The Children of Aldebaran

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Originally posted 2021-02-16 22:25:22.

The Children of Aldebaran is a fantasy adventure for younger readers set in a dystopian future when the time of the Big People is past and the world is ruled by the Animals.

Silas Farsight, a young otter who looks forward to a life as a lawyer in the forest village, is horrified one day when his cousin is kidnapped by a gang of ferocious cats. With the help of the badgers, the protectors of the Forest, and his indentured clerk Stoaty Cuttleworth, he sets off in pursuit of the captors.

His cousin, Magda, is being taken to the Dark City, where an evil beast known as the Great Cat has set up and is plotting imperial domination of the Free Animals. Silas and his companions must rescue her. Silas’ adventures lead him to contact the Sea Otters, a wild and mysterious, unpredictable and dangerous group, of who he knows only myth and legend.

Yet it is with them that he will find his own true destiny. A fast-paced and exciting fantasy adventure.

Publisher: PlashMill Press

Print Book ISBN: 978-0-9572612-1-1


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