Girly-boy beauty: Poking fun at preconceptions


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Sexual transformation from boy to girl has always been hot.  Enter the girly-boy: the transsexual or TS.

The oldest records we have prove the early existence of TS individuals, often priestesses or shamans. Their direct descendants are in the hijra of India, the kathoey of Thailand, the bekis and baklas of the Philippines, the travestis of the Americas, Blanchard HSTS and a host of transsexuals, trannies and shemales across the planet.

From the ‘Dancing Boys’ of Afghanistan to the kathoeys and baklas of Asia, from down-town Sao Paulo to Paris, in every culture, all through history, boys become girls in order to attract men. The beautiful girly-boy has always been with us, and she is not going away.


(Note: This is a light-hearted, humorous article. If you are a USican, a feminist or a Western Autogynephile, you might need a humour transplant before reading it. Just saying. Everyone in the pictures is over 18, thanks. Those capable of taking life with a pinch of salt, and wit, read on.)

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Lesbians and Temporary Wives

temporary wives

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Temporary wives been known for centuries in southeast Asia. In the past, this might have been arranged directly with the girl’s mother. The girl would bring all of her father’s business connections with her and would be the primary contact for the foreigner’s trade with the locals, negotiating on her ‘husband’s’  behalf, keeping accounts, arranging payments and receipts and acting as secretary. Some temporary wives became permanent ones.


The tradition of temporary wives began in what was then the Dutch East Indies, but rapidly caught on. Temporary wives had advantages for everyone; the traders got the benefit of local contacts and knowledge and better prices and terms. The girl’s family profited, since naturally she would channel as much business as she could through it.

The man had a stable domestic life and regular sex, which meant he would not become a denizen of the whorehouses and opium dens; and he would have a presentable, locally-fluent companion who could accompany him on business and official trips and engagements. (It was said that the best language teacher in the world was the pillow!) To make it even better, the costs could be set off as legitimate business expenses, since temporary wives were technically employees.

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Penetrating Damp in your Traditional House (Damp 3)

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Penetrating damp is the result of  water coming through the walls.

Once you’re sure no water is coming through the roof by following the previous articles in this category—and the saving grace of that kind of leak is that it is very obvious and marks its presence clearly—the next issue is this one. Here’s an excellent overview of the problem.

I’ll take time for another of my provocative asides here. I’m pretty convinced—actually I am totally convinced—that there is no significant problem of rising damp in most traditionally built houses, at least as long as they have been left that way. Note that last bit. I’ll come back to this later.

 Meantime, if we discount the possibility of rising damp in most cases, we must look elsewhere for the source of water and there are two issues to address here.

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Why your house is damp and how to fix it 2

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Damp in your old house and how to deal with it. Part Two in a series explaining where damp in old buildings comes from and what you can do to combat it. Most of the advice is applicable anywhere.

Before worrying about how to get rid of dampness that is already in the house, it makes sense to make sure no more can get it first. There are a number of important areas where unwanted moisture can make it into your house. The roof is the easiest to deal with so we’ll tackle it first.

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Ladyboys at Babe Central

Babe Central

There is nothing remarkable about meeting ladyboys here. Sex is on the agenda and ladyboys live for sex.

The area we live, in Balibago, is not a red-light zone; it’s a quiet – well except for the videoke ‘occasions’ – middle-class residential neighbourhood. Most people work outside the sex business, either locally or uptown in Angeles City. There are a few bar-girls who rent houses in the area but they don’t bring it home; that’s not the Filipino way. Here, they’re just ordinary girls with jobs, no matter what the demands of their professional lives might be. On their days off, they sit out in their yards, drink beers and chat with friends, just like women all over the Philippines.

Remember, the Phils is a modern matriarchy; inside the home space, women are in charge, no matter whether they be mothers or whores – and sometimes they are both. You could have a half-dozen bar girls living next door and think your neighbours were bank clerks – which might cause you some surprise, were you to encounter one dancing naked on a bar-top, delicately plucking thousand-peso notes out of beer-bottles with her moistened labia.

Babe Central
Gosh, fancy meeting you here!


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The way of the bakla: Kabaklaan

way of the bakla

Kabaklaan, the way of the bakla, might not be perfect, but it is kind, supportive and enabling. It helps sex-atypical boys to come to terms with their special sexuality and therefore their gender, in a gentle, even loving way.

A feminine boy will go to the volleyball court and meet the baklas there; but they will not seduce him or try to rape him. They will befriend him, if he is as they are. They will defend him against bully-boys, from his older brothers and their friends, putting their arms around him. They will soothe his hurts and reassure him when he cries. There is no pressure or compunction in kabaklaan, but if a boy wants to learn, then he will find teachers – and note: teachers, not pedicators.

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Homosexual ladyboys and transvestites

A recurring problem in researching homosexual ladyboys and transvestites in south-east Asia, indeed across Asia, is in understanding the effect of culture. It is quite clear the US-based researchers make little or no allowance for this, even though Blanchard has mentioned the importance of culture.

First we must recognise that the USA is the ‘outlier of an outlier’ and to try to extrapolate findings from there to the rest of the world is an exercise in sheer futility. Humility is not something often found amongst USicans, but in this case the absence is embarrassing.

So let’s describe how things actually are in southeast Asia. This description will be valid, with minor variations, across the region.

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A Fraud called ‘Tailcalled’ — and an offer.


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‘Tailcalled’ is the name by which a particularly nasty form of internet lowlife goes. He brought himself to my attention again recently, this time by challenging me on Twitter, with his bogus theorising. I ran his ass off my YouTube a couple of years ago for doing the same thing.

The funny thing is, we don’t even know if ‘Tailcalled’ is male or female. Looking at the image he uses of himself, I’d hazard that either he is actually a female with a weird identity fetish or that is not his picture.

Looks more like a woman than a jeep to me.

‘Tailcalled’ likes to make up phoney ‘surveys’ with no credible methodology at all and then pretend that this makes him (her) an authority of the stature of Blanchard, Bailey, Lawrence and others. (Note that I do not include myself; I am merely a reporter.) In fact, ‘Tailcalled’ is not an authority of any kind, but it is clear, since he does have sycophants, that the weak-minded do not realise this.

‘Tailcalled’; purports to be a ‘fan of psychometry’ without, apparently, realising that psychometry, a dubious discipline in any case, depends entirely on the quality and context of both the questions and the samples.

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RIP My Lovely


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Sniff! She died. She’s been with me these last five years, and she’d been around a good few years before we met. She was like a female character out of a Springsteen lyric, kinda worn and raggedy, but she stuck with me through thick and thin.  I don’t know how many films or repeats of TV series I’ve watched with her, or how many words I wrote with her, but I do know the paint was gone from most of her keys at the end…I did explain it was my old laptop that died, didn’t I?


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