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This page contains links to articles on other sites and to academic and scientific papers.


The Google Document

Anti-Diversity Google

Googlecom document with notes



Links to articles on History of transgender

Endres, Nikolai. Galli: Ancient Roman Priests. 2005.


Links to articles on Islam

Article on the difficulty of reforming Islam.

Why the Islamic World Turned Away from Science, by Hillel Ofek. Pub. The New Atlantis.

This link is to the online Quranic Arabic Corpus, which brings together 7 different translations of the Quran (Koran). Easy to use and searchable.


Sex, Gender and Sexuality

The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (Fifth Edition) chapter on Gender Dysphoria (PDF download)

The APA on Gender Dysphoria

Links to Full Books, download for free

Bailey, Dr J M. The Man Who Would Be Queen.

Excellent primer explaining Blanchard's Typology of Transsexualism. Review HERE.

Ellis, H. Havelock. Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Volumes 1-6 (Project Gutenberg, multiple file formats.)

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Stryker, S., Whittle, S., (Eds) The Transgender Studies Reader

Collected essays. While biased towards a Humanities-based approach and lacking sufficient scientific input, still a useful read.

Raymond, J. The Transsexual Empire.

Raymond's provocative critique of transsexualism. This has been the foundation of much feminist criticism of transsexuals. Review to follow.


Links to Non Peer-reviewed articles by reliable authors

Costello, CG. On Trans Gender Identity and the "Intersex Brain"

A man of intersex history takes a look at some of the more controversial strategies of trans activists.

Kando, Thomas. An interview.

Kando explains the background to his study of transsexuals in 1969

Links at Rod Fleming's World to Theses and Dissertations.

Akhter, S. Visual Attention to Erotic Stimuli in Androphilic Male-to-Female Transsexuals. (PhD Thesis, approved.)

Interesting to note the similarities here in responses, between 'androphilic' (homosexual or HSTS) transsexuals and heterosexual men, albeit to the opposite sex. Probably because MtF transsexuals are not women; they are men, inverted.

Note: This is Veale's Master's Thesis. Note also that she is not a scientist. Veale conforms exactly to Blanchard's Autogynephilic Type yet denies the existence of the classification or the validity of the theory.

Links at Rod Fleming's World to Non-linked references (buy the book!)

Hirschfeld M. Die Transvestiten. Berlin, Germany: Alfred Pulver Macher; 1910

I have not been able to find a downloadable translation of the above but readers might appreciate the following appraisal:

Hill Darryl B. Sexuality and Gender in Hirschfeld's Die Transvestiten: A Case of the "Elusive Evidence of the Ordinary" (date unknown)


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