Daily Babez: Terisa, a ladyboy from Thailand

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Originally posted 2023-08-07 15:42:11.

Terisa is a ladyboy from Thailand. It’s immediately obvious how beautiful she is. Her performance of femininity is flawless. The word ‘Ladyboy’ covers a gamut of different local terms, all referring to the same thing, unmasculine, often highly feminine males who seek heterosexual men as partners.

a ladyboy from Thailand

A ladyboy from Thailand

A ladyboy from Thailand is known locally as a kathoey, though this is an English oversetting, as Thai doesn’t use the same alphabet as English. A ladyboy can be a feminine homosexual male, a ‘gay man’ in the West, although these are usually much more girly than is usual there. It is most commonly understood however to mean a homosexual male who has socially completed as a woman, invariably dressing and presenting as one, almost always taking hormones to further feminise her naturally beautiful features and to prevent any masculinisation. Most ladyboys remain genitally intact.

A ladyboy like Terisa is a natural homosexual male, that is to say, a congenital Sexual Invert. In cultures like those in southeast Asia, the bogus separation between sexual orientation and gender does not apply. A homosexual male is not a man, in fact Don Kulick, in discussing similar phenomena in Brazil, described them as ‘not-men.’ This is accurate because in order to be a man, one must be masculine, and there is no such thing as a masculine homosexual male — even though this may be disputed in the West.

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So, having accepted that they cannot be men, what is a ladyboy to do? The answer is to outperform XX women in the performance of beauty. This, as Dr Serena Nanda has pointed out, is reflected  in the careers they follow, as beauticians, stylists, fashion designers, models, cabaret performers, pageant stars and of course, as sex workers.

While in the West, transwomen are separated into those who are attracted to men, homosexual transsexuals or HSTS and non-homosexual transvestites or Autogynephiles (AGPs,) this separation is muted in southeast Asia by social convention. A ladyboy who is attracted to her own image as a woman is expected to pursue and enjoy sex with men, while a ladyboy who is passionately attracted to men will be expected to make herself as beautiful as possible, in order to attract such men. Terisa is tall, but her slender build marks her as a Sexual Invert, a socially completed homosexual male.

It is only in the modern West that this basic duality has been forgotten — or perhaps, is being remembered now,

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