LeNTAS: Let’s Not Talk About Sex

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Originally posted 2020-05-06 14:57:22.

LeNTAS: Let’s Not Talk About Sex. That’s what ‘SOGIE’ really means. For those who have not heard of this utter nonsense, the initials SOGIE stand for ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression’. It is an excrescence of so-called ‘queer theory’ — something that has no scientific basis whatsoever, so should be called ‘queer opinion’.

Anyway, this particular dose of bunkum has at its centre the propaganda that Sexual Orientation (whom you are attracted to) has nothing to do with either your ‘Gender Identity’ or how you ‘Express’ that.

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It is, of course, diametrically opposed to the truth, so I think we should call it what it really is — the Let’s Not Talk About Sex theory or LeNTAS, since there is nothing the kind of airhead that dreams up ‘queer theory’ twaddle likes more than a redundant acronym. We could just call it ‘bullshit’ and it would be as accurate. However LeNTAS does actually have some purpose, in identifying the core purpose of the philosophical nonsense formerly known as ‘SOGIE’, which shall heretofore be known as, well, LeNTAS.

You see there are two principal groups of individuals behind SOGIE/LeNTAS, and neither of them want us talking about how they have sex, even though in fact, how they have sex is what defines them. And the rest of us, for that matter. But most of the rest of us aren’t so coy.

Parodies: the New Gay Man and his AGP Chums

These groups are, in the first place, that modern parody of masculinity, the New Gay Man, and our old friends, those parodies of femininity,  the Autogynephilic cross-dressing ‘transgender’ men. The first don’t want to discuss the fact that they like to have penises pushed up their bums, and the second avoid admitting that they like to wank in front of mirrors while dressed as women. Remarkable how simple it is, really.

Now look. I have nothing against bum-willy contact. It’s a perfectly normal part of sex. It certainly feels good for the willy-pusher and I have it on reliable and multiple authority that it’s just as much fun for the pushed. But it takes a real idiot (or a ‘queer theorist’) not to recognise that if a man wants a cock in his bum, he is no longer a man. He’s a woman, in sexual terms. I don’t care if he’s six-foot six and 140 kg, if he has a PhD in determining cock girth by sphincter dilation and a Masters in Pillow-Munching, he stopped actually being a man  a long time ago.


Sigmund Freud summed it up perfectly:

(In sexuality) activity is put into operation by the instinct for mastery through the agency of the somatic musculature (the body); the organ which, more than any other, represents the passive sexual aim is the erotogenic mucous membrane of the anus.

Three Essays on Sexuality. 1905

Correctly, Freud saw active sexuality as the male form and passive sexuality as the female; he often used the terms interchangeably. Therefore, the desire to penetrate is male sexuality and the desire to be penetrated is the female. Our sexuality defines us: men have male sexuality and women have female.

But here’s the thing: the New Gay Man’s purpose in life is to be a certified cockjockey and at the same time, hold on to all his lovely male privilege. So he (she?) has to pretend to be a man, even though the fact is he ain’t and the first thing he’s gonna do at the sight of a dick is get on his knees with his arse in the air. As Dr J Michael Bailey observed, he buys his ‘masculinity’ at the price of self-loathing and contempt. This is the classic member of the celebrated group called ‘100 bottoms looking for a top’, a phrase also reported by Dr Bailey — who, unlike ‘queer theorists’ is an actual scientist.

Girls gossiping

It’s always a good laugh to stop by the dark recesses of social media where these girls congregate and listen to the gossip.

‘What’s wrong with bottoms?’ one says. (Titter.)

‘Oh nothing. I like bottoms. Always nice to meet one.’ (Snigger.)

‘Yeah me too.’ (Giggle.)

This is as if we didn’t know that this is a bunch of raving cockhounds who are secretly pinker than flamingo and more flaming than an oil rig on fire. But oh, no, the New Gay Man must never reveal her true nature. She must — gosh pronouns — always be a man, because the whole motivation behind the New Gay Man is the deepest, most pervasive misogyny. Why? Because it insists that the worst, most unforgivable, most contemptible thing someone born male could ever do is be a woman.

They hate transsexuals

That’s why they hate transsexuals so much. Just to reiterate, transsexuals are not the ghastly tiffs in skirts who love to jack off to their reflections in mirrors while the wife is out shopping — giving them the chance to plunder her undies drawer. Those are Autogynephilic ‘transgender’ men. We’ll get to them in a while. Transsexuals are sexually inverted. They are socially, sexually, behaviourally and in every other ‘ally’ women. New Gay Men hate them because they’re out there doing what New Gay Men really would love to do, but they can’t because they’ve been told not to be girly.

But their problem is, straight men — that is, men who penetrate — won’t touch a New Gay Man with a bargepole, so they have to play a little game. In this, they switch. Sometimes they’re girls in bed and sometimes they’re men. Of course, they always want to be girls, but if they all behave like girls all the time then nobody’s getting any cock because girls can’t fuck guys. Yes folks, it works the other way round too: if you desire to poke rather than to be poked, you are a man, whether you’re wearing a wig and a bra full of socks or not and nobody, but nobody gives a monkey’s what you ‘self id’ as.


