Socially-induced autogynephilia

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Originally posted 2022-08-01 19:07:04.

We have , over the last decade, seen a new form of mental disorder afflict our young people. This is called ‘transgenderism’ and it has established almost a stranglehold on Western culture. Yet almost no ‘transgenders’ are actually transsexual and this bizarre situation is getting worse every year. So how has this come about?

This article is about socially-induced autogynephilia, so what is that? Surely autogynephilia is a function of sexuality? Well it is, but it can be socially-induced too, given the right climate. Let me explain.

In males there are two traditionally recognised pathways to transition. One is innate homosexuality, also known as sexual inversion. Individuals in this group will be remarked while still very young, usually pre-school. Not all will transition, it depends on the level of social intolerance, but if they persist through puberty, then the overwhelming majority will either be feminine homosexual or transsexual. I am not going to comment further on that here, but I have written numerous articles about this.

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The other pathway is through a paraphilia called autogynephilia, first described by Dr Ray Blanchard. This is ‘A man’s propensity to be aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman’.

Trans-activists will tell you that this is not real, or that it is ‘old fashioned’, or ‘has been ‘debunked’ but they lie, for the opposite is true. The Blanchard Typology, which divides male transitioners into homosexual transsexuals and autogynephilic transvestites is solid and has been confirmed in many studies. It is the consensus of all serious researchers actually working in this field.

socially-induced autogynephilia
Do you really want to end up like these freaks? Autogynephilia is a disorder and you should be afraid of it.

Autogynephiles are always non-homosexual with regard to birth sex, although when in role as women, they may pursue relations with men for validation. This is called pseudo-bisexualism. Again, I have written a fair amount about autogynephilia and its forms  so see little need to repeat myself here.

One problem is that Blanchard’s samples, on which he proposed his Typology, had a preponderance of middle-aged males in the autogynephilic group. This led some to believe that autogynephilia only occurs in such males. That is false. I have studied this for a decade in South East Asia and I assure you, autogynephilia typically appears in the age range fourteen to eighteen.

What seems to have happened is that in the West, boys suppressed their autogynephilia, while here, they embraced it. We should expect to see more adolescent autogynephilia in the West, as time goes by and changing social climate makes it more permissible.

Adolescent autogynephilia is typified by a rapid onset, often under a month (or indeed, in some cases, a week) and a very intense affect. Prior to onset, some boys were normally heterosexual and often sporty, though another group tended to be somewhat withdrawn and did not like competition. They are often bookish or spend much time on computers.

That is not the end of it. There’s worse to come. Trans-activists (TRAs) are almost all autogynephilic or indeed, not even trans themselves. I actually cannot think of a trans-activist who is genuinely homosexual-transsexual, though I’m sure some must exist. In fact, being a trans-activist (rather then just a sympathiser) is a tell for autogynephilia, that’s how noticeable this is.

One characteristic of autogynephilia, not much commented on but obvious to observers, is that those with this condition want everyone to be like them. This is in order to normalise their behaviour, which can sometimes be extremely predatory and anti-social, and particularly to excuse their persistent grooming of younger males, whom they will do everything in their power to ‘turn’.

Sensitive boys in their adolescence are perfect targets. They are taught at school that men are monsters, that the ‘patriarchy’ is ruining the world and that they oppress women — indeed that they do this just by being men. In particular, white boys are targeted by this vicious misandry and if they attempt to defend themselves are immediately branded as ‘racists’ and ‘white supremacists’.

These are ridiculous slurs, of course; to stand up for your own race in the face of vitriolic and hysterical attack is neither. However, in the classroom, on campus and increasingly on-line, any protest against unreasonable attack,  mention of the many benefits that white men have given to society or even to point out that it was white men who broke the Atlantic slave trade through the efforts of the British Royal Navy, are dismissed.

socially-induced autogynephilia
This has absolutely fuck-all to do with the article but it made me laugh. So there.

Vulnerable Boys

Vulnerable boys, deliberately softened up and confused by this nonsense, are then fed the line that gender is like a suit of clothes that one can just put on and take off; it can be changed at will. While Judith Butler has a lot to answer for, this is not what she meant when she talked about gender being performative.

Within modern Western culture, not only is the link between sex and gender broken, so is the link between sexuality and gender. In other words, gender is dependent on whim and whim alone. Taken with the massive guilt that is induced in boys by feminists, especially through school and college, and since gender is not fixed to anything, why not just change it and be a better person? Be a woman and so stop being a horrible, nasty, oppressing man? Trans activists have grasped this opportunity with gusto.

