Pederasty: How boys are turned ‘gay’.

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Pederasty: a love whose name must not be spoken

Pederasty describes romantic and sexual relationships between adult men and adolescent boys, usually between the ages of twelve to twenty, though this varies. In some forms, such as the classic Greek Love and the Samurai Wakashudo, it was partly pedagogic; the boy was taught life-skills in exchange for sexual favours. In others, like the Roman, it is much more hedonistic with little idea of a teacher-student relationship. In still others it is largely a cultural phenomenon, which is not to say it is not enjoyed by the participants. An example of this would be the sexual practices of the Etoro peoples of New Guinea, but they are not alone.{1}

Etoro (Sambian) warriors.

Typical of traditional pederastic cultures is that young females are strictly unavailable to men for sex, although older courtesans might be. Thus there is an element of Situational Homosexuality involved. In the English Public School system, which persisted until recently, we know that most who went through it were not homosexuals and did not become so. Indeed, many have stated that had girls been available, they would have pursued them, but since they were not, they ‘had fun with each other instead.’

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Pederastic cultures exist all over the world and have done since the beginnings of recorded history. Indeed the modern Western ‘egalitarian’ homosexuality, the New Gay Man, is really just a variation on one of its forms. It is modern pederasty.

There is disagreement about whether pederasty is innate human behaviour or not. Its widespread nature and historical persistence seem to indicate that it may be. But just because it might be innate for boys to fool around with each other, or for older males to fool around with them, does not mean such boys or their partners are homosexual.

Suzuki Harunobu ca 1750 Samurai pedicating boy

I have heard boys, growing up in Pakistan, pine longingly for the time in their lives when they ‘will be grown-up men and have boy lovers of their own;’ it is not just the access to penetrative sex that they desire, but also the status that it will confer. Despite this, they enthusiastically serve up their bottoms to men who seek them, for a few coins. {2}

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Pederasty is not monolithic. Traditionally it had two main forms, which we might call Greek love and Roman pederasty.

Pederasty — Greek Love

Classic Pederasty — Greek Love

In classic pederasty, which is best known from Greece, adult men pedicate boys until they become too masculine to be attractive; and then the boy, now an adult man, takes a younger boy to pedicate in turn. Each generation, in other words, creates the next, in a cycle of sexual domination and submission. Greek Love is cyclical in nature.

In Greek love, the males involved were heterosexual, outside of the practice of pederasty itself and the relationships it developed. It is only within these that they engaged in any same-sex contact; effectively, they were loyal to each other. Greeks valued the concept of sophrosyne or perhaps ‘cultured restraint’ and promiscuity was frowned upon. Typically, once the boy came of age and took a younger boy of his own, the older would marry and have a normal life in his culture, as a husband and father.

So the life-stages of a male in societies like this were: boy-child, when he lived with his family; youth, when he became the partner of an older male; young adulthood, when he would take a younger male partner of his own; and maturity, when he would marry and raise a family. Neither party in Greek Love was a homosexual; one such would have been rejected as unsuitable.

An erastes wooing an eromenos with a gift of a rabbit

Notably, in Greek Love the two parties were always of the same social class.  This makes it very different from Roman pederasty, which we’ll discuss.

The boy, traditionally called the eromenos or ‘beloved one’, adopted the sexual role of a girl for a period of his youth, before ‘switching’ to the masculine role as he became adult, when he became the erastes or philetor, the ‘lover’. Thus the classic relationship, found in heterosexual relationships, of lover to beloved was retained.

Before he ‘graduated’, the eromenos was always sexually receptive. Once he had ‘graduated’ from eromenos to erastes, he would reject any attempt to pedicate him or otherwise make him return to the female role. Indeed, his honour depended on it and he would have been expected to fight off any such approach.

Sometimes these relationships did not actually involve pedication but were restricted to masturbation  or ‘intercrural’ sex, where the erastes placed his penis between the thighs of the boy and rubbed himself to orgasm.

