Autogynephilic male? What’s that?

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Originally posted 2022-02-20 18:55:58.

You know, if you really want to ruin your Saturday night, go hang around an Autogynephilic male message forum.

An Autogynephilic male is besotted by himself — as a woman.  The condition is a form of autoeroticism.  Dr Ray Blanchard’s coined the term the 1980s at the Clarke Institute in Toronto. It is safe to say that neither this institution nor Dr Blanchard have found favour with many an Autogynephilic male.

Blanchard was trying to put some statistical flesh on the ‘two types’ theory of transition.  In fact, the idea that there were two clearly differentiated types of male who might want to appear to be women had been known for many years, since the time of Magnus Hirschfeld. One type was easy to understand, the other so complex that some researchers thought there was a multiplicity.



not autogynephilic males
This is Rhein, a Homosexual Transsexual. And lovely

Homosexual or true transsexuals

Let’s start by defining what Autogynephilic males are not. Ray Blanchard realised that just as one type, the completed Sexual Invert, whom he described as a homosexual transsexual, has a sexual stimulus for her desire to live as a member of the opposite sex, so did the other type.

Since, correctly, they understand their gender to be derived from their sexuality, they see themselves as girls. These women had been born as boys but were strongly attracted to men as sexual partners: so they had to be girls. Typically they had identified as girls and had displayed strong and consistent cross-gender behaviour since they were small children, perhaps being noted as early as thirty months. These and a raft of other similarities made it both easy to identify the individuals and to describe the group: they were small, light, light for height, tended to have female-typical digit ratios, had naturally feminine voices, had ‘girly’ interests, were facially neotenous and absolutely  adored men, especially older alpha male figures.

This does not mean that Blanchard — or any of the others who had used the term — thought that homosexual transsexuals were necessarily raving sex addicts, any more than natal girls of similar age are. It was just that the stimulus for their desire to appear to be women came from their sexuality, which was inverted (since they were male, such that they desired to play the female role in sex and sought partners who could satisfy that.)

In other words, they wanted big hairy masculine men and did what every other normal woman does to attract such specimens, that is, make themselves as glamorous as they can. These women are homosexual with regard to birth sex: they are males who want to be nailed to the bed by men. Heterosexual masculine men, that is, never ‘gay’ men.


It’s worth noting here that this type, the Homosexual or True transsexual, is always beautiful. There would be absolutely no point in her completing herself and living as a woman if she had to be a plain one. She’s in competition with women and she takes every advantage, fair or foul, that she can. Looks and charisma are a weapons in her arsenal and please don’t be fooled: in any environment where there is an elevated number of homosexual transsexuals, the ambient femininity is overpowering.

not-autogynephilic male

The other type — Autogynephilic males.

The other type, first of all, is not homosexual with regard to birth sex at all. In fact they are often strongly androphobic. They dislike men, certainly sexually and often they feel uncomfortable in male company; it is too ‘boorish’ for them and they yearn for the gentle ambience that they imagine permeates female spaces. Advances from men may be rejected with anger, as they call any who dares a ‘chaser’. They fail to understand that the function of femininity — which they may be doing their best to mimic, successfully or otherwise — is to attract men. They may even become pseudo-feminists, though many feminists themselves would question that claim.

How autogynephilia begins: a sexually frustrated boy imagining himself as a sexy girl to masturbate to.

They could be described as being ‘hyper-heterosexual’. They are males who are so attracted to femininity that they literally become the objects of their own sexual desire. They love themselves as women.  Put it another way: an Autogynephilic male is an extreme cross-gender fetishist who is sexually fixated on himself.

Blanchard said that this was caused by an Erotic Target Location Error. Where other people — including homosexual transsexuals — would focus their sexual desire on a subject outside themselves, that is, another human being, Autogynephilic men focus on themselves in the role of another person, usually a woman but sometimes a true transsexual. This was the more common category that Blanchard dealt with.


Partially formed transsexuals

Unfortunately, the term ‘homosexual transsexual’ implies, at least to some, that these are men, which they are not. However, to the best of my knowledge, none of them have an issue with it being said that they are attracted to men.

As Dr Cantor has put it, homosexual males, of which he is one, are ‘partially formed transsexuals. This is true throughout the world: in Brazil, for example, there is a saying that ‘Behind every travesti there is a viado’, which means ‘Behind every transsexual is a gay-boy’. In the Philippines, transitioning into a transsexual woman is seen as the natural progression for a ‘gay’ boy. So on this, Blanchard’s thinking is supported by evidence which comes, crucially, from other cultures.

Personally, I think a large number of born male homosexuals are persuaded to role-play ‘gay men’ when in fact they are actually transsexual women, either by peer pressure or simply by being denied access to transition until they are too old to pass convincingly as women, a rank injustice which some groups in the West seem hell-bent on maintaining.

Transcending sex: the basis of true transsexualism

true transsexual
Angel, a true transsexual (HSTS).

