Filipino skin, baklas, sex and men

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Originally posted 2022-06-19 15:31:43.

I was shocked, when I came to the Philippines first, at the level of discrimination that exists, not between Filipinos and other ethnicities, but between pale-skinned Filipinos and dark-skinned ones.

Filipino ethnicity is essentially built on a Malay base, but with many later additions. This gives rise to both a hierarchy and a whole industry. The paler one’s skin tone, the more beautiful/handsome one is. This is a universal rule. Extremely beautiful women with spectacular bone structures but dark skin are regarded as less attractive than plain, pale women and the same is true of men. This is true across Asia, but in the Philippines it reaches extreme levels.


Westerners who have not visited may not appreciate how diverse Filipinos are, while remaining resolutely and proudly Filipino. Take a look at a map and you’ll see that the Philippines’ position makes it a natural centre for trade as well as a strategic asset.

For over a thousand years, traders have been coming here, first from all over Asia and later from Europe. There is a strong implantation of Han Chinese, for example, who tend to be wealthy and successful, largely because they carry on the Chinese ethic of hard work and frugality — and a tendency to treat the law as a guideline, rather than a rule.

Both the Spanish and the Americans left behind plenty of genetic material, too. I mean, what is a man to do, far from home? Even monks have difficulty being celibate and their preference for boys is not universal. Filipino skin tone ranges, as a result, from dark chocolate brown to white, with almost everyone being somewhere in between. The consequence is that, certainly outside the tribal areas, you see every type of face and skin colour here.

Pale skin is highly desired in this system. It is commonplace to become aware, as a man,  that one is being stared at by women, just as women complain they are stared at by men in the West. If you ask and the individual doesn’t just dissolve into hysteria or protest ‘nosebleed’ (inability to communicate in coherent English), she will tell you that it’s because ‘you are so handsome’.

These are not hookers looking to sell you sex; they’re just ordinary women. Frequently one will hold out her arm next to mine — I am standard Scottish, formerly red hair, freckles and skin so white it could grace the Alps — and just sigh, deeply. ‘I wish my skin was that colour,’ she’ll say.

A whole beauty industry is devoted to ‘skin lightening’ products, some of them highly peculiar and frankly terrifying. Injected ‘glutathione’ for example, is a preparation sold as an ‘anti-oxidant’ in the West. In Asia it is specifically marketed as an agent to lighten skin tone. It’s not alone; all over Asia, people are spreading creams on themselves, scoffing pills and actually injecting highly dubious products into their bodies, on the grounds that it will ‘make their skin whiter.’

Asian girls spend fortunes to get pale skin, English ones go to Ibiza to get a tan. Go figure.

Older men are more attractive

Then, age is a virtue here . Older men are regarded as attractive. Young men are seen as cute but older men are seen as hot and more, as far better husband material. The Philippines’ system of domestic matriarchy has older men as partners for the matriarchs, so to younger women, with aspirations to status in the matriarchy, having an older partner is a trophy.

As a result, older Western men, especially those who are already fathers (and have thereby proven their reproductive mettle) become desirable partners for Filipina women.

Dick size

And let’s not forget dick size. The average Asian man has a smaller penis than the average European. I just read today that the Average Filipino cock is four and a half inches, erect. We Europeans are significantly larger.

(Any pain is momentary, it would seem. I remember a particular young lady, after I had introduced her to the Pleasure, who would adopt a standing position, arms against the wall, while yelling ‘Nice! Nice!’ I was always afraid security might arrive, but maybe they were used to that sort of thing.)

Dick size is a symbol of male status and within the matriarchy, having high-status male partners reflects on women. Exactly as men in the West might consider a woman to be more sexy on the basis of her perceived fertility, so are men counted here; big dick equals more baby-making power. Virility is important here, so size matters and Filipina women, whether trans or natal, are not backward in making their desires clear.

Ladyboys versus women

For ladyboys it’s a little different, because they can’t make babies and so become the foundation of family and clan. They can never become ‘lolas’, the matriarchs who actually run Filipino life. They are instead focussed on sex itself and as a result baklas are obsessed by cock. They are literally dick-crazy and the bigger the better.

Do not be surprised if your ladyboy sexual target asks to see your member early on, even before you get to the resto where you plan to employ your seduction technique. Try not to disappoint her; if she likes what she sees, a quick BJ may well be your reward, there and then. If she checks your hands, she’s not interested in your manicure. She’s operating on the widespread Asian belief that a man’s hand and dick sizes are directly related.

Perhaps to most Westerners’ surprise, although many ladyboys are proud of the sexual adventures they enjoyed with local boys in their teens, others remain virgins, even into their twenties. It’s not for want of trying to cure the condition. It is because finding a local man to penetrate them — without asking to be paid — is sometimes not so easy, especially once they get a little older.

Women, Boys and baklas

Filipino adolescent boys are expected to have sex with young baklas; it is a badge of their masculinity and adolescent girls are a protected group. This is a Catholic culture and virginity is prized in girls — but not in baklas. Their virginity has no value whatsoever, either to the bakla herself or others. Indeed we might argue that the principal social function of a bakla, as seen by the surrounding culture, is as personal trainer in sex.

The Philippines is not alone in this; all over the Islamosphere, the same holds true: touch an unmarried girl and you’re dead, fuck her kid brother senseless, no problem. And he’ll probably love it, because it’s the only sex he’s getting, too.

Filipino men

Research suggests that in some areas 75% of Filipino men had their first sexual encounters with a bakla; I doubt if that is inaccurate or exceptional. Most of these baklas would have been young, probably still at school, although I have come across relationships where an adolescent boy was partnered with an adult ladyboy, who still played the female sexual role — but in these cases, the girl was paying the boy. I imagine he was enjoying an excellent education in the matters of the flesh.ladyboy

Once they reach 20 or so, however, men are expected to look for a ‘real girl’; with whom to settle down and start a family; and continuing to run around with the local baklas is not helpful if one wishes to find a wife. This is when the supply of men available to baklas dries up and many will be forced to pay men for sex or become celibate.

Take these together and the result is that, as long as you don’t smell bad (always use roll-on and please, please stop smearing with paper — even I can smell that and it repulses women here; wash) and are capable of standing, finding ladyboy lovers is almost as simple as letting them catch up!


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