The Infinity of Fake Genders

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Originally posted 2023-03-03 15:22:02.

Let us be clear: there are only two genders. And no, I don’t mean sexes, although there are only two genders because there are only two sexes. All the rest are fake genders.

Let me explain. Sex is a reproductive system with two morphs, one we call female and the other male. The former produces large, immotile gametes called ova which — and this is important — the female retains inside her body, in mammals.

The latter, the male, produces small, highly motile gametes called spermatozoa or sperm, which are able to swim.


For reproduction to occur, the male must get his sperm into contact with the ovum, which is deep inside the female’s body. In order to enable this, males have an organ called a penis, which is generally long and thin, which can deposit sperm, contained in a fluid called semen, near to the ovum.

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At the same time a female has an opening into which the male may insert his penis, to effect this. It’s called the vagina and it also serves as the birth canal through which the baby, at parturition, will exit his mother’s body and join the world.

However, there is a slight issue: that is attraction. I’ve used the example of peafowl before but it remains illustrative. Peacocks attract peahens and to do this they have a highly colourful plumage and perform a dance, displaying it. The peacock’s tail and colourful feathers play no part in coitus, their purpose is attraction.

This is the foundation of gender: the adoption of forms and behaviours which attract the opposite sex. That’s all gender is. It is a system of mate attraction.

Now over many tens of thousands of years, humans have modified gender, by mating with those partners they find most attractive. This is called Sexual Selection and it was described in great detail by Charles Darwin. Every dog-breeder, guppy-keeper, pigeon fancier or stockman knows how this works: if you select mates for particular characteristics, then the offspring will, progressively, have those characteristics,


You want small dogs for ratting? Breed the smallest male and the smallest female and within a few generations you’ll have terriers. So far so good.

Humans do the same thing by their own partner selection. Say males like large breasts. Well, females with large breasts will tend to be more successful at mate attraction and thus at reproduction and that will tend to produce more females with big breasts.

At the same time, however, men do have to be attracted to those breasts so a complementary shift occurs in male attraction such that their desired Erotic Targets, their ‘ideal others’ tend to, increasingly, have big breasts.

The same can be said of other characteristics, often called ‘secondary sex characteristic’ although they play no part in coitus, like big hips, neotenous faces, smooth skin and so on.

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It’s not just females that are affected by this. Females select their male partners and they are if anything more exigent than males. Robert Briffault was absolutely right and women are the gatekeepers to sex. So males have tended to morph in different directions. They are bigger, have little facial neoteny (Liam Neeson) have coarser skin and much more body hair, beard and so on. If females had been selecting for other characteristics, males would have those instead.

fake genders
Liam Neeson. Nothing fake about his masculinity.

However, that is not the sum of gender. It also includes a huge range of performed characteristics, especially in humans, because most of us wear clothes; and even where we don’t there are still performed differences between the morphs.


This gradual separation of the morphs has led to two distinct social identities. One of these looks and behaves in a certain way that we call ‘feminine’ and the other looks and behaves in ways that we call ‘masculine’. The first we call ‘women’ and the second ‘men’. But very few of us ever think about this. We are whom we are and we perform as ourselves. But the way we appear and perform always remains a function of the kind of partners we wish to attract.

If we want masculine males, men, we perform femininity; a $400 billion market in cosmetics proves my point. If we want feminine females, women, we perform masculinity. We might groom our beards and wear our hair short, o to the gym to make our bodies more muscular, but also because ability to support our partners and our potential offspring is an important part of masculine attractiveness we might wear a Rolex or drive a Tesla, to demonstrate our material wealth.


So, we have two sexes, male and female, we have two genders, masculine and feminine, and two social identities, man and woman, or sometimes, boy and girl. But these are not all the same. Sex is immutable and innate; it can never be changed. Gender is innate, but it is more mutable, because it follows from our sexuality, the kind of person we want to attract. And the social identities, man and woman, boy and girl, are almost completely variable. Any male who can perform femininity well enough can appear to be a girl and attract masculine male partners, and vice versa for females.

For each sex there is a complementary; for each gender there is a complementary and for each social identity, there is a complementary. Therefore, the existence of complementaries is essential.

An infinity of fake genders

So what about the 73, 174 or infinite number of fake genders? How do we know they’re fake? Well the first test is, are they related to sexuality, to whom we wish to attract and if they are, what are the genders they’re supposed to attract? And it immediately becomes obvious that there are no complementaries. Whom exactly are ‘aerogenders’ trying to attract? What about ‘ambigenders’? Below, from the truly hypnotically stupid ‘NonBinary Wiki’

Ambigender is a static bigender identity in which two genders are experienced simultaneously with no fluidity or shifting. In addition to being a type of bigender identity, ambigender also falls under the multigender umbrella term.

Just like any other gender identity, ambigender people can use any set of pronouns they like, or even use multiple sets of pronouns.

Here, too is an excerpt from the ludicrously absurd LGBTQIA+ Wiki

Xenogender is an umbrella term for non-binary gender identities that cannot be fully described through their relation to concepts typically used to describe gender such as male, female, woman, man, masculinity, femininity, androgyny, neutrality, agenrinity, or outherinity. Instead, xenogenders can best be described through how they relate to things, beings, or concepts that most individuals don’t think of as having to do with gender, such as animals, plants, things, or concepts.

(Apparently, even the mighty Google doesn’t know what the fuck ‘outherinity’ might mean.)

So in other words, these fake genders have no complementaries and they do not relate to sexuality at all. They do not tell us to whom a person is attracted. Who is an ‘ambigender’ trying to attract? So how can they be genders at all? Of course they can’t. These are just social identities which have no more meaning than being a Rangers fan or supporting the Windies at cricket.

fake genders
Brain Lara, hero batsman of the Windies.

The fake genders go on (these airheads never stop)

(Xenogender) is sometimes described as any gender that “cannot be contained by sapi understandings of gender”.

What this basically means is ‘It’s just about the feels, it has nothing to do with reality.’ Fake genders are like that: fake.

So what about that current fashion, so well publicised, of ‘Non-Binary’? Well the most high-profile proponent of this utter pish now is the odious Sam Smith, who is clearly a fat poof who likes girly clothes but knows that if he were to actually appear in a frou-frou skirt, his fans would all choke on their soy-burgers. And they are ‘his’ fans.

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Sam is clearly a bloke, so how can be ‘non-binary’? Because he says so? No. A bloke is a bloke; I’ll grant you some really stunningly beautiful girls are actually male, but a sweaty, unshaven bloke with little talent and morbidly obese? You’re a fat man, Sam, even if you are Autogynephilic, and that’s all you are. Those transsexuals of whom I speak take the performance of femininity — and masculinity — very seriously indeed and it is not for a repulsive attention-whore like you to mock them.

Sex is real, fake genders are not

Sex is real, gender is real and social identities are real. Transsexuals are real, even if people don’t want them to be. They’re just performing the gender usually thought to be atypical of their sex. They are not trying to invent a raft of new bogus ‘genders’. If they’re male, they’re happy to be seen as girls. If they’re female, as men.


What we are seeing is the slow creep of a toxic ideology known as Identity Politics, which, if not stopped, will destroy our society. Fake genders are just one aspect of it. It places selfish and unfalsifiable notions of ‘identity’ above reality and rewards people for their adherence to this cult ideology. It will have to be grubbed out.

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