Islam and the death of freedom

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Originally posted 2023-10-13 12:09:45.

For several years now I have not been writing much about Islam. Partly this was because my interest was elsewhere. However the recent murderous attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians, many of them children and even babies, have forced the issue. None of us can stand by and watch this demonic genocide without protest.

Israel occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank after the 1967 War and had maintained control, although it had mistakenly allowed Hamas and Hizbollah to establish Islamic schools within these areas.


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In 2006, however, Israel decided, on the quid pro quo of peace, to return control of these areas to the Arabs. Hamas was voted into power in Gaza and immediately abolished elections and democracy, saying they are ‘un-Islamic.’ (Which speaks volumes in itself.)

Through its ruthless control of the civil state and also through its teachings in schools, Hamas has turned Gaza into a breeding ground for the most appalling, evil terrorists in the world.

On Saturday the 8th of October 2023, some of these evil men parachuted into Israel and began randomly murdering civilians. People enjoying a Saturday night with friends. Kids, teenagers, women, none were spared. Only death can satisfy the Jihadist thirst for blood.

books by rod fleming

Islamic slave traders
Islamic Slave Traders at work

Islam: Fifteen hundred years of slaughter and slavery

There is nothing new in this of course; Muslims have been slaughtering and enslaving people for over fifteen hundred years.

When Mohammed fled from Mecca in 622, he went to Medina. At first, he entered into an alliance with the Jews. He studied in their study halls and adopted many of their customs into his incipient religion (e.g. not eating pork). But when, after two years, Mohammed could not convince the Jews to accept him as a prophet and convert to his religion, his attitude turned toward open hostility. He instructed his friends to murder and decapitate Ka’b Ibn al-Ashraf, a renowned Jewish poet and chief of the Banu Nadir (date farmers tribe), and ordered his followers, “Kill every Jew you can.” (

Remember that. “Kill every Jew you can.” Why? It was because Mohammed was a vicious narcissist, as evil as Hitler or more so, who refused to accept rejection. The Jews refused to join his made-up cult or believe his deranged rantings — like flying to Jerusalem on a buraq,  a winged horse with a woman’s face and splitting the moon in two with his sword —  and so he ordered his followers to kill them all. A nice rational response — and the kind of response that has characterised Islam ever since.

Islam -buraq
Mohammed, the ‘Perfect Man’ on his burach. Aye, right.

This is when the horror really began. One by one, using the tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ so beloved by Muslims, the demented camel-herder Mohammed defeated the Jews of Medina — who had originally given him refuge after he was kicked out of Mecca — and, if they refused his cult, systematically put them to death.

The Hadith describe, in great detail, the acts of violence, terrorism and genocide perpetrated by Mohammed. They describe how he took a child wife, Aisha, when she was six and consummated that marriage when she was nine. They describe how he took slaves and raped the women of the tribes he defeated.

Consider the description of what happened in 627CE, when Mohammed exterminated the last remaining tribe of Jews in Medina, the Banu Qurayza. Mohammed and his men attacked them without provocation and defeated them. The Qurayza surrendered and accepted his terms. Despite this he had all the men and boys bound and beheaded, and then took all the women and girls as sex slaves. He and his men raped them.

According to Sahih al-Bukhari, ‘(Mohammed) then killed their men and distributed their women, children and property among the Muslims.’ (5:59:362.) (

This was only the beginning of the Islamic horror. For over fifteen hundred years, Muslims have operated the biggest trade in slaves the world has ever seen. The black slaves taken to the Americas were trafficked by Muslims. Muslim corsairs cruised the coasts of Europe, kidnapping and enslaving any people they encountered. One of the early tasks of the British Royal Navy was to hunt down and destroy these corsairs, but later, it was used to end the transatlantic slave trade too:

‘Between 1807 and 1860, the Royal Navy, West Africa Squadron seized approximately 1600 ships involved in the slave trade and freed 150,000 Africans who were aboard these vessels.’


