Narcissistic Homosexual vs Autogynephilia

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Originally posted 2019-01-09 06:20:54.

Are Narcissistic Homosexuality in males and Autogynephilia linked? I argue that they are.

Many have tried to negate the relationship between gender-dysphoric transition desire, and homosexuality. In one category, of course, this is futile. Homosexual Transsexuals (or true Transsexuals) are born with an innate condition called Sexual Inversion, which is the result of hormone-delivery anomalies in utero. This, being a biological effect, displays variation in intensity. So an aetiology is formed, with Transgender Homosexuals (feminine male and masculine female) at one end, and full Transsexuals (MtF and FtM) at the other. The precise point at which an individual sits depends on many factors; but they are on a relational scale of expressions of the same underlying phenomenon: innate Sexual Inversion. These individuals have normal levels of narcissism, in line with natal men and women.

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Narcissism per se is not a disorder, rather a normal and useful trait; but in excess it causes Narcissistic Personality Disorders or NPDs. NPDs may be innate.

Nobody argues that Sexual Inversion is the cause of all homosexuality or transition desire; same-sex attraction and cross-sex identification can be symptoms of several underlying phenomena and it is not always easy to tease one from the other. But the Sexual Inversion phenomenon and the Transgender Homosexuality/Homosexual Transsexualism aetiology are easy to establish and identify. What about the other forms, though?

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Non-homosexual transition desire

Non-homosexual transition desire (ie, in males, retaining a heteronormative male attraction to women) is not caused by Sexual Inversion. The subjects rarely have the qualities manifest in HSTS and where they do, it is purely by chance. There is no consistent clustering of characteristics such as childhood same-sex crushing and Gender Non-Conformity, pubertal same-sex orientation and cross-sex identification, physical tendencies like neoteny, slightness of build, naturally feminine comportment and much else.

Non-homosexual transition desire, which, in severe forms, can manifest as non-homosexual Gender Dysphoria, an intense discomfort at appearing in the gender associated with one’s sex, is caused by another condition, called Autogynephilia or AGP, ‘a man’s arousal at the thought or image of himself as a woman’.1

I make a distinction between ‘transition desire’ which can be relatively mild and might be assuaged, in non-homosexual male subjects, by part-time crossdressing, wearing women’s underwear etc and Gender Dysphoria, which is the clinical, morbid form of transition desire, in which the subject’s ability to live a normal life (ie, as a man) is compromised. Again, however, there is a clear aetiology applicant here.

In AGP, the subject becomes fixated on the idea of ‘being a woman’. But that can be further broken down into two components: autoeroticism and heterosexual desire. So Autogynephilia is, in the first place, a narcissistic erotic attachment to the self; where it causes clinically-identifiable disturbance, it becomes a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The specific attachment to an eroticised self-image is called an Erotic Target Location Error or ETLE, since the self is not an appropriate erotic target, in a sexually reproductive species.

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Attraction to femininity and Androphobia

So what about the ‘as a woman’ part? These men, sticking with male forms just now, are attracted to femininity, so they have heterosexual orientation. They are often, also, strongly androphobic, that is, repulsed by the idea of sexual relations with other men. This is somewhat normal. There are means they might use to get round this, but, in the West, most AGP transvestites just avoid physical relations with men.

They might well flirt with men and lead them on, to see if they can spark some interest, but this is just validation-confirmation. If the man actually makes a sexual move, he will be branded a ‘chaser’ or a ‘faggot’.2

I remember one, online, saying that she might regard a man who had had upwards of a thousand transsexual partners as a ‘chaser’. That’s a pretty low bar. (This is not to suggest that HSTS are necessarily promiscuous, rather to illustrate the different nature of their sexual desire.)

