Proposing marriage to Sam

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Originally posted 2019-02-21 03:16:25.

As so many of you must know by now, for the past year I have been romantically attached to Sam Villasencio, also known as Samantha Nicole Mendez. It’s not always been the easiest of relationships but we found, through our adversities, the real strength of our love. I know that proposing was the right thing to do but I put it off for a few months even after my mind was made up. There were many reasons for this, not all good, but not all bad either. But in the end I realised that it was something I wanted to do and that my motives were sound.

Although I am not really superstitious I wanted the most propitious circumstances. After all, this is Asia and Sam is Two-Spirited, with much power in the unseen world. So I wanted to give her a ring and do it properly.

So on St Valentines’s Day, we had a party for some friends and then I got on my knees and asked her. She said ‘yes’. Fortunately.

We don’t know quite when or how the actual marriage ceremony will take place. Sam’s a Catholic, I’m Church of Scotland — and perhaps more to the point, she’s a transwoman. I will keep you all posted but meantime keep an eye on my YouTube Channel

I am in the process of mirroring all the YT videos both here and on Bitchute, but it will take a while.


2 Replies to “Proposing marriage to Sam”

  1. Hi Rod
    Congrats on your marriage ! I’m also attracted to trans women, although I’m straight. I guess I’m attracted to their femininity. Is Phillipines a good place to find a potential wife?

    1. Hi Don sorry to be tardy I am catching up. OK well, generally the men who go for transwomen are straight. I am. It’s becoming less and less unusual, especially as women in the West become more and more intolerable. If the woman calling you ‘gay’ for shagging a drop-dead sexbomb LB is herself a fat, worn-out, poison-mouth feminist slag that you wouldn’t stick it in after a six-month drought, why would anyone pay attention to her anyway?

      Women here are still women, but they will either want kids or for you to take care of their past mistakes, so if you don’t want either of those, then baklas, bekis, ladyboys etc, all the same thing, are a good choice.

      There are probably millions of ladyboys here who would make great partners; certainly many hundreds of thousands; they are everywhere. But as always there are a few bad eggs. Be cautious.

      You MUST BE HERE. Forget all that long distance relationship nonsense. You must come here and LIVE here. Do not even think about taking an Asian woman or TS back to Europe or the US. In the latter case, the local women in the West, whom she is certain to come into contact with, will do everything they can to persuade her to turn against you; after all they HATE the fact that you slipped out from their control and got yourself an actual woman. There is just too much opportunity for a train wreck. If you are there and she is here, what do you think she’ll be doing? Pinays like a lot of sex, you know, lol, and transpinays more than most. BTW many Pinays refuse to use the contraceptive pill because it reduces female libido. (LBs, on the other hand, chomp em like sweeties.) So if you don’t want kids and do intend to plunder some natal women, take precautions; she probably won’t.

      If you move forward, read the articles on this site and watch my YouTube Channel

      I will try to make time to post some articles about this that might help men like you; the situation with LBs is a little different from that with woman and also a lot of what’s on the net is written by mongers whose experience is limited to bar girls. (NEVER date a bar girl. You fuck her, you pay her, you say bye bye.)

      The best dating sites for LBs are IMO PinaLove and Ladyboy Kisses, also ThaiFriendly has loads of transpinays, perhaps surprisingly. Instagram is OK as is Line but FaceBook is a must-avoid. Sure there are scads of LBs there but many are scammers and even if you avoid them, it’s just too easy for people to see what you’re up to and whose stuff you’re liking. Not secure, don’t use it. OK for one-nighters but I swear FB has screwed more relationships than it enabled

      Good luck


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