Super-emasculated men and the gynecocracy

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Originally posted 2017-01-17 09:40:05.

Over the last few decades, particularly in schools and academia, strong masculine role models have been suppressed in favour of super-emasculated men. This, today, has led to a situation where the majority of teachers, outside the hard sciences, engineering and maths, are either women or effeminate super-emasculated men.

When I returned to university in 2010 to complete my Master’s I was shocked to see the extent to which this corrosion had progressed — and that was in Scotland. Not only were a majority of teachers either women or super-emasculated men, the few remaining masculine males were marginalised. There were, literally, no straight male role models. (I became one.)

In other parts of the world, this is a hundred times worse. It is obvious that academia in the US and, increasingly, elsewhere, has been infected by an anti-male social cancer which insists that everything male is bad and everything female is not just better, but so much better that maleness itself must be destroyed.

Emasculated transvestites

One result of this is that we see far more males appearing as autogynephilic transvestites and they are appearing much younger than in the past. While Blanchard related the classic autogynephile to the closeted, narcissistic cross-dresser who puts on feminine clothes to masturbate, this modern type is most closely related to the super-emasculated men who first began to appear twenty years ago in ’emo’ culture.

super-emasculated men
Super-emasculated men

These men’s desire for emasculation has been stimulated by a culture that hates maleness. This culture has oozed out of institutions of learning and has infected business, government and industry, no more so than in the soft technologies of social media, where men are reviled and emasculated omega-males are vaunted. It has leached into politics, where masculine men are detested — just look at the reaction Donald Trump suffers from its adherents. They were not particularly troubled about his policies, but by the fact that he is an alpha-male who is proud to be masculine and rejects the emasculation of Political Correctness and Identity Politics.

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This is also why there are now so many females ‘transitioning’ into men: if being male is no longer a requirement to be a man, (as ‘gender theory’ teaches) but masculinity is still seen as a badge of social dominance (as ‘Political Correctness’ does), the logical conclusion is that females should become masculine to assert authority. Since feminism itself is central to both ‘ender theory’ and Identity politics, this leads to the conclusion that feminism is responsible for the epidemic of youth transition.

This creates an ersatz form of matriarchy, a bastardised succubus that totally disregards the amounts of evidence we have of how true matriarchies, such as those in Asia, work. In those, men are revered as brothers, sons, fathers and lovers, while women are revered as sisters, daughters, mothers and lovers. Men are loved in real matriarchies, not hated. What we are seeing is the development of gynecocracy, not matriarchy

Political Correctness

In the ersatz matriarchy of Political Correctness, all things male must be emasculated and the patriarchal roles of men assumed by females. In other words, feminists have simply simply colonised the ‘patriarchy’, bending it to their desires — to kill or helotise all  men. The more they shout about ‘ending the patriarchy’, the more they are its operators. Now women act out the roles that once were played by men.

Just look at the Left’s counter to Donald Trump in 2016’s US Presidential Election. A person born female who had fully adopted a masculine role, to the point that we might reasonably call her a ‘transman’. Consider the President that Trump replaced: the antithesis of masculinity, a weak, cavilling fool who pandered to the worst in the society that he ‘represented’; or the one who replaced him, a doddering, weak-minded, senile old fool, the marionette who dances to his masters.

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In that election result of 2016 we saw the first real challenge to the ghastly culture of feminazis and their emasculated omega-male poodles, the first strike back against the culture of man-hatred. And how quickly did the gynecocracy and its hordes of screaming harpies react.

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The consequence of this culture is on one hand, to see females adopting male roles and being every bit as unpleasant as men can be — how easily some gender roles are copied — and on the other, males becoming so traumatised by the constant derision of their masculinity that they ‘fall in love’ with the idea of being women. These are omega-males par excellence, the symbol of the eradication of masculinity; for if the regressive-left feminazis cannot kill all male babies — which they would do if they could, keeping only a few to milk for sperm — what better than to turn them into facsimiles of women?


I suppose one must even have sympathy with the sad products of this diseased culture, the super-emasculated men who are still rejected by the women they desire. ‘Look,’ they say, ‘We destroyed our masculinity to supplicate you! Why then will you not be our lovers?’ The absurdity of such a person becoming totally emasculated in order to so delight women that they would allow him to fuck them is positively hilarious — or would be were it not so tragic.

No transsexual (Blanchard HSTS) is confused in this way. She does not desire to emasculate anyone. She loves masculinity, delights in it, adores hairy chests, big muscles, strong men and being fucked. It is her raison d’etre, the deep-seated powerhouse that drives her life: her sheer adoration of and lust for masculinity. She can never be masculine herself but loving men, indeed, that is well within her gift. To her, the autogynephile, with his fake femininity and desire, nevertheless, for sex with women, is pathetic.

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Transmasculine feminazis

Of course, autogynephiles and transmasculine feminazis — the opposite sides of the same ghastly coin — know this and that is why they attempt, at every turn, to erase transsexuals. Consider: if my enemy’s friend is, by definition, my enemy, then what is my enemy’s lover? She who will wait on him, pursue sex with him, clean house for him and be the best of lovers, giving her body unreservedly to him? She who will nurse his wounds and soothe his hurts? Who will fall asleep in his arms, happy in the protection and security that her man gives her?

The hatred of feminazis and autogynephilic transvestites for homosexual transsexuals knows no bounds. Why? Because transsexuals are the very women that feminazis wish did not exist. They take every ‘gender stereotype’ and wear it like a badge of honour. And every autogynephile, no matter where he comes from, knows this reality: he can never compete with a transsexual. If one appears in the same room as he, the laughable pretence of his pseudo-femininity is at once exposed for the tissue of lies that it is.

