Homosexual Types: Transgender, Narcissistic, Pederastic

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Originally posted 2018-12-24 10:15:44.

There are three types of gay men that can be identified relatively easily. There may be some overlap or admixture of types in specific individuals, but I believe that we can better understand male homosexuality through this Typology. These, together, constitute the New Gay Man, the modern homosexual male collective in the Anglo-Saxon West.

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Transgender Homosexuality (Sexual Inversion)

Until very recently at least, this was the best-known form. It was what most people thought of when they thought ‘homosexual’ or ‘gay’.

In this Type, males are feminised and females are masculinised across a range of parameters. For example, males tend to be slighter, smaller, more neotenous and masculinise more slowly than their peers, if they ever do. Broadly opposite effects appear in females.

This Type was the first to be identified and it was originally called ‘Sexual Inversion’. This is an appropriate term as it encapsulates the most significant feature of the Type: they have the sexuality commonly associated with the opposite sex. So males are attracted to masculinity and females to femininity. But this is full sexual inversion, so they also want to play the role of the opposite sex in coitus.

Sexual Inversion is the cause of Transgender Homosexuality.

In this Type, males seek to be penetrated while females desire to penetrate. The former is achievable because males can both penetrate and be penetrated, while the latter desire is clearly compromised by the nature of the female genitalia. This sexuality will normally appear in childhood as the individual experiences same-sex crushes, at the same time as other children experience opposite-sex ones.

In addition to their same-sex attraction, Transgender Homosexuals will usually exhibit some degree of cross-sex identification, beginning as early as two years old. Boys will dislike rough and tumble, prefer girl-typical ‘social toys’ like dolls and so on; they will like to dress up and to perform as girls; they will perform well in tasks usually performed well by girls and so on. Girls, obviously, will be the opposite.

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Why does this happen?

For over five decades now, it has been proposed that Sexual Inversion is caused by anomalies in testosterone delivery to the foetus in utero. Basically, if boys don’t get enough, they become feminised and if girls get too much, they become masculinised. Generally, Sexual Inverts have normal genitalia for their sex, but that is because the sexual organs form earlier than other affected structures and, of course, the brain. So, much depends on the timing of the disturbance in testosterone delivery.

This being the case, we should see Sexual Inversion as a form of intersex, and this has been confirmed, again, by many studies and papers including Guillamon 2016. Since it is a biological phenomenon, we should expect it to exhibit a range of variation, just as other such phenomena do. We should also expect standard variation models to apply. So we should see a small number of severely affected individuals and a larger number of less severe cases. This does appear to be the case.

Those with complete Sexual Inversion are likely to transition to become Homosexual Transsexuals, or HSTS, if at all possible. Those less affected will remain Transgender Homosexuals.

Homosexual Gender Dysphoria exists because of a mismatch between the individual’s sexuality and their gender. Male Sexual Inverts have female sexuality and therefore, feminine gender is appropriate for them. If they are not able to express this, they will experience Dysphoria. The severity of this will depend on how complete their Sexual Inversion is.

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Gender Dysphoria

We should remember the axiom ‘an individual with Gender Dysphoria will transition if he or she feels that the discomfort caused by the Dysphoria is greater than the fear of social intolerance of transition.’

Clearly, that is partly affected by the individual and partly by the surrounding culture. So, taking the statistical model we have already proposed, in tolerant societies we should see more inverts transitioning and in intolerant ones, fewer. We can fact-check this by looking at societies where there is more visible HSTS transition and assessing whether they are more tolerant of transition. Such an exercise in the Philippines, for example, yields a positive result: in more tolerant societies, more people, with less severe Sexual Inversion, will transition either socially or completely.

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In this context, social transition means appearing to be of the opposite sex in dress, probably taking feminising hormones and perhaps having surgeries like breast augmentation, while complete transition means undergoing Genital Reconstruction Surgery to form a neo-vagina. (Again, this is all opposite for females.)

erotic target
This is pretty much what gays look like everywhere except the West. Cute femboys. The one on the left saw the light, she’s a girl now.

Transgender Homosexuals.

Sexual Inverts who do not transition into HSTS, for whatever reason, remain Transgender Homosexuals. They rarely become heterosexually attracted and will often be analloerotic, that is, abstain from sex altogether, if they are unable to satisfy their female sexuality with appropriate partners. As they grow older, this may be forced on them. Note that a male Transgender Homosexual (that is, a non-transitioned Sexual Invert) will still be transgender sexually, even though she may be gender-conforming socially. That is to say, she will strongly prefer to be penetrated and will seek partners who will do this for her.

Sexual Inversion, HSTS transition and Transgender Homosexuality have been recorded as long as there has been writing. It appears to be a normal variation in human sexuality, caused by pre-natal factors, that may occur in a minority of births of both sexes, in all populations.

