The Autogynephilic rats and how they chatter.

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In recent days I have come under attack from Autogynephiles again. The fact that they chose to wait until I was weakened by the tragic death of Sam, whom I loved and had supported for six years, should tell you about these people.

I have to say that in my opinion, nearly all Western Autogynephiles are thoroughly nasty characters. Whether they are invading women’s toilets to jerk off to the sound of them pissing, waving their wangs around in women’s changing rooms, unfairly competing against women in sports, beating the crap out of them in the boxing ring or any of the other activities so redolent of the Western Autogynephilic rats, these people are despicable.

So let’s be clear: no ‘transwoman’ is actually a woman; no such a person can ever give birth. That is not the only definition of ‘woman’ I know but, certainly in the Southeast Asian context, it is definitive. Western Autogynephilic rats are not even transsexual, they are glorified crossdressing male fetishists. A significant number of them are evil predators and I will expose one here, through the communications he had with a younger, self-confessed but non-transvestic (yet) Autogynephilic rat.


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It is now my view that the Gender Recognition Acts of the United Kingdom have been wholly perverted by these Autogyphilic rats and should be repealed. I will be advocating for this.

Please note that my comments do not apply to true Transsexuals, that is, those known to science as Homosexual Transsexuals or HSTS. By and large, these are lovely people, who wish harm on nobody and respect women. To illustrate this, no true Transsexual in Southeast Asia would claim to be a ‘real woman’ or a ‘real girl.’ They have my complete support, the more so given that for many years one was my beloved partner.

In addition, I have generally found Southeast Asian Autogynephiles, here usually called ‘Late Bloomers’ to be easy to deal with and pleasant company. I dated one for several years, as a matter of fact. I look back on that relationship with fondness; but in the end it was time to move on. Adults do that.

The exchange to follow is between two autogynephilic rats, one named Paul, who goes under the aliases of Lynn, Lynn Brittan, Lynn Britain, Karen and Sarah, and another, non-transvestic, named Jackson Stokes, who goes by the aliases of Jagdeep Jano and Joey Wickham. I do know Paul’s real surname and his address, but for now I will keep that to myself. For now.

Chatter from the autogynephilic rats

I will post the exchange as it was sent to me and comment below each missive.

sarah autogynephile


1 I am not a paedophile, but that level of slander is normal for Western Autogynephilic rats. Note also the appalling spelling, which is consistent; this is one way that I know Paul wrote it.

2 I don’t give a monkey’s what Autogynephilic rats think is the nature of my relationships, but note Paul’s willingness to slander the recently deceased

3 Paul did not ‘financially support’ me. He did send me £50 ($60 USD) and an old webcam that didn’t work. For which I thank you very much. Not.

4 The only person I have spent ‘100 hours’ chatting with is Paul/Sarah. More evidence as to the true identity of the author.

5 I have never ‘groomed’ anyone. In fact Paul tried to get me to assist him to ‘groom’ two individuals. I refused. He then tried to get me to help him to destroy one, when that person did not respond as he wished. Again I refused. I will not be identifying them.

6 A new relationship with a man? Aye right. No man would touch you, even without the stinky fake pussy.


7 Note how Paul wants to meet up with his correspondent, a much younger Autogynephilic rat. I wonder why.


8 I did work in London in my teens but I never knowingly met and homosexuals, pederasts or Autogynephilic rats there. I did know a part-time cross-dresser in Glasgow, but she was a Homosexual.

9 I never sent this creep any pictures, other than of ladyboys, who are very much to my taste. So what’s new? It’s hardly a secret.

sarah AGP

10 I have no pictures of ‘boys with erect penises.’ Why would I? Ladyboys yes, boys no. If this creep (you) has evidence, let him show it, otherwise he is cruising for a lawsuit.

11 The scientific consensus is that any homosexual male who lives as a woman is a Homosexual Transsexual.  this was confirmed by Prof Bailey in an exchange with Shannyn Martin, an HSTS. We might debate how to define ‘a Homosexual’ but that’s the consensus.

