Human Society is for reproduction. Sex matters.

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Originally posted 2021-04-01 13:39:37.

I have said many times that ‘the Romans were right’ and so they were. Their understanding of human sexuality, which remains in place across the world but has been suppressed in the Anglosphere, is natural, intuitive and simple. It is based on a six axioms.

    • boys go with girls and girls go with boys;
    • opposites attract and likes repel each other;
    • sexuality and gender are two sides of the same coin;
    • to penetrate is to be male, to receive to be female;
    • a homosexual male cannot be a man;
    • men provide and protect, women make babies and nurture them.

Once these are understood, the whole of human sexuality — and society –resolves into focus.

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Motherhood is at the centre of human society. These are Zoe women. Look, no clothes but they’re still women. Gender is real and it exists to attract sexual partners.

Human society

Human society is a function of sexuality because all living things exist for one purpose: to reproduce.

Because of this, we developed the sophisticated structures we call human society. It is based upon the integrated family and the broader clan, but it is centred on mothers. It is essentially matrifocal and in practice, matriarchal. But ‘matriarchy’ does not mean ‘women ruling over men’, or ‘men and women are equal in every sense’ or even ‘women pretending to be men in order to be equally exploited in wage-slavery.’ It means ‘men and women working together to ensure the survival of their children.’ We have no other reason to be here.

Feminist ideals, which attempt to deny this, are clearly nonsensical. A matriarchy can only exist as one part of a dual social system, the other being a patriarchy. These work together as an evolutionary adaptation, the purpose of which is to protect children and their mothers. They complement each other for the benefit of the children.

Men make money, women make homes; and in those homes they raise children. Sexuality and gender are the glue that hold this together. This is natural and normal, but it is also why transgressive groups in the West seek to destroy or twist them. They want to destroy human society so they attack here.

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In the West, decent, stable societies have become narcissistic, materialistic, atomised and ultimately have collapsed as a result of the attack, which has been going on for fifty years now. The root cause of the disaster has been in the female refusal of motherhood. But the fact is that women exist to make babies. Once that has been forgotten, then society is in free-fall.

In 1914, my grandmother was considered a successful mother, with eleven children; in 2000, my wife was thought profligate, having four; and today, young women are adjured never to have children, by other women. The most enthusiastic assassins of the Goddess are her own daughters. How we got into this appalling mess is for another day, but the tale is ugly.

books by rod fleming

Is there still hope?

The Philippines and cultures like it could remind le Monde Anglo-Saxon that the most important thing in life is reproduction and that the most useful thing a woman can do is to raise children. This means throwing out reams of toxic feminist, communist and statist ideology and rediscovering the Goddess, who resides in all women, indeed in all of us.

The loss of religion in the West has been catastrophic – and to those homosexuals and transsexuals who criticise religious condemnation of them, I say I agree; but with the bathwater the baby we have thrown out.


Kabaklaan, the way of the bakla, contributes towards the surrounding human society. It reaffirms the gender binary that humans evolved and which has been essential to our success as a species.

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That binary is the basis of every single human culture; why should we allow a few disgruntled lesbian academics, especially those living on the public purse, to destroy it? Cast them down from their ivory towers, before it’s too late! But perhaps it already is; the stink of death and decay pervades the air in the West today, wafting as it does from those long-corrupted citadels.

The Academy was meant to benefit human society, not bring it to its knees; yet that is what it has done. How wrong and how rash we were to let these people infect the minds of our children! Still, a bonfire of their insufferable vanities might cheer us on our passage to the dark lair of Ereshkigal.


Thankfully, not everywhere is like that. Western ideas have little traction in southeast Asia, and long may that last. Nobody here questions gender, or that motherhood is something a woman should take pride in.

They appreciate that baklas bring glamour, sexiness, humour and fun into human society. When they see little boys dressed up in frocks and make-up, they do not think ‘perversion’, but harmless family entertainment and possibly, another drop-dead-gorgeous star in the making. When Vice Ganda wickedly teases a guest on Showtime, the entire nation creases itself; when men and women see Kevin Balot or any of her sisters, they think ‘Oh, hayop sa ganda!’


kevin balot
Kevin Balot

Perhaps, just perhaps, things might change, even in the West. Will, in the future, boys who like men naturally become trans women, as they do in the Philippines, across Latin America and most of the rest of the world, rather than struggling all their lives to perform a false masculinity they can never succeed at? Will they again be women to their men, as they once were? Will they stop their ridiculous pretence of being men?

The Johnny-come-lately New Gay Man

Let’s not forget, the New Gay Man is a Johnny-come-lately, born in the writings of a German pederast, Benedict Friedlaender and transported to the USA by refugees, where its cult mythology first infected academia before spreading out into society and destroying the previous homosexual culture. There are no more Liberaces or Julian Clarys now; they’ve all been swallowed up by masculinist conformism. Why, even Milo Yiannopoulos has renounced his ‘gay identity’ — was that just because the New Gay Man cult is so terminally boring, darling?

What about lesbians: will they drop their fake femininity, cut their hair and put on their lumberjack shirts and suits, to chase straight women – as they used to? Will the whole so-called ‘egalitarian’ homosexual paradigm, the foundation of the New Gay Man and his female counterpart collapse, showing itself to have been a cultural dead-end, a cul-de-sac? A nasty nightmare from which we might still awaken? One may only hope.

baby trans

The future of human society

In a quarter century, could the West be like southeast Asia, with beautiful transsexuals gracing the arms of straight men, not to mention the covers of magazines, transmen lesbians escorting Suzie Creamcheese and all of them being accommodated? Will we see young male Sexual Inverts of seven or eight flouncing down the road in frocks, and nobody batting an eye, rather cheering them on?

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I wonder if we’ll look back on the ‘like with like’ era of  homosexuality, overwhelmingly white, rooted in Platonism, with its supremacist, misogynistic underpinning and shake our heads, bemused we could ever have been so silly? Obviously, boys who like men must be girls; how could we possibly have got that wrong?

Unfortunately, this seems unlikely. Kabaklaan is built on the solid foundation of religion, tradition, domestic matriarchy and respect for hierarchies. These have been almost completely eradicated in the West, at least in the mainstream white culture. We have lost our roots and will pay the inevitable price. And there are many who are licking their lips at the downfall of the finest culture the world has ever seen.

books by rod fleming

One Reply to “Human Society is for reproduction. Sex matters.”

  1. In regards to what you said about butch lesbians chasing straight women? They’ll have an easier time of it these days, what with all the anti-male rhetoric out there that’s taken root and been allowed to fester and grow, for sure. My not being the most traditionally masculine sort out there, but yet not a total soy boy either (walking gray area, that’s me) works against me anyway, so I can afford to sit back and have a good laugh at this whole thing as I enjoy my life as a happy bachelor. I do know this; I’m as straight as it gets, and femininity is what does it for me, whether it be a trans woman or a natal woman, and if women are too preoccupied with trying to be men, then they have no right to act surprised when they don’t attract the manly man types they feel entitled to. They’ll continue to be frustrated and angry at only attracting the sensitive soy boy types who are pushovers and allow said women to walk all over them and show their bellies the moment she so much as raises her voice. I was there in the past, and allowed it because I didn’t know any better; not so much these days. I didn’t have the best male role model in my household for such things, either, so no wonder it’s taken me this long to get a better clue of things.

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