Manly manly gay ‘man’ vs cute pretty tranny.

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Originally posted 2021-12-30 13:34:28.

The New Gay Man seeks to preach a doctrine that being ‘gay’ is about manly manly men* TM (with perhaps a little sweaty sock essence just to make it all more convincing) having sex with other manly men, their clones.

Yet when we look through history, where is this manly model? Nowhere. It is an invention, an artefact of the 1960s. It is an expression of rank homophobia, expressed by men who themselves claim to be homosexual. As such it stinks — and not just of liniment.

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So what can a feminine boy do, confronted by this? Until very recently, if he expressed his natural femininity in any way at all, he could look forward to being administered shots of testosterone to ‘man him up’ not to mention the routine beatings and insults which came not only from the mainstream culture around him, but also from the manly manly New Gay Man…a young homosexual male can be anything he likes these days, my dears, except a girl. Oh, no, that is never tolerable. That is the line one must not cross.

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Or, he might have found himself in the hands of ‘therapists’, well-meaning or otherwise, who believed — either mistakenly or out of financial interest — that turning a girly boy into a gay male was a more desirable outcome than that he completed as a woman. For the time being, this horrible process, sometimes involving unwarranted hormone therapy and often years of brainwashing, has been set back; but make no mistake, the homophobic and transphobic political elements in society are just waiting to come back with a vengeance and turn the clock back. And the ones who will suffer most will be, as they always have been, the Sexual Inverts, the HSTS, the true transsexuals. They will be persecuted, as they always have been, for not being manly — especially by the manly New Gay Man himself.

not manly
So, this girl is standing in front of you and you immediately think ‘That’s a tranny?’ Bullshit.


Despite the danger, things have changed a bit. Now we have high-profile HSTS who openly admit to having once been gay boys. They use both conventional media but more to the point, modern social media to get their message across: just because you are a gay boy doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be manly. You don’t have to spend your life hiding your natural femininity. You’re not condemned to decades of gender dysphoria and bitter regret at what society — and those you should have been able to call your allies — did to you. There is another way. And when transsexual women like this are seen having successful lives and relationships with straight men — which is all a girly boy really wants — the foetid meat-market of the manly New Gay Man scene palls.

Oh can’t you smell the liniment by the club’s neon light? How could it get more gross than this. And you want feminine boys to be consumed by this horrible cult?.

Straight men are getting pissed off

At the same time, many straight men are getting pissed off with natal women. Perhaps they have had damaging divorces, finding it impossible to contact their children, their relationships with them constantly policed and poisoned by a woman they once loved. Perhaps they have no intention of having children or at least, of having more. Perhaps they are attracted to younger women and appreciate that, in the contemporary climate of bogus ‘age appropriateness’, this might be difficult, indeed, condemned by the harpies. Perhaps — indeed, this is commonly the case — they like to penetrate anally, preferring the sensations it provides. You cannot deny the beauty of a completed Sexual Invert or the exquisite nature of her ‘female organ’ — and at least with her, there is no risk of being trapped in a paternity suit.

For every dream, there is an answer. So what if she stands up to pee?

For this rejection of women, women themselves must accept blame. They invented feminism, which long ago gave up any pretence that it was about ‘equality’ and espoused a simple agenda: the eradication of masculinity and the abolition of men. Today, feminism is synonymous with simple misandry, a profound and irrational hatred of men and anything masculine. This goes far beyond the natural tendency of women to police behaviour in their immediate surroundings, it is the deliberate attempt to extirpate masculinity from society and remove men from all positions of authority.

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Sleeping with the Enemy

Why would a man sleep with his sworn enemy when he could have a cute girly-boy who loves him to bits instead? Does a natal vagina really make that much difference? Yes indeed, men do desire children, but they like good sex better. If a man has already satisfied his reproductive urge and finds himself single, why would he even associate with people who hate him and make absolutely no secret about it?

Let’s be clear: the taboos that prevented straight men from forming relationships with girly-boys, ladyboys, HSTS, completed Sexual Inverts, call them as you will, are being banished, not by men, but by women. They sowed the wind and now they should indeed reap the whirlwind.

Today the internet is full of Moaning Minnies harping on about how there are ‘no good men’ for them — as if any man would want a 35+ who has spent the last twenty years bouncing on every cock she could get hard? Whose reproductive abilities are already compromised? They bitch about ‘incels’ and MGTOW but complain that they are themselves involuntarily celibate — because no sane man would touch them! Who wants a car so worn out the suspension is gone and the engine is knackered? When you want a nice new Ferrari, an ageing Isuzu that refuses to start is no substitute.

Who could resist? This is real beauty.

How delightfully ironic it would be, if all the men who refuse the Black Widow’s bite, instead took up with cute pretty trannies? (homosexual transsexuals, of course, no AGP transvestites.) How catastrophic would that be to the gynocracy’s attempt to castrate all men between the thighs of its ugly sisterhood? What a delicious slap in the face for the most disgusting group of people in society!

‘No, we don’t want you, with your misandrist prejudices, your hatred of men, your nasty moods and ill humour, your constant weaponising of sex and your relentless attempts to control us! We have some astonishingly pretty ladyboys here who have none of your faults! They’re gorgeous, insatiable in bed! They adore cock! Beat that!’