But here’s the thing: if we accept all of that, then it follows that being a ‘gay man’ (an oxymoron if ever there was one) is actually about pining to have your rectum filled by a big fat dick and all that SOGIE (LeNTAS) stuff is revealed for the utter bullshit it really is. It’s not about ‘identity’ at all: it’s about real stuff, and this real stuff is called sex, particularly getting your arse reamed. There’s nothing subtle or sophisticated about it. It’s about sex and that’s all. Being ‘gay’ isn’t about ‘what you identify as’, it’s about wanting to be fucked senseless. If you were born male anyway.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that and the fact is that transsexuals also want exactly that. They love it. As do our ‘gay men’. The difference is in honesty. A transsexual knows that her desire for men means she cannot ever be a man, and so, she gets with the plot and does something about it. Transsexuals are useless at pretending to be men and they are just a whole lot better off and happier when they stop lying about what they are. A ‘gay man’ is so fucked up about retaining her ‘male privilege’ she twists herself into a conceptual pretzel to do so.

But how much ‘male privilege’ do you think you’re going to maintain when we reveal the truth — that being gay (for someone born male) is about having your bum reamed out? You really think your buds at the golf club are gonna wear that? Or suppose you’re in authority over other men — men who prefer not to munch pillows but instead to fuck. How long do you think you can maintain that position? I mean, that position of authority, not the one where you lie on your stomach and scream ‘Make me your bitch!’

The SOGIE lie

Enter the SOGIE lie. It says, so conveniently, that you can be a registered, paid up member of the arse-in-the-air pillow-biter club and hey, still be a man. Well, we all know it’s pish, but any port in a storm, huh?

The trouble is those dang transsexuals. They really fuck it up for you, don’t they? There they are, quite happily being girls and getting their bums filled as often as they want — by the kind of straight men that wouldn’t come near you on a dark night in a power cut. They’re thumbing their noses at you and your ‘LGBT’ solidarity. Or whatever it is. That’s why you hate them. They are doing exactly what you want to do but don’t have the courage to, and it fucks you up inside. Every time you see one you think the same thing: ‘That could have been me’.

Bad suits

Instead, you elected for a bad suit, a middle-management job and male privilege. You probably want a ‘gay marriage’ with another girl pretending to be a guy just like you, so you can drown your sorrows together drinking white wine while watching Miss International Queen on YouTube. Yes, maybe you could have been contenders. Or maybe that should be ‘cock-tenders’. But you left it too late. Now you’re just bitter gays and the boat has long since sailed, petal.

The other group behind the LeNTAS mythology — at least as far as people born male are concerned — are those wankers in frocks jerking off in front of mirrors. Now I have nothing against wanking; I have many fond memories of it. But I didn’t feel the need to imagine myself as a woman being railed by black men with ten-inch dongs while doing it.

AGP misogyny

Autogynephilic transvestites are something else altogether, especially the ones who actually believe the utter delusion that they are actually women. In the first place, they hate ‘gay men’ with a vengeance — just check Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner’s words on this one. They are the very worst kind of homophobic ‘straight man’. Their input into LeNTAS is no less invidious, however. You see, these are men: they like to fuck women. Until they have their cocks turned inside out and then they just fuck women in the head instead of where they’re supposed to, anyway.

Their concern is to deflect attention away from the fact that their totally hetero-nornative male sexuality and attraction to women means they are actually men all along. They want to pretend that you can be a woman with a penis who fucks women in the vagina and this is all quite normal; and the lies of SOGIE provide a smokescreen for them.

Lily Cade

In 2014 Lily Cade, a lesbian porn actress and producer, wrote an article called ‘Why I Went to War’ https://www.lilycade.com/why-i-went-to-war/ in which she described being treated to a piece of misogynistic sex-shaming by an Autogynephilic male called Drew DeVeaux. This chump claims to be a lesbian because he ‘identifies’ as a woman. He even invented a term to express his childish anger at being refused sex by a woman (a real one) who, by definition (because she is a lesbian) does not have sex with people with penises, no matter what their cup size is.

Another trans porn star, called Chelsea Poe, attacked Cade for refusing to have sex with Drew DeVeaux and invented the term ‘Cotton Ceiling’. This is intended to vilify women who refuse to accept sexual advances from men (with or without penises) who ‘identify as women’. It refers to lesbians refusing to get their pants off for trans women.

Somehow, in the ludicrous world of ‘identity politics’ what one ‘identifies as’ is more important than what one actually is and worse, it negates a woman’s right to choose. She is perfectly at liberty not to have sex with people with penises who ‘identify’ as men, but woe betide her should she dare to refuse to have sex with someone with a penis who ‘identifies’ as a woman. Even though lesbians don’t have sex with people with penises, whatever they ‘identify’ as, and in any case a woman’s right to choose her sexual partners must trump any other claim on her body.