12 I’m not attracted to masculinity. I don’t care what you call me. I did wonder at one time if I might be bisexual but today I accept the Asian definitions, which define ‘bisexual’ as a ‘male who both penetrates and is penetrated.’  If others don’t agree, I don’t care. Sorry Paul.


13, I don’t ‘hate’ anyone. Having said that, I dislike Paul personally, because he is a liar and a groomer as well as a rat.

14 I have never argued with the claims that there are studies which claim a majority of sex-atypical boys in the West might grow up to be ‘gay men.’ But that manifestly does not apply here, and as Dr Jake Pyne has eloquently argued, the small number of studies (under 10) are methodologically unsound and do not take into account the effect of social coercion.

15 The only thing I fear about being in the UK is the climate. And I certainly don’t ‘fear’ the police, as I have committed no crimes, anywhere. It’s a funny thing: they need evidence, not the fantasies of a fugly brickie in a frock.

sarah agp

16 as stated above, he sent £50 and a broken camera. Yahoo. And believe me, sunshine, after an hour of your drivel, any man would want a beer.

17 When was I ‘ripped off’ again?’


18 The last time we spoke, Shannyn and I were fine. I never called her an ‘angry AGP.’  That would be Paul aka ‘Karen.’

19 Sam’s death was a tragedy and it takes a real scumbag to try to make capital out of it, but I am carrying on, thank you very much. Just knowing how much that must anger Paul/Karen/Sarah makes me feel good.


Sarah AGP

20 I have never been contacted by the British Police about anything related to this The last time was in connection with an alleged traffic violation in. 2005. (It turned out their computer was wrong.)

21 This website is hosted in the USA, where they have freedom of speech. You’re screwed, Paul/Karen/Sarah. Well, not literally, of course, since no man in his right mind would touch you with a plastic sterilised barge-pole. You’re hideous.

22 More delusional crap. Sam and I moved house in September 2022. We had problems with rats at the last place. Just the four-legged ones, not Autogynephiles.

Sarah AGP Sarah-AGP

23 No, I have never been called or visited by the police.

24 Yet again this vile vermin maligns a dead person. Sam never worked a day in all the time we were together, although she did run a small business for pin-money, before she got ill.


25 Absolutely hilarious! Paul, ‘Karen’ and ‘Sarah’ are the same person. You couldn’t make it up.

26 ‘Technically homosexual.’ You mean a raving jeep.


27 ‘Sauce’. It’s ‘source,’ duuuh. Paul, if you want to pretend to be someone else, do something about your spelling.

28 Yet more slandering of the dead by an absolute scumbag. Typical jeep. Sam was male, so what? She was more of a woman than Paul ever will be, even with a fake vagina to improve his woman suit. (Shall I remind them of how you described it as ‘smelling awful?’ Try washing it.)

29 All I have ever done is defend myself against ‘Sarah’s’ lies. He can piss up a stick. Oh wait, you can’t, can you Paul,  because you’re dickless. What was it Blanchard said? Oh yes, ‘A man without a penis.’ Recognise yourself, Paul? And no balls either, I notice.

Sarah agp

30 Yet again, defaming the dead. What a scumbag you are, Paul. Didn’t your mother teach you better? Oh wait, you had a fetish for her, didn’t you? Did you slip on her panties and have a good wank from time to time? Or were you like Jackson, buggering yourself with toys? Do tell.

Sarah agp sarah AGP

31 Yet again, defaming the dead. Disgusting, vile individual. And yes, ladyboys here do refer to themselves as ‘gays’ because they are not insane like you. They know they’re not women.


32 I’ve never had any ‘battles’ with either Ray Blanchard or Michael Bailey. Evidence? Oh wait, you’re a liar. Ooops.


33. I deleted no videos.

34 Sam died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis;  I have the hospital diagnosis here. That was also the conclusion of an autopsy.

35 Sarah, that is you, Paul, did have my old address, that was how you sent the broken webcam, remember?

36 More defamation of the dead. You do realise how evil you are, I hope, Paul.


37. I am absolutely immune to any legal issues, because I have committed no crimes. Why would the American police even care? Are you drunk? And I am not intimidated by your threats, Paul. It is however true that the authorities here do not trouble people who obey the law. Tough shit, Paul.


