The Four Horsemen of the Gaypocalypse

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Originally posted 2023-03-01 16:56:50.

Okay, so the four horsemen of the Gaypocalypse is tongue-in-cheek. But for too long we have been fed real whoppers by the New Gay Man apologists and activists. The first of these is that ‘gay’ and ‘homosexual’ mean the same thing. They don’t at all, and this curious conflation — of four horsemen into one — has been extremely useful for those New Gay Man and ‘Queer’ activists, and thoroughly bad news for the actual homosexuals. It is in fact almost impossible to understand alternative male sexuality while believing that the four horsemen are one.

So who are these Four Horsemen of the Gaypocalypse and what is their purpose?

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Let’s do that one at a time. The first of the four horsemen is

The Homosexual.

Homosexuals are Sexual Inverts, that is, they were subject to anomalies in hormone deliveries in early development. In males this tends to produce feminisation across a range of characteristics. They tend to be small, lightly built and fine-boned. If they are tall, they will be very slender; waif-like. They may have female-typical digit ratios. Their voices will be naturally soft and often higher-pitched than other males. They tend to neoteny or ‘baby-face’ and can often be ethereally beautiful, especially as children.

In play, they are markedly ‘unboyish’ and hate rough-and-tumble. They dislike contact sports and may prefer sports like tennis or volleyball, though in both their slight build will be a disadvantage. They will prefer to play with girls rather than boys and might enjoy skipping and similar playground games. Although in their early years they may be confused, they naturally self-identify as girls.

four horsemen
Why would a homosexual want to look like a bloke, when she could look this good?

These factors become obvious in early childhood, typically by age four but often play preferences can be observed before that. During mid-childhood they may begin having romantic crushes, as other children do, and as they hit puberty these will become much more focussed erotic desires and fantasies which will centre on them being sexually taken by big, powerful, masculine men.


Noteworthy is the fact that these fantasies and desires will never be on others like themselves, at least in cultures where such ideas are not forced upon them. They will always be on masculine men.

Something very similar to the inverse of all of this occurs in females, but it is more complicated than in males.

books by rod fleming

Over 80% of children who display the childhood characteristics will be either homosexual or transsexual. Because this is a conventional scale of variation, the most severely affected boys are the most likely to complete as women, the inverse in girls. However, the surrounding culture is important such that a boy who would complete as soon as possible in tolerant cultures, may persist in performing as a ‘gay man’ in less tolerant ones. Effectively what happens is that the more intolerant the culture is, the more ‘passing’ the individual has to be, otherwise she may not complete.

Fleming’s Axiom

This states that ‘An individual with Gender Dysphoria will transition or complete if he or she thinks the benefits of doing so will outweigh the social disadvantages.’ Put bluntly, the stronger the Gender Dysphoria, the more pressure there is for a homosexual male to complete as a woman; but the stronger the cultural transphobia, the more pressure is on her to appear masculine. In effect, that means she will only do it if she thinks she’ll ‘pass’.


Pederasts; the second of the four horsemen

Now, while this profile above is often taken, especially by those outside the gay cult lifestyle, to define everyone in it, this is wrong. A huge number of male ‘gays’ are not homosexual at all; they have none of the characteristics described above. Although the relative numbers remain obscure, one of the most significant groups are pederasts.

The first thing to grasp is that while homosexuality is innate and caused by circumstances in utero, pederasty is not innate. It is environmental and so some understanding of how it comes about is useful.

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Pederasty is acquired and cyclical. I have written a number of articles on this .
To recap, in pederasty, a young male, typically twelve or older, is taken sexually by an older, more experienced boy or a man. He is pedicated, that is, anally penetrated. In Ancient Greece and Japan as well as elsewhere, this would occur within a stable, socially sanctioned relationship. The partners in these were always of the same social class and the older male had to treat the younger with respect. In these cultures, anal sex between males was common anyway and carried no opprobrium

In the modern West, however, the pederastic model is much more like the Roman, where the younger males were usually slaves. Here, young boys are groomed by older males who buy them alcohol, food, clothes and so on, and then fuck them. The boys will typically be passed around a group of older men, for their sexual pleasure, until finally they become too old. Usually this is when they begin to grow a beard, although there is, incredibly, debate as to whether the development of ‘beard fuzz’ or an actual beard is the point at which they change. Indeed some pederasts prefer boys who have ‘beard-fuzz’.


