Ladyboys in Pattaya: A guide to Thailand’s Funtown

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Originally posted 2017-08-28 21:04:30.

So you’re planning to meet some ladyboys in Pattaya? Read this.

Pattaya is home to some of the yummiest trannies in southeast Asia. Its reputation as a ladyboy-friendly tourist resort brings huge numbers of young transsexuals to the city, as well as legions of men anxious to taste this most prized and precious of tropical fruit: the ladyboys in Pattaya.

The whole of south-east Asia is remarkable for its highly visible populations of transsexual women, known locally as ladyboys. These are not at all the same as you may be used to, if you are a Westerner. They’re not like Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, Dave ‘Debsmate’ Hayton or — one hesitates — The Thing. (See my discussions on Ray Blanchard for more details.) So let’s discuss those toothsome delights, ladyboys in Pattaya.

Ladyboys in Pattaya

ladyboys in Pattaya
Ladyboys specialise in cute bottoms. And being them.

Ladyboys in Pattaya and across Asia are not like that at all. They are beautiful and very sexy, extremely feminine in their appearance and manners. From their early teens or even before, they use female hormones, often birth control pills which are freely available without prescription. These can turn them into staggeringly beautiful women. And the fact is that men are powerfully attracted to them.

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Ladyboys in Pattaya: a phenomenon.

I was recently asked how things were in Pattaya, so if you’re thinking of going there to meet some TS women, the following may be useful — or at least more useful than most of the garbage you’ll find on transphobic ‘backpacker’, ‘ex-pat’, or worse autogynephile sites. Why are western jeeps so nasty? We’re definitely trans friendly here, as long as you are the right type. I’ll do something on the other major hotspots some other time, but the general rules apply there too.

ladyboys in Pattaya
The girls from Sensations Bar

The phenomenon of highly feminine, sexually attractive ladyboys has become increasingly well known over the last two decades, mainly through the internet. Transsexual porn, for example, is extremely popular, but only amongst straight men. That’s right, gays can’t stand it — I think they’re jealous.

Unfortunately a great deal of the information available is either badly researched or flat wrong.

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Why Ladyboys in Pattaya?

The destination of choice for men who desire to investigate further their attraction to transwomen, has become Thailand. It used to be Singapore, but they suffered a backlash there and the ‘authorities’ knocked Bugis Street, the centre of all the ladyboy action down.

Bugis Street
Ladyboys in Bugis Street, Singapore, in the 60s.

Anyway, today Pattaya, along with Phuket and Bangkok, are the favourites, though Chiang Mai is catching up. Thailand in general has a very well developed tourism sector, with many hotels and short-term apartments at very reasonable prices. While the sector was badly damaged by the absurd Covid lockdowns, it appears to be recovering: there are still ladyboys in Pattaya.

Pattaya itself is easily and cheaply accessible from the West by air and does not require prior visa approval for most Westerners — you get a month automatically on entry. As well as this it is relatively inexpensive, fairly relaxed, warm, sunny, many people can speak English and there is excellent infrastructure and communications. Together, these make it popular with all types of tourists as well as more hard-core travellers.

Thailand is an ideal place to meet ladyboys.

ladyboys in Pattaya

Thailand is an ideal destination for the ladyboy-attracted man who wants to find out more. ‘What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand,’ is the saying. As long as you don’t make the actual news, nobody will ever know what you get up to — although they may presume you are seeking out sex. And why not?

Ladyboy action in Pattaya is constant all year round, although in the low season, Western summer, things can be a little quiet and it will be rather hotter and wetter than from November to March. Only around 10% or so of the sex workers in Pattaya are ladyboys, as transsexuals there are usually known (they all call themselves that) but they are obvious and enthusiastic.

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Ordinary girls … why bother?

Ordinary Thai girls, even sex workers, are nowhere near as  forward, or, frankly, that gorgeous as ladyboys in Pattaya or the other hotspots. Pattaya itself attracts a lot of Russian family tourists — I can only imagine what might be going on inside their heads — but they don’t get in the way.

(By the way, don’t call ladyboys ‘kathoey’. Depending on pronunciation and context, this may be offensive.)

