Narcissistic rage attacks, marks of the transvestite

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Originally posted 2022-08-28 14:56:13.

Narcissistic rage, grooming and predation are the hallmarks of the Autogynephilic transvestite.

Narcissistic rage, grooming and predation are the hallmarks of the autogynephilic transvestite, especially the Western elderly form. They are characteristic and more: a badge. All autogynephilic transvestites will at some point indulge narcissistic rage attacks. In other words,  they will all turn nasty in the end. Every single one.

Narcissistic rage attacks: mental condition

Other mental conditions may give rise to narcissistic rage attacks, but rarely are they as vicious, vituperative and mean as in the autogynephilic transvestite. Worse, narcissistic rage attacks provoke such men into plotting or even attempting to execute, strategems that will cause real harm to their victims. They will try to ruin careers and lives, marriages and even have children removed from the homes of their victims, on the basis of smears, lies and fantasy.

Sometimes, they may go further and attempt to persuade – or to pay – others to harm or even kill their victims. Fortunately, these most violent narcissistic rage attacks generally remain in the realm of fantasy, for autogynephilic transvestites are, typically, weak and ineffectual men; though sadly, not all. This is most marked once they have allowed their pseudo-feminine alter-ego, the autogynephilic artefact, to take control.

I’ll illustrate this with two cases, one well-known and the other not.

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In 2003, Professor J Michael Bailey, of Northwestern University in Chicago, published a book called The Man Who Would Be Queen,  which aimed to explain Dr Ray Blanchard, another academic’s, work on what he called transsexualism. Both Bailey and Blanchard were sympathetic to autogynephilic transvestites.

Indeed Blanchard to this day insists on calling them ‘transsexual’ (which I disagree with) because, he said, he wanted the two groups, transsexuals and transvestites, to be treated as being of equal merit and did not want to establish ‘a hierarchy’. Unfortunately, what has happened is that transvestites have seized this opportunity to elevate their status over transsexuals, thus de facto establishing a hierarchy — to the disadvantage of transsexuals.


This generosity, on the parts of Blanchard and Bailey, did not stop a positive tsunami of the ugliest narcissistic rage attacks imaginable, of lies, misrepresentation, character assassination, accusations of both improper professional behaviour and even criminality, by a group of autogynephilic transvestites led by Lynn Conway, Deirdre McCloskey and last but not least, the thoroughly odious Andrea James. These are not, obviously, their real names, since all are men.

narcissistic rage
This is ‘Andrea’ James, a transvestite. This was AFTER her facial feminisation surgery. Ouch my eyes.

The fiasco was investigated and documented by another academic, Dr Alice Dreger, who said:

The book’s portrayal of male-to-female (MTF) transsexualism (sic), based on a theory developed by sexologist Ray Blanchard, outraged some transgender activists. They believed the book to be…oppressive in both tone and claims, insulting to their senses of self, and damaging to their public identities. Some saw the book as especially dangerous because it claimed to be based on rigorous science,was published by an imprint of the National Academy of Sciences, and argued that MTF sex changes are motivated primarily by erotic interests and not by the problem of having the gender identity common to one sex in the body of the other. Dissatisfied with the option of merely criticizing the book, a small number of transwomen (particularly Lynn Conway, Andrea James, and Deirdre McCloskey) worked to try to ruin Bailey. 1


Dreger herself came under attack from transactivists, including the cabal mentioned above. James even assaulted her at a conference, while she was significantly pregnant. This is what we are dealing with here: nasty, bullying men in dresses. Professor Bailey, a thoroughly decent man, resigned his Chair at Northwestern soon after the incident.

Given that two of the most hysterical prosecutors of these narcissistic rage attacks, Conway and McCloskey, were themselves senior academics, their personal and vicious nature was the more shocking.


Later, Dr Dreger described what had happened as  ‘narcissistic rage attacks’.

Narcissistic rage is a term that was first coined by author Heinz Kohut in 1972 to refer to the tendency for people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) to fly into a rage with what might seem like the slightest provocation or no obvious provocation at all.

People with NPD require that others give them consistent admiration and positive feedback; when this doesn’t happen, it can elicit underlying feelings of shame that trigger an instant angry response and lashing out without care for how it impacts the recipient.

It is the narcissist’s thin skin and sensitivity that leads to this rage because of a deep-seated fear of being “found out” for not being the person they portray themselves to be.

What is Narcissistic Rage?

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narcissistic rage

Autogynephilia, which is ‘a man’s propensity to be aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman’ is by definition, a narcissistic condition, since it focusses erotic and romantic desire on the self. Autogynephilic transvestites are therefore prone to the same sorts of outrageous fits of anger and violence that typify  narcissistic rage attacks and this is what seems to have happened in this case.