At this point, when he becomes redundant as a sex toy,  the young male has a choice: he may either leave the ‘gay’ lifestyle and try to rebuild his reputation and his relationships with his friends and parents, which have probably been seriously damaged. This may be very difficult. Establishing himself as a ‘straight’ man, which he needs to do to have any chance of a relationship with a woman, will be fraught, because his past will keep coming up and ‘once a gay, always a gay’.

Alternatively, if she is actually homosexual has not left it too late, she might still be able to cut her losses by completing as a woman.  But this course can be tricky for such individuals.

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On the other hand and sadly this is more common, he might ‘turn top’, that is, become a pederast himself and start preying on younger males. This, in the West, usually occurs between the age of twenty and twenty-three.

Because pederasts are not Sexually Inverted, they may show no obvious variation from the norms for other males in their ethnicity. They can appear and may well be, masculine, sporty, perhaps tough, certainly not effeminate and so on, although they might be somewhat more dandified than most men. Most will have to unlearn the feminine attributes that had learned when they were younger and being used as women by pederasts.



This group is enormously influential and yet hardly known, because of the conflation of the types in the ‘gay’ lifestyle. But most ‘gay’ activists are actually pederasts.

Pederasts always remain drawn to the youthful ideal — usually the reflection of themselves when they first were pedicated.

These are two of the four horsemen of the Gaypocalypse. What about bisexuals?

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There are two different forms of bisexual found in the ‘gay’ lifestyle. The first is related to homosexuals and transsexuals.

Homosexuals and transsexuals have the same underlying condition, Sexual Inversion. It’s generally accepted that transsexuals are just further along the scale. But what if there were people who are less far along it than homosexuals? Might they appear a little less strongly feminised and might they be a little less uniquely attracted to masculine men (in males)?

That does indeed match observation, certainly in southeast Asia. There is a whole subgroup called, funnily enough, bisexuals, who will have sex with masculine men, each other and even women. Most importantly,  they will both penetrate and be penetrate. That is they behave in conformity with female sex sometimes and with male sex at other. So they are ‘bisexual’.

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However, this is not the only type of bisexual in the ‘gay’ lifestyle. Another is actually a form of Autogynephilia, which, remember is ‘a man’s propensity to be aroused at the thought or image of himself as a woman.’ But these Autogynephiles are rarely transvestic and get their kicks from having ‘sex as a woman’ — that is, by being penetrated.


There is evidence that, certainly in the USA, these men pick very young boys to be their sexual partners, that is, to penetrate them, even paying for this. This seems to be a way for them to overcome their natural revulsion towards masculine male bodies.

In the Philippines, these form a group called the silahis which means ‘the blade that cuts both ways.’ These are often married men, fathers with careers and so they may be extremely secretive about their sexuality. They seem to seek out markedly younger men to penetrate them and again, payment may be necessary. These younger men are known as  ‘call-boys’ and can make a living out of this.



four horsemen richard burton
The legendary Sir Richard Burton, an icon of masculinity who once said, when quizzed about his life “Sir, I’m proud to say I have committed every sin in the Decalogue.”

There is at least one more identifiable group that circulates in the ‘gay’ lifestyle. These are the last of the four horsemen. They are basically sexual adventurers who seek to penetrate other males. There have been many such, although in modern times they tend to be discreet. Perhaps the most famous was the legendary Sir Richard Burton.


Their behaviour  might be because of the social circumstances: when women are not available, men will pursue more feminine males. There are many reasons why a man might do this, other than scarcity, however. For example, most men know that getting sex within the ‘gay’ lifestyle is relatively easy, especially for one prepared to penetrate. On the other hand, dating women is expensive, does not have a guaranteed result and is fraught with risks, of accusations of impropriety and worse.

Perhaps we should just call this ‘normal male behaviour’, as long as the man is penetrating. After all, one cul is much like another, when the lights are out.

Unfortunately, these men can be incredibly damaging to homosexuals, the first of our classes, because as regular heterosexual, masculine men, they are the primary desire of all homosexuals and transsexuals. It’s very easy for a homosexual or transsexual to fall heavily for a man like this, without understanding that where she sees love and a potential ‘lifetime partner’, he sees a damn good fuck and sayonara, baby.

books by rod fleming

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