Transattracted, gay or lying.

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Originally posted 2021-10-08 18:13:05.

Men fall into three categories. They are either transattracted, that is, attracted to transsexual women, gay, or lying.

That is because regular, heterosexual males are attracted to femininity and nobody does that better than a transsexual woman. Nobody. Natal women should pay them for their beauty secrets, certainly in the West today. (In Asia they already do.)

Nobody is attracted to a sex. How often have you, assuming you claim to be a ‘straight’ man, demanded to see the inside of a woman’s panties before you decided you were attracted to her? Not once. And the very fact of asking to see her bits would indicate that you were already attracted enough to want to know more. (What would you do if you found a sausage in there? Well you could suck it. It would be polite. You know, after getting her to drop ’em. A little reward?)

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Transattraction is attraction to transsexual women, whether you know they’re transsexual or not.

So what are heterosexual men attracted to? It’s the gender performance of the woman. That is, her femininity. Attraction is to gender, not to sex and feminine is a gender, not a sex. Those who tell you otherwise are lying too. People with male sexuality are attracted to femininity and therefore, if the performance of gender is good enough, they are attracted to a feminine person even if she is actually male. I mean, how would one know? You can’t tell from the outside. (Well, you could make the case that if she’s really beautiful, she must be transsexual, but that seems harsh on the natal girls, doesn’t it?)

You don’t think she’s attractive? Are you gay?

So what if you’re a man who’s not attracted to femininity? Well, in that case, you’re gay. Homosexual. There are two genders and only two. Either you’re asexual, which barely exists, or you’re attracted to one of them. Gays are attracted to masculinity; heterosexual men to femininity.

What that means is that any man who says he is ‘straight’ but not attracted to transsexual women, is a liar. It’s really that simple. We just need to find out which he’s lying about, the being straight or the gay part.

Now we’re not talking about later, when the clothes are off and he makes his grab – and gets a handful of meat and two veg. Which might not even happen, since in the West, many transsexual women are post-operative, that is, their penises have been inverted and the balls are long gone. But in either case, that all comes later. We are talking about the initial stages of dalliance here, when men first get that heightened heart rate and the rush of blood to the cock. You know the one. Yeah, that one. You feel the skin going tight on your temples and the fabric going tight in your jeans. And then she engages with you, a sly demure look…You know you want her.

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So why do men lie like about it? I’ve run this experiment on my website and on my YouTube channel often enough to know that there is no shortage of lying men. Are the feminists right and all men are liars? Not really, I don’t think. Men can be dicks but mostly they’re not, well if their mothers brought them up right, anyway. (Another reason why the feminist denial of motherhood is so pernicious – it literally creates what they hate most, men who are not properly house-trained.)

Not attracted? Really? Do you lie a lot?

The reason men lie like this is because they are afraid of their own sexuality. Actually they’re terrified of it. What caused PFC Joseph Pemberton to beat, strangle and drown Jennifer Laude to death, after he had made love to her? What caused Jason Cazares, Michael Magidson, José Meriel and Jaron Nabors to relentlessly beat Gwen Araujo over a period of hours, smash her skull in with an iron skillet, hammer her to death with a shovel, burn her body and then bury it in the desert, after they had all had her suck their cocks?


I’ll tell you. These vile, spineless men were afraid of their own sexuality and that they might have to explain that they’d fucked someone with a dick and loved every second of it. That it felt good. That was what made them kill these women. And every liar who says he’s not attracted to transsexual women is one of that rotten company. That’s right, you, if you make that claim. You stand right beside these trash because you are just as afraid of your own sexuality as they are. Your hand was on the back of Jennifer’s neck as she drowned in a toilet bowl and on the skillet that crushed in Gwen’s skull. Yours. And why? Because you won’t admit a simple truth: transsexual women can indeed be attractive, to you. Transattracted? Yes you are, or you’re gay.

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Nobody says that because you’re attracted to a woman, you have to get intimate with her jollies. Most of the women we’re attracted to, we don’t know, probably haven’t even met. We’re attracted to them as fine examples of femininity. It’s like horses; I should be the first to admit I’m no great shakes as an equestrian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know fine horse flesh when I see it, damn it. You don’t have to ride the beast to appreciate it and it’s the same here. Denying your attraction to beautiful transsexual women just makes you look silly, or like a liar – which is what you would be, of course.

Rhein’s got that lil sulky look. Admit it, you like. You’d let her wrap those lips round your wee man in an instant – if you thought your pals wouldn’t find out.

Now the gays, they get a bye. Of course they’re not attracted to transsexual women, because they’re not attracted to any women. They want men. Doesn’t matter whether they’re pitchers, catchers or switchers, they’re attracted to masculinity. In fact, the gay male movement has done everything it could, for fifty years now, to totally erase transsexual women. (They want the boys, you see.)

We’re talking transsexuals here, not transvestites or ‘transgenders’

Let me be clear; we are not talking about transvestites like Rachel Levine here, a married man with a successful career who let his fetish get out of control. (It’s called Autogynephilia, look it up.) We are not talking about India Willoughby or Zoe Turr. Nor are we talking about the legions of men in frocks who make up that class. Nobody expects a heterosexual man to be attracted to a bloke in a dress.

But transsexual women, that is, homosexual transsexuals, are not like that. They are Sexual Inverts, women who really were victims of a cruel biological trick – they were born with dicks. You do have to ask what God was thinking. On the celestial piss again, no doubt.

That is why I have not used the word ‘transgender’, which the transvestites use to mask the obvious differences between themselves and transsexual women. They are different and they shouldn’t be conflated.

What about Steffie here? Still not attracted? Tell you what, better go and find yourself a man!

I’m talking about women like Valentina Sampaio, Kim Petras, Rui Mariano and millions of others. The young women on this page. Gorgeous, feminine, stylish, irresistible; amongst the most beautiful women in the world. Yes, those ones, the transsexuals that the transvestites don’t want you to know about and the gays want to suppress. If you can look at any of these women and say they’re not attractive, then I hereby call you out: you’re either gay or lying, so which one is it?

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