Blanchard’s ‘homosexual transsexual’ has transcended her birth sex and so is transsexual. This type, however, is a minority of candidates for Genital Reconstruction Surgery in the West. In other cultures, the balance appears to be different.

true transsexual
Angel again, a true transsexual. This time with more cloth on. Gorgeous.

Typically, Autogynephilic males will dress in women’s clothes and masturbate. This may not be the only way they seek sexual relief, but it is consistently a factor. However, crucially, not all autogynephilc males physically cross-dress. They may instead present in a more masculine way. But they are always transvestites since, even if they do present as men, they are always role-playing a woman. In other words, their ‘woman suit’ is entirely constructed in imagination.


How does this happen?

During puberty, boys may start masturbating to imagined girls or to pornography. This happens at Tanner Stage 4, otherwise known as the spermarch, and it occurs between twelve and fourteen years of age, on average. Generally, either an idealised girl will feature in erotic fantasy, or porn will be used. This is an erotic target outside the self, so it is correctly located.

At the same point the Autogynephilic male begins to masturbate to the mental image of himself as a girl. That is when the Erotic Target becomes the self, as a girl. Most boys of that age are not masculine; as Dr JM Bailey has suggested, they are sufficiently unmasculine to become sexual targets for men, and this happens all over the world, whether Westerners approve or not. But in the Autogynephilic scenario, the man who falls in love with the boy (actually his own reflection in a mirror, usually) is the man the boy himself is becoming.

This is an impossible relationship, not least because boys do not remain boys. As countless generations of pederastic men have observed, their youthful lovers grow out of that bloom that made them so attractive and become ordinary men. Then the love is lost forever.

This will lead the Autogynephilic male to constantly struggle to re-establish his youthful charisma and one way he may try to do this is by destroying the man he is and becoming the woman he sexually desires. He is aided in this because his erotic target is not located on a page of a magazine or on a website, but is a real, living, breathing human being, with desires and imagination — the only problem being that it is actually himself.


At some point the Autogynephilic male will give his erotic target a name. This makes her real and he will refer to her from then on either in the second or third persons. He will not say ‘I did this’, when he is relating her activities as a woman, but ‘Felicia did this’ — or whatever the ETLE is called. At this point the ETLE becomes what I call the Autogynephilic artefact. It is a real person in every sense except one — it is a construction of the Autogynephilic males’ own mind. It has absolutely no physical reality at all.

This point seems to occur fairly soon after the condition and the associated masturbatory practices, if present, are established. We should expect it to occur no more than two years after the onset and sometimes very much more quickly. It is an important moment for two reasons: the artefact is now established as a separate personality with her own name, but also she is crystallised as a girl in her teens. That was the boy’s age when she was born, he was the model for her, and like the unchanging photo on the wall, whose permanence mocks the passage of time, she will always stay that way.

autogynephilic males
Lily Demure, who is autogynephilic. Lily has certainly made a presentable — and more — woman out of herself, but just compare her body with the girl in the previous picture, who is a homosexual transsexual.

The body that she and her host share, however, will not stay that way. It will age and as it does so, recapturing that youthful bloom of beauty that made a boy fall in love with himself will become harder and harder to maintain and later, to replicate. Increasingly, the host will resort to cosmetics and, if he is transvestic, extreme dress fashions, or he will seek other ways to rediscover his first experiences, through toys or interpersonal behaviours, often with others like himself — men who were once the boys they once fell in  love with, but are so hard to find now.


The collapse of the man to the artefact

Faced with the prospect of losing the love of his life forever — who is his teenage self — the host may collapse and surrender. If to save her life, then his must end, he will do that. A classic example — indeed a tragic one — would be Eddie Izzard, the British comedian and actor. He maintained control of his artefact, allowing her out for walks and to be seen, until it became obvious that his own advancing years would make that impossible — so what did he do? Did he smile, bury her and lay a wreath on her metaphoric grave? The hell he did. He killed the host and buried him instead!

This is what happens when they finally lose the plot. It’s called the ‘death-face’.

Autogynephilic males are and will always be, men who may desire to be women, but who can never succeed; the best they can do is to be accepted as ‘trans’ while a Homosexual Transsexual who gets proper support can easily be accepted as a woman. There is a big difference. When Autogynephilic males elect to have vaginoplasty, this is an extension of their paraphilia, a way to reify the artefact. To paraphrase Bailey, sometimes a prosthetic vagina is not enough; the Autogynephilic male needs more.  So off with the tackle!

For an Autogynephilic male, sex with a man, if they have it at all, and many never do, is simply an affirmation of what they are really attracted to, themselves as women. Being penetrated by a man makes the womanhood more real and the sexual charge it gives more intense. Homosexual transsexuals need no such affirmation; they know they are women, since their entire gender is built upon their female sex drive. It’s not up for debate; they may not be female, but they are girls.



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