You will see ladyboys serving in restaurants, in shops, working in hairdressing salons — I think every salon in Asia is majority ladyboy — as well as in banks, travel agencies and such-like. Besides this, there are well-known, glamorous ladyboy cabarets.


Tiffany and Alcazar are  two  ladyboy cabarets in Pattaya, both with large theatres, but there are many other  venues. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I recommend visiting at least once.

(Please note: the girls who work in these, certainly the more upmarket ones, are usually NOT available for paid sex, or at least, not on the premises. Don’t cause embarrassment.)

1000 ladyboys.

ladyboys in Pattaya

However that leaves plenty of choice. There are estimated, at the last figures I saw, to be at least 1000 ladyboy sex workers in Pattaya, of a total of 10,000 or so including natural girls and gay boys. These girls either work in bars or freelance on the street, while some do ‘escort services’ through websites. In addition there are probably as many or more girls who are either semi-professional or not in the business at all — which doesn’t mean they won’t play ball. Or with your balls.

Bar Girls

Generally, contracting with bar girls is safest because they work under a person called a mamasan. This is usually an older woman or ladyboy whose job it is to manage the younger girls. The mamasan will make sure the girls behave when they are with clients (you have to behave too). So if there’s an issue, you can go see mamasan and get her to sort it. That’s pretty rare though.

Bar fines.
Ladyboys in Pattaya
Sensations Bar. Visit it.

However, you will have to pay a ‘bar fine’ to take a girl out of the bar. The logic behind this is convoluted and it’s really just the bar’s cut from her sex work. How much depends on the bar. 300 — 500 short time is reasonable, but I have heard reports that this is going up. If so, that will just put business in the hands of freelancers.

The girl will ask for 1500 — 2000 baht short time, although, if you appear green, she might chance for more. Don’t pay it; it’s a buyer’s market.

You will find yourself targeted by girls (of both types) so be polite but firm. In some bars, ladyboys can be extremely direct and may shock you. Expect to have your genitals in someone’s hands early on, and someone’s genitals in yours. However, don’t be rushed and if you don’t fancy a particular girl, just say so.

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Protocol, with bar girls, is to buy a ‘lady drink’ while discussing your plans for the evening. These are more expensive than regular drinks and she gets the extra as a tip.

If you are interested in having sex with her, tell her so and move to the conclusion, otherwise she’ll think you’re not serious and may just disappear. (You have no idea how quickly a six-foot ladyboy can either vanish or suddenly materialise right beside you until you have seen it done.)

Also, try to define what will be on the menu before you make the deal. I won’t get into too many details but, for example, if you want a post-op, ask. Same if you are only interested in a pre-op. (Most are pre-op.) The usual sign is to make a snipping gesture with index and middle fingers. There are other gestures for specific sorts of entertainment. You’ll figure it out.

ladyboys in Pattaya

Many bars in Pattaya have rooms, usually around 300 — 500 baht, where the fun happens, otherwise your girl will know a place where the price will be similar. It’s not really usual to go to your own hotel for short-time unless it’s very close by — cuts into the sex time — but it is for long-time.

Short-time, by the way, should be a leisurely hour, more if she’s having fun. And these girls are not miserable sex slaves. Most of them really enjoy what they do and if a girl likes you, she’ll let you know. You will enjoy what she does too.

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Check your hotel is LB friendly first.

If you’re thinking of taking a girl back, check your hotel is t-girl friendly beforehand. Most Pattaya hotels are, but better to be sure. Many ladyboys in Pattaya are reluctant to do long-time in the early evening (they can make more money with quickies) but at the end of the night might be quite up for it — nice hotel bed, proper shower and breakfast on you. (Well, lunch; good luck getting one of them up before 2 pm.)

ladyboys in Pattaya

Expect to pay 2000 — 3000 baht depending on the time and how much of a slob you are.

Your girl might be quite pissed by the end of her working night, since part of a bar girl’s job is to get as many lady drinks purchased as possible and she has to drink them. The later you wait, partly because of this, the more likely it is that you’ll get a rate — but also the more likely that another cruiser will snaffle her.

ladyboys in Pattaya

Other men will just cut in and if you haven’t made a deal, that might be it, she’s gone and all the money you spent on lady drinks goes out the window. Just make sure she’s not a total zombie when you finally get her out; but if you can contain yourself, great morning sex will be on the agenda.

