A woman or a ladyboy? How shall I compare thee?

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Originally posted 2022-03-14 16:27:25.

When you teach a woman that she is  the same as a man, then there are consequences.

If you fix the game so they win with less effort than a man, it gets worse. Women begin to think they should perform masculinity and this is really bad, especially in the corporate or military situations. How can a woman give orders to a man? Only by being his mother or by performing masculinity.rodfleming-<div class="ko-fi-button" data-text="Buy me a coffee!" data-color="#FF5F5F" data-code="" id="kofiShortcode727Html" style="width: 100%; text-align: center;"></div>As a result success for a woman today means ‘being masculine’, when it should mean ‘being a great mother’. The more masculine a woman is, the more success she is likely to have, while motherhood is decried. But at the same time, masculinity repulses men and mothering qualities attract them. (See Freud.) So men begin avoiding these women as sexual partners. I mean, who the fuck would marry Cathy Newman? He would have to be blind and deaf as well as stupid.


books by rod fleming

We are rapidly regressing to the middle of the 18th century and before, when it was normal for men to be associated with feminised boys — who were often the actresses who played women’s roles in theatre. This was because women were not available in the culture; their virginity was protected. King James the VI and I had a succession of boy lovers; all of Shakespeare’s such roles were originally played by boys and even some of his Sonnets were written to one, the so-called ‘Fair Youth’.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date;
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;
Nor shall death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

These men were not ‘gay’ although modern Western homos try to suggest they were. They would not even recognise that rotten, corrupt, parody of pederasty that is the idol of Western ‘gayness’ the New Gay Man. They would laugh at him and his massive conceit.

Narnia. A perfect expression of beauty.

Instead they were doing exactly what real men do with ladyboys today. They were attracted to femininity and the boys performed it like the stars they were – just as our ladyboy lovers do today. Like those men of the past, from all over the world, we are attracted to our lovers’ femininity. In other words, when we look at one, we see a woman.

For years now, ‘shemale porn’ has been one of the top five searches on Pornhub, while ‘cis-het’ porn has now fallen off the radar. Too dull, one imagines. The studios are in competition with both pirates and millions of women in their bedrooms with a wi-fi connection who will do anything, even stuff the pornmeisters wouldn’t ask for. Meantime, shemale pornmeisters like Stephen ‘Grooby’ Gallon have said, again for years, that it’s a waste of money marketing shemale product to gays. He only markets to straight men.

At the same time we are increasingly moving from live sex to virtual models, partly due to the risks of being in any closed space alone with a woman (other than a sex worker.) This was commented on by #Sam Vaknin recently and Sam is always worth listening to.

books by rod fleming

rodfleming-<div class="ko-fi-button" data-text="Buy me a coffee!" data-color="#FF5F5F" data-code="" id="kofiShortcode106Html" style="width: 100%; text-align: center;"></div>Enter our darlings. The feminised male, whom a vicious combination of the masculinist New Gay Man and the rabidfems had sought to erase, is back with a vengeance. They have already won the porn war. That’s a given. Now they’re re-asserting themselves as live partners for real men. They are the direct equivalent of the Shakespearean actresses, the dan in China and counntless others from all over the world — highly feminine, sexy, loving and caring. The perfect women from a man’s point of view. Perfect.


Meantime the rabidfems and the New Gay Men are going into meltdown. Look at them. Watch how the pisspotical GB News – touted as a fearless champion of the centre-right when it was launched – has become a cavilling sycophant for New Gay Man ideology. (Probably because it is dominated by gay ‘men’ and radical feminists – some voice of centrism, hey?)

But what these modern day King Canutes don’t get is that even if they did succeed in stopping officially sanctioned transition in the West (which they won’t) they seem to be blind to the fact that there are literally millions of drop dead gorgeous trans women all over Asia who are only too willing to accept foreign men’s sexual advances. Believe me, they are. And nobody is going to be stopping them anytime soon – or in fact, any time at all.

books by rod fleming

This phenomenon is increasing exponentially. Even in ten years, the difference in the Philippines is remarkable. Ladyboys are everywhere now, whereas then, you only saw a few and then at night. Not a bit of it now. Any time you see a really beautiful girl you have to ask ‘Is she a ladyboy?’ and the answer will often be ‘Yes.’