38, Once again, ‘Sarah’ is ‘Karen’ who is actually Paul and the whacko writing this shit.

39 No, the CPS has not interviewed me by phone or by any other means, despite my email being public. If, Paul, you had any brains or knowledge of the law, you would know that the CPS is a prosecuting agency. They do not investigate. That is the role of the police.  I knew you were pretty stupid, Paul, no need to advertise it. The Police probably think you’re as much of a whacko as you really are.


40 Once again, ‘Sarah’ is actually writing this garbage.

sarah -agp

41 Well sunshine, it ain’t private now!

42 More BS. I never sent any such picture. This is pure projection on Paul’s part. Otherwise, make it public, you lying piece of shit.

sarah -agp

43 The police are in possession of no such thing, because it didn’t happen., Perhaps it came from your own collection, Paul. I have no such pictures. Are you a kiddie fiddler as well as a freak?

44 Frankly if things are ‘going backwards’ for AGPs in the UK, I don’t give a damn. Western Autogynephilic rats are a pestilence that society could do without. You are not a transsexual, Paul, you are a transvestic autogynephilic rat. A fetishistic man. You just have a customised woman suit. Which stinks, according to yourself. And you are a scumbag.

45 If you’re not a Homosexual, you cannot be a Homosexual Transsexual. HSTS do not predate on other trans. You do. You are not HSTS, scumbag. You are one of the autogynephilic rats. No HSTS is safe in the same space as you and frankly, I would not leave you alone with children either.


45 ‘Married young’. I was 28. Is that young? Who knew?

46 Crissy ‘flat chested?’ In what looney-tunes world is 38DD ‘flat?’ Oh yes, in the fantasy world of lying autogynephilic rats. Forgot. Jelly masculine? Well, not nearly as masculine as you, buddy-boy, for all your smelly fake twat.

Crissy, at 38DD, is flat-chested? Well not as flat as you, Paul. And ten times the woman you’ll ever be, for all your nip and tuck.
Jelly. So masculine. Paul, you must be the stupidest man in the West, well, leaving aside FuckJoe Biden.


47 Here we have a known liar and predator, Paul, trying to set someone else up to set me up. Jackson Stokes is so stupid he fell for it. But look at all the useful information I got.

48 I never cheated on Sam, right to the end. One of her ladyboy ‘friends’ made a heavy pass at me, but I refused the (dubious) pleasure.

49 I don’t discuss my business partners with autogynephilic rats, Paul. The project we were working on was satisfactorily completed. That was that.


50 Worried? Why? I have nothing to worry about, Paul.  And you never knew Sam, because she was utterly disgusted by you and stayed away. She hated you, said you made her feel sick. They don’t have autogynephilic rats like you here. Bit of a shock to her.

51. I’m not going to discuss personal financial details with a piece of shit like you but actually, my ex-wife took the house in Britain, I took the one in France. Completely amicable.

52 Stop pretending, you scumbag, Paul. ‘Karen’ and ‘Sarah’ and you are all the same person. Sam never had to work a day. I paid for everything, for six years and would have happily carried on, But you are still a vile piece of shit.

53 Cat and I remain on friendly terms. There was no need to bring her into this, you scumsucker, Paul.


54 The narcissist here is you, Paul. I think we’ve demonstrated that.

55 You and Ashlee don’t have any ‘morals.’ You’re both autogynephilic rats, as is Jackson Stokes aka Joey Wickham aka ‘Jagdeep Jano.’


56 Yes son, you do know ‘Sarah,’ since you and it are the same person. You ran squealing and took all your content down because I told the world what you are — and I will keep on telling it. There is nothing you can do to stop me.

narcissistic rage
This is ‘Paul’ aka ‘Lynn’, Lynn Brittan,’ ‘Lynn Britain,’ ‘Sarah,’ ‘Karen’ and of course his real name, Paul. Cute? Not much.

When I finish puking I will make a video using this material and post it everywhere I can. I will be focussing efforts on destroying the mythology of the autogynephilic rats and advocating for the revision of  the Gender Recognition Act 2003 such that they be excluded.

books by rod fleming

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