ID cards for ladyboys in Pattaya and elsewhere

ladyboys in pattayaA ladyboy in Pattaya may be asked to leave her ID card at the concierge desk and this is definitely in your interest. A good hotel will require that you accompany her to retrieve it, so she can’t make off with your new Nikon while you’re asleep. Always use the room safe for your valuables, however.

If you take a bar girl home for long time remember the bar fine meter is running till you take her back. Get confirmation on how much from mamasan BEFORE you take the girl out. Do I need to mention, you must use a condom? Well you must.

This applies even if you (think you are) in a long-term relationship with a bar girl. You don’t know who else is in there. Be sensible and be safe. (Now if you have a real relationship with a girl, which you are not going to establish in a 2-week trip anyway, it’s different. But by then you’ll have more experience.)

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After 10 pm or so (LBs are just unusually gorgeous vampires) there will be loads of ladyboys on the street in Pattaya, not just in the bars. Their prices are similar to bar girls but no bar fine — and no mamasan to run to if there’s a problem.

You will certainly, at least in Walking Street, see many well-known faces, as the producers of porn seek their models here. However, you might pay much more for the services of a girl who is no hotter or more talented than any other, but just has done a lot of porn. Your choice.

ladyboys in Pattaya
If sights like this offend you, then you probably ought not to go to Patts. Just saying.

Online dating.

lternatively, you can meet ladyboys in Pattaya online. The principal site is Thai Friendly, which has literally thousands of girls subscribed. (Facebook is also popular but the profiles are mostly in Thai, so you may have difficulty.)

Not all the girls are seeking casual paid sex. Some are in fact looking for longer relationships. But there are plenty who would still be interested and it will say so on their profiles.

Do be aware though, that you are effectively asking someone you have never even seen in real life to come and stay in your hotel room for however long. Take sensible precautions and it might be smart to meet at a short-time hotel; she may also feel more comfortable with that.

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(Note also that the same concern applies to the girls; if she’s dating rather than just coming for paid sex, expect to be asked to meet somewhere public and don’t be surprised if she arrives with ‘a friend’ who may be a large gay man. She’s just being sensible too.)

My advice to a first-timer would be to stick to bar girls until you find your feet. But having said that, nearly all the freelancers are fine; one thing that you will find, if you do this, is that ladyboys are amongst the nicest and most fun people you will ever meet. The crack is DO NOT GET DRUNK and treat them with great respect. It’s Thailand, respect is a big deal. It will also be paid back.


ladyboys in pattayaThen there is the question of love. It is easy to get sex in Asia without paying for it. In fact, I used to wonder why anyone would, till I discovered the old adage ‘You don’t pay the girl for sex, you pay her to leave afterwards.’

Now I will be honest, being genuinely in love with an Asian TS who really loves you too is the most wonderful, rewarding experience. There is nothing she will not do for you. The sex will be mind-bendingly good. Most ladyboys have a great sense of humour and are strong characters — they have to be. She can probably cook like an ace and will delight in looking after you. But the payback is commitment. You have to be ready to give that.


Asia is full of stories of Westerners who have had all their savings taken by a gold-digger who is actually running a string of men. So be careful. These are lovely women but they have real needs, supporting the rest of an enormous (by Western standards) family being one of them.

They see milking Western men as a legitimate career; they don’t see it as fraudulent, as any cursory check of the relevant sites will prove.

Now it’s up to you. You can just buy sex in the marketplace; or you can have casual fun, and it will cost dinner and beachwear and salon visits and so on, and maybe the family buffalo got a bit sick this week. There’s probably not that much in it. Or you can get serious. But serious is really serious, and these girls will give you their hearts on a plate. If that’s not what you want, you have to tell them.

Ladyboys in Pattaya
Nice tuck, babe

You need to know what you want up front and not let passion — or for that matter alcohol — cloud your judgement. I can highly commend the experience of being in a committed relationship with an Asian TS, but it’s not for everyone. Try to be cool and if you’re only going to test the waters and find out about yourself, follow the old adage — ‘no getting lubbed up’.