Nicole Holmen writes:

The power dynamics involved in such a relationship, with the erastes always in control, ensured that the erastes kept his dignity as a fully-functioning member of Greek society, while the eromenos grew up under the tutelage of such a man and as such could become a great citizen when he reached adulthood. Both people in an ideal pederastic relationship would have practiced great sophrosyne, or taking no indulgence to excess.{3} The erastes shows restraint in his “pursuit” rather than his “capture” of the young boy, and the eromenos would similarly show restraint by not immediately giving in to the older man’s sexual desires.{4}

The prevalence of this form seems somewhat related to cultures and institutions where women are unavailable, but is not unique to them. Even in ‘co-ed’ or mixed schools, for example, older boys are known to ‘instruct’ younger ones in the techniques of masturbation and more.

Greek love seems to stem from boys learning about their bodies and sex, in the absence of women, rather than sexual desire for another’s body itself. This suggests that it is a form of situational homosexuality.

An eromenos about to mount his erastes


This is the form of pederasty found in English and US American Boarding Schools, but it is found all over the world in myriad different cultures. It may be integrated into a social system and widely approved of; indeed, it might be, as in the Etoro and Ancient Greece, an expected part of a boy’s education.{5} In Japan, samurai would take boys as their apprentices, teaching them all about being men – and pedicating them.

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As adults, the parties almost always marry and take wives, becoming fathers. However, they may still take part in pederastic culture. Greek love is not simple hedonism (which is not to say those involved don’t enjoy it) but part of a broader system of male bonding and education in what it is to be a man, within a male group hierarchy. It must also be said that many men, having once tasted the delight of the anus, are strongly attracted to it.

Of course, since the purpose of modern feminism is to invade all systems of male bonding and destroy them, we should not be surprised that the rising condemnation of this form of pederasty correlates to the spread of that contagion.

As a child, a boy  is always sexually female/feminine, even though he might not feel himself to be a girl. A boy who has ‘graduated’ from eromenos to erastes will reject any attempt to pedicate him or otherwise make him return to the female role.


The rituals of marriage symbolized a girl becoming a woman, just as a pederastic relationship symbolized a boy becoming a man.


In these cultures, no difference is seen between pre-adolescent boys and girls, except for one, which is crucial: girls’ virginity must be protected. Indeed it’s reasonable to suggest that all children were ‘girls’ until they reached puberty. This placed boys under the same cultural protection as girls, prior to puberty. Greek girls were married around the age of fourteen, to a man usually around thirty to thirty-five (the reason will become clear) while boys would be ‘apprenticed’ to an older male at the same age. Similar social conventions applied to both, the suitors in both cases would have to first approach the boy or girl’s father, gifts would be given and the boy or girl ‘courted’.

Roman pederasty

Roman pederasty is different. Unlike the Greek, where the parties were always of the same social class, a status divide is common in it. In Rome, most pederasty involved free men and slave boys, who obviously had no social status at all. Roman men would buy boy slaves for the specific purpose of using them for sex, might dress them as girls and would often have them castrated.

Gaius Julius Caesar


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history of transsex
Emperor Hadrian taking pleasure in his eromenos, Antinous.

‘Sex in moderation with male prostitutes or slaves was not regarded as improper or vitiating to masculinity, if the male citizen took the active and not the receptive role.’

In Rome, pederastic relationships happened in two forms that we know of. The first was somewhat like the Greek, where a young, ambitious youth might enter into a relationship with an older, powerful man. This might even have happened between Gaius Julius Caesar and the Bithynian King Nicomedes IV. However, if it did — and it is hotly disputed — the likelihood is that the young Caesar saw political advantage in it. However, we also know of other similar relationships, for example Hadrian and Antoninus, so the practice was certainly known.

Much more commonly, however, Roman pederasty was between an adult free man and a slave. Various decrees, including the infamous Lex Scantinia, were passed that purported to legislate this behaviour. This law is infamous because we don’t actually know what it said, but it has nevertheless been used to support all sorts of more-or-less absurd political claims. However we do know that there were injunctions concerned with the rape of free-born minors and there were social interdictions against free men being penetrated — though they could penetrate slaves till the cows came home.

Roman soldiers were in the habit of buying boy slaves as companions to travel on campaign, since the soldiers were not allowed to marry or take women with them. ‘Towel-boys’ were available for short-term hire in any of the numerous bath-houses in all Roman cities and would provide any service requested. They were a feature of orgies, where they were ‘wine-boys’ serving wine and culo to the guests. Usually these boys would have been nude — a practice that persisted in houses of pleasure for two thousand years.


