Autogynephilic males: a problem in the West but not in Asia

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Originally posted 2023-09-08 15:36:51.

Autogynephilic males are men, or at least males, who suffer from a narcissistic, auto-erotic paraphilia that causes them to be obsessed with their appearance – but as women.

Autogynephilic males are invariably heterosexual, in fact we might say ‘hyper-heterosexual;’ they are so consumed with lust for the feminine body that they turn themselves into pseudo-women. I have discussed this in great detail on this website and on my YouTube Channel.

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I have no wish to demonise Autogynephilic males and indeed offer a counselling service to help them to fight it. But the first step for any male who is confronted by Autogynephilia, is to recognise that he does in fact have a paraphilia. Now in many cases this can be managed and I have discussed a number of ways that this might be done. Right at the beginning, however, the subject must understand that not only is he not female, he is also not a woman.


This, sadly, is the hurdle that many cannot surpass. This is particularly the case in the Anglophone West although less so elsewhere. There are plenty of Autogynephilic males in southeast Asia for example, contrary to a view amongst those who have never lived there. But they have certain characteristics that distinguish them from the Western model that we are perhaps more familiar with.

Autogynephilic males
Yours truly with an Autogynephilic ladyboy in the Philippines. There is no doubt of her beauty, indeed she was both a successful pageant queen and a cabaret dancer. She’s the one on the right, for the smart-alecs.

Characteristics of Asian Autogynephilic males

The first of these  is that they usually appear much younger and are far less covert than the form commonly found in the West. However, there is a little-understood group called silahis (the blade that cuts both ways) who do appear to be more like the Western model. These are intensely secretive and we have very little information about them. However they are usually married and live in deep stealth. Their numbers are unknown.

transvestic autogynephiles
Silahis is often translated as ‘bisexual’ but it is much more likely that they are pseudo-bisexual, non-transvestic Autogynephiles. They are very secretive and often married, with children.

Returning to the more common form, Autogynephilic males in Asia tend to ‘come out’ between the ages of sixteen and twenty, although some may have lived as ‘gays’ previously. Despite this, these are never natural homosexuals or Sexual Inverts. These latter generally present around the age of five.

batang bakla
A modern batang bakla in a beauty contest. This was in the Philippines but similar shows can be seen all over southeast Asia.

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The culture of Beauty

The culture of beauty is massively important in southeast Asia and this encourages these Autogynephilic males to be public. They may compete in the ubiquitous ‘Miss Gay’ beauty contests and are often winners. In the Philippines, every town and indeed, every barangay has these and they are popular not just with the performers – often called beauconeras – but also with the audiences, including men who are quite happy to ogle the flesh, despite it not being actually female.

(This is not a new thing; the late, great Sir Richard Burton, explorer extraordinaire of many places, including what were effectively transgender cat-houses, expressed the view that there were some things about the male body that were more beautiful than the female — and there was nothing ‘gay’ about Ruffian Dick.)

Kabaklaan is the male performance of beauty. And they start young.
Flesh need not actually be female to quicken the pulse of randy men. The successful performance of beauty — and sexual allure — is quite enough to get them hot, despite anything they may say.


These Autogynephilic males will begin hormone therapy, usually contraceptive pills, around sixteen. A few years later they may be truly stunning. Having said that, this is a process of self-selection: an Autogynephilic male who doesn’t think he can ‘make the grade’ in the beauty stakes, is unlikely to transition at all.

Autogynephilic males
Beauty is very much a performance for these girls. And they do it well. There is a crossover with ‘cosplay’ in that this is role-play, even if it is taken very seriously indeed.

Transition — not what you think

This brings me to the second defining characteristic. ‘Transition’ in southeast Asia means dressing as a woman, taking hormones and possibly having cosmetic surgery, especially breast enhancement and facial work. It does not necessarily imply vaginoplasty or ‘bottom surgery.’ In fact, only a tiny number of transwomen, usually called ladyboys or a local equivalent, have this. There are no accurate statistics but in the Philippines it is certainly under five percent. (Which means that some of the most beautiful girls here are wearing penises – and nobody finds that odd.)