But oh, no, because she ‘identifies’ as a woman (despite being a man with a penis, albeit a cute one) and also as ‘transgender’, Poe is ‘less privileged’ than the actual, real women who refuse to have sex with him. Under the lunacy of ‘identity politics’ the ‘less privileged’ must always be supported against the ‘more privileged’ even if that means willfully violating the right to choose our sexual partners.

Once again, SOGIE/LeNTAS is at the heart of this stuff and nonsense. Poe and DeVeaux were born male and have a heteronormative man’s desire for sex with women. But under SOGIE/LeNTAS mythology, because they ‘identify’ as women, lesbian women — that is, real women — must forfeit their right to refuse to have sex with them. In other words, Autogynephilic males like Poe and DeVeaux, are entitled to have sex with any woman, whether or not she wants to and, if they refuse, they are to be shamed as bigots.

A licence to rape

To call this an appalling assumption of sexual entitlement has to be the understatement of the month. It is, literally, claiming a licence to rape. When taken in conjunction with the SOGIE/LeNTAS bullshit, which insists that not effort to transition is required to call oneself ‘trans’, it is saying that all a man has to do, in order to insist on his right to have sex with any woman, even a stated lesbian, without her having any right of refusal, is to claim that he ‘identifies’ as a woman.

Well, no. Let’s call a spade a spade. You are not what you ‘identify’ as. You are what you can be identified to be. There is such a thing as reality. Personal narrative only matters when you’re talking to yourself in the mirror, you know, in that refractory period when you’re waiting to get hard again.

If you were born male but seek to be penetrated by men, then you are sexually a woman; and if you were born male and seek to do the same thing, then you are sexually a man. ‘Gay men’ therefore, are women, and Autogynephilic male fetishistic trnasvestites are men. It is that simple, and about time to put an end to the absurdity of ‘identity politics’ and its hellspawn, SOGIE.

So let’s call SOGIE LeNTAS instead

So let’s call SOGIE LeNTAS, because that is what this is about: denying that sex defines us. Well, it does. A male who desires to penetrate women remains a man, whether he ‘identifies’ as a woman or not. A person who desires to be penetrated cannot, sexually, be a man, ever. And we all have the right to refuse anyone’s sexual advances without fear of public shaming, even if our reasons for that refusal are upsetting to the refused. Period.

books by rod fleming

2 Replies to “LeNTAS: Let’s Not Talk About Sex”

    1. That can happen for several reasons. The most obvious is that ever since about 1970, Western homosexual males can no longer access the pool of straight men they formerly could, because of a ridiculous cultural trope that such men were themselves homosexual. Far from persuading such men to ‘come out’ of a closet they were not in anyway, this just drove them off the scene altogether. As a result, homosexual men, who by definition want to be penetrated, because they have female sexuality, have to ‘do for’ each other. In other words, they have to play the ‘top’ sometimes or nobody’s getting any dick at all. Some develop a liking for this and so recover their male sexuality, but rather than simply being straight, they stay in the culture they know and become ‘tops’.

      The New Gay Man cult is based on pederasty, despite his claim of ‘egalitarianism’ and the above is exactly the same as the power switch seen in pederasty, where the younger party, usually an adolescent boy, becomes the sexually female partner to an older one, but as he progresses through the system, himself takes a younger lover (becomes a ‘top’in the gay lexicon) and so recovers his male sexuality. So here the ‘switch only occurs once, when the ‘female’ catamite becomes a ‘male’ penetrator. This behaviour is commonly reported in the New Gay Man cult.

      Where ‘egalitarianism’ is enforced, switching becomes a requirement. This is because there is a power hierarchy in male-male sex. The penetrator is always dominant. But if you’re ‘egalitarian’ that means both parties must penetrate, each to cancel out the other’s dominance. As a result, sex between macho gay NGMs is predicated on aggressivity. On the other hand, where femme homosexuality is more accepted, similar behaviour happens but here the sex is much more like lesbian sex with little or no dominance hierarchy. It’s sororal, basically, since neither party has male sexuality; rather than one trying to dominate the other, each is trying to ‘out submit’ the other, while still affording them the sensation of being penetrated. Indeed, within such relationships, penetrative sex is often eschewed in favour of oral stimulation or toy play, simply because the dominant sexual role is so alien, indeed, repulsive, to both parties. This type of homosexual male should transition; she has no hope of happiness within the Western NGM cult, where she will be serially emotionally abused, denigrated and insulted for her femininity, but still used as a cum-bucket by all the macho gays.

      Within the ‘macho gay’ New Gay Man cult, a sexual arms race develops because both parties in a relationship are performing masculinity. This is a totally false masculinity, a parody, but they don’t see that. As a result, since there is a power hierarchy in sex between such males, each partner is always trying to ‘out-masculine’ the other; hence the well-known and unloved New Gay Man macho gym-fly, with his ripped body swollen with testosterone supplements. Sex within this context is all about dominance and so it becomes rape; it is akin to the way young bulls will mount each other to see who is dominant. But because of the ‘egalitarian’ rule essential to the NGM, both parties must become the rapists of each other – so they ‘switch’.

      I hope this helps.

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