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Taking her back to the ‘loom’

You’ll need a ‘guest-friendly’ hotel, if you don’t use one of the ubiquitous short-time hotels which are, by definition, open to customers bringing along a girl or three. Although generally, budget hotels are fine, it’s probably better to avoid those run by farangs.

I have to say, with regret, that the only time I’ve ever had any issues with ladyboys in bars, restos or hotels in southeast Asia, it has been in establishments run by that species of Australian male who would, frankly, have been better left as a stain on his mother’s bedsheets.

This link is an excellent resource, detailing the guest-friendly hotels in Pattaya. If in doubt, email or call before booking as some may be cool with cis girls but not with ladyboys. Which would somewhat defeat the point and really mess up your designs on her special charms, now wouldn’t it?

Being careful.

Back in Pattaya, watch it on Beach Road after 1 am. Just be careful and if you feel you’re a bit tipsy, get a tuktuk or a taxi home. Don’t walk alone there if you can avoid it.

Also, you’re meant to carry your passport at all times in Thailand but this is risky; better make a colour photocopy and carry that along with your hotel reservation receipt. If you are asked (very rare) you can politely explain it’s at the hotel. (This is one area where the Philippines is better; here, if you extend your visa, you’ll get an Alien Registration card. That  is all you need to carry, leaving your passport in the room safe at all times.)

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Condoms, sadly, are a basic requirement for any romantic adventure in southeast Asia, or for that matter anywhere, these days. I know they rob a great deal of the pleasure and everybody loves a good bareback, but it’s just not worth the risk. Since the advent of modern anti-HIV drugs, many more people with HIV live normal lives — which is great, but it does mean there are more out there who remain infective.

Anyone with HIV is under a personal obligation to take the meds as specified, in order to reduce his or her viral load to the point that it he or she is not an infection risk, and also to either insist on condoms or tell her partners about her status. But sadly, many don’t, so it’s on you to protect yourself.


Be aware that there is a difference between Thai Royal Police and the Tourist Police. If you have trouble go to the Tourist Police FIRST. They have a cabin in Walking Street in Pattaya, but they are in all the tourist resorts. They are generally more sympathetic and speak good English — indeed, most are ex-pats themselves. The Thai Royal Police will almost always side with the local and if they reject your claims, that’s it. The Tourist Police can then do nothing to help you, even if you have a legitimate grievance. It’s a ‘face’ issue.

Also, anything you agree to verbally will  be a binding contract in any dispute. So mind what you say. If you are in a dispute with someone and you believe you are right, keep schtum and insist on calling the Tourist Police.

ladyboys in Pattaya

The old Pattaya ‘jet-ski’ scam is still ongoing, for example. Here, an innocent is hired out a jet-ski with significant damage, which may have been covered up to make it look less obvious. He takes it back and bingo, $500 USD bill for repairs, while the owner is brandishing a gun.

Keep calm and get the Tourist Police. The scammers are all known to them. But if you agree to pay the damage in the heat of the moment or because you are intimidated, you’ll be held to it. Stay polite, say nothing and get the cops. (Again, the Tourist Police, not the Thai Royal Police. There are many um rumours that the latter are often in collusion with the scammers and they will never back you against a local anyway, full stop.)

Numbers for the Tourist Police, TRP and others useful in emergencies are here.

Always avoid violence and stay calm.

ladyboys in Pattaya
Narnia. Total babe

Being calm is big in Thailand. Having fun with ladyboys in Pattaya and towns like it is just that– fun. So chill. If you appear aggressive, you’ll just get it back with interest.

Be very careful never to get into a violent exchange with any Thai. This applies just as much everywhere in Asia. ‘Face’ is hugely important across the region. I don’t care if you’re a 120kg 6’4″ Yankee Doodle or whatever.

Apart from the fact that they might well be armed, all those little Thai guys do Muay Thai or I dunno what. Even if you do manage to get the better of one, you know something? He’s going to come back with twenty of his chums and hospitalise you if not worse.