This has led to a completely new category  to add to those already described: socially-induced autogynephilia. In this the subject is gaslighted into believing that the only way he can be a decent person and also, mark you, atone for all the sins of every man in the past, is to destroy his own masculinity and ‘be’ a woman. Once the boy has started along this path, trans-activists, with the support of professionals, incredibly, will do everything they can to push him further and to isolate him from any voice of moderation.

In particular, he will be vilified and punished for any ‘backsliding’ – as for example, were he to reference a crucial discovery or an invention by a white man. In the modern Fascism of Identity Politics, such things are not allowed and history is literally being revised to write the tremendous achievements of white men out of it. Socially-induced autogynephilia is one result of this mind-bending revisionism and the blatant lies it is based on.

If there is good news it is that socially-induced autogynephilia seems to be less persistent than the classic forms, and so there is a chance that in a few years the victims might desist. In the meantime it is critically important that they do not undergo irreversible surgeries, which, unfortunately, they will be encouraged to, because in the warped mind of an autogynephilic trans-activist, it ‘cements the deal’– and of course, to the medical professional, the more intervention, the more he gets paid.

This is a completely gratuitous picture of a pretty girl with a penis. She’s not autogynephilic. Enjoy.

Is this really autogynephilia?

Some have suggested that socially-induced autogynephilia is not really autogynephilia at all, but that is hard to sustain. Blanchard and all other authorities on this agree that while the driving force behind autogynephilia is sex drive, this does not mean that all rewards are necessarily sexual or erotic. Blanchard was clear: ‘A ll non-homosexual gender dysphorias in males are caused by autogynephilia.’

How does socially-induced autogynephilia fit into that? Well, in order to make themselves attractive to girls, young males have always done two things: one is to demonstrate their masculinity but the other – disregarded by the chattering feminist harpies – is to make themselves appear protective of women. Indeed a highly provocative slur against a man is that he ‘Can’t even protect his own women.’

What seems to happen in socially-induced autogynephilia is that by attenuating their masculinity, boys are trying to make themselves appear less threatening to women (who remain their sexual targets). It is therefore a kind of mating strategy.

This is amplified by the fact that today, in schools, universities and in the workplace, women are now seen as the protectors of other women, not men. These societies, today, are absolutely dominated by women and men are habitually vilified. So ‘becoming a woman’ allows one to fit in to the culture and might even, if one were successful, get one a mate.

Feminists have lately woken up to the fact that male transition means that they might lose control of the areas they have spent so long colonising and dominating. Sport is already a hot-button issue, but what about when we have transitioned autogynephilic men in Admiral suits ordering the women around? How far do from that do you really think we are? And what about when the thousands of boys pushed into socially-induced autogynephilia shape up and assert control? How will you keep them out of the boardrooms, prevent them colonising the Academy and ultimately leapfrogging over all those bitter, angry, man-hating feminists whose campaigning allowed them to do exactly that?

socially induced autogynephilia
Admiral Dr Rachel Levine: the new face of male supremacy, brought to you by fuckwit feminism.

What can we do?

We have taken entirely the wrong approach to dealing with autogynephilia generally and this form in particular. We should never, under any circumstances condone, encourage or support transition as a result of it. All forms of autogynephilia are dangerous and if not carefully controlled, may become life-destroying disorders.

This is especially the case in socially-induced autogynephilia. The right approach must be to attack the underlying cause of the condition, which is Identity Politics, a noxious slime birthed by radical feminism. We must celebrate our white past and teach our children to be proud to be white. This is something we allow, indeed encourage, all other races and ethnicities to do, so why are whites prevented? Are we really saying that jungle drumming, fun though it may be, reaches anything like the cultural heights of Mozart or Beethoven? All traditions have something to offer and the white one is no different; indeed, it has more to offer than most.

If we want to stop our sons from falling victim to this most pernicious form of an already menacing mental condition, we have to attack the root, which lies in the festering swamp of lies that academia at every level has become. We must cut the heads off the Hydra and completely destroy Identity Politics – which will mean banishing both the prophets of  it and the disgusting sow that birthed it, feminism, from the classrooms, the campuses and the ultimately, the public space.

White men must reclaim the society and culture that we built, before it is destroyed altogether. Equality under law is fine; lying down and allowing ourselves to be eradicated is not. The worm must turn or we will see a repeat of Hitler’s Holocaust, this time with white men being the victims. Do not let them force us to dig our own graves. Remember my country’s motto: Nemo Me Impune Lacessit. (No-one fucks with me and gets away with it.)

Socially-induced autogynephilia might be a new hope

At least, it gives us some hope; I might deplore the abandonment of masculinity, but on the other hand, schadenfreude makes me laugh out loud at the way the gynocracy is going to be colonised and dominated by literal men in frocks.

You know, it happened before, when eunuchs wrested administrative power from female priestesses. And more than once.

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