Jihad: the Islamic struggle for the World

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Originally posted 2021-02-10 14:57:20.

When Islam, in the form of the Ottoman Empire, launched the attack on Europe that ended before Vienna, it was engaged in Jihad — fighting in the name of Allah, to make the world Islamic. The Caliph, his general and all the men who fought, were carrying out their religious duty — to conquer the world for Islam. This is Offensive Jihad, the most aggressive form. We see it today in Daesh and similar bandit groups today, but under the Ottomans, it motivated the biggest killing machine in the world.

There are other forms of jihad, and they may, in the right circumstances, be almost as effective at destroying other cultures and their values. They corrode them just by contact.

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Stealth Jihad

One of these is ‘Stealth Jihad’, which is being waged all across Europe today. How innocent it looks! Muslims apparently relating peacefully to the host population; opening shops and restaurants…and then, could we have a mosque? And perhaps another one? And can we bring our families to live here? Even our cousins six times removed? And what about a husband for my daughter…why of course she wants the man we choose for her. What about some preachers from Saudi Arabia? And of course we need segregated ‘faith’ schools for our children…And so it begins. The list of demands, the requirement for special treatment.

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Defensive Jihad

As their numbers grow, Muslims move to the next phase — ‘Defensive Jihad’. In this, areas of social interaction as well as physical locations are ‘defended’ by Muslims against the host population. We have seen, in the UK, for over twenty years now, how large sections of many cities, Glasgow, Bradford, Leeds, London, Birmingham and others — have become ‘no-go areas’ for non-Muslims. Even the police are unable to patrol these ghettoes. Crime is rife.

And it goes on. Angela Merkel might well go down in history as the woman who brought Europe, as a cultural concept, to an end, by her reckless admission of Muslim migrants. Even with that initial flow staunched, many thousands of ‘relatives’ are to be allowed to join those who arrived. Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, rather than boats crammed with migrants being turned back, the occupants are ‘rescued’ and taken to the European mainland. This conveniently completes the smugglers’ work at no cost to themselves. Very good luck indeed getting these migrants to go back to whatever hellhole they came from. Once in Europe, they mean to stay and worse, leftist bleeding-hearts will try to help them.

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The threat to our culture

But it is not just our cities that are threatened and overwhelmed, it is our culture. We spent decades putting in place laws that protect animals from abuse and, especially, unnecessary cruelty in the means of their deaths. Yet because of Islam, these have to be cast aside and the most horrifically cruel method of slaughter employed instead. And then, the meat produced is to be sold in our supermarkets to ‘serve the needs’ of ‘ethnic minorities’.

Girl children are married to older men against their wishes, and despite the introduction of laws designed to curb this, it goes on apace — why? Because this happens behind closed doors in Muslim communities, where the forces of law and order fear to tread. It is illegal to mutilate the genitalia of little girls, yet in the UK this is now a veritable industry, with hundreds if not thousands every year being so abused. Yet there are no arrests. Worse, this absolute scandal is swept under the carpet, not even discussed. Why? Defensive Jihad; the Muslim community shelters the monsters who do this and protects them, and Muslins have persuaded our ‘movers and shakers’ that discussion of these issues is ‘racist’; and God forbid, one must never be that.


We protect our women strongly. Even the accusation of impropriety can lose a man his career. A white man that is. But for Muslims they are fair game and contradicting this is again ‘racist’. After all, a Muslim boy is taught from birth that it is a woman’s responsibility to hide herself, so that men shall not become sexually inflamed and then, as they must, rape her. In marriage, no wife is safe, as Islam not only commands men to beat them, but gives instructions on how to. And should she slip from the hollow virtuosity demanded by this cult, then she must be killed; the toll of ‘honour killings’ in swamps like Pakistan is routinely ignored in the West, for to tell the truth might be seen as ‘racist’.