The attackers were not satisfied with simply trashing his book in reviews – and they were certainly  given space in the media to do so – but Bailey himself had to be crushed, his career terminated, his family life ruined and his reputation torpedoed. Fortunately, Dr Bailey survived this outrageous and completely unwarranted attack, though he was damaged.

None of the individuals implicated in the conspiracy against Dr Bailey were themselves ever mentioned either by Blanchard or Bailey until well after the furore blew up. Their behaviour is therefore even less excusable.

Why do I mention this?

Well, until around 2014 I had little time for Blanchard’s theories, largely, I now know, because I had not been much exposed to autogynephilic transvestites and knew nothing of their propensity towards appalling behaviour. However, in 2012 and particularly 2013, events occurred which changed that and very soon I had to concede that Blanchard had a point. I therefore went back and re-read all the material I could find, at the end of which I was quite convinced that he was, at least as far as his separation of male-to-feminine transition desire into two separate types, absolutely correct.

When I made this public, I immediately came under the same sort of narcissistic rage attacks that Bailey had suffered. At the time I was a respected commenter on Quora, but when I said that Blanchard’s explanations were sound, my account was suddenly terminated. The same happened on various other sites and it was always because a group of autogynephilic transvestites had used their influence to harm me. They did their worst, but I note that I am still here.

books by rod fleming

Fast forward: narcissistic rage attacks now

In around May of 2021 I was approached online by a stranger, who made contact through my YouTube Channel. This person claimed to live in Birmingham, England and to be a homosexual transsexual, that is, not an autogynephilic transvestite. I helped this person establish a YouTube Channel and offered the use of my own material freely – and offer that was enthusiastically taken up. Over the next year, this person would, regular as clockwork, set up video conference calls with me, usually twice a week, which lasted, sometimes, over three hours and rarely less than two.

I was from the outset unconvinced by this person’s claim to be a transsexual. The appearance was too masculine, the manner also. However, I am a polite sort of person so I decided to humour this and go along with these interminable calls.


All seemed well until May 2022 when the person concerned, whom we shall call Paul, decided to launch  narcissistic rage attacks on me. This came right out of the blue and amazed me. I had done nothing but be pleasant to him; I had never questioned any of his claims to transsexual status, despite my severe misgivings. I had just, as far as I could see, been nice.

I did notice that in video chats, Paul was very careful never to show any of his body, only his face, which was always heavily made up. But I did not comment.

narcissistic rage
This is ‘Paul’. Cute? Not much. Notice the glare. Narcissistic rage attacks are near.

Grooming a young person

Paul had been grooming a young person from another country. He had tried to visit her in her own country, but Covid lockdown made this impossible. He made an alternative plan to spend a holiday in Thailand with her – where goodness knows what might have happened. Fortunately that has now been dropped.

The young person had begun feminising hormone therapy and as far as I could see, all was well. Her progress was slow but she had been put on a very low dose of oestrogen, 2mg/daily, which was simply not enough to effect rapid change.

Toxic influence

Paul — who is not the sharpest tool in the shed — came under the toxic influence of another person, who went by the name of ‘Ashlee’ or ‘Queen A’. I am unsure of exactly how much influence this amounted to, but ‘Ashlee’ is a drug addict and another autogynephilic transvestite. I soon noticed that the young person, whom we’ll call Sandra, (she does not use that name) stopped being the apple of Paul’s eye and instead, he became highly critical of her, calling her ‘madame’ in a derisory manner.

One day he said, in a message to me, that he and ‘Ashlee’ had had enough, that they were going to confront Sandra and tell her to stop taking hormones. By exactly what right he presumed to do this I never knew. He said he planned to act the following Saturday and demanded that I be present for the Zoom call at which the dirty business was to be done. Not surprisingly, I found I had other plans.

narcissistic rage attacks
Paul and one of his transvestite chums. No, boys, women do not look like brickies wearing bras full of socks.


Was this cowardly of me? Perhaps, but in my defence I really didn’t think it had anything to do with me and that for me even to be present would add gravitas to the attackers’ case — something Paul clearly wanted.  I decided that the refusal to give them support in a hatchet-job was enough of a signal that I thought they were in the wrong.

Two types of homosexual? Not likely.

Then, Paul started up about how homosexual transsexuals were different from what he called ‘gay men’. I pointed out that this was nonsensical, since in order to be a homosexual transsexual, one first must be homosexual. There is no difference between the sexualities, but the appearance may be different. This, however, can almost always be explained by cultural variations; where male femininity is permitted, we see more transsexuals, where it is scorned, more ‘gay men’. But both show great similarity in aetiology.


