Travestis: why do men like them?

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Originally posted 2013-06-04 20:34:20.

Plenty of men find transwomen  attractive and will seek them out and even pay in order to have sex with them. Why? The travestis of Brazil and South America might show us.


In Brazil

Brazilian natal women are unquestionably amongst the most beautiful in the world, but South American women, including Brazilians, tend to be rather short in stature, at least on average. However, many South American men areDistintasattracted to the classic Anglo-Saxon standards of beauty—tall, slender, blonde, blue eyes, pale skin and so on. Enter the travesti, as transsex women are often known in Latin America and parts of Europe. With her naturally greater height she has an immediate advantage in this marketplace. If she began taking hormones young, as many do, there is every chance that she will be naturally pretty, and she will certainly do everything she can to maximise her assets.


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Travesti Luna Love

The preference amongst Brazilian men for big bottoms can be dealt with using injected silicone or, latterly, implants, and large breasts can be formed in the same way—these are usually called ‘bolt-ons’ by admirers of these girls. It is quite difficult for a girl who’s only five foot two to get away with a forty-inch chest and forty-two inch hips, but if you’re six feet tall in bare feet, it’s less of an issue. The sheer scale of the assets possessed by many travestis, and the effect this can have, should not be underestimated.


Such obvious features may not attract men who are seeking a girlfriend; but that is not what men who seek out trans prostitutes are looking for anyway. And it is an over-simplification to suggest that such men are only looking for sex; many men who employ sex-workers are in relationships and receiving regular sex from their partners. So it is not a question of looking for just any woman. This is about thrill and glamour and, to an extent, fetishism and a desire for that special ‘something different’ that the kind of woman a man might choose for a wife will not provide.


The travestis confirm this.


Professor Don Kulick’s book, Travesti, was one of the first serious studies of kulick-travestithis phenomenon. He found  that travestis are extremely conservative in their sex with boyfriends, to the point of concealing their penises and claiming that their favourite position is to be taken from behind, lying on the bed or in the kneeling position—where their sexual organs are completely hidden from the man. Kulick even reports one of the girls he knew claiming that her boyfriend had never even seen her penis, nor did she intend to let him.


Yet in their encounters with clients, as is well reported, anything goes. Travestis will allow themselves to be penetrated in any position, (and apparently with anything) will penetrate any hole in any position, indulge in orgies of every conceivable orientation and highly fetishistic behaviour in order to satisfy their clients, and not only that, they enjoy doing this, or at least frequently claim to.


Why is there this divide between the travesti’s professional life and her private one?


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The Good wife


With her boyfriend, the travesti is playing the role of the good wife; and good wives are home-makers who look after their men. She almost certainly reveres and identifies with her mother, who is likely to be the most significant female figure in her life. So she models her private life on the role she believes her mother plays; and we all tend to shy away from the consideration of our mothers as debauched sex fiends. With her clients, the travesti is liberated from this constraint because she is being paid, is doing her job, is an actress in role who can allow her woman-whore character free rein.



The sex marketplace does not merely exist to satisfy a male craving for sex; it also exists to satisfy a male desire for sexual adventure. This is a very different thing, and the combination of adventure, which men are naturally predisposed towards, and sexual gratification, results in a very powerful stimulus indeed.



Many men who use the sex marketplace are like connoisseurs of fine wines, desiring to sample a wide range of sexual pleasures, without the inconvenience of romantic engagements. He purchases his amorous, adventurous pleasure, enjoys it, returns home to cuddle up to his wife in their warm bed, and in the morning goes back to his daily job. The great wonder of the sex marketplace, for such a man, is the amazing variety of the wares on display and the exhilaration and excitement that invests it. It is only natural that some such men are attracted to women who really stand out in the crowd and make the pulse quicken—even if that’s because under their drawers they’re wearing penises.travestis


Furthermore, it should be remembered by readers in the UK and USA, where prostitution is surrounded by an absurdity of laws to make it difficult and dangerous for participants, that in a large part of the world prostitution is entirely legal. This applies throughout Latin America and southern Europe. Add to this an equable climate and the street sex market really is much more crowded in these countries. That in turn means that although there is a larger pool of potential clients, there is also more competition amongst the girls to attract them, which means ever-increasing displays of feminine beauty.


