Terror is the reality of Islam. We must name it to fight it

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Originally posted 2017-06-04 11:54:39.

Last night, a group of murderers ploughed a white panel van into crowds of people on London Bridge in England. They then jumped out of the van and began stabbing people. This was a terror attack. Seven innocent victims died before the attackers were shot to death by armed police. At least 48 were injured.

‘Assailants drove a van into pedestrians at high speed on London Bridge on Saturday night before stabbing revellers on nearby streets, killing at least seven people and wounding dozens in what police suspect was a terrorist attack. (Reuters).’

Terror has become commonplace

In today’s Europe, such attacks are becoming commonplace. Last month a terror-murderer used a nail-bomb to kill and maim children attending a pop concert held by Ariana Grande in Manchester. In March, London was hit and 3 victims died. When we take into account other atrocities in Europe, we see that this is a part of a wider conflict. Europe is under attack from terrorist insurgents.

That would be bad enough but whereas, in the past, we were always quick to name the terrorists, today a resounding silence rings out. The lion’s roar is not even a mouse’s squeak. We wring our hands and hug each other and act as if somehow we are to blame for our own Calvary.

Two days ago a woman was gang-raped after a man had led her away from the friends she had been partying with, in London’s Covent Garden. Two other

The three suspects in the Covent Garden gang-rape. Don’t look very C of E to me

men had been following and participated in the violation. CCTV footage clearly shows the identity of the rapists.

Murdered, stabbed, run down by vans, raped, blown up by nail-bombs. What more evidence to show that we are at war could be needed?

Of course we are at war.

We are the subject of terrorist attack by a coordinated, ideologically coherent enemy that knows exactly what it is doing and has the measure of us. That is war.

When the UK was under attack by the IRA — and how few and far between their atrocities were, compared to those of the enemy we face today — we did not hesitate. We named them. We made sure everyone knew who was doing it. When ETTA was bombing in France and Spain, the same. When numerous German urban terrorist groups were killing, robbing and plundering, we knew who they were. The same in Italy.

Today, the silence is deafening.

Well, let me tell you who is doing it. Who is behind the bombings, the mutilated children, the raped women, the nightmare visited on us: Muslims. We are under attack by Muslims acting in the name of Islam.

This morning, my Twitter feed is full of nauseating appeasement from liberals and the dissembly of Muslims. I say ‘Humbug’! Islam is our enemy and Muslims are its agents.

No hiding

There is no hiding from this. Look at the statistics. Last year one of the UK’s major broadcasters commissioned a poll by ICM 

The results are terrifying. The eye-catching one was the huge numbers who thought homosexuality should be illegal — 52% — but far more dangerous, and buried down the report, it was revealed that 8% supported political terrorist murders, including suicide attacks.

Eight percent. There are roughly 2,786,635 Muslims in the UK. Eight percent of that is 200,000, give or take. 200,000 people who not only support terrorism but who are confident enough to admit it. That, right there, is the size of the enemy already within our own borders.

To put that into perspective, the British Army currently has about 90,000 personnel. Put another way, 200,000 is comparable in total to the army with which Hitler proposed to invade and subdue England in 1940 (13 divisions.)

Our war is not against terror; it is against Islam

We are at war with an enemy whose resources, already infiltrated into our territory, are greater than our own army and as powerful as the greatest existential threat Britain has ever faced. That enemy is called Islam and its front-line troops are Muslims. And make no mistake, we are losing the war.

And yet we do anything but name the attackers. Despite pictures being released that clearly show last night’s bombers to be of immigrant origin and the fact that we all know this was a Muslim terror attack, nobody says it. In reports of the Covent Garden rape — again despite CCTV footage making the ethnicity of the rapists clear — they are ‘Asians’ — a nasty, racist euphemism used by the UK press to mean ‘Pakistani’.

For days, the name of Khaled Masood, the Westminster attacker, was kept secret — why? Because as soon as it was revealed, the fact that he was a Muslim was obvious. The same happened with the Manchester bomber — no mention that he was a front-line shock-troop for Islam, a Muslim.

In order to defeat our enemy, we must name him.

We are losing this war because sliming politicians want the votes of those 2.7 million Muslims and because if more people knew the truth, then they would demand far greater protection and an expansion of the security forces — which are being cut back all the time.

Islam is the enemy of civilisation and Muslims are its foot-soldiers. It’s high time we faced up to the truth: this is a war for the survival of civilisation and we are losing it. We must name the terror that is our enemy: Islam.

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