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These are the real reasons why super-emasculated men and the harpies of supremacist feminazism hate transsexuals. They desire to erase them and those men who love them. They desire a world without men, women who love men and most of all, boys who become women in order to love the Enemy — the powerful, dominant alpha male.

It all kinda makes you think maybe Buffalo Bill was on to something, you know?

‘Gender Neutral’ Parenting

To this end they advocate ‘gender neutral’ parenting — in other words, the deliberate mental abuse of children in order to satisfy their supremacist anti-masculine agenda and pervert them to the gynecocracy’s will. How is punishing a male child for acting like a boy more acceptable than it would be to punish him for being a girl? The sheer hypocrisy of these people sticks in any right-thinking person’s craw.

Hell, they even loathe gays like Milo Yiannopoulous — why? Because he loves real men. The very men they loathe and have spent so many years plotting to destroy.

Gender pay gap myth

There is no ‘gender pay gap’. There is no ‘institutionalised racism’. A non-white person today finds it easier to go to college or find work than a better-qualified white person. Everyone has the vote and is equal under the law. In marital law, women are favoured over men. Everyone’s life is equally valid. There are no white slave-owners and their descendants are not responsible for the sins of people who died a century and a half ago. There are no ‘reparations’ to pay. Egalitarianism is over; its ends have been achieved.

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Today, the only slave-owners are those who have long profited from this ghastly trade and whose evil creed legitimises it — Muslims. They currently hold at least 23 million black people as slaves — 46 times as many as were held in the southern states of the US at the outbreak of the Civil War. 46 times as many.

There is no ‘rape culture’ in the West; rape culture, today, is a function of Islam. It is the principal means by which that cult maintains social control. This we see in the wave of Muslim rape-terrorism sweeping Europe today.

When men were men – and how we need them now

White male privilege is a chimera

There is no such thing as ‘white male privilege’. It is a chimera invented by the Regressive Left to attempt to emasculate what they hate most — white men. They can no longer hide behind the mask of egalitarianism and have been exposed for what they are — supremacists who hate heterosexual white men and the women who love them.

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The only enemies of freedom of speech in the West today are the feminazis and race-supremacists of the Left. They know that silencing dissent is the keystone in their arch of darkness. In a chilling Orwellian fantasy, thoughts themselves are policed; voicing a legitimate opinion about ‘oppressed’ people — those who bask most unashamedly in their false, assumed, victim status — will get you a visit from the agents of the state, even in such ‘bastions of free speech’ as the UK.

The war, my dears, has only just begun.

2 Replies to “Super-emasculated men and the gynecocracy”

  1. Yeah I am just now learning that “transmen” hate HSTS transexuals. They defend the shit out of AGP, claiming that it’s really possible to be a lesbian with a dick. I think this is because these FTM imagine themselves as gay boys who are into gay men. They want to be accepted by gay men as real men but of course this is a fantasy.

    Whenever I start a thread anywhere on trans types, it is the AGP defenders who are the loudest. It is truly nuts. So much denial. FTM who are defending them and people who claim that their “typical lady brains” are why they are lesbian because lesbians like women too and they also have lady brains!

    I think that, regarding transmen, the ones who actually feel dysphoria (not the social kind) and who are sexually attracted to women – I suspect that , as you have stated​, that these FTM are hyper masculinized butch lesbians. Butch lesbians on steroids.

    1. Just about everyone hates HSTS transsexuals. As you say, ‘transmen’ hate them because they prove that gender and sexuality are two sides of the same coin; gays hate them because they don’t have the guts to live as the women they are; AGPs hate them because they’re not fakes. All ‘trans’ indetities invented and adopted by women, other than the ‘butvh lesbian on steroids’ are fakes. These are women who seek to colonise the role of dominant alpha males.

      Western profile AGPs are amongst the most repellent people I have ever met. They adopte victime status and bludgeon reason to death. YOU CANNOT just ‘become’ a women if you are a middle-aged man. The whole ‘lady brain’ tropes is a blatant lie as regards AGPs, as the Savic & Arver and Rametti studies proved.

      In fact no trans person ever changes their sex. HSTS transsexuals are gay males with good looks and comons sense, who know that their natural femininity, with alittle help, can win them the partners they want — straight men. A significant part of gender is those behaviours designed to attract parters. So giess what? Bitch lesbians look and act like men to attract women and HSTS look and act like women to attract men. It’s simple.

      AGP stands alone, it is a purely male fetich that simply doesn’t exist in women, because, guess what, women’s sexuality is different from men’s. Of course this is denied by the PC left but a momnent’s thought reveals thew truth. Women’s best cxhance of replicating their genes is through raising their children to sexual maturity, 12-14 years of age. This means that women are focussed on nurture and protection. Men’s best chance of replication is through impregnating as many women as they can. While men may form strong paqir bonds with women, this is not necessary to the successful rearing of children, as the Mosuo people show very clearly. So it is ineveitable that male and female sexualities are quite different and it is this more than anything else that leads into the social behaviours we call gender. There is absoluttely NO SUCH THING as ‘gender identity’; it is a canard. How could a middle aged man possibly know what feels like ‘to be a woman’? It’s obvious poppycock.

      Sexuality and gender are really the same thing. HSTS have feminine gender because they desire to be penetrated by powerful mascualine men.

      Thanks for your continued support, I appreciate it!

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