Autogynephiles’ widows and orphans

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Originally posted 2022-09-16 16:44:50.

What about the families, when grown-ass men suddenly decide that ‘they were always women’.  When a transvestic Autogynephile decides the time has come to ‘crack his egg’ and ‘be a woman’? When he selfishly indulges a paraphilia, a sexual fetish in which he is the object of his own masturbatory fetish?  Effectively, wives and children become widows and orphans, because when the man throws away his last connection to reality, he is dead. A succubus that he bred and gives life to, has taken over his body, literally.

Why are men who do this lauded as ‘brave’ and ‘heroes’? Isn’t it their widows and orphans who are really the brave ones? How does a child deal with being told that ‘Daddy is a Mummy now — so you have two.’ And what about the widows, left crying over the loss of a man they loved, while being forced, every day, to live with his murderer?

No, that child does not have two mummies. She has one mummy and a monster that killed and devoured her father, living in the same house, demanding affection and even love — as if he ever felt any for his widows and orphans — well, while they were still his wife and children anyway.

Just as Cronos devoured his sons, so the succubus, the Autogynephilic artefact, will devour its own host. Painting: Francisco Goya.

This YouTube video discusses the issue of the widows and orphans in detail, please watch it.

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There is nothing ‘brave’ or ‘courageous’ about autogynephilic men who allow their fetish to overtake them. What happened to self-control? What happened to responsibility? Are we all such hedonists that nobody else matters and it’s all right to surrender to a green-eyed monster that intends to destroy everything, because it loathes the host it parasites upon, more than anything else?

I have discovered that I fundamentally disagree with Dr Ray Blanchard about one important thing. He said, when he developed his iconic Typology, that he would use the term ‘transsexual’ for both Homosexual Transsexuals  and Autogynephilic  non-homosexuals. He said this was to avoid making it seem that one type was ‘more valid’ than they other.

Real Transsexuals are more valid than transvestic Autogynephiles

Well I am sorry, but one type is more valid than the other.  Homosexuals are Transsexuals, whether they show it or not, and fetishistic transvestic Autogynephiles are transvestites whether or not they have had a penectomy. For them, it’s just a modification to the woman suit, like Buffalo Bill’s. it is no more to them than a boob job.

They have had the appalling gall to call themselves ‘True Transsexuals’ — a term originally meaning Homosexual Transsexual — on the strength of this cosmetic surgery, appropriating what belongs to Homosexual Transsexuals by right. From now on I’ll call Homosexual Transsexuals real Transsexuals and transvestic Autogynephiles — transvestites. Because that is all they are.

Homosexual Transsexuals are often hard to spot, since they are so feminine.

Whether a person is Transsexual or not does not depend on a surgical nip and a tuck. You have to be Homosexual to be Transsexual.

Real Transsexuals are the kindest, sweetest, most loving people you could hope to meet. There is nothing of the ghastly miasma of death that surrounds transvestic Autogynephiles. instead, they are beacons of sunlight in a gloomy world, precious bubbles of innocence surviving, somehow, in corruption.

For many years I have bent over backwards to be nice about these delusional, fetishistic whack-jobs in frocks. I have endured deplatforming because I refuse to toe the line they draw. I tell them — ‘No, you’re not a woman’. In fact, you’re not even a Transsexual, you’re just a sad tiff in a skirt, an abject failure of a man.

widows and orphans
A transvestic Autogynephile. His name is Paul.

Leaving widows and orphans for an imaginary woman is not brave

We can’t ignore any longer the harm these people have done, in promoting an entirely bogus ‘gender ideology’, in relentlessly erasing real Transsexuals, in raping and abusing real Transsexuals — whom they regard as an easier target for abuse than women because ‘they’re just like us’, which they are not — and in the horrible things they do to their wives and children, deliberately leaving them widows and orphans, in order to satisfy their delusional sexual fetish.

They are not heroes. They’re cowards.

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