Is the New Gay Man a failed transsexual?

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Originally posted 2017-12-17 08:55:02.

For many years now, the New Gay Man’s promoters, speaking through activists from Jim Fouratt to Peter Tatchell, have claimed that HomoSexual TransSexuals (HSTS) are a form of ‘failed gay man’. But is this true?

No. In fact, far from completed Sexual Inverts (homosexual transsexuals) being ‘failures’, all feminine homosexual males are transsexual but for various reasons some repress or deny this — as demanded of them by the New Gay Man cult.

Updated 19/12/2021

True Transsexuals vs the New GayMan

Sam. Apparently. HSTS. Definitely

In the first place, only HSTS are true transsexuals. They are congenitally Sexually Inverted and exhibit a consistent set of characteristics, different from the norms for males in their ethnicity. That makes them readily identifiable, at least to those familiar with their profile. Among these are, for males: tendency to be smaller than the average and lightly built for their height, often showing feminine digit ratios, naturally feminine voices and mannerisms, neoteny (baby-face) and a natural preference for feminine modes of behaviour and dress. They probably exhibited strong Sex Non-Conformity in childhood, probably, if male, identified as and with girls and would have felt attraction to males, especially older ones, in the form of crushes years before puberty.

While their homosexuality does not define HSTS as people, it is a reliable diagnostic indicator. This is important because there is another form of Male-to-Feminine expression, which is non-homosexual or autogynephilic; I have discussed this at length already.

Some researchers in the past used the terms ‘True transsexual’ to describe HSTS and ‘Pseudo transsexual’ to describe non-HSTS or AGP. This is an accurate statement of the position: HSTS are truly transsexual in that they transcend their birth sex on a range of parameters. While it is unfashionable to say so, they are ‘Sexual Inverts’, shifted so far towards the female norm  across a spectrum of parameters that they cannot reasonably be asked to perform as men, despite being male.

In previous societies and in most of the world today, they are not so asked. Instead they live as women and many have fulfilled lives. The problem in the West is that extreme prejudice, applied for centuries, removed the social space that remains available to these individuals in many other cultures — including, though it might be surprising, Islamic ones.

As a result, during the 1960s another model appeared in the West — the New Gay Man. In this, Inverts are told that they must do that which is next to impossible for them — be masculine. And, worse, that they must suppress their natural femininity at pain of being condemned by the ‘gay’ society around them (which is not very gay at all, for them.)


The problem with gay culture

Part of the problem is that so-called ‘gay’ culture is made up of several groups and homosexual males comprise only one of them. To understand this, you must first understand the definition of ‘homosexual’ that we are using. It is: ‘exclusively attracted to men from childhood’ (for males, the inverse for females.) So males who have had desires for women are not homosexual.  In effect, HSTS are the natural result of Sexual Inversion, its complete expression. This explains the powerful gender dysphoria experienced by so many homosexual males: they would be far more comfortable as women.

Unfortunately, while genuine Sexual Inverts make up a large part and indeed, probably a majority of New Gay Man culture, they are not the dominant class. This is because of their naturally submissive and feminine natures. This has allowed the more strident members to take control and to effectively coerce them  into living according to the New Gay Man lifestyle.


One way we can fact-check this is by looking at the way non-HomoSexual transitioners or Autogynephilic transvestites constantly attempt to dominate, colonise, erase and control HomoSexual TransSexuals. Since many of the men inside the New Gay Man culture are themselves autogynephilic and enjoy receptive anal sex as a part of their desire for ‘sex as a woman’, we should expect them to behave in the same domineering way that they do towards the generally more agreeable homosexual males: which we see.

Numerous studies have been carried out, e.g. by Dr Michael Bailey, which confirm that Sexually Inverted males have a distinct profile. They are easily differentiated from other males by the way that they are shifted towards the female-typical on a range of parameters. They are likely to be smaller and more lightly built than related males; often had a history of childhood GNC; have been exclusively attracted to males from before puberty; dislike rough and tumble; are often artistic and especially, may be dancers or in similar performing arts; they tend to be highly agreeable and emotive, very nurturing and so on. Bailey even stated that he could spot such an individual, even on the phone, by the way he spoke — something that I would entirely agree with.


The adverse reaction to these suggestions comes, often, not from Sexual Inverts, but from the other males who form a part of ‘gay’ culture. These include: hebephiles (attracted to pubescent boys), ephebophiles (attracted to post-pubertal adolescent boys), bisexuals indulging one half of their sexuality, adventuring pansexuals, our old friends the non-trans AGP males whose satisfaction is through ‘sex as a woman’ — that is, being penetrated — and even men who simply have had enough of women but still desire sex. All of these are found amongst the New Gay Men and unsurprisingly, many of them are not very feminine at all.

It is from this that proceeds the myth that the desire to be sexually penetrated doesn’t make a man feminine. Of course it does, but many men in gay society are not seeking to be penetrated.

So lemme see…you’re Sexually Inverted, you want a real man…would you go with this look or Peter Tatchell’s?

New Gay Man culture

To make the bad worse, it is axiomatic, within New Gay Man culture, that somebody has to do the penetrating. In the old days, homosexual males would seek out straight partners, not others like themselves, just as they do in Ladyboy culture in Asia. The New Gay Man banned this. As a result, in order to have sex at all, Sexually Inverted males have to learn to penetrate each other, whether they like it or not.


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All Sexually Inverted males actually want is a straight male partner, not another Invert pretending to be masculine. That presents a problem since straight men are not attracted to masculinity. So the more the boy ages the less likely it is that he can attract the kind of men he dreams of and is instead thrown to the wolves of an exploitative ‘gay’ culture.