They are on OnlyFans or whatever and the desire of most, especially the batang baklas, is to land a man and to keep him. You don’t have to be Johnny Bravo, just recognisably masculine and not gay. That last is important. No ladyboy, bakla, kathoey, waria or any of the other terms they call themselves (which all have the same meaning) will even countenance going with a gay ‘man’. As one said indignantly, when asked if she would:

‘No! I don’t want to eat my own ass!’

Of course, she had reason, as do all the other ladyboys or equivalents who refuse relationships with gays (unless, of course, they can extract truly eye-watering sums of money from them, and even that won’t last, they’ll soon dump him for a real man.) After all, she will reason, gay ‘men’ don’t date women. QED.


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Women’s adoption of masculinity was repulsive enough, but it gets worse. They refuse motherhood. So what is the point? What do they have over a ladyboy? Nothing.

While it is absolutely true that ladyboys in sex work are incredibly provocative, most are not in that line anyway.  In the Philippines they work in call centres, in hairdressing salons, cosmetic and fashion sales and increasingly in teaching as well as other roles. In any case, all that provocation is an act, a sales strategy in a competitive market. When they’re not performing in the street or in a cabaret,they want to blend. So they’re discreet.

Contrast this with the ‘slut-fem’ movement of the West, where women deliberately appear to be tramps. That’s fantastic for a stripper, but who the hell is going to marry one of those? And the same goes for sexual partners – what man wants a woman half the city’s been through, whose pussy is the size of the Blackwall Tunnel? How many abortions has the one laying it on thick for you already had? How many men has she fucked and run – taking all the savings?

books by rod fleming

At the same time, if a man does want a family and most do, southeast Asian women are a good bet. They have not been poisoned by feminism and see motherhood as the most valuable role a women can play. By and large they’re remarkably attractive and maintain their looks longer than is now normal in the West. They are genuinely loving partners.

Especially in the Philippines, girls are brought up to be decent. They take enormous pride in motherhood and will devote their lives to their families. Good luck getting a Western woman poisoned by feminist notions of ‘career’ to do that.

You may see girls – both cis and trans – performing pretty wild dances on television but you can bet that under those little dresses they’re wearing cycle shorts. Why? Because part of being feminine is NOT being a slut and putting it around the town — because that’s masculine behaviour. Female virginity is highly valued here and a woman must protect it, while male virginity effectively doesn’t exist.

Oh yes, there is a male condition of never having had sex, but that has none of the cultural and metaphorical value that the virginity of a woman quite rightly has. It is a double standard but so what? It’s about time we recognised that men and women are different, to different cultural rules apply. This is especially so in a traditional clan-family culture where women are at the hub of society.


The menu

Men in the West today – unless they are incredibly lucky or stinking rich – have on the menu the following: a woman who will act like a  man and won’t have babies, a slut you wouldn’t dare take home to your mother, who won’t have babies either, and gold-diggers who see motherhood as an income either from the state or the poor man she’s twat-raped. (You, if she has her evil way.)

books by rod fleming

Then, hold the phone – a cute little transsexual who’ll love you till you die slips onto your radar. She’s beautiful, feminine, petite, graceful and with gracile bone structure. She’s everything you could want in a woman, except she can’t have babies and she absolutely knows that she’s not a ‘real woman’ because of that – which is in itself a good thing, if that is not one of the man’s priorities.

Instead, she will invest herself, heart and soul, in a man who doesn’t care about that, or about her penis (past or present, usually present). She will mop his brow when he has fever and back him up when he has trouble. She will bring him coffee in the morning and prepare his meals. She will tend to his laundry and even trim his finger and toenails. All without asking anything at all. Save that her man love her and still be there in the morning. She just wants the chance to be her man’s perfect lover, wife, friend and companion.

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A cute ladyboy rather than a woman

So which are men going to choose, do you think? The ball-busting, miserable harpies of the West, or an angel from the East, who is the answer to any thinking man’s prayers? And today, they’re not just in the East. Although they are still rare in the West, the numbers are increasing and so are the numbers of men prepared to date them, even build a life with them.

Increasingly, it would appear that men are choosing a cute ladyboy rather than a woman.

What kind of idiot would KB this girl for carrying a couple of ounces of extra weight?

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