Homosexual Transsexual and Transvestite: not the same.

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Originally posted 2022-03-10 19:15:56.

Gender has become a hot button issue in recent years. But few people understand what is going on.

Women and men are different, despite the fashionable orthodoxies. These differences are innate and they have an unexpected usefulness. The differences between women and men carry forward into the discussion of Transsexuals and transvestites.

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women and men transsexual

Any time you talk to a True Homosexual Transsexual, you’re left in no doubt at all that you’re talking to a girl. There is no way round it and it’s not an act, it’s just the way they are. They’re girls through and through. Spend a weekend with one and you’ll simply forget you ever knew she was Transsexual.

Homosexual Transsexuals are naturally feminine

Everything these girls do is naturally feminine in a completely unforced way. They are completed Sexual Inverts.Homosexual Transsexual universally transition very young, early twenties latest, in the West and usually earlier in Asia. They know damn fine that after that their chances of ‘passing’ as women reduce as they age and they reluctantly accept being submissive Homosexuals instead.

ted levine
Ted Levine playing a transvestite in Silence of the Lambs. Levine is an actor, not an Autogynephile, but you catch my drift.

But talk to an Autogynephilic male in the West or watch how they interact with others and you will be under no illusions at all. These are men and that is that. Nobody, as one writer put it, is going to mistake an Autogynephilic male for a real Transsexual. It has nothing to do with age of transition or with alterations to their woman suit.

books by rod fleming

Autogynephilic males don’t care so much about ‘passing,’ since most of them are seeking to attract women, not men. This is, typically, a male who is used to browbeating others into acceptance – which is exactly what he will do as a ‘transwoman.’ Typically they will constantly remind others of their ‘femininity’, but as the late Kiera Treia  observed, ‘If you have to tell people you’re feminine, you’re probably not.’ They will insist that people accept them as ‘women’ and they have to, since it won’t happen any other way.

Think of all the Autogynephilic male ‘transwomen’ who remain married to their loyal and pathetically confused wives. How does that work exactly? Is the relationship suddenly lesbian? Nonsense. These men bully their wives into accepting this new arrangement; what is the woman (the real one) to do — abandon the man she loves, when he has been shown to be one very messed-up puppy indeed? So she goes along with the charade, hoping that within this delusional catastrophe she may find some vestige of the man she married and salvage at least part of the life she has invested so much in.

I have little sympathy for feminazis. But on this I can at least understand some of their concerns. The overwhelming majority of trans ‘activists’ are middle-aged Autogynephilic men and there are many of them. Homosexual Transsexuals, once completed as women, typically ‘woodwork,’ that is, they blend as women. They live in ‘deep stealth’, get married or have careers as women, conceal their backgrounds, move cities, marry nice men. They never bully anyone.

women and men andrea james
‘Andrea’ James, a nasty specimen of Autogynephilic male. Think he looks feminine?

The differences between women and men become important in connection with males who present as women, because one category, Homosexual Transsexual, are Homosexuals and the other, Autogynephiles, are heterosexual men.

Those who upset the feminists are the Autogynephilic males, because they are men who are used to getting their own way. They rarely have any hope of hiding their gender history anyway and need the Homosexual Transsexuals principally because they need some transsexuals who can convincingly pass, so they can claim ‘See? We’re just like them only we started later/are the wrong ethnicity/didn’t take hormones/you name it.’ Except there is no relationship between the two types, because Autogynephilic males are never Transsexual, while male Sexual Inverts always are, even if they’re pretending to be men.

books by rod fleming

Beware any cute Homosexual Transsexual who gets too close; she is likely to be raped by the Autogynephilic males, who do not see her as or give her the respect she deserves. They just see Transsexuals as fuckdolls, who might be used, through association, to political advantage. Other than that they have nothing but homophobic and transphobic contempt for them.

Autogynephilic men seek to be the ‘accepted’ face of Transsexualism, when they are not Transsexual at all.

women and men debbie hayton
What about this one?

A classic example of this would be ‘Debbie’ Heyton, an Autogynephilic male who has inserted himself into the trans debate in the United Kingdom. What possible qualifications could this man have to discuss the situation regarding a pre-Transsexual Homosexual child? He’s a married man with children, who has a fetish he’s let out of control. His manifest lies about ‘early experiences’ are just that, lies.

Anyone who knows ‘transitioned’ Autogynephilic males knows that most of them lie through their teeth about everything. It is as if, in destroying the host – who is a man – they have destroyed any conception of reality too.

Which might be funny (in a way) but for the fact that no-one speaks up for the true Transsexuals whose identity is plundered by these men, or who find their voices drowned by Autogynephilic males who presume to speak for them, worse, pretend to have some understanding of Childhood Gender Dysphoria, which only occurs in Sexual Inverts; and abuse upon abuse, actually presume to advise the parents of these children what they should do.

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It doesn’t matter whether they encourage or discourage gender completion for these youngsters, the fact is that they are narcissistic, predatory males and they should neither be in contact with children nor discussing their futures.

women and men erin oliveirs

Real Transsexuals are Agreeable

Transsexuals are amongst the most Agreeable people there are, which makes them unsuited to confrontation or insisting that their voices be heard. They may find their access to treatment, which they desperately need quickly because their hormonal time-bomb will soon ruin any hope they might have of being accepted as the girls they are, blocked by a queue of assertive, bullying, Autogynephilic men.

And what of the hellish hoops that young transsexuals have to jump through in order to access treatment they need?…Hoops put in place because Autogynephilic men, and today, non-homosexual female ‘transitioners’ who are just as delusional, frequently regret the therapy they themselves insisted on having.

All of these things and many more mean that a Homosexual Transsexual woman has it rough. Condemned by a homophobic society, denied appropriate treatment by quacks who think being a ‘gay ‘man is a ‘better outcome’ than being a completed Transsexual, being forced to ‘live in role’ for years without the aid of hormones or surgery, being denied work, education and career because of their gender status.

They are beaten up by homophobic men; being forced into sex work because of prejudice in the workplace or to fund expensive treatments and procedures that are being denied them by insensitive health-care providers; falling into drug abuse just to relieve the misery of a life on the streets.

These are the real issues facing transsexuals, not the imagined slights of a bunch of well-off, middle-aged transvestites.

books by rod fleming

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