The alternative is for our young Invert to complete as a woman, socially/hormonally, surgically or both. This is one area where south-east Asia becomes interesting. Here, there is far less social pressure for a young male Invert, locally known in English as a ladyboy, to conform to masculine gender expectations and so, far more elect not to. Even though poisonous USican ideas have spread to these areas, they struggle to compete with the powerful indigenous culture. In effect, ‘gay’ males cannot, ever, in these cultures, be men, so why not just buy a dress, grow your hair and be a girl? The culture around you will, by and large, be tolerant, especially if you make a good-looking girl, which many do. While local men might be, for social reasons, no more inclined to pursue an Invert as a girl than as a feminine boy, there is always the chance that, through the Internet, one might meet that Westerner who is ‘open-minded’ and will disregard the presence or history of a penis.

Initiation to sex

I have lost count of the number of ladyboys who readily admit to having been raped  while they were still boys. However, this experience was neither the cause of their homosexuality nor did it discourage them in it. Indeed, it was their clearly feminine nature that led to the event. They will say ‘Oh, he knew I was gay,’ or something similar. More, they will refuse to condemn the man who did it, often saying that as soon as they recovered from the initial penetration, they were desperate for more. This by no means condones the event but it does contextualise it. In many such cultures, boys are seen as legitimate sexual targets for men and Inverted boys see men as desirable ones, even at very young ages.


One Inverted person I know well, for example, was first penetrated by a man when she was nine; she says she led him on, constantly flirting with him until he did it. She does say he ‘took’ her, but there is no doubt that was her intention and as soon as she could, she went back for more. When asked if she was angry at the man, she said ‘No! Why would I be? He did what I wanted him to do.’ From then on, she never looked back and through her teens had a full sex life. To imagine she is unusual would be beyond naive.

What these experiences do, far from turning the Inverted boy away from his innate homosexuality, is to sensitise him to the kind of men attracted to him. He desires a strong, supportive straight man who will ‘take care’ (i.e. fund) him and be his life partner; and to such a man the young Sexual Invert will dedicate her life.  At the same time, she sees having a relationship with another gay boy like herself as essentially lesbian in nature and will reject it

So what she does, as soon as she can, is complete herself and live as a woman.

If you got it, flaunt it, baby

Coming home to roost

This has home to roost in the West with a vengeance now, but what does it mean? Well in the first place, we have to remember that the whole masculinist New Gay Man culture is a recent invention. Prior to 1960 it hardly existed at all and it was only in the 1980s that it became dominant — and only in the West. If more Inverts today are completing, then that suggests the NGM was a kind of fad that has had its day.

From my inbox as well as numerous other sources, I know the difficulties that Sexually Inverted males — who are, remember, the small cute ones — face within the New Gay Man culture. They are expected to suppress their natural femininity in favour of the ghastly faux masculinity that is the hallmark of New Gay Man culture. If they do not do so they will be mocked and shunned.

This phenomenon has been called many things, such as ‘femiphobia’ and ‘sissyphobia’ but let’s be clear and call it for what it is: it’s simple homophobia. The whole New Gay Man cult rests on the underlying premise of homophobia — that is, the irrational fear of feminine males. This too, is a recent invention. Prior to 1960 the revulsion expressed by society towards male Inverts was a result of the way they had sex, not how they behaved. That is why the laws proscribing their behaviours were couched in terms of anal penetration.

Indeed, the irony is great: amongst the most homophobic in society is the New Gay Man culture, which most male Inverts in the West are condemned to be a part of. NGM culture is more than a vehicle for homophobia, it is perhaps its most powerful expression.

My girl Sam

The Failure of the New Gay Man

At the end of the day, the New Gay Man experiment is a failure from start to finish. It was born in the failure to persuade Western, especially Anglo-Saxon culture, that being a feminine male was acceptable, that it was also okay for them to seek straight male partners (who were only too willing) and that bum sex was quite natural and in any case, nobody else’s business.

Today, we see increasing numbers of male Sexual Inverts completing as women in the West, although we are not yet at the levels seen in other parts of the world. These individuals are rejecting a nasty, abusive doctrine that refuses to allow them to be girls, when that is what they are. The New Gay Man has failed to erase them, though he tried and still tries hard.

But the personal failure of every Sexual Invert who does not complete and who suffers a mean life as a pseudo-man, constantly disguising her femininity from public scrutiny, is the real tragedy. Every Inverted boy who is fed the lie that ‘it’s better to be gay’ is condemned to a life of the most fundamental self denial and of Gender Dysphoria.

To be a male Sexual Invert who performs the pseudo-masculine charade demanded by the New Gay Man cult is to be a failure; so the New Gay Man is indeed a failed transsexual.

Let’s hope more Inverts come to their senses and reject this ugly cult, before it’s too late for them — and a plague on those who would obstruct them.

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  1. As a HSTS who in my late teens fell victim to those pseudo conversion tactics but was lucky enough to to recognise and escape them early. I truly hope we never see a return to the acceptability of treating Young HSTS males with testosterone. It never worked as so many of us show clear androgen insensitivity.

    Young HSTS in the West, provided that they avoid trans and NGM culture can live happy fulfilling lives within wider society. While there appears to be more straight men willing to form relationships with HSTS now, it is just that, an appearance fostered by the digital age and social media. These men have always existed! The reality is that Straight men have always formed long term relationship bonds with HSTS but now some of these relationships are more visible as society has become more tolerant of GNC people.

    As for an end to the NGM culture, that is probably not going to happen but there is a definite contraction and change of that culture caused by the new trans movement (cult). Those men who seek to hunt sexually the young fem presenting males now, as a result of the new trans movement causing AGP’s to emerge earlier, have a fair supply of younger pseudo-homosexual AGP trans-women to hunt in a game where the prey is a willing up unsuspecting and unprepared participant.

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