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The collapse of social intolerance

As a result of such excellent pragmatism, social intolerance of relationships between men and transsexual women might collapse across the Western world. They do remain in place as regards relationships between two men, but that is normal; the gender binary is the foundation of human society and it must be respected. But where a transsexual can ‘pass’ the problem has more or less evaporated. Look at Janet Mock’s successful marriage. And all over the West, men — real ones, that is —  are forming relationships with cute transsexuals, perhaps less publicly, but just as importantly.

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Taken together with a lowering of intolerance towards homosexual transsexualism, (by which I do not mean Autogynephilic transvestism,) it seems likely that more girly boys will complete and live as women, whether or not they elect to have vaginoplasty. Evidence from other parts of the world suggests that only a very small number will do that in any case.

Inevitably, the population that will feel this most strongly is the manly manly New Gay Man, who will be deprived of the influx of young feminine boys that his pederastic lifestyle depends on for its survival. A reduced population of New Gay Men, deprived of a supply of fresh meat, could collapse.

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The Death-Knell of the manly New Gay Man

For those feminine boys who complete successfully, a life and a social space outside the New Gay Man culture is eminently achievable, even without major surgeries. These transwomen would avoid the abusive meat-market that is New Gay Man culture and might well find strong relationships with the genuinely masculine men they actually desire. The cost will be the collapse, or at least the reduction, of the manly New Gay Man and his power-base. In the end, Jim Fouratt might well be proven right: the ‘crazy queens’ could indeed toll the death-knell of the New Gay Man. Would he be missed?


Social Attitudes

The New Gay Man was a function of social attitudes in the era in which he was born and the world has moved on. While it remains true that most transwomen in the West are Autogynephilic transvestites rather than transsexuals, the latter can, with wit and sophistication, use this to their advantage. After all, in almost all cases they are so much more passable than AGP transvestites that they are even more likely to be taken for women, as long as men in dresses like Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner provide the public image of transwomen.

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High risk Manly New Gay Man lifestyle

By transitioning, feminine boys would avoid the high-risk New Gay Man lifestyle that, paradoxically, they are so unsuited to and instead could have a hope at least of a normal life as women. They would be free to seek out an appreciative and supportive man, who likes women who prefer, as all transsexuals do, those traditional, ‘stereotypical’ gender roles so detested by the wasp’s-nests of androphobic harpies who today motivate feminism.

I can only say that this must be a better outcome than being put through the New Gay Man meat-processing system. How could it be otherwise? To live a normal life, as a normal woman, loved by a normal man, perhaps adopting normal children and being a normal mother to them. How could that not be better than being a part of the ghastly, promiscuous, hedonistic, drug-abusing, sex-abusing meat-market that is the manly manly New Gay Man cult?

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Moral turpitude

You’re telling me you can ‘always tell’? You’re a fucking liar.

To those who say — and there will be some, there always are, who from their own moral turpitude impute the worst of motives to others — that I am attracted to cute, pretty transwomen, so I am no better than the New Gay Man’s recruiters, I would say ‘How could I know? It is not possible to tell a completed Sexual Invert, a homosexual transsexual, from other women, unless there are contextual clues like standing in front of a ladyboy bar in Walking Street. The whole point of completion is that these women become invisible, that they are not identifiable — so how could it possibly help me to identify them?’ It couldn’t and that’s the fact — one that the green-eyed feminist harpies hate viscerally.

‘You can always tell?’ Bullshit. This girl could be standing right next to you and you wouldn’t have a clue she was wearing a cock. Nothing ‘manly’ about her.

Others will accuse me of ‘homophobia’ but how can that be? My partner is a Sexually Inverted male. She considers herself to be ‘homosexual’. How could I be ‘homophobic’ yet be in love with her? What about all the men across the planet who do and feel the same way I do? That these Sexually Inverted males are better at being female partners than natal women?

not manly
What about her? You people are either barefaced liars or delusional. Possibly both.

How, on the other hand, could I be ‘homosexual’ for loving one of the most beautiful women I have ever met? And for those would-be quacks who talk about ‘internalised homophobia’, no, that is not here either. I accept what I am: a normal man who loves beautiful women. That’s it.

A character in Plutarch’s Erotikos (Dialogue on Love) argues that “the noble lover of beauty engages in love wherever he sees excellence and splendid natural endowment without regard for any difference in physiological detail.”

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

The sweaty, smelly nightmare of the New Gay Man’s locker rooms, where narcissistic men dance naked for each other, is utterly repugnant to me, it is true — but only as it is to all other normal men. That is because, just like the Ancient Greeks and normal men ever since — and for that matter before — we love beauty and men are not beautiful. We don’t really care what the sex of the person performing beauty is, as long as she is beautiful.

Passable? Perhaps not, but certainly beautiful. No Greek or Roman would have shunned her.

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I support the pretty trannies.

If I am placed in the position of having to defend homosexual transsexuals or narcissistic faux-masculine bum-boys, then I shall support the girls, thank you, and any young Inverted male who flees the monstrous New Gay Man cult will find I am her ally too. I will defend the cute pretty  transsexuals and if your transphobia means you consider me to be ‘homophobic’ for doing so, then believe me, my dears, I don’t give a shit.

I doubt if the ghastly New Gay Man will die out altogether, which is rather unfortunate. The fewer narcissistic gym-flies I have to see the better. They make me nauseous. But I do have a feeling that his sell-by date is approaching. Champagne all round when it finally happens, I think.

Some more beautiful babes at Coconuts. They made the right decision. And how.

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