Because it is not generally considered in these countries that a man who penetrates is homosexual, men who home in on travestis because of their looks are less likely to be discouraged by their cocks.

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Other areas

To clarify, in modern North America and parts of Europe, both partners in a relationship between two males are considered homosexual. This is largely due to the activities of homosexual activists over the last fifty years or so. However, it is also to do with a taboo on anal sex. In fact many people in Anglo-Saxon cultures see the act of penetrating an anus as homosexual even when the recipient is a woman, despite the obvious failure of logic which this clearly shows.


Travestis at Club Escualita in Paris

This contrasts with an older view that in a relationship between two males, only the recipient is homosexual; the penetrator is masculine and heterosexual. Indeed the act of anal penetration is in itself an affirmation of masculinity, and a very strong one at that. The most powerful way that a man can demonstrate his greater masculinity over another man, is by anally penetrating him. This view, by the way, can be traced back to Roman culture and long before.


The suspension of disbelief

Transattracted men see transwomen as women. Clearly, they do have to suspend some disbelief and collude in the fantasy, for this to work, at least when the clothes come off. They are attracted to femininity and female beauty. They behave in bed with transwomen the way that they would with a natal woman; which is to say they penetrate them. They may or may not perform fellatio, and if they do they regard it as no different from cunnilingus. Many are specifically looking for anal sex, and turn towards transwomen because they see them as a sure thing. These men do not believe that sexual behaviour with their transsexual partners defines them as homosexual. Generally, they do believe that for a man to be penetrated, would.


Today, there are countless transwomen who are very beautiful and convincing, with pretty faces, fine legs, well-formed breasts and buttocks. These are more than enough to persuade a man to either ignore the penis altogether or assimilate it into the girl’s femininity. (This may be easier if the girl is on a hormone regime, in which case her penis will, in most cases, not be erectile without the help of Viagra or a related drug anyway.) However, no matter how beautiful and convincing the girl is, some suspension of disbelief is always required on the part of the man.



Many men derive great pleasure from their transsexual partner’s orgasm. The indicators of this in a natal woman are already powerful; the mounting chest flush, her cries, her muscle spasms, the flood of vaginal fluid and the muscle contractions. It should be easy to see how the direct visual stimulus of an erect penis and ejaculation might be enjoyed even more. In addition, the recipient of anal sex will also grunt, pant, moan, writhe and cry out. The anal muscles relax as the moment approaches before contracting powerfully and repeatedly at the orgasm itself. This is something which, once savoured, is never forgotten.travestis

So we have male sexual thrill-seekers looking for the most outrageous statements of female sexual attractiveness, and at the same operating in a culture where penetrating a partner anally is a powerful reinforcement of virility. They are able to sublimate the confusion caused by their partners’ possession of male genitalia, and may come to regard a penis as a natural, even essential, feature of an attractive woman.


The combination of desire for supercharged femininity combined with the powerful reward of taboo sex is intoxicating, and  men like this may become completely hooked on transwomen. Perhaps, then, it is no wonder that travestis and other transwomen should be as popular as they are.


However, travestis and other transgender and transsex women are also sought out by other men, who want to be penetrated by them. I’ll deal with this another time.


The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train

I researched this article while I was writing The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train, which tells the story of a Brazilian travesti and her lover in Paris. It’s a great read!

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  1. I suppose transgender MTF may be desired by a lot of straight men whatever they may say to the contrary. I was surprised to hear it, being straight myself, but I don’t doubt it. Good post.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Many, but by no means all, men who are attracted to transwomen self-identify as straight, or at least heterosexual. They would think like this: ‘I see them as girls and treat them as girls, and that is heterosexual behaviour’. I’m going to get deeper into this, don’t worry! Actually, The Warm Pink Jelly Express Train describes in detail how one heterosexual man responds to a transsexual girl. (Hint.)

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