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Male Transgender Homosexuals may be strongly, innately sexually submissive and can actually be repulsed by the idea of penetrating. They also tend to desire long-term relationships. This may lead to them exposing themselves to abuse to sexual predators who promise faithfulness but whose interest is only in sex. If they form relationships with other Sexual Inverts, these are essentially lesbian in nature.

The solution to the feminine boy who loves men’s problem is simple: become the woman she really is

Narcissistic Homosexuals

This was the second Type of homosexual to be described, by Benedict Friedlaender in the 19th century, at least in the modern world.

Effeminacy is absolutely suppressed in this Type and remember, the Narcissistic Homosexual is not a sweet ‘gay boy’. He was the mainstay of the Nazi SA Brownshirt movement. He can be aggressive and tough to the extreme — actually ‘hyper-masculine’.

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The ETLE again

Narcissistic Homosexuals are NOT Sexual Inverts. Instead their narcissism has established an Erotic Target Location Error which causes them to fixate on the ‘mirror’ of themselves as ‘perfect masculine males’. (I am deeply indebted to the work of Sam Vaknin, the leading authority on Narcissistic Personality Disorder, for some of these insights. I strongly suggest investigating his writing.)

This narcissistic fixation on the mirror of the self causes the ‘clone’ gay phenomenon. In this, everybody looks exactly the same. They are actually striving to do this. Narcissistic gays are obsessed with uniforms, partly because they are militaristic and these homosexuals are anything but shrinking violets, but also because they make everyone look identical.

Because Narcissistic Homosexuals are attracted to themselves as men, they are attracted to masculinity in others. There is always a power relationship in sex and this nowhere more obvious than in liaisons between Narcissistic Homosexuals.

Power Balance

gay power

In heterosexual relationships the power balance is relatively simple: the woman controls access to sex while the man is dominant in sex itself. That’s why we have severe penalties for rape. This pattern is common in the animal world. However, in Narcissistic Homosexual relationships, the natural disposition of gender power roles cannot be assumed since both parties reject the female/feminine role.

This leads to the well-known association between Narcissistic Homosexuals and sado-masochistic sexual practice, physically abusive relationships and obsession with masculine aggression. Let’s be clear: being penetrated does indeed, make a man into a woman, at least for the duration of the sex act. This may provoke exaggerated displays of masculinity in a compensatory mechanism.

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Domination as Sexual Reward

In these cases, the act of sexual domination itself becomes the sexual reward and this explains, at least in part, the notorious promiscuity of the Narcissistic Homosexual. He is constantly measuring his own masculinity against that of other men, in a sexually-fuelled power-struggle. But that masculinity is always somewhat compromised because of his attraction to other men, resulting in cognitive dissonance.

It’s not the only cause of the promiscuity. In any penetrative relationship between Narcissistic Homosexuals, one must submit to the other’s masculinity; the inverse of domination is submission. But that submission may become sexually satisfying and will itself lead to a desire to repeat the experience, even if it is painful.

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This leads to compromise, non-penetrative sexual practices such as mutual masturbation, a phenomenon that puzzled Freud but can be seen, in this context, as predictable.

Relationships between Narcissistic and Transgender Homosexuals are always abusive of the latter, since he is naturally submissive, which is a feminine sexual characteristic.

This is one reason why transition may be a preferable outcome for a Transgender homosexual.

Pederastic Homosexuals

Pederasty is the attraction, on the part of older males, to young males. This is generally taken to mean targets between the ages of 11-18, but they could be older if they remain sufficiently neotenous.

It is not the same as paedophilia, which is as often a heterosexual paraphilia as a homosexual one. That refers to attraction to children prior to puberty, or, generally, under 11 years old. There does not appear to be a female equivalent to pederasty, but in sex research, one never says never.

Pederasty, again, has been documented for thousands of years and some theorists , eg Bruce Rind, propose that  ‘male attraction to boys evolved as an exaptation from male attraction to females’. This evolved ‘to serve the purpose of social bonding, mentorship, and reproduction of the male group’. Rind’s work has not met with much support, probably due to academic hostility to the idea, but, whether or not he is correct about its origins, it is certainly widespread and, in many cultures both in the past and today, institutionalised. This does tend to suggest an innate cause.

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Pederasts might be made

Pederastic homosexuals are attracted to boys and  want to penetrate them, while male Sexual Inverts are attracted to men and want to be penetrated. There is little common ground.

There is support for the argument that Pederastic Homosexuality is acquired, often through institutionalised pederasty. The English Public School (actually a private boarding school) is the classic example. In this, freshers are taken as maids or ‘fags’ by senior boys and, of course, expected to provide sexual services. When the young boys become senior, they take ‘fags’ in their turn.

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Psychological harm

Obliging a boy at the cusp of puberty, when his sexuality is on the point of crystallising, to receive anal sex, possibly forcibly, has massive psychological consequences. It appears that a form of narcissistic mirror reflex may be established, in which the recipient boy becomes sexually fixated on himself, as a young boy.

