Gay child: a pederast’s fantasy.

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Originally posted 2022-04-30 14:20:57.

It horrifies me that in 2022 I still have to say this: There is no such thing as a ‘gay child’.

Even what is meant by ‘child’ as been deliberately obscured. As a result we have to specify what one is, since some USicans apparently think it’s anyone under the age of thirty. Well, the USA is the motherlode of bad ideas, after all. But we can’t really discuss the concept of a ‘gay child’ without knowing what a child is. Seems fairly basic.

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A child is, specifically, a young person who has not yet reached puberty. Age of puberty varies, but it is usually in the eleven to thirteen age range in males, with a few outliers. So we are talking about individuals — in this case, male ones — under the age of twelve or so. And note, only those. Adolescents are not children.

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So what’s a ‘gay child’, then?

Recently a group of pederasts and their supporters have mounted a campaign, beginning in the UK, to promote the concept of the ‘gay child’. These people include the likes of Graham Linehan,  a failed screenwriter, and Clive Simpson, one of the most odious of YouTubers, but plenty of others too. Many of these are actually pederasts and we shall soon see why they are so concerned about the idea of the ‘gay child’.

gay child linehan
Graham Linehan: pederast, enabler or just plain stupid?

This is complete hogwash. The boys we are talking about are pre-pubertal. They have no real understanding of sexuality or libido. But ‘gay’, a euphemism for ‘homosexual’ is all about sexuality and libido. If there were no such concepts, there would be no ‘gays’. Therefore, ‘gay children’ is an oxymoron — and worse, a politically decreed one.

This thing is Clive Simpson. Would you want it porking your beloved little boy?

Sex non-conforming does not mean ‘gay’

The children we are talking about, and they are well documented, are actually sex non-conforming. That is, their behaviours and self-identification do not conform to the norms for their sex. (NB: Not their gender.) But we have no way of knowing what the outcome will be. A persistently sex non-conforming child is roughly thirteen times more likely to be either conforming homosexual (ie, a gay) or transgender homosexual, (ie, a transsexual) but there is no way of predicting which. Given the chance, as happens in many non-Western cultures, many will grow up to be transsexuals.

So how does a four-year old boy, who has no idea of sexuality, libido or what penises are for, other than pissing, come to think he is actually a girl? He has no knowledge of psychology or sex. He — actually she — just knows what she identifies as and perhaps more importantly, whom he identifies with. And a boy like this does not, emphatically, identify as a ‘gay child’ but as a girl.

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Pre-pubertal children

Pre-pubertal children do not have crystallised sexuality; their understanding of sex is vague and often confused. Many boys think girls have penises and that babies come out of women’s anuses, for example. Phenomena like these have been observed and noted for over a century, for example by Freud.

A pre-pubertal boy has no idea of adult sexuality, including homosexuality. Indeed many find the whole thing confusing and they are best left alone, to find out in the course of time — rather than have it stuffed down their craws by pederastic enablers masquerading as teachers.

It is not until Tanner Stage 4, often called the spermarche, when testosterone hits them hard, that they begin to understand. Generally, left to themselves, they will figure it out, usually with the help of older boys; after all, they managed fine for millennia, before the advent of mass compulsory brainwashing, otherwise known as ‘school education’.

gay child
A pederast’s literal wet dream.

For most boys, when that happens, normal male sexuality and the desire for girls will appear, but for some boys,  that sexuality will  be female. Despite the fact that they have no understanding of sex or sexuality, this group is the one ‘gay’ activists are targeting when they talk about the ‘gay child’.

Why do they do this? Invariably, these children were highly feminised prior to puberty. They may have suffered badly at school because of it and they are routinely targeted by adult ‘gay men’. But they never identified as ‘gay’, and certainly not as a ‘gay child’.

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Crystallisation of sexuality

When her sexuality begins to crystallise, this individual will want the things other girls want: big masculine men and with them, to be receptive in sex. That’s right. She wants to be physically penetrated, but more than that, to be ‘taken care of’ by her man.

The term ‘gay child’ is a blatant oxymoron, devised to prevent people from following the life-path they might choose and in fact, should follow. An ignorant society and vile men like Linehan and Simpson, along with their fellow-travellers,  may succeed in persuading them to present in a masculine manner, but their sexuality will still be female.  Like all feminine ‘homosexual’ males, they will be transsexual; that’s right: ‘gay men’ are just suppressing their femininity. They’re women.

