Sex atypical kids are usually transsexual.

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Originally posted 2018-05-01 08:44:15.

Sex atypical children, also known as ‘gender nonconforming’ or ‘sex nonconforming’ children, that is, young people who have not yet reached puberty but who persistently show cross-gender behaviours and sex atypicality, are, today, a hot-button issue.

Parents should realise that it is quite normal for children to indulge in cross-gender role-play; it’s one way that they find out who they really are. Nearly all will move on to another form of play very quickly. Boys liking pink are not necessarily sex-atypical, nor are girls liking blue.  Loads of boy children like playing with dolls and plenty of girls like cars and motorcycles; yes there are distinguishable, statistical trait characteristic differences that allow us to be quite sure that the bases of gender are indeed innate, but these are not absolutes at all and there is huge individual variation.

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Persistence of childhood sex atypicality, however, is crucial, and while two studies, Singh 2012 and Steensma 2013, have commented that there appears to be a correlation between the intensity and precise nature of the sex atypicality and whether the individual persisted into transsexualism, this has not been quantified sufficiently to give us a diagnostic tool; much more work is needed.

What practical measures, then, can we usefully apply to sex atypical behaviour to try to determine whether it is a passing phase or a lasting one and what the likely outcome will be?

The first is duration. In my experience and opinion, sex atypical behaviours, even quite intense ones like cross-dressing, that last less than six months, can and should be disregarded, especially if they are restricted to one or two specific behaviours and tend to fizzle out over time. If they last over a year and are accompanied by a gradual increase in intensity and spread of behaviours, they are more likely to indicate a deeper issue. Between the two is a sliding scale; observe. But the longer-lasting and more intense and broad-based the sex atypical  behaviour is, the more likely it is that the child will grow up to be either homosexual or transsexual — and these are simply different versions of the same thing.

Note: In this context there is no fundamental difference between ‘homosexual’ and ‘transsexual’. These are just varying social expressions of the same underlying condition. All ‘homosexuals’ are in fact transsexual; whether they present as the latter or not is largely down to the level of social intolerance.

sex atypical behaviour
A homosexual is just an incomplete transsexual. Why would anyone encourage a child to live like that?

So this second group,  who are now, after a year, more insistent than before and who have progressed from wearing a towel on the head to simulate long hair, for example, to a range of other feminised behaviours, are the persistently sex atypical kids. Steensma considered that those who also showed a physical locus for their dysphoria, that is, some dislike of their male genitalia or a desire to grow breasts, might be more likely to be  HomoSexual Transsexuals or HSTS, and this seems useful. But also important is the reinforcement the child gets, from those around her.

All sex atypical children will be transsexual; the issue is whether or not they desist their public sex atypical behaviour and perform as sex-typical gays and lesbians or not. While studies on this in the West suffer from atrocious methodology and cannot therefore be trusted, it is a fair assertion that, again in the West, a majority of hitherto persistent sex atypical children will desist at or around puberty and become sex-typical homosexuals. The fact that the opposite occurs in cultures which are more tolerant is significant.

For example,  in southeast Asia, most sex atypical children will transition and become HSTS. This happens partly because there are strong interpersonal networks in every country where trans is highly visible, which support these children and guide them on their path to transition. I call this, in the Philippines, ‘kabaklaan’, but equivalents exist everywhere. One function of these is to counter the effects of transphobia on children, such as parental abuse and peer bullying. Within kabaklaan, young transpeople, mostly transwomen but not all, are in a safe haven.

Numbers of Sex Atypical children

The numbers of sex atypical children who, relatively, desist or persist, that is, complete as transsexuals, are not absolutes but instead are heavily culturally influenced. Here again, the Western studies which are often quoted are flawed, since they do not control for this. Typically, in the Anglo-West, until very recently, sex atypical children would have been bombarded with a litany of more-or-less coercive conditioning methods, from the purely psychological to the violently physical, in a deliberate attempt  to make them desist; this is not controlled for in even one Western study that I have read.

If it is quackery to try to persuade, by the above methods, homosexuals to be heterosexual, than it is also quackery to attempt to condition sex atypical children to be sex typical hom0osexuals and lesbians rather than transsexuals. There’s no difference, it is simply the use of coercion and conditioning to achieve a result seen as preferable by society, irrespective of the child’s desire or even best interest.

I am advocating a moratorium on all such quackery, either way and the establishment of a sympathetic but strictly neutral environment within which children are LEFT ALONE to make their own decisions on the basis of information they are able to understand and assimilate. It follows that no irreversible therapies should be engaged in before the child is mature enough to understand what is happening, and this applies both ways. It is just as immoral to use clinical methods to coerce sex atypical young people to desist as it is to coerce them to complete.

Parents of Sex Atypical children

As parents we have a duty of care, and that must mean finding the best information and delivering it to our children timeously; but it most emphatically is NOT attempting to persuade them to follow one path or the other; and especially not for dubious social or political reasons. Psychologists, counsellors and other professionals must be held at least to this standard.

sex atypical
A sex atypical boy should grow up to be a beautiful transsexual like Nadia.

The no-trans or ‘gender critical’ movement.