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Cognitive Dissonance

As a result of their androphobia, in becoming the object of their own sexual and romantic desire, AGPs can experience Cognitive Dissonance, since they are and appear to be, men. So a second character is formed in the mind of the subject, which appears to be a woman. This is essentially a role that the subject acts out, but it is one that begins to take on a life of its own. The more this is indulged, resulting in massive narcissistic, as well as sexual, reward, the stronger it will get, until it takes over. It is at this point that transition desire escalates into Gender Dysphoria but note: it is the invented character that experiences this Dysphoria, not the host.3

Narcissistic Homosexuals

Turning now to Narcissistic Homosexuals, we can observe many parallels with AGP. The auto-eroticism of the condition is manifest. Subjects are sexually attracted to themselves, as men. This, again, is an ETLE, the identification of self with object of sexual desire. As Sam Vaknin puts it, they manifest this by attraction to mirrors or ‘clones’ of themselves. Why? Because the more closely the sexual target resembles oneself, the easier it is to project and map one’s own self-image onto the other’s body and face. This is the cause of the Western ‘clone’ gay: it is Narcissistic auto-eroticism, an ETLE. So there is a clear link between Narcissistic Homosexuals and male non-homosexual transitioners or AGPs: they both exhibit ETLEs.

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The difference between AGPs and male Narcissistic Homosexuals is not in the sexual target, the self, but in its apparent gender. Male non-homosexual transition desire is experienced by men with heterosexual orientation: they are attracted to femininity. Autogynephiles therefore have to modify the appearance of their bodies to match their expectations of the desired sexual target, since they themselves are playing that role.

The conventional Narcissistic Homosexual, however, is attracted to his own masculinity (again, sticking with males). He doesn’t need to modify his body such that it more closely resembles a woman’s: instead he modifies it to better resemble his ‘ideal man’. To do this, he might use physical techniques to sculpt his body. These might range from dieting to working out, but also may include techniques like an obsession with being tattooed or having other body art or modification. He might take testosterone to assist his progress. He is likely to be extremely conscious of his own appearance and will constantly check himself in mirrors. He will likely be a ‘fashion victim’ and so on. His sexual targets will appear to be almost identical to himself and will exhibit the same behaviours.


Non-homosexual male transitioners, AGPs, are frequently at pains to distance themselves from the ‘gay’ lifestyle but they have significant links to it. In their narcissism they are similar to the Narcissistic Homosexual male, as we have just shown. The distinction is only that the former is aroused by the thought or image of himself not just as a woman, but as his ‘ideal woman’, while the latter is aroused by the thought or image of himself as his ‘ideal man’. Naturally these ideals are strictly artefacts of the underlying narcissism and cannot exist in the real world.

This is one reason for the high partner turnover amongst these groups — no real human could even hope to live up to the ideal being desired When the individual onto whom the idealised desire is projected fails to live up to it, which is inevitable, he or she will be dumped, passed over for another candidate; or the Narcissist, be he AGP or Homosexual, may simply turn his attention back to his first love — himself.

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Pederastic variation of Narcissistic Homosexuality

Marcel Proust, one of the more famous pederasts of his day

There are other parallels though, some much darker. Narcissistic Homosexualism has a Pederastic variation, in which the ETLE is focussed on the self, but at a point in the subject’s own youth. This is usually when he himself became sexually aware, often when he was first seduced homosexually. By no means all Narcissistic Homosexuals do this, but it is a recognisable variation and has been remarked by many observers, going back as far as Freud. Such men predate on adolescent or even younger males, depending on the age of their idealised self-image.

While most are careful to observe the local laws regarding sex with minors, this does not stop them pursuing younger males the instant they become ‘fair game’. With this in mind, remember that Narcissistic Homosexuals were successful in lowering the age of homosexual consent in Scotland and England to 16, in 2000. 4


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Acquiring Homosexual desire

Pederastic, Narcissistic Homosexual men tend not to target obviously feminine boys, because they are repulsed by femininity both in themselves and in others.5

This leads to them attempting to seduce heterosexual boys into the ‘gay’ lifestyle while they are young and their sexuality is not fully crystallised. This may lead to the seduced boy, now fully inveigled into a lifestyle which is notoriously hard to escape, acquiring homosexual desire himself.

‘Gaslighting’ is used ruthlessly to condition young initiates to the idea that they were ‘born that way’ and that there is no possible alternative. This is not true. Only a subset of homosexuals, Transgender Homosexuals, have an innate homosexual condition, Sexual Inversion. In Narcissistic Homosexualism the Narcissism is the motivating force and the question then would be ‘is that innate’; many professionals consider it to be so.