Why not? It’s a fair question. The reason is that ladyboys, to adopt that convenience, do not see themselves as ‘real girls’ and far less, ‘real women.’ If asked, they will tell you they are ‘gays;’ from which you may deduce that ‘gay’ doesn’t quite mean the same thing here as it does in the Benighted West. Here, homosexual males are expected to be feminine and while they are not actually homosexuals, Autogynephiles here see themselves as ‘gays’.

Autogynephilic males
In southeast Asia there is no separation between sexuality and gender. They are two sides of the same coin. I have expressed this as ‘Girls go with boys and boys go with girls,’ the corollary being it that is less important how one became a girl or a boy than that one performs the role convincingly. So homosexual males (Sexual Inverts) are almost always highly feminine and Autogynephilic ones almost always pursue men for sex (though their actual practice might be unconventional.)

There is no separation between sexuality and gender

Which leads to the next point, one that has often been remarked upon. In southeast Asia, the bizarre, forced separation between gender and sexuality, which has become a shibboleth in the West, simply does not exist. This might take a modern Westerner a bit of effort to deal with, but sixty years ago or so, a similar absence existed in the West.


As a result of this, in the West, until around 1970, all Male to Feminine crossdressers were assumed to be homosexuals and all homosexuals were presumed to be – and actually were – highly feminine or rather, effeminate. Two factors compromised this simple system. The first is that Autogynephiles, whether they cross-dress or not, are emphatically not homosexual. They may perform femininity incredibly well, but it’s an act, even down to being recipient in anal sex or, folly of follies, having vaginoplasty.

Autogynephilic males
A true or homosexual transsexual.

The second is that the nascent homosexual organisations which appeared in the West, especially the USA, during the 1950s, were taken over by another class of male-attracted males during the 1960s. These were and are the pederasts; that is to say, the men who liked to penetrate homosexuals. These were very keen to avoid any suggestion that there were ‘girly’ or effeminate. In fact they were often married with families. These men appear to enjoy the subjugation of their sexual partners, towards whom they are often abusive. This fits well with the doctrine of the German pederast, Benedict Friedlaender, though he was scarcely alone.

pederasts and homosexuals
Benedict Friedlaender

The Pederasts

The pederasts were always more strident then the homosexuals; effectively, they were the men in what were really heterogender relationships with ‘girls’ (homosexual males.) However these men are usually misogynistic and so not only do they have great disdain for actual women, but also for feminine homosexual males. The more feminine a homosexual male is, the more likely she is to be abused by any pederasts she is unlucky enough to encounter. Perhaps because of the residually patriarchal nature of Western, especially US, culture, pederastic men became the authority figures within the ‘gay’ lifestyle and political movements.

Life in a modern matriarchy. Pic: Rod Fleming

Modern Matriarchies

In southeast Asia, cultures, outside the Islamosphere, are not patriarchal, even though men in them are often rather ‘macho.’ They are instead what Dr Peggy Reeves Sanday, a perspicacious researcher, has called ‘modern matriarchies.’

Essentially, these are clan-based cultures where the authority figures are the senior mothers, not the men. I have described this as being akin to the structure of grandfather (lolo) being President, but grandmother (lola) being the CEO. He may be the figurehead, but she is actually the Boss; she gets things done. This is a highly successful system. This difference may explain why so many males in southeast Asia are so feminine. Their models are not men, but women; and this applies both to homosexuals and Autogynephiles.


As a result of, on one hand, the pederasts effectively taking over control of the ‘gay lifestyle’ while only shortly afterwards, the Autogynephilic males, who are similarly more assertive than homosexual transsexuals, took over the nascent ‘trans movement,’ a concerted attempt was made to break the natural link between sexuality and gender. This has not had happy results.

Dr Peggy Reeves Sanday

Negative results

One of the most divisive of these negative results is in the way that Autogynephiles are encouraged to see themselves not as males with a kink, but as actual women. This is disastrous and its success even more so. We now have serious problems because Female-to-Masculine transitioners are actually trying to sell the fictions that men can menstruate and even have babies. Well no, actually. Menstruation and motherhood are absolutely definitive not only of femininity, but of being female. There is no way round that one.

In southeast Asia, these conceits do not have any traction, at least in traditional and working-class culture, although they have been promoted by the chattering middle-class, as usual.