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Spilling on to the streets

Defensive Jihad then spills on to the streets. Legal forms of protest are subtly transformed into caricatures of themselves, as Muslims scream their hatred for everything non-Muslim. One might wonder why they would come to a Western nation at all, but the answer is simple: The Koran instructs them to colonise and corrupt the whole world. They intend to make their new homes as Islamic as the nightmares they left behind.

Then, drinkers enjoying a beer or two in a pub garden will be set upon by Muslim men because it ‘offends Islam’ to drink alcohol. Women will be raped because the way they dress ‘offends Islam’. Shop staff will refuse to sell alcohol — though it be in their contract to do so — because it ‘offends Islam’. Christians will be attacked because they ‘offend Islam’ and Jews — well the safest thing a Jew can do, when his or her city is overrun, is move to Israel.

There is nothing outside Islam that does not ‘offend Islam’.  It is more easily offended than a blue-rinse spinster.

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Offensive Jihad

‘Offensive jihad’ begins when Muslims are in sufficient numbers and concentrations to directly attack non-Muslim institutions and then non-Muslims themselves, without fear.

We have already seen this in Europe, in the form of terrorist bombings, which will only become more frequent and more sadistic. And the rat-lairs where these terrorists prepare are already becoming — indeed, have become — armed camps where the civil authorities cannot go. This is the case in Molynbeek in Belgium, where the Paris bombers prepared their attack, and it is the case elsewhere too.

Oh, do not whimper to me the blatant idiocy that ISIS, ISIL, Daesh is ‘not Islamic’. It is Islamic to its core, carrying out the express orders of ‘Allah’ as invented, sorry ‘received’, by a man who was himself a terrorist, a bandit leader intent on killing everyone who did not convert to his cult of death and male ‘honour’ and dominating the world. Nothing has changed these last 1400 years or so and nothing will change, because Islam itself cannot change; the Doctrine of Abrogation sees to that.

Finally, the host territory, now ruined by Islamic insurrection, becomes ‘Beirutised’. Gangs of rival Islamic militias terrorise the population, killing, extorting and raping. Those unwilling to pay protection money — legitimised in Islam as the jizya — or wear a distinctive badge marking their kaffir status, will find their homes and businesses destroyed, if they’re lucky.

Soon, civilised society collapses and any of the qualities it once had of tolerance and freedom, are lost either by the imposition of the evil of Sharia or by the necessary response to a colony of insurgents living within it and determined to destroy it by any means. This is what always happens; we have been observing how Islam infiltrates, parasitises, colonises and destroys cultures for nearly 1400 years.


Wake up

It’s time to wake up. The enemy has learned. It is using our own systems against us. Islam is like a cancer and its intent is to kill its host. The enemy has stealthily infiltrated, for example, the United Nations, which has espoused anti-free speech resolutions that masquerade as the imposition of ‘anti-blasphemy’ laws; well, one cannot defame the dead, and Mohammed, if he actually ever lived, is well and truly so. What a pity he got so famous.

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We absolutely cannot refuse to allow Muslims to participate in the democratic process, or we would concede a fundamental tenet of European secularism; nevertheless, we must prevent Islam from using democratic institutions to promote Islamic ‘values’ at the expense of our own. All ideas are subject to criticism in our culture, it is fundamental to us. But Islam seeks more than to silence dissent. It seeks to use our own systems to destroy us: this is, after all, the stated aim of the Muslim Brotherhood.

We have to distinguish between the Muslims, who are people, and the  ideology they are pumped full of from childhood. We have to engage with them and tell them that many Islamic ideas are completely unacceptable and if they want to live by them, they cannot do it amongst us. Muslim integration into Europe ultimately means abandoning Islam, because Islam is not compatible with European secular democracy. It’s that simple.

The only way we can do this is by public condemnation and by challenging the cult of Islam. We must show that it is nonsense, that is has no foundation and that it is the worship of an imaginary, non-existent deity and nothing more. We must, at every turn, attack the notion that Islam should get special treatment because it is a religion, or it is central to some people’s culture. My culture is European Christianity and I do not intend to stand by and see it destroyed.

Do you?

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