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Autogynephilic arousal

Acquired homosexual desire may be in the form of autogynephilic arousal at being ‘made a woman’; by being penetrated, triggering, potentially, a lifelong condition.6 This is a significant crossover between Narcissistic Homosexuality and Autogynephilia. Many Narcissistic Homosexuals, however, avoid penetrative sex with each other as neither is able to ‘become a woman’. Many authors, including Freud himself, express confusion at the number of such males who indulged only in ‘mutual masturbation’. They had not fully appreciated the sexually transformative significance of penetration.

A boy who does not have innate Sexual Inversion and who is seduced by a pederastic homosexual, is highly likely to become a pederast himself, once he becomes too old to play the eromenos successfully.

Again, this has been widely noted and is referred to in the Western ‘gay’ subculture as ‘turning top’; the implication being that young boys are sexually receptive but change role as they mature. Once the desire is acquired, the subject will, in turn will relive the moment at which he was first pedicated, seducing and ‘turning’ young boys. Thus is the vicious cycle perpetuated.

Sexually Inverted boys do not follow this path; if they are lucky and live in a supportive culture, their best option is to transition and to live as women. Otherwise they will tend to form pseudo-lesbian relationships with others like themselves.

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Non-homosexual transitioners, because they are actually attracted to femininity both in themselves and others, often seek out HSTS transsexuals. Here, they are attracted to their ideal of themselves at the moment at which they first realised their erotic self-desire: as a young, beautiful girl who has a penis.

It is how the pseudo-feminine target first appeared, what she looked like when she opened her eyes: a beautiful girl — but who possessed the subject’s own penis, necessary to achieve pleasure. Many HSTS exactly fit this description, especially when they are young. 7

In fact, the desire on the part of both transitioned and non-trans autogynephiles for an HSTS, but also to be pedicated by her, causes the HSTS massive cognitive dissonance and may propel her to Genital Reconstruction Surgery, on the grounds that ‘If it’s not there, I can’t be forced to use it.’

It seems likely, from reading the narratives of AGPs and discussing their experiences directly with them, that the Body Dysmorphia which causes them to ‘hate their penises’ may actually be triggered by a guilt reaction. This might be the result of parental condemnation of masturbation.

It is as if they know, but are unable to recognise, that their entire pseudo-feminine persona is the result of their fascination with their own penises. Their stated desire to rid themselves of the penis, which is not quite the same as desiring a vagina (ie anatomical autogynephilia) amounts to scapegoating it. It seems unlikely that penectomy, in cases like this, would be a successful therapy, in the long term.8

This makes the decision last year, by the University of Bath, to pull a research project that would have looked into transition regret and hopefully have established a statistical baseline, the more unfortunate.

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Fully-transitioned AGPs who pursue HSTS transsexuals are often called ‘trannyhawks’ in the US and no better example could there be than Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner, who has acquired an HSTS girlfriend, model Sophia Hutchins. Often, as described in Mike Bailey’s book, The Man Who Would Be Queen, (2003) the trannyhawk AGP will appear as a mentor to a group of usually younger and highly attractive HSTS transsexuals.

A very cute HSTS. These girls are threatened by AGPs

It is never a good idea to allow a person with any Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) into a position of control or authority over another individual. AGPs and Narcissistic Homosexuals will abuse any such position and this can be catastrophic both for HSTS, who tend to be high in both conscientiousness and agreeableness, especially when they are young, and for shy, late developing or otherwise somewhat insecure, but heterosexual boys, whom pederasts will seduce without mercy.

Essentially, both AGPs and Narcissistic Homosexuals, whether identifiable as Pederastic or not, as well as others with ETLEs resulting from their NPD, should be kept as far away as possible from vulnerable young people. 9

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In this light it is extremely worrying that AGP activists in the West have inserted themselves into the debate about young HSTS, about whom they know absolutely nothing but upon whom they feed like vampires.

We see, in the news regularly, evidence of how Pederastic Narcissistic Homosexuals have preyed on heterosexual boys, in our culture, which has no mechanism whatsoever to sanction this or to help the affected individuals to cope. We are stoking a new efflorescence of this, right now.

We are also likely to see a similar rash of cases concerning AGP abuse of young HSTS and Transgender Homosexuals in the future.

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