Many Roman households would have had ‘pretty boys’, pueri delicatii, who provided a range of services from simple company to the sexual. Some would have appeared as girls and might even have been castrated at puberty, to preserve their looks, but others presented as boys because their masters had pederastic tastes. In the general household they would have worn tunics, but many Roman houses had ‘sex rooms’ for the master’s pleasures and here, again, they would have been undressed, as would the female slaves.


Rome had specialist markets where pretty boys were sold and there was a particular fondness for Gaulish, Germanic and Circassian boys, because these were often fair-skinned, blond and blue-eyed, features the Romans appreciated.


The services these boys provided seem to have been somewhat similar to the Japanese geisha, with the addition of sex. They would have provided a range of entertainment, from dancing and singing, staging cameos in which they might have played soldiers, through to the most lewd physical acts imaginable. This was all socially and legally acceptable, because as slaves, they had no social status or rank.


Interestingly, this led to another peculiarity of Roman sex. While in Greece, formal pederasty protected the honour of the middle-class boys who entered the system, in Rome there were no such concerns. What is today called paedophilia — sexual attraction to and love of prepubescent children — was practised, although restricted to relations with slaves. Very little information, however, is available about this.


We have absolutely no information about whether pederasty happened between slaves but given that they often slept communally on straw, it is highly likely that it did.


That aside, Roman pederasty was characterised by a major difference in status between the parties, one being free and the other a slave. This is also a power differential: the free man would always be the penetrator and the slave the penetrated.


Pederasty thrived in many other cultures, like Japan, China, across Europe, India, the Islamosphere, and the Americas. However, the two basic types always remained the same.


Modern Roman Pederasty

In the modern version, boys are drawn into sexual relationships with overt, dominant men, of the narcissistic/pederastic type described by Friedlaender. These men are predators.

Today, in the West at least, Roman pederasty has become the de facto method of recruitment into the ‘gay’ lifestyle. Boys, once seduced, are told that they were ‘born gay’ and that they can never have a normal married life.

Relationships tend to be short, lasting weeks at most, rather than years, as is often the case in classic pederasty. There is little pedagogic input, since all the predators in this arrangement desire is some juvenile male culo. If they are teaching anything, it is not how to be a man, but how to be a ‘gay’.

The recent statistics from many sources all seem to confirm that man-boy sex is a rampant problem in the gay community…The (US) Department of Justice found that gay teens are much more likely to be in physically abusive relationships, not to mention emotionally abusive relationships, (as a result of being involved) in unstable sexual liaisons with men much older than they are.{6}

There does seem to be some correlation between pederasty and overtly patriarchal or militarised cultures. This seems to lead back to Benedict Friedlaender, at least as far as the modern West is concerned. The Hitler Youth was a pederastic meat-locker, but it was not the only such. The New Gay Man himself came about because of large numbers of men being demobilised from the US armed forces, many of whom had had sexual experiences with other men.


Today, the Roman is essentially the Anglo-Saxon system of pederasty, in which immature boys are predated upon and taught to enjoy recipient sex with dominant males, often called ‘tops’. They are told they can never be anything other than ‘gay’ and they are just ‘like that’. Shockingly, gullible media, keen as ever to virtue-signal to social transgressives, reinforce this, as do certain academics.

Once they have passed through the training-ground of every older male in the group penetrating them, corrupted boys are expected to ‘turn top’ in their mid-twenties. Then they take their place at the table, awaiting the next delivery of young meat.


Modern ‘gay’ pederasts are like vampires, sucking the youthful lifeblood out of their victims, as theirs was once sucked out of them. It is the subjugation of other males’ masculinitythat this pederast really seeks. He feeds off it. So he wants to see that masculinity emphasised; the stronger it appears to be, the more satisfaction he gets from devouring it.

The stifling effect of this is amplified by the contemporary New Gay Man mantras that ‘once a gay, always a gay’ and that ‘gays are born, not made’, meaning, of course, that escape is impossible. These are blatant deceptions: it is manifestly possible, although it might be difficult and take great courage, to break away from the ‘gay’ lifestyle; and only Sexually Inverted homosexuals are born, the others are all made.