As he gets older, he transfers this desire onto boys younger than himself and a pederastic cycle is created. This is probably why certain cadres of priests are notorious for it — they were pedicated themselves, as choirboys. In this sense, we might see pederasty as a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in which the victims become perpetrators and a vicious cycle appears.

Many pederasts marry women and, if they continue their activities, do so secretly. This might suggest that they are that elusive item, the genuine male bisexual, although this attraction is not to both femininity and masculinity but to femininity and boyishness.

Others, however, continue to pursue boys into their adulthood, to the exclusion of women. Oscar Wilde was clearly of this Type, as well as a certain large and avuncular English actor, but these gentlemen are not alone. Various organisations have existed specifically to promote and legitimise pederasty as well as to recruit members; or, perhaps, targets.

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Long-term Damage

How damaging this is to the boys affected is hard to establish. Clearly, a number become Pederastic Homosexuals themselves, but others appear to grow through the experience and develop into well-adjusted adults.

However, pedicating a boy, at least one who is not a Sexual Invert, must be damaging to the individual concerned since, contrary to the self-interested deception of the gay lobby, being penetrated does indeed make the boy into a girl. It’s hard to see how that could be accommodated without major psychological disturbance.

Freud, writing at a time and in a culture wherein Pederastic Homosexuality was much more prevalent than in the West today, noted that a majority of those he interviewed showed ‘homosexual tendencies’ and that these appeared to have been triggered by childhood trauma.

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Pederastic Homosexuals predate on and try to ‘turn’ boys whose physical appearance matches their taste for a younger version of themselves. To that end they may glamorise the ‘gay’ lifestyle, legitimise it and do everything they can to inveigle their targets into it.

While most Pederastic Homosexuals in the West are careful to avoid breaking the law, remember that the legal age of homosexual consent in the UK, for example, is sixteen. While a male Transgender Homosexual might have already fully established her sexuality by then, a confused, late-developing, but otherwise normal boy might easily not have. Being seduced by a pederast — or more likely, a string of them — could easily traumatise the individual.

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Power Balance

The power balance in Pederastic Homosexual relationships is simple: the older male is dominant over the younger. This replicates the power roles found in heterosexual relationships, with one major difference: the pederastic recipient’s status will change as he grows older. If he is not a Sexual Invert, then he will begin to challenge the Pederast’s sexual domination as he approaches adulthood.

Pederastic homosexuals are only interested in their targets as long as they are young and boyish. They will appear reassuring and avuncular, but in the end they only want boyishness and that is ephemeral. If the boy does not transition into a transwoman, he will grow into a man, neither of which the Pederast desires. So he will move on to his next target.

Homosexual Transsexuals

homosexual transsexual

Homosexual Transsexuals, HSTS, are Sexual Inverts who develop fully into women. Once they do so, they are not a Type of gay man but, depending on the culture, may be fully accepted as women. Unlike other forms of transwoman, HSTS almost always ‘pass’ well.

Those who have already begun or are planning their transitions should be especially wary of Pederastic Homosexuals, as they will actively interfere and oppose it, often while appearing to be supportive. Remember that the Pederastic Homosexual is also a full-blown narcissist and will ruthlessly employ all the mind-control and coercion that these are notorious for.

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In terms of power relationships, male Sexual Inverts completely emasculate themselves. They prefer to do so; indeed, sexual submission is in itself a sexual reward, an affirmation of their feminine, indeed — because a male invert can readily be penetrated — female nature. If the invert transitions then by doing so she adopts the gender feminine, which signals to her potential partners that she is receptive.

At the same time, domination is indeed an element of male sexual reward. This is why most men want their partners to climax; it’s not about being nice, but about the man feeling satisfied in himself that he made the woman orgasm. That is an affirmation of his masculinity and male force, his sexual control.  It is a power relationship that is complementary to the woman’s.  She controls access to sex, he dominates her in it.

The transitioned Sexual Invert, who is submissive, looks feminine and whose orgasm is really obvious — nobody can fake an ejaculation — satisfies the sexual and gender expectations of heterosexual men and so a fully heteronormative relationship can be established. This applies whether the transwoman (as she now is) retains her penis or not.



books by rod fleming

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    Great Article – I do wonder the 3 types of Gays are they equally split or would you say the majority are Sexual Inverts/HSTS. Wannabees.


    1. HI Rick, Happy New Year!

      It seems that there is some cultural influence here. In se Asia the dominant types are Transgender and Pederastic. In Northern Europa it’s Narcissistic and Pederastic. I don’t know why this happens or even if it holds up statistically, but certainly you rarely see Narcissistic Homosexuals here, they’re mainly Transgender or Pederastic. Since there is a clear link between Narcissistic Homosexuality and Autogynephilic transvestism, both being narcissistic with an ETLE, then it might be that Narcissism is powering this. Perhaps in cultures that are less condemning of narcissism generally, these types are more prominent.

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