Islamic slave trade
Islamic slave traders in the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire, the most awful expression Islam, for centuries kidnapped, bought and stole boys from all over Europe and the Caucasus. They were especially fond of Circassian and Celtic boys, because of their fair hair and skin and blue eyes. These boys were not only table-servants or wine-waiters. The were sexual playthings used by Muslim men. When they grew too old to be sexually attractive, they were recruited into the Janissary Corps, an elite fighting unit – made up entirely of slaves who had once lived as the forced sexual concubines of their Muslim masters.

This preference for boys did not, however, prevent the kidnapping and enslavement of huge numbers of Circassian women, widely held to be the most beautiful in the world. Muslims are catholic in their tastes. Circassians were originally Pagan, then became Orthodox  Christian, until they were finally forced to convert to the cult of Islam by the Ottomans. At which point, of course, they were protected from enslavement.

Circassian women held as slaves by Muslim Tatars.
 circassian woman
A Circassian woman in traditional dress. She was not a slave at this time.

Fortunately, the Ottoman Empire was at last destroyed by World War One – it chose the wrong side. It was finally dismantled in 1922, when the last Sultan fled – in a British warship.

Nevertheless, the practices of killing, rape and enslavement that characterised the Ottoman Empire for centuries remain central to modern Islam. This occurs because within the cult, only ‘believers’ are considered to be fully human. Muslims are taught that everyone is born Muslim, and those who refuse to acknowledge this are therefore apostates – and the punishment for apostasy is death. Since, by definition, as apostates, non-Muslims or ‘kaffirs’ have no honour and are not protected by Islamic Law, Muslims can do anything they like to them with impunity.


Grooming Gangs

Didn’t you wonder why the ‘grooming gangs’ that roam British cities, for so long ignored by the corrupt police , who fear being accused of ‘racial stereotyping’ are made up almost entirely of Muslim men and prey on young non-Muslim girls? It’s because Muslim men may not rape a Muslim woman, but a woman of any other faith is fair game.

When you look at the horror unfolding in Gaza, remember that this is not a new thing, nor is it the result of specific, modern conditions, such as the return of their rightful homeland to the Jewish people. This is just another chapter in an ongoing horror-story of violence, murder, rape, kidnapping and theft.

Islam exists to punish the Jews for rejecting Mohammed, the demented camel-herder. It will not stop until either it succeeds or is itself eradicated. You decide which you’d rather see.

grooming gangs islam
Grooming gangs in Britain. Nearly all of these men are Muslims. Nearly all of their victims were not.

The horror is right here

The monstrosity of Hamas’ genocide is not some phenomenon of far-flung lands. You invited Muslims into your nice, civilised Western countries. You allowed them to buy property, to set up ethnic enclaves, to build mosques and Islamic schools. You allowed those who spoke out against this madness to be vilified as ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes.’

Well, now you see now how it is. Muslims on the streets of major Western cities cheering the actions of the Hamas murderers. Muslims beating up anyone who disagrees with them. Muslims chasing Jews through the streets of London. Kristalnacht much, anyone?

Protest in support of Hamas’ terrorism in London. Nine police officers were injured by the mob. Still think it’s far away?

When you allowed the members of a fanatical death-cult into your countries, they became a conduit for all the evil of Hell to enter your societies. It is true that not all Muslims are evil – but no Muslim will speak out against those who are. Not one, not ever. So the terrorists, murderers, kidnappers, rapists and groomers operate with impunity, often in the full knowledge of the police.

You allowed them to stand for election in your free and fair democracies – yet we know that as soon as they get power, they will abolish that democracy, because it is condemned in Shariah. Just as they did in Gaza, as soon as they win an election, they terminate democracy. You did this and you are still doing it.


The only solution is drastic

If we want the finest culture that has ever existed, and certainly the finest in recent history, to survive, then we must take action quickly. We must de-programme all Muslims, and if they will not renounce the death-cult, expel them. If they persist in bringing up their children in Islam, then take their children.

We must break up the enclaves they have established in so many cities, like Bradford, Luton and elsewhere, and disperse them; alternatively, we must put fences around their enclaves and prevent them from leaving. We must close every mosque and masjid, every Islamic school. It should go without saying that all Muslim immigration, legal or illegal, must be stopped at once.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? But if you hadn’t been so weak and foolish, for so many years, this would not have happened. You reap what you sow.

books by rod fleming

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