‘Bambi’ Pruvot.
Bambi during the 1960s at the height of her show-business career. She is a classic HSTS, conforming to type in sexuality, appearance and manners.


The type of Autogynephile, which I believe is exemplarised by Kay Brown, experiences the onset of the condition while they are still young, in adolescence. It is common in southeast Asia but seems not to have been recognised in the West until recently. Other well-known Western transgender women fall into the same category but today, thanks to sites like YouTube and other social media, they get more exposure.

Kay Brown
HSTS are overwhelmingly small, petite, slim, light-boned, light weight for height, neotenous and much more. They look like women, in other words. Further, they tend to have female-typical interests and careers. Does Kay Brown fit that model?

We know, today, that Autogynephilia does not suddenly appear in middle-age but has been present, in all cases, since puberty and the point at which the boy began to masturbate. While Blanchard’s initial sample of AGPs were preponderantly middle-aged or older, this seems to be conditioned by the culture they live in. A slight change in social mores and values may cause large shifts in the behaviours of individuals; I have discussed this HERE


Within this group, individuals may suppress any attraction they have to girls, in order to fit better their idea of how a transwoman should behave. There is no plausible reason why this behaviour should be restricted to southeast Asia, where it is commonplace. It is just a matter of culture.

While Brown will no doubt object to this assessment, it is simply a fact that things like body type, size, career choices and other factors are all central to the HSTS/AGP diagnosis. In Kay Brown’s case, they all point in only one direction.

It is not my purpose to belittle or denigrate Kay Brown, but to point out the way that AGPs habitually erase HSTS and colonise their identity, often expressing narcissistic rage if their claims are questioned. There is no doubt at all that this harms HSTS, true transsexuals. Kay Brown’s site does much good and is a great source of information, but I wonder if she realises how much harm she does to those she seeks to help.





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