Paul Brittain: an Autogynephilic transvestite

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As some of you I am sure, know by now, I have been under attack by Autogynephilic men in the UK for some time. These are real trash, especially given that they chose the death of my beloved Sam as the time to mount this attack.

These basically amount to two people, Paul Brittain (aka Sarah Britain and Lynn Britain) and another, Jackson Stokes, aka Joey Wickham and Jagdeep Jano. Brittain is a former employee of Wolverhampton Council and lives in Wolverhampton. I have the full address. He has an alleged history of grooming, one example of which I will give as it was related to me. He is alleged to have been doing this since the 1990s and would appear to be at best a dubious, if not dangerous, character. He attempted to involve me in his grooming gang, as the ‘resident expert,’ but I was not prepared to go along with it.


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I published a set of emails between these two last week and you can see that Brittain is probably grooming Stokes.

Clearly Paul Brittain attempted to persuade Stokes to defame me, which I believe he has done; I don’t frequent the cesspit that he has created on YouTube. What the ultimate end of Brittain’s behaviour might be I don’t know, but I will give you another example of it in this post. You should also check my YouTube video here.

It is possible, indeed more, that Paul Brittain and Jackson Stokes are lovers, even if remotely. It is very common for Autogynephilic men to indulge in erotic play together, often with toys. They often do this online because it helps to maintain the all-important secrecy. Sometimes the activities are not obviously sexual, for example, Blanchard cites knitting as being a popular sex-substitute. So maybe the boys are organising knitting parties. (No, I don’t think so either.) Other sidelines are selling used dildos and anal vibrators on-line, sometimes with the option of ‘cleaned or as used.’ Since Jackson Stokes/Joey Wickham/Jagdeep Jano has admitted that he enjoys penetrating himself to orgasm with such toys, I wonder if their sale, post employment, is another of his sidelines?

Brittain has complained that I have only used one picture of him, so I shall correct that.

Below are the emails sent to me by Brittain; these were published on my YouTube channel here: LINK However I have subsequently received two more, which I will put here first, although they are the most recent.

Sarah Britain <> wrote:

You are an impish cretin and let me tell you, you little sodomite; I am a woman, but I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be. I am still on good terms with Cat and Ash. Be warned. And Rest In Piss.

I agree, Brittain is definitely a man. A dickless one, in a dress.

Rod Fleming wrote:

Okay, I’ll put up your alleged attempt to sexually harass Kate, as she explained it to me, since you ask. How’s the weather in Wolverhampton, by the way?

Sarah Britain <> wrote:

RE your latest YouTube video about me.

That all you got, you little maggot? You know, for all the criticism about my spelling, another word comes to mind when I think of you, and it rhymes with “maggot”. I believe it begins with an ‘f’. 

You really are a half hearted little queer. But as you say, there’s nothing wrong with being a queer. So long as we all stay true to ourselves, right? And don’t pretend to be straight when we’re clearly anything but. 

I said you didn’t have it in me to character assasinate me, and I was correct. All you did was share one poorly taken photograph of me at an unflattering angle and rambled about a grooming myth. No mention of the wicked rumours that have been stirred up against me regarding Tina, (neither her real name nor the one used, changed to protect her identity) and a Premier Inn. Because that’s all they are; rumours. And I would attempt to bring you down if you were to share such false allegations. Or my address, as you keep threatening; so again, bitch boy, stop with the threats. And give up while you’re ahead – or, at least, you think you are.

Paul Brittain
Unflattering? OK, this any better, Paul? Nope.

A grooming incident.

So, since Brittain has asked me to, above, I will relate what I was told by one of his victims, the above named Tina.

Tina had been groomed by Brittain for some time. She was transitioning and used a feminine name and appearance. She had been persuaded, certainly with Brittain’s encouragement, that she was a Homosexual Transsexual. However, since this time she has desisted and reverted to a masculine presentation.

Paul Brittain
A classic jeep amongst other monsters.

Grooming Tina

Paul Brittain is himself a transvestic Autogynephile, and not a Homosexual Transsexual, but he ‘likes’ younger males whom he persuades are of that type. This was certainly not so in Tina’s case and Brittain’s grooming probably did a great deal of harm to that individual. Tina showed little evidence of Homosexuality.

Despite this, Brittain, who lives in Wolverhampton, about an hour’s journey away by train, travelled to Tina’s home town and checked into the Premier Inn mentioned above. Nothing like a spot of luxury, not. Tina took him to visit her parents, who were, according to her, very concerned, since Brittain is so obviously a middle-aged man in a dress.

After this meeting, Brittain persuaded Tina to accompany him back to the Premier Inn. As soon as they got into the room, according to Tina, Brittain began to undress. This being their first meeting, Tina was shocked by Brittain’s behaviour. She said she protested this but Brittain continued. When he began to remove his underwear, Tina ran out of the room and went home.

This behaviour on Paul Brittain’s part is interesting. Remember that he has no penis, and is in fact fully emasculated,or so he claims. So it doesn’t seem that he intended to penetrate Tina, he having no organ with which to do it. Tina was and as far as I know is, intact, so did he want Tina to penetrate him? Tina dismissed that idea.

Why then, was Brittain so keen to remove his undergarments? It is possible that grooming itself is a sexual stimulus for Brittain. That is to say that receiving positive feedback from the younger individuals he is trying to persuade are actually Homosexual Transsexuals, might be a form of sexual release in itself. However, this is a very dangerous course, for the individuals he uses to gain this satisfaction.


These are likely to be, and going by those I have spoken to, actually are, highly unstable young males. They may have been persuaded that to be a man is bad and so turn to the idea of ‘transition’ to avoid it. But ONLY Homosexuals, that is True Homosexuals, can be Transsexual. These individuals are Sexually Inverted due to anomalies in testosterone delivery in utero. As a result they are psycho-sexually inverted; for them, or at least the most severely affected ones, living as a woman, if they are actually male, would be a viable solution.

To try to persuade people who are not so Sexually Inverted that they are Homosexual Transsexual is irresponsible and dangerous. The effects on a vulnerable mind can be disastrous and long lasting. Further, if the intent were to encourage them to have Genital Reconstruction Surgery, as Brittain claims to have had performed on himself, then this is permanent mutilation that cannot be repaired.

This is not a matter of simply stopping the feminising hormones or taking a little testosterone to kick-start masculinisation. In GRS the penis is inverted and the tissue is scraped out, leaving only the skin, which is formed into the neovagina. It is not possible to replace the removed tissue and any repair will produce, at best, a facsimile of a penis.

Because of this, GRS should only be performed in the most severe cases of Gender Dysphoria and only after years of hormone therapy and living in role as a woman. To try to persuade a vulnerable young male to do this in order to satisfy one’s own need for a perverted sexual release would be, at best, irresponsible and at worst downright evil. But then, Autogynephiles really don’t care about that, or any other harm they may do.

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Here are the rest of Paul Brittain’s emails to me. I leave you to deduce what you like of this man, or indeed of his sycophant, Stokes.

Nice, huh? The fact is that dangerous predators like Paul Brittain and Jackson Stokes are being protected by the wrong-headed Gender Recognition Act of 2003. This Act must now be amended to remove protection for Autogynephilic men, or repealed.

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