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Books by Rod Fleming


Poaching the River (2006)

Poaching the River: A Scottish Adventure Rod Fleming

  • PlashMill Press

The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train (2009)

The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train Rod Fleming

  • Rare Rose Press

French Onion Soup! (2013)

French Onion Soup! A Mad Scotsman in France Rod Fleming

  • PlashMill Press

The Children of Aldebaran (2014)

The Children of Aldebaran Rod Fleming

  • PlashMill Press

The Spring Run (2015)

The Spring Run Rod Fleming

  • PlashMill Press

A Kiss For Christmas (2016)

A Kiss for Christmas: A Novel Rod Fleming

  • Christmas 1981: Europe is in turmoil, the Human League is top of the charts, it's pissing stair-rods in Paris and Johnny Macmaster has just got back from Damascus with a load of smuggled blood diamonds he wants rid of fast.

    Harry, the most notorious fence in Paris, offers him a special surprise: Hermann Goering's gold-plated 9mm Luger, along with his Blue Max and a wad of cash. Johnny accepts the deal and goes back to the bar to pay his tab, when he gets another surprise: a round from a suppressed Ruger .22. That's when his world explodes. Calling on his ex-lover Irene, Johnny goes back to work. The plot line criss-crosses Paris to a spectacular climax. This book contains scenes of violence and sex. Plenty of them.
  • PlashMill Press

Croutons and Cheese! (2016)

Croutons and Cheese! French Onion Soup 2 Rod Fleming

  • PlashMill Press

A Little Shop of Horrors (2016)

A Little Shop of Horrors: A Scottish Macabre Rod Fleming

  • PlashMill Press

Fifty-Two of the Best (2017)

Fifty-Two of the Best! Rod Fleming

  • PlashMill Press

Why Men Made God (With K Burkowski) (2015) (out of print)




























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