The best thing you can do, if you fuck up like this, is to get on the next plane out. They might not come today, or tomorrow, but they will come, and you will be consuming sustenance through an intravenous drip for the rest of your trip — or maybe your life.

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And don’t imagine that just because they look cute, ladyboys can’t defend themselves. They can be as strong as men (especially the big masculine one) and will whip off a stiletto-heeled shoe and beat you round the face with it if they have to. Play bonny and play safe.

Finally, if you want all this in safety and to meet nice ladyboys in Pattaya in a relaxed, no-pressure environment, try Sensations Bar in Soi 21. Also, if you don’t mind staying a little out of town I can recommend Gino House. It’s quiet, clean and discreet.

Oh, and, I should warn you: once you have discovered ladyboy love you will never go back.


books by rod fleming


19 Replies to “Ladyboys in Pattaya: A guide to Thailand’s Funtown”

  1. Good points you make here. Best of all is honesty in all things. Be upfront. Nothing ruins a relationship quicker than dishonesty.

  2. great article and very helpful.could you tell me if the shivani residence is guest friendly or have you heard any bad reports.keep ut the good work.

    1. Hi Dave

      I don’t have any info on that hotel; I’d suggest firing them an email to ask, if TripAdvisor doesn’t yield the info you need. Generally I have found the budget hotels to be no problem; they’ll often take the girl’s (or girls’) ID but that is for your security, so they won’t do a runner with your Nikon. I can recommend the Gino House, it’s a bit away from the action but it’s quiet, (t)girl-friendly, cheap and a nice place to stay.

      Generally, in Thailand, certainly in the tourist areas, nobody GAF about LBs; hotels that don’t allow guests are not discriminatory, they don’t allow any, regardless of what the sex is. The one area to be careful of, across SE Asia, is establishments run by farangs, which can be downright hostile to ladyboys. This is worst in those run by a certain type of Australian male.

  3. nothing on the main page .but thanks anyway.not much on shivanis webpage but couldnt book any of the others they were booked out for late dec.but any tips for good ass will be appreciated.

    1. Dave, good ass is a given in Pattaya. It’s coming out of the walls. I recommend you visit Sensations and take it from there.

  4. Do you know if there are issues with bringing ladyboys back to an Airbnb type of rental in which you are renting an entire home or villa?

    Thank you very much for your answers and your article.

    1. Hi Charlie

      That would depend on the exact terms of the lease, but if they’re OK about ordinary girls they’ll probably be OK about ladyboys. Just remember that in a situation like that, she could potentially roofie you and rob you. Just be careful with the girl. If it’s just a pay-for-play, TBH the taxi hotels are cheap, clean and convenient.

  5. We are not called “Ladyboys” we’re called transgneder woman. That’s incredibly offensive. But I hope you may not have known that so it’s okay,

    1. You are a disgusting cultural imperialist of the most vile kind. Ladyboys call themselves ladyboys; that is what they identify as. You do not get to tell other people what they can call themselves, so you can fuck right off. And yes I know it annoys some entitled Western trannies; get over yourselves. You are also, might I add, a patronising jerk; probably an immature millennial SJW, who should therefore be completely ignored. Goodnight.

  6. Rod, your blog/site here is doing a wonderful service to many Western men that have been hurt (emotionally and financially) by women here in the U.S., Canada, Western Europe and alike. I wish more Western men can experience the wonder of Asian ladyboys. If a man is truly straight and loves feminine, caring, sexy and loving women. Then they have to be attracted to ladyboys. I consider myself straight, I have ZERO attraction to dudes. My desire is for ladyboys and women that are as feminine as ladyboys. I know there’s some psychological term for men that are attracted to ladyboys. But I think it’s all BS because men love feminine beauty… and you can’t get more feminine than a ladyboy. They are so sexual, flamboyant, and desirable. I still love naturally born females. But my preference is now for Asian ladyboys. And frankly, I see more guys finding this treasure of a women as they continue to become fed up of today’s “women” on the West.

  7. i wholeheartedly agree with the comments . great people and lovely natures i will be there for xmas.cant wait to meet some more lovely ladyboys. if you havent tried you havent lived.

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