MeToo didn’t really work out, did it?

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Originally posted 2021-03-04 22:39:11.

Well, not yet anyway. Only a few years ago, the MeToo movement burst onto the popular scene, threatening to complete the establishment of the gynocracy and the Helotisation of men. But MeToo didn’t quite work out as the covens of feminists, with their eye of newt and ear of bat (metaphorical, of course, what would PETA say) had hoped.

Thanks to MeToo every man in the West was soon losing sleep about all those drunken nights at Uni, worrying whether he had kissed some equally drunk girl who was well up for it anyway. Perhaps he’d let a hand slip onto her hip while dancing; enough now, to see a man crucified. Let’s be honest, there were a fair few nights I can’t  even remember and I don’t think I’m alone.

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Rule One: never have dinner with a woman who is not your wife.

Mike Pence, then the Vice President of the United States, chucked a welcome spanner into the MeToo works when he said he would never dine alone with a woman who was not his wife.

It was like throwing a cat into a chicken coop, as MeToo feminists ran around having fits. But Mr Pence was not referring to grabbing a sandwich and a coffee, he meant ‘go to dinner’.  He is a loyal, married man and a devout Christian to boot. Did he really have to tell the MeToo harpies what they should have known — that nice men don’t go to dinner, or otherwise expose themselves to risk of accusations of impropriety, with women they’re not married to? How ignorant did they have to be?

Mr Pence, a thoroughly decent man (it’s the Christianity) took no further part in the matter, refusing even to expand. It is something one just does not do and that was that.

It had a knock on effect though. Suddenly the Internet was awash with stories of men saying the same. More, even in the workplace, they refused to be alone in a room with a woman, unless the door was open and they could be observed. Huge numbers of men stopped  mentoring women one on one; and that really hurt. After all, how can you replace men if they refuse to show you how to do their jobs?

What hurt  most though, was the fact that the feminist double standard had been exposed. Women wanted to be treated like men when it suited them, but still retain the power to ruin a man’s life for some perceived slight. Companies today are so cowed by wokeism that they’ll shoot the man first and ask questions later. That ’empowers’ women. Men refusing to be put into positions where women could blackmail them was not the result the harpies desired. All in all, and there is still much poison to be expressed from this carbuncle, MeToo seems to have been a dud; so far, anyway.

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Then, court statistics in England and Wales showed that convictions for rape were plummeting. Of course, the standard narrative from the feminists was that juries, even when they were all women, were biased against women. Or, they didn’t want to ‘ruin a young man’s life’. But this makes no sense at all. That life was already ruined by the mere accusation of rape. 

The truth is that police forces and prosecutors are under enormous pressure to get convictions. This has led to a succession of dodgy prosecutions, thrown out before they even got to court — but not until after they had smeared an innocent man for life. Others were rejected at trial.  Still others led to successful prosecutions that were later overturned on appeal. The evidence simply did not convince and we must question whether many — or indeed any — of these alleged rapes actually happened at all.

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That was only the beginning, though. Then along came Covid, to further undermine MeToo. Now I have never been persuaded by the absurd reaction to this; it kills under 0.1% of those infected, at most. But the absurdity happened and it has had consequences. A recent report this week says that girls staying at home in lockdown UK are doing housework instead of homework; how awful, if you’re a feminist hoping to use them to replace men. 

Another claimed that the cause of ‘women’s rights’ had been set back ten years. And the Covid effect is across society; thousands of businesses have been forced to close and hundreds of thousands of jobs lost. Many women will find their career options curtailed.

The real knife in the back, however, was not to come from the henpecked inhabitant of 10 Downing Street, but from the new one at the White House, Sleepy Joe Biden.

Stooge Muppet

Now we all know that Biden is a stooge, a muppet whose tenure will last only as long as he does as he’s told. Not only is he incompetent — remember Obama: ‘Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up’ — it is clear that he is suffering some sort of cognitive impairment; what we used to call senile dementia. But that is just so non-pc these days.

Nevertheless, for all his obvious faults, Sleepy Joe really did do it.  It wasn’t the race card he played but one exquisitely more esoteric: the gender one. And it was a trumper. (See what I did there?)

Gender bending has become fashionable in the USA, you see. It’s become a bit like Britain in the 80s. All those girly boys and boyish girls. But there’s a difference. In the first place, the British 80s phenomenon was not really political. I mean it was to a degree but one always had to steer clear of those awful Socialist Worker’s Party types; absolutely no style. And anyway, one was just too busy being, well, fabulous. One left political protest to The Clash and various smelly, crusty New Age Travellers.

A few of those New Age Travellers. Actually they were pretty cute. Pic: Rod Fleming

Another big difference was that gender bending back then was all about being gay or at least, appearing to be. Boys feminised themselves to steal secret dalliances with straight men, usually older, married and quite possibly their teachers by day. Even in those hotbeds of alternative yoof culture, the Art Schools, you never saw any bricklayers in dresses, love. Not ever.

Put bluntly, there were no Jenners. Any transsexuals were pretty little boys who knew they were never going to cut it as men. And they for sure were not going to be competing in the hundred metres against the girls, ducky. I mean, Mark Almond? Jimmy Somerville? Please.

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Not now

It’s not like that no more. According to Dr Ray Blanchard, a leading researcher in the field, about 70% of male to feminine transitioners in the USA are nonhomosexual.  They have a condition called Autogynephilia but are otherwise exactly like other men. Including, that is, in their physical abilities.

Martina Navratilova has commented recently on the unfairness of letting males ‘who have passed through puberty’ compete against women. Martina knows what she’s on about too. And since Autogynephilia only sets on after puberty, causing what the APA calls ‘adolescent/adult or late onset gender dysphoria’, by definition, these transitioners have all passed through one. Look at Jenner; an Olympian and that sort of ability is not rare in this type.

This group is, both in the USA and the UK, highly politicised and has been since the early 90s. That’s three decades in which they have done everything they can to grab as much power as possible. They have become a demographic to be reckoned with. They have real influence and they use it ruthlessly, cancelling, no-platforming and harassing anyone who dares to