The ‘Gay’ Nightmare; the fate of the ‘gay child’.

These individuals are not men and never can be; so why prevent them from being the women they actually are? Why corral them in the hideous nightmare of the ‘gay’ lifestyle? Do you doubt the true nature of this abomination? For it is not the perfumed garden you have been led to believe it is. Instead it is a swamp of substance abuse, personal abuse, self-harm, infidelity and promiscuity, riddled with STI’s. A ‘gay relationship’ that lasts a week is  rare: most don’t get past midnight. What parent in their right mind would condemn a son to this?

Now it is absolutely true that  many children who go through phases of cross-sex identification will desist and nobody disputes that. It’s just a normal part of finding out about the self.

The pederast’s worst nightmare: he can’t even look at this girl because her feminine beauty is like garlic to a vampire. He hates her with all his soul, because she escaped his sick little lifestyle. Good for her.

However, if it persists, becomes more insistent and remains consistent, over a period of years (the DSM specifies six months, I’m more cautious) then what we have is a sex-non-conforming child, not a ‘gay child’.

Why should we allow the lives of children to be appropriated by pederastic monsters who wish only to use them for anal sex, then discard them? Surely the individual should decide whether she is ‘gay’ or transsexual? Why do we push boys into the beds of these predatory men? — And that’s if they’re lucky enough to be deflowered on a bed, and not up against the wall in some darkened alley that stinks of pish and left crying in pain, alone in the obscurity.

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The fact is that NO legitimate authority advises giving ‘puberty blockers’ to pre-pubescent children. There would be no point, in any case. NO such authority condones genital surgery under the age of eighteen. So what is the issue? Surely we could just let them dress up as girls and if they grow out of it, they grow out of it. Can’t we? Why do we have to force them to be something they clearly are not — is it just to stock the larders of perverted men? Why not let them just be themselves and time will tell?

That could never satisfy the pederasts and their apologists, the Linehans and the Simpsons.  The pederasts want that boy-meat, they want to caress those smooth thighs, to enter those tight little anuses, to hear boys scream in pain as their flesh yields. Who cares if they bleed a little?

These despicable men are truly William Burroughs’ Mugwumps, the most repulsive creatures on Earth.

‘They are alien and speak with an impassive managerial tone; they have dulled black eyes, oversized skulls, a spine of fleshy protrusions, hunched shoulders and a gelatinous exterior like fish eggs.’

The Mugwumps in Naked Lunch prey on pretty young boys, displaying all the depraved appetites of their modern equivalents.

If sex non-conforming boys complete as women, then they avoid the Mugwumps and their poisonous cult. They stay safe, away from them. We should encourage this.. Being a woman is a complete antidote to pederastic abuse. That is because the pederast Mugwumps hate femininity; it is like garlic to a vampire. .

Guilty as charged

But lust is not the only thing motivating these Mugwumps. They are guilty, guilty to their bones, if they have any morals — which is questionable. These are men who  look at a small boy and become sexually aroused. They know that they live in a society that condemns their lust, and ever since Paul Gadd got caught, they know they can’t reveal themselves. But they think that if they can sell the concept of the ‘gay child’ to the general public, then they can excuse themselves by saying, ‘It’s all right, he’s a ‘gay child’ anyway; I’m a gay and I’ll take care of him. Pass me the Vaseline, quick, before he gets away and turns into a girl.’

If these pederasts can persuade sex non-conforming young males that they are not girls, that each is actually a ‘gay child’, by which they mean a potential recruit for their Earthbound Hell, then wouldn’t it be so much easier to get them to drop their pants and bend over for the pederastic Priapus?

‘Look,’ they’ll say, ‘you’re a gay child. You can’t change that. You’ll always be gay, because a gay child will always grow up to be a gay man; your fate is settled. You are mine to use and abuse as I wish, for you are already condemned. Now turn over while I lubricate your arse; this isn’t going to hurt one little bit, promise.’

You’re telling me this is a bloke, right Clivey-boy? Fucktard.

For far too long the pederasts and their enablers have harped the old saw, the one that says, ‘Oh gays are so sweet, we mustn’t say anything against them’. This has allowed the pederasts to get away with the next-best thing to murder, destroying the souls of sweet little girls for the satisfaction of their own insatiable lust.

Well I say, ‘Time’s up, boys,’

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