Unfortunately, modern pederasts resist any form of therapy that might help their victims to recover They are volubly resistant to their targets completing as women, if they happen to be Sexual Inverts, since this would liberate them  from the pederasts’  clutches — no modern pederast wants to fuck girls. They represent any such attempts as ‘abusive’.

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Perpetuating the lifestyle

Their real objection, however, is that the New Gay Man needs his initiates to remain a part of the ‘gay’ lifestyle in order to perpetuate it. He is the quintessential ‘groomer’ first inveigling confused boys into his spider’s web of lies and falsehoods, then making it next to impossible for him to escape.

Such a boy would be shunned by all his ‘gay friends’ as well as, in all likelihood, having already lost his original friends and family by joining the lifestyle in the first place. The group of ‘gay’ cultists that he has become a part of will have become the only thing he has left that resembles a family; but it’s one in which the adult males shamelessly use him for sex.

The boys most targeted by modern pederasts are sensitive, insecure, shy and frequently come from troubled backgrounds. They may already have had issues with their parents, resulting in poor communication. The  pederasts will then undermine their self-ideation and confidence as masculine, by fucking them. This is most effective if done at a time when the boy’s sexuality has not fully crystallised.

The boy may appreciate the attention he is being given, enjoy the ‘glamour’ of the gay lifestyle, even learn to enjoy being penetrated. His social media profiles will be full of images of him on the arm of the predators he thinks are his lovers. These all bind him to the monster.

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Time moves quickly

Because of these things, a boy, even once he is no longer the new kid on the block (or the gay bar) and has been remaindered, may be reluctant to become alone again, to have to start over. His new ‘family’, the pederasts who exploited him and other boys in the same condition as he was, would reject him. He would have to face the shame of telling his parents, siblings and everyone who actually loves him, that he got it wrong, he’s sorry, he’s not ‘gay’ after all and he wants to come home.

He would have to beg forgiveness for all the rash things he said when he was stridently declaring his ‘gay’ status. He might have to rebuild bridges with his father – a relationship that was probably always fraught. And he knows that if ever he dates a woman and she learns of his past, then she will question his sincerity and commitment. Boys like this require support if they are to break free of this lifestyle – support the pederasts are determined to deny them.

A boy who starts getting fucked by men finds his whole future rewritten – it is not only an event dealing with one particular partner, but rather, a foundational shift in his imagined future. He will be in the gay community, living by its rules…the boy has to redefine his life goals, envision a future without women, without children, without access to the cultural mainstays enjoyed by the 99% of the world that isn’t gay and male. He must picture spending his time in the constricted, tiny circle of gay bars, gay associations, and gay cliques, looking for love in a tiny, somewhat incestuous pool of familiar local characters; gay men who will flit in and out of his life, vanishing without a morning call-back one year and then popping up two years later on the arm of his best friend. {7}

So writes a member of the gay community, who went through its meat-processing machine and eventually escaped, becoming a father and a teacher. We should consider this side of the gay lifestyle before so readily affording it protected status.

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[1] While this has become the focus of much interest today in the West, especially on the behaviour of certain priests, the practice had continued almost without comment for literally centuries in the West and still does, both there and elsewhere. See Lindsay Anderson’s 1968 film If for a context in which pederasty was sympathetically depicted but not commented on.

[2] Pederasty is endemic in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Being a man’s lover is an accepted phase of boyhood in these and similar cultures.

[3] Some historians have taken the concept of ‘sophrosyne’ to suggest that Greek erastes did not actually pedicate their eromenos, and construct complex arguments about what might or might not be depicted on crockery. Others take a more robust view. Sir Richard Burton, with typically arid wit, pointed out that ‘We are overapt to apply our nineteenth century prejudices and prepossessions to the morality of the ancient Greeks, who would have specimen’d such squeamishness in Attic salt.’ (Burton, Terminal Essay.) One of the greatest twentieth-century scholars of Greek history, Sir Kenneth Dover, came down firmly in agreement.

[4] Holmen, N. Examining Greek Pederastic Relationships. 2010

[5]Gilbert Herdt Sambia Sexual Culture. Essays from the Field

Note: The Sambians are actually the Etoro. Herdt changed the name to protect them.

[6] Australian Opinion. Sleazy gay men who just want boys.

[7] ibid

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