Feminism promotes male transgenderism 1

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Originally posted 2019-05-14 08:03:32.

Male non-homosexual gender dysphoria is being provoked by deliberate cultural stimuli that denigrate men and masculinity and promote women and femininity. Something is causing an uptick in it; while non-homosexual GD in women is actually increasing faster and in many ways is more worrying, there is still an unprecedented increase in the male form, AGP. This is the result of fifty years of feminism.

Some researchers have suggested that there might be an innate cause for AGP, but the characteristics of the condition do not support this. Non-homosexual Gender Dysphoria (GD) in males, otherwise known as autogynephilia or AGP, shows absolutely no consistency, especially in the modern context, where we see it as much broader than the original ‘fetishist masturbation as a woman’ model envisioned by Blanchard.


This current increase in incidence is due to social pressure to completely emasculate men and remove entirely their natural masculine behaviour, indeed, ultimately, to eradicate ‘men’ as any kind of meaningful cultural concept. This impetus is coming from gynocratic feminism, the dominant form of feminism today. Specifically, not providing adequate masculine cultural role models, and replacing these with feminine ones, as we see across USican culture, is having dramatic consequences.

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Feminism in the media

Hollywood in particular should be seen as a cultural poison factory, as any comparative study of movies made prior to 2005 and those made after 2015 will demonstrate.

Watch almost any film made after 2015 and you will see the same litany: men bad, women good. And not just that: women are depicted at being better at being men than men are. Eighty-pound girls hand out righteous hidings to 200-pound men, and this is portrayed as somehow believable; the leader of the goodies is a black woman and that of the baddies a white man; the ineffectual, inept President of the US, a man, has to be saved — along, of course, with the planet — by his resourceful, fearless daughter. The message is simple: women are strong, smart, sassy, competent and capable, while men are weak, stupid, lumbering and useless. This is what Hollywood and the leftist elite that, today, owns it, intends for you to believe.

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There were always directors in the film industry, like James Cameron or Ridley Scott, whose slavish virtue signalling to feminists led them to make films whose basic premise was ridiculous, but until recently these were outliers and anyway, they were firmly held in check by the studios. So the hero in Scott’s Blade Runner is a man, Deckert, though a compromised one, and even though men are depicted as evil and duplicitous throughout the ‘Alien’ series, it is not until the most recent works that this descends into obvious misandry; prior to this it’s more subtle. The androids, always villains, are Satanic archetypes, possessors of all knowledge and no morality at all, the serpents in the Garden of Eden; and all are men — but not ‘real’ men.

This series takes a surprising swipe at femininity in James Cameron’s 1986 ‘Aliens’ when the arch-enemy is portrayed as an alien mother. But other than this, which in any case might just be a fashionable rejection of motherhood as a female ideal, Cameron’s virtue-signalling male-feminist credentials are impeccable; certainly, he rarely depicts women as dedicating their lives to their children. His biggest-hit female role was Sarah Connor, who first appeared in the standard ‘woman good, man bad’ ‘Terminator’.


The dynamic of the series changed in the sequel, ‘Terminator 2’, in which Schwarzenegger becomes a solicitous, self-sacrificial protector of Connor’s son, while Connor herself goes out to save the world; in other words, the normal male/female roles are reversed and Arnie becomes a stay-at-home dad. At no time, ever in the series, is Connor allowed to promote or exemplarise feminine gender-conforming behaviours; she is in fact a man, in all of them.


It would be a far greater task than I have time for here, to detail the relentless brainwashing of cinema audiences by extreme left-wing ideologues like Cameron and Scott. Worse, these two, while guilty as charged, are certainly not alone. Suffice to say that today, post-2016, masculine heroes are rarities.

It’s not just movies

This is a general trend across culture and can be seen in television, in music, indeed in all the arts; rock music, a cultural form masculine to its bones, has been all but erased and can only be heard on obscure specialist channels.

Everywhere else is the production-line pap purveyed by career entertainers like Beyoncé and Arianna Grande, while male singer-songwriters, once exemplarised by actual men like Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen, have hung up their testicles and become the staggeringly dull, effete and truly pointless Ned Sheerin. It is all part of a deliberate attempt to socially-engineer society, with the ultimate aim of eradicating men and replacing them with not-men, technical males who might as well be women, for all the masculinity they have left.

If boys start thinking the best thing they can ever be is a woman, and that, as a man, they are doomed to failure, or that being a man is reprehensible and to be avoided, which is the lesson they are being taught, then we are in a very dangerous place indeed; and that is the very intention of the virtue-signalling feminist left.

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Stopping the spread of gynocratic feminism

One consequence is the rise of male non-homosexual Gender Dysphoria or autogynephilia, AGP. This will not be stopped until one of two things occurs, or preferably both: people stop paying to be fed the ersatz cultural pap that they are spoon-fed — that’s right, I’m telling you to cancel all your subscriptions, because when you abandoned the idea of paying for specific items, you handed everything you see or hear over to ‘curators’, who are all ardent virtue-signallers themselves.


This should involve the use of taxpayer funding to support indigenous film and music making, as well as other media. But that’s only one half; at the same time, tariffs must be imposed on the import of USican cultural artefacts, including film, television, music and literature. USican technological and media companies, as well as those like Amazon, that deliberately exploit loopholes in tax laws, should have their assets seized and be told they cannot trade in our countries unless they cough up.

The recent call for a special tax on internet trading giants, to be used to support thriving local markets and the High Streets that European (though not modern USican) culture is based on, is welcome and long overdue.

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No Ally ofFreedom

The USA, now utterly corrupted by gynocratic feminism and left-wing postmodernism, is no longer the ally of those who love freedom.

I think the free world must take steps to quarantine the US and its cultural influence, if it wants to remain free. Clearly, non-Anglophone cultures are at lesser risk, but Anglophone ones are already collapsing into Political Correctness. I find it staggering that we could find ourselves in a situation wherein Russia and Putin are more solid defenders of liberty and the rights of the individual than the US or UK, but that is the case today. Free speech has effectively been ended in Anglophone cultures, and it’s all down to feminism and postmodernism, being exported by USican media companies.

It’s time we cut off the source of the disease.



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  1. I’ve been living with AGP since I was a teen. Read numerous works on transvestism, transsexualism, and AGP. I am gender critical and a radical feminist ally. Please stop spreading misinformation about AGP and feminism.

  2. Hi Rod.

    I enjoy your work on awareness of transexualism and all the problems surrounding this.
    Apologies I am writing this message in haste and might not have my facts straight.

    I disagree with Julian Assange ( who I think is a sell out ) and also about Putin who is a muderer and a thug. China and Russia are a much bigger and worrying threat than the West will ever be . Brexit is a joke and will start the UK’s downward spiral, however good luck to the UK and their future endeavours.
    However the US and Trump are have some serious issues ( a major world embarrassment) which are systematic to many issues regarding economics to the lower and middle class and I believe will change in years to come as there is a majority that are now mobilised to rectify and change to a alternative of less than adequate career politicians.

    Having said all this a I really appreciate your writings and you putting yourself out there and campaigning for a beautiful person. That need protection.

    Please do not post this and can you can write me at any time if you should feel like doing so.

    If I ever get to the Philippines , I would like to write you enough , so you feel secure in simply meeting me for a beer.
    With light hearted talk. Although I am sure you must have haters out there and I would need to prove myself otherwise.

    Keep up the good writing , take care.


    Ps. What happened to Sam? Engagement still on , if you do not mind me asking ?

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