Returning to the catastrophic situation which has evolved in the West over the last decade and especially the last four years, we are now inundated by so-called ‘trans’ individuals who demand – no less – to be addressed in the terms they set. Worse, they have inserted themselves into spaces both cultural and physical that are normally reserved for women, and have the cheek to become aggressive if anyone points out that a six-foot-four, three hundred pound bald male has no business being in a women’s toilet, whether he be wearing a frock and disguising his body odour with Chanel or not.

When an elderly Western autogynephilic male looks in a mirror, he doesn’t see himself. He sees a beautiful woman. This is narcissistic delusion on the grand scale..

The delusional nature of Autogynephilic males

The delusional nature of uncontrolled Autogynephilia (and its female equivalents) which we now clearly see in the West has been a massive embarrassment for everyone, but it has done worse to two social groups: women, that is, the humans with XX chromosomes who were born with vaginas, who bleed every month and who make babies, and homosexual transsexuals, who are actually the only true transsexuals but who have been shoved into the corner, their needs ignored by big, pushy, barely feminine Autogynephilic males on the one hand and rabid feminards on the other, who hate them for doing exactly what feminards hate most: loving men.

Homosexual males are completely different from Autogynephilic males, even if both present as women. Isn’t she a poppet?

An example

The extent to which Autogynephilic lunacy can derange seemingly reasonable people was brought home to me, painfully, recently. A friend of mine who is Autogynephilic but who had come out in adolescence, had managed to persuade me, through her kindness and rational approach, that Autogynephilic males like her, in the West, were as reasonable as those I have met in Asia. I supported and encouraged her. And then…it all went tits-up. She began messaging me, her tone increasingly hysterical, to say that she was a ‘real woman.’ That she was a ‘real, straight woman.’ That Ray Blanchard and every senior researcher was wrong and I was a fool for even reading their papers.

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A furious outburst

What provoked this often furious outburst – or rather, outbursts, for they went on for well over a month? I repeatedly blocked her and said, ‘If you want to believe this, I can’t stop you, but the fact is that sex is established at conception and can never be changed. You may change your gender and if you’re successful then we must all respect you in that; but not your sex.’

I see no need to elaborate on what I can only describe as a formerly charming young person’s descent into madness. I sincerely hope that one day, hopefully soon, she will come to her senses as the person I once knew. But what caused this?

The Motherlode of Bad Ideas.

My friend – I still think of her as that – is a European but some time ago she moved to the United States and came under the influence of online transactivists operating there. It’s clear that they seduced her with a siren-song of ‘being a real, straight woman.’ She is not homosexual, so her ability to relate sexually to men comes from a phenomenon called Pseudo-Bisexualism, in which recipient sex affirms the subject as a woman; it’s the psychological hit they crave. But it did lead her to wonder if she was actually homosexual – which caused Cognitive Dissonance, because that’s the last thing she is.

She clearly suffers from internalised homophobia, which is common amongst Autogynephiles and any escape from this was to be seized upon. If she was a straight woman, there could be no question that she was a homosexual; she was not, she insisted, male any more but actually female; in fact her XY chromosomes were now female XY chromosomes. Michel Foucault would have been proud. So the sex she had with her husband was not homosexual in nature even though she was the recipient.

homosexual - transsexual
A homosexual transsexual, true transsexual or socially completed Sexual Invert (all the same thing.) Just because hotness, mama.

A sad outcome

I’m sad for her. Seeing a rational person give way to delusion is always sad. But it makes me think. I will never stop supporting real transsexuals, that is, homosexual transsexuals. They are genuine Sexual Inverts and a very special class of people indeed. And I will go on doing my best to help men who are fighting this horrible affliction. But I’m sorry, I shall no longer be giving even limited support to Autogynephilic males who promote the absurd delusions that overwhelmed my friend. She is male; all transwomen are male, otherwise the ‘trans’ would be redundant.

I’ll stand up for any transwoman who fights the delusion, who recognises that no matter how well she performs femininity – and many here in Asia perform it breathtakingly well – but no, I can’t give any support to the kind of idiots who promote the ‘really real woman’ fantasy. I couldn’t do that.

What upsets me most about the events I’ve described is the loss of someone I considered a good friend. I am open to her, but I will never accept her delusion. You have to fight Autogynephilia, it’s a scourge indeed and it should not be encouraged.

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