Communists: promoting political cult mentality

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Originally posted 2021-03-04 14:00:36.

This is a good interview, very enlightening, that shows how the misbegotten cult of Communists work. Their cult mindset underpins the social disaster that is overtaking the West today.

Characteristic of cults is that the followers do not think, they only follow the ideas of the leaders and parrot their soundbites. Anyone familiar with debating these people knows that it is like talking to an answering machine; they have not one single original thought in their heads.

The Weathermen, which was the cult this lady was in, was a violent, extremist, revolutionary cult made up mainly of disgruntled middle-class whites. It was established in the 60s, but the Communist cult mindset infected every political movement that developed from then on. It is replicated now in modern cults like transactivism, the BLM movement and many others.

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Foremost amongst these is feminism, simply the most dangerous cult orthodoxy operating today. It took over the mantle of transgression from the Communists because in the 1970s it was next to impossible to sell Communism. It preaches ‘equity’, the idea of ‘equality of outcome’; it condemns the talented , the hardworking and the capable and empowers the incompetent and lazy. Furthering yourself through enterprise and ability is definitely not part of the message; promoting people on the basis of nothing more than their sex or skin colour, is.

How does one sell this nasty creed to workers who own their own homes and have two cars in the garage? A colour television in every room? The Vietnam War had caused a second economic boom in the US, and workers there were wealthier than they had ever been. Arthur Hailey wrote a novel about this, focussing on the motor industry, called ‘Wheels’. It’s an unsung modern classic and very revealing.


In order to further the glorious revolution, Communists had to find new demographics to persuade that they were ‘oppressed’. Women came first, followed by blacks, then gays and so on. The traditional working class had betrayed the Communists; they were ‘class traitors’ — which is why the US American Left so hates them, calling them ‘deplorables’. Because that working class was mainly made up of white men, they had an easy target for their anger, as we see today. Almost all the misandrist claims of feminists are lies; the real issue, the real stimulus for their burning hatred, is that white men would not rise up to overthrow the hated — and imaginary — ‘patriarchy’.

Whether it is marching with a pussy hat on, braining an opponent with a cycle lock, tearing down statues or banning books — like Dr Seuss’ — the impetus is always the same. It is the cult mindset that only we can ever be right and those who disagree must be silenced, erased or worse, for the ‘greater good’ — decided on by ourselves. Cancel culture is the metaphorical equivalent of Koestler’s long corridor — but it will not remain a metaphor for ever.

This poisoned ivy has deep roots and it has already spread into the most important institutions of the West. Academia is dead, long since suffocated and the bureaucracy is thoroughly corrupted. Even business has fallen victim. The counter-revolution had better come quickly.

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