They were both highly feminine boys, often very pretty, frequently small, disliked rough-and-tumble, socialised with girls better than boys – and all this years before puberty. At that point if not before, they would develop powerful sexualised yearnings for other males, typically older, dominant ones, with whom they desired to play the submissive role both socially and sexually. They also developed a fascination for penises, but unlike most boys, who are fascinated by their own, they became obsessed by other males’ genitalia.

In fact over 90% of boys like this will be either homosexual or transsexual. Any differences are merely in presentation. The simple fact is that the same boy in one culture might be a ‘gay man’ while in another, a transsexual woman; and some may be a woman for part of their lives and something approximating a man at others.

narcissistic rage attacks
Audition for the witches in Macbeth?

This was not about the transsexual/transvestite divide

Paul and his allies, principally Ashlee but also a couple of others, who have since apologised for their behaviour and so will not be mentioned further here, began to attack me for saying that, basically, all transsexuals were homosexual. They were not arguing about the transsexual/transvestite divide, but instead were making a confused case to suggest that somehow there were ‘gay men’ who were unrelated to what they were now calling HSTS – homosexual transsexuals — within which group they counted themselves, of course. It was a clear case of ‘othering’, in order to gain validation.

But  in order to be transsexual, one must first be homosexual. That’s why they’re called ‘homosexual transsexuals’. The irony seemed to be lost.

narcissistic rage attacks
This is what a transsexual looks like: Kim Petras.

I was not prepared to allow these people to use my name in making their completely spurious case, especially when the narcissistic rage attacks turned from ‘Sandra’ to another transsexual (not transvestite) because this individual would penetrate men in sex. This is something that many transsexuals refuse to do but others do with enthusiasm; it is not a measure of their transsexual status – attraction to men is. This individual is a personal friend of mine and I was not about to see a bunch of ghastly autogynephilic transvestites harm her using my name.

So I made a number of posts and YouTube videos stating the case: there is no substantive difference between male homosexuals. Whether they present as men or as women depends largely on the social climate they live in.

Personal attacks

Next, Paul started to attack me personally, although usually — these narcissists are always cowards — not to my face. After one threatening message on WhatsApp — which I laughed at, obviously — he allegedly, on the word of credible witnesses, filed false police reports against me; complained about me to the local authorities both in the UK and where I live and tried – wait for it – to get me committed to an insane asylum; tried to get my YouTube Channel closed and my website shut down. He even discussed placing a contract on my life; openly wished I would kill myself; accused me of theft and misrepresentation and much else. Needless to say, if I ever find written support for these allegations, I will take Paul to court for defamation.

By this stage I was sure we were dealing with narcissistic rage attacks and the better policy was just to ignore the fool; he had done his worst, to no effect. Even those who had turned to his side soon came knocking on my virtual door apologising, saying they had been misled and worse. Well, I am a generous guy, so I let them in.

books by rod fleming

What triggered the narcissistic rage attacks?

However, I still had no idea what I had done to trigger the narcissistic rage attacks. And then someone sent me a copy of a private communication between Paul and another whose name I shall not mention. Although most of the message is incoherent, several things stick out to the experienced observer.

First, Paul is identifiably autogynephilic, apparently in the late stages of the disorder. He has already lost his grip on reality. He was an elderly transitioner, age forty-three and these are always autogynephilic transvestites, never transsexuals.

narcissistic rage attacks
Paul and a ‘typical HSTS’. Need to go to SpecSavers, Paul.

His pictures are, he says, of ‘typical HSTS’ – while he also claims that HSTS are ‘incredibly rare’. (Yet apparently he managed to find a room full of them, all lumbering around to Madonna in size twelve boatyards with their death-faces on.)

Paul appears also to be homophobic. This is common amongst autogynephilic transvestites, but his case is worse than most. He does understand the difference between transsexuals (HSTS) and autogynephilic transvestites and he desperately wants to identify as one of the former. In fact he is obsessed with this. But he is unable, because of his homophobia, to accept that in order for that to be true, he must himself be a homosexual: a catamite.

narcissistic rage attacks
Oooh that’s some feminine dress sense you got going there, mate.

Cognitive Dissonance

This would cause him massive cognitive dissonance and his solution seems to have been to invent an entirely bogus dichotomy within homosexual males. This proposes two types, which are not superficially, but fundamentally different. Now there are different types of males in the ‘gay’ lifestyle, but they’re not all homosexual. We are only talking about the homosexuals here and the fact is, all homosexual males are fundamentally the same.

‘Valentina’ Petrillo. You know, Val, if you’re going to call yourself a woman and compete in women’s sport, you might at least tuck properly.