We have, in recent years, seen the appearance of the so-called ‘gender critical’ movement. This, basically, is organised transphobia with a fancy name.  It seems to have been formed by radical feminists as a result of their longstanding antipathy towards transvestic Autogynephiles claiming to be ‘real women’.

That’s a position I sympathised with, but it has now morphed into general transphobia. This has happened because radical feminists do not understand the science, which tells us that ALL sex atypical children who complete, will be homosexual transsexuals and NOT transvestic autogynephiles. Allied to them are the old-guard gay and lesbian lobby who resent that sex atypical young people are completing as transsexuals — and so depriving them of new recruits for their pernicious  lifestyle. Throw in a few religious fundamentalists like Paul McHugh and you have a perfect storm of transphobia.

Autogynephilic transvestites: as ever, unwelcome

sex atypical
Although it infuriated AGP activists, Ted Levine’s portrayal of a transvestic Autogynephile in the film Silence of the Lambs, after the novel by Thomas Harris, is accurate. .

At the same time, the interference of transvestic autogynephiles, who know nothing of the nature of childhood sex atypicality or transsexualism, is absolutely to be deplored and condemned, whether they insert themselves into the argument ‘for’ or ‘against’. These people have no interest in the children being affected, they are relentless narcissists who only desire to garner praise, for themselves. They do not care how much damage they do to others.

sex atypical
Another one of these bloody Jeeps.

If we can take any hope at all, it is that the activists pushing the ‘gender critical’, ‘no trans at any cost’ agenda have, almost certainly, already lost. I have studied this for many years, latterly in  in southeast Asia. I can assure you that, through the internet, social media and smartphones, young people in the Anglo-West have already established an equivalent to the interpersonal support networks found all over that region, which are the principal reason why we see so many transsexuals there. No matter how much noise they make, we are going to see an uptick in transsexual completion. The likelihood is that over the next few years the West will approach SE Asian levels.

That must, inevitably, mean a relative decline in the number of sex-typical homosexual and lesbian individuals — who are just transsexuals who don’t complete —  because, as far as we know, there is a finite number of homosexual individuals in any population. At the same time, people should recognise that these sex-typical models are only around 60 years old. They were invented in the 1960s, partly on the back of Kinsey’s misinterpretations and it might well be that their time is past.


sex atypical
Is this such a bad outcome?

Parents need to prepare themselves and realise that it might not be enough to ‘accept’ their sons and daughters as sex typical homosexuals whose orientation can be discreetly hidden from public view, but that they will have to deal with them being openly transsexual and, oh my gosh, what will the neighbours say? The old ‘hide in plain sight’ sex typical homosexual presentations, the New Gay Man and his lesbian sister, are being blown into the weeds by transsexuals. There is nothing attractive, to a sex-atypical, homosexual  boy, about being a boring ‘gay’, if that boy could be a supermodel transsexual instead.

Social factors have always conditioned his decision and, previously in the West, the absence of a support network meant that he would likely choose to be sex-conforming. Now that the support networks based in social media, that I predicted would appear many years ago, are here and active, that decision will increasingly go the way of being transsexual. This cannot be prevented; there is already a huge black-market in cross-sex hormones across the West and that will not go away. Denied formal medical care, young transsexuals will just do what they already do, everywhere else in the world: self-medicate.

Accepting a transsexual child is not ‘erasing gay and lesbian kids’ because these are just transsexuals who don’t complete. It is accepting that sexuality and gender identity are not in fact separate but instead, two sides of one coin. Homosexual boys desire men and they feel, and look, girly — so what could be more natural, than for them to appear to be beautiful girls? They spent their childhood being called names and being beaten up for being effeminate — now that they can blossom from ugly-duckling boy to gorgeous girl, the decision is a no-brainer. They know that that is exactly what their own sexual targets, older straight men, are looking for; and the inverse is true for Sex atypical lesbian girls, who will become homosexual transsexual transmen who desire younger, more feminine women.

The natural conclusion for Sex Atypical Children

sex atypical
Why on earth would anyone want a beautiful girl like this to pretend to be a man? Oh wait, a pederast would.

The natural end-point for sex atypical children, not all, is to complete, and the only humane thing we can do is to accept that. Attempts to brainwash naturally transsexual young people into being sex typical are cruel, serve society and the parents’ interests and not the individual’s and, frankly, are doomed to fail anyway. Being transsexual is not a failure; it is the triumph of the individual against a viciously conformist society and parents should celebrate that.

We have seen many decades when transsexualism was suppressed by quack therapists, church, state, parents and schools. We have seen everything from not very subtle psychological conditioning techniques (voir: professional browbeating), literal torture, injecting boys with testosterone to ‘man them up’ and vulnerable young people being thrown into the street by their supposedly-protective parents, all the way through to beatings and murders for daring to be who they are. That time, I hope, is finally at an end. After nearly twenty years of hearing the terrible stories of what transsexuals have been put through just for being themselves, I celebrate that. We have had quite enough Gwen Araujos or Jennifer Laudes.

Those ‘gender critical’, no-trans people who are, right now, attempting to crush sex atypical children and force them into being sex typical ‘gays and lesbians’, because it suits their political agenda, have the blood of those harmless girls and many other individuals on their hands. A plague on you and your houses.

The genie is out of the bottle. You’re too late to change it, better deal with it.

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