Autogynephilia Counselling

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Autogynephilia is a dissociative mental condition which in extreme cases may make a male attempt to appear to be or otherwise mimic a woman. It has elements of narcissism and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. It is similar to substance addiction.


I have studied this field in great depth and am satisfied that my understanding is deeper and broader than most ‘therapists’. Due to the shortage of it, I now provide autogynephilia counselling. This is a form of talk therapy that explains the condition and how it progresses, then assists the individual to manage and perhaps even defeat it.

I charge a rate of GBP £60  per hour for autogynephilia counselling. However the first session is ninety minutes and costs GBP £90.  This is to allow me to become more familiar with your case and for us to begin to build a rapport. These are very reasonable prices for counselling that could save your life.

Subsequent sessions are usually one hour long.


autogynephilia counselling
This is another victim who has let a pernicious mental condition wreck his life. Autogynephilia counselling might have helped.


To make it easier financially, I offer a package of one 90 minute session and three 60 minute sessions for £200GBP,  a saving of £70GBP. These may be spread over one or two months.

I highly recommend a first consultation then follow-ups once a week for several months, ideally at least three This is because the artefact will fight back like a wildcat against any attempt to subdue it and so good practices must be established and maintained, in order to get it under control. This takes time.

Please contact me on, or via the Discord Server, if you would like to know more.

Although Autogynephilia also occurs in females, where it is much less well understood and very little researched, most individuals with clinical Autogynephilia are men.

It is vital to understand that men with this condition are not women and indeed, always retain a powerful attraction to femininity. In fact they are so attracted that they attempt to make themselves into the objects of their own sexual desire. Autogynephilia therefore is both narcissistic and auto-erotic in nature.

Autogynephilia sets on at puberty, at what is called Tanner Stage 4, the point at which the boy begins to masturbate. At this point an error occurs which maps the boy’s Erotic Target, that is, the person he would like to have sex with, onto the self. This is an error, because the Erotic Target is meant to be another person, outside the self. This is because the whole Erotic Targeting system is central to human reproduction.

When an elderly autogynephile looks in a mirror, he doesn’t see himself. He sees himself as he was decades before, when he first began self-pleasuring.

In Autogynephilia, the Erotic Target is wrongly located and so we call this the Erotic Target Location Error or ETLE. Since this condition, in males, uniquely affects heterosexual ones, the ETLE builds for itself a representation of the self as a woman. This is the Autogynephilic artefact.

The formation of this Artefact and the ETLE that provokes it are central to Autogynephilia. Indeed, there can be no diagnosis of Autogynephilia unless an ETLE can be identified. This we do by identifying the Autogynephilic artefact itself.

Do you really want to end up like these freaks? Autogynephilia is a serious disorder and you should be afraid of it. Autogynephilia counselling can help you to avoid catastrophes like this.

How autogynephilia counselling can help.

I explain the progress of the disorder in simple terms. For example, in the classic form (there are several), then fairly early in the development of the condition, the artefact is likely to be given a name. Usually the individual will be at pains to keep this secret, but the presence of the artefact can be established through other means. Once it has been, the subject will usually admit to it.

Please contact me on, or via the Discord Server, if you would like to know more about Autoogynephilia Counselling.


The existence of the artefact means that the subject’s personality is bi-located, oscillating between the male/masculine host and the pseudo-female/feminine artefact. But these are both part of the same Psyche, always. The artefact has no separate existence from the host; she is a figment, literally of the host’s imagination. However, this is no fol-de-rol. The artefact can be determined, scheming, angry and is always implacably hostile to the host. She will be furious about any attempt the host might make to deal with his Autogynephilia, since she rightly sees this as an attack on herself.

What is popularly known as ‘death face’. Nobody’s fooled.

Men with Autogynephilia are often secretive and may even hide the condition from themselves, because the artefact knows that publicity is its worst enemy. That is why ‘transitioned’ Autogynephilic men often deny the well-established existence of Autogynephilia as a condition. They will go further and attack and attempt to discredit anyone who has discussed it or attempted to help anyone with it. The artefact fully denies that she is merely the product of a mental condition and sees herself as the rightful owner of the host’s body. That is why these men often make the entirely spurious claim that they are ‘real women’.

That is nonsense. At best they are transvestites, although in fact many autogynephilic men do not cross-dress. Proper autogynephilia counselling identifies exactly the type of autogynephilia that is most active — subjects can have more than one — and addresses how best to deal with it.

They are not ‘real women’, they are men.

Autogynephilia, if suppressed, may reappear with a vengeance in later life and here it is a truly dangerous condition. Men with it may lose their wives, their families, their careers, any respect they might have had and even, in some cases, their lives. Unfortunately, in recent years, therapy for Autogynephilia has adopted an ‘affirmative’ philosophy. My autogynephiliia counselling takes a different view, that autogynephilia is a mental disorder and should be treated as such, not encouraged.

This is not an Autogynephilic male. She is a completed Sexual Invert, a homosexual  or True Transsexual. Her gender proceeds directly from her sexuality and she has no Erotic Target Location Error: She just likes men. She bears no resemblance at all to Autogynephilic males, except in their imaginations. You’ll never look this good, sorry, not with all the surgery in the world.

This approach is absolutely appropriate in dealing with the other condition that may cause males to appear feminine, Homosexual or True Transsexualism. For these individuals, the process is less a transition than a completion anyway; it is a natural conclusion.

Because of a stubborn refusal to accept that there are in fact two completely different conditions that may lead a male to desire to appear to be a woman, a common approach has been applied to therapy. This has roots in the work of Dr Harry Benjamin in the sixties and has grown even stronger today. While we fully support the affirmation method as regards homosexual transsexuals, it may be a disastrous error when applied to Autogynephilia.

autogynephilia counselling
Ted Levine’s brilliant portrayal of an autogynephilic transvestite in the film ‘The Silence of the Lambs.’

Autogynephilic males are non-homosexual

This is because Autogynephilic males are always non-homosexual. Their principal attraction is to femininity and they are not, themselves, naturally feminine. That means their gender should be masculine. True transsexuals are always homosexual with regard to birth sex and are moreover, highly feminine in appearance and behaviour, naturally. In appearing to be, often, beautiful girls, they are doing exactly what other girls who seek men do.

Autogynephiles are attracted to women and often pretend to be ‘transbians’, that is, a lesbian with a penis. The absurdity should be obvious. But this is no joke; the conflict between an autogynephilic man’s sexuality (gynephilic) and his performed gender, feminine, can lead to depression and even suicide.


I have studied these phenomena for many years and have written a great deal about them. I have often been approached by men with Autogynephilia and asked for help. Clearly there is a need for this and since the mainstream, affirmative approach so badly fails these men, I am making myself available as a counsellor.

Autogynephilia counselling for wives, children and relatives

A husband’s announcement that ‘He is  a woman now,’ usually comes as a complete shock to those around him. Unfortunately, autogynephilia counselling for people traumatised like this is rare and  hard to find. A woman who is told, one sunny day, that the man she married and made a family with is now a woman and she must become a lesbian, is placed in an appalling situation, with little available help.

Contact me and I will try to help.

Except she’s not a woman, she’s a figment of a man’s imagination, and that’s all she ever will be. Do not let yourself be fooled. Only a tiny percentage of Autogynephilic men can ever be convincing as women, even if they begin hormones in adolescence, If you’re already in your twenties, it’s already too late. Autogynephilia counselling can help you to fight this disorder.


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