As noted above, male homosexuals are identifiable by indicators in early childhood and by an ongoing and persistent, in the case of males, attraction to dominant, heterosexual men — and their cocks. (Note: they are not naturally attracted to others like themselves, although they might end up with one out of desperation. That particular confection is a lie made up in the 1960s.)

Paul’s narcissistic rage attacks on me appear to have been triggered when I challenged his notion of ‘two types of male homosexual’ because nowhere in the literature is such a thing given credence. One is heterosexual, bisexual (very, very few if any) or homosexual. There are not two distinct types of homosexual male any more than there are two distinct types of heterosexual males.

Paul’s head bursts

Unfortunately, this made Paul’s head burst because it meant he had to make a choice: either he is super homosexual or he is autogynephilic. But he doesn’t want to be either of these, he wants to be in another category, one he had invented for himself. I had torpedoed that and instead of providing the authority he had desired for his delusional fantasy, I had done the opposite. So his natural reaction was to launch narcissistic rage attacks on me.

books by rod fleming

Autogynephilic delusion

Well, Paul, if you’re reading this, know how little you mean to me. I didn’t go looking for your pictures, they were sent to me by others whom you had deceived and who are angry. Very angry, at your lies and deception.  Indeed, while you are an interesting case of autogynephilic delusion, I probably would not have said a word, once you scuttled off YouTube like a rat up a drain.  I have other things to do.

I scarcely miss the five or six hours a week I was obliged to listen to your utter twaddle; I feel better already. Mark you, I did find a few good belts of alcohol made the experience almost tolerable. And just so you know, I never watched your videos; your inability to spell simple English defeated me. (And now you’ve added ‘human rights lawyer’ to your completely imaginary CV. First time I met a lawyer who couldn’t spell the days of the week, sunshine.)

narcissistic rage attacks
This is Annie, SHe’s transsexual, Paul. Not a transvestite man.

Paul’s narcissistic rage attacks failed

However, and it is a big however, you did groom Sandra and then try to destroy her – and failed. You tried to destroy me and failed. You have since been grooming a number of other potential candidates – yes Paul, it all comes back to me; it always did. I told you there was a mole months ago; but you’re too much of a narcissist to believe, aren’t you? I suppose you think, now that your Discord Server is closed, that your dirty secrets are safe.

I know you invited yourself to one such person’s home and insulted her parents; I know you took her to a hotel room and tried to strip off naked before she stopped you. I know that you touched her inappropriately. These behaviours indicate to me that you are not just a narcissist, but a predator, and a serial one at that. How many other young lives have you attempted to insinuate yourself into?

How many times have you tried to drive a wedge between a person and her family? You even tried it with Sam and me, but we laughed you off. That must have stung. You were fooling nobody with your fake tears, Paul; nobody. We knew what you were doing. And just for your information, Sam is perfectly aware that she is male, as am I. All transsexuals are; I mean the dick is a dead giveaway. Is your delusion too strong for reality to intrude? You are not a woman, Paul. You are a man in a woman suit.

narcisstic rage attacka
Paul, this is what a transsexual looks like. Not what you see in the mirror. Just for your info, you understand. Even with a cock she’s about four million times more feminine than you ever will be.

Pretty pictures

So, not wishing to belabour the point, I have posted a selection of pictures of you here in the hopes that if, in the future, you come slithering up like the snake you are on some other young person, that person can find the truth about you. It is that, in my considered opinion, you are a groomer, a gaslighter, a misrepresenter, a predator, a liar and a thoroughly unpleasant character. I am told you don’t smell too great, as well.

I hope your career is over, Paul, or whatever you are calling yourself today, Sara, Sarah B, Lynn Brittain, Rachel Harrison. (Oh yes, I’m aware of the pathetic confabulation of lies and self-justification that is your new website.) In order to facilitate that, I will be posting this article to every resource I can find, with the warning that in my opinion you are a dangerous predatory male; that nobody, but nobody should ever trust you; and particularly that no true transsexual (HSTS) should ever be in a closed space with you.

It should go without saying that as a heterosexual male you represent a potential threat to women. Whether or not you have had your dick lopped off, you should not be allowed into their spaces under any circumstances.

The fact is that we have been far too nice to the autogynephilic transvestites, especially  the elderly transitioners, for far too long. They are NOT TRANSSEXUAL and they certainly are not women. They are heterosexual men with a narcissistic paraphilia, a dissociative mental condition. The last thing we should do is facilitate their delusion. Enough already.

narcissistic rage
If this were not so painfully accurate, it would be funny


1 Dreger, A. D. (2008). The controversy surrounding The man who would be Queen: A case history of the politics of science, identity, and sex in the Internet age. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 37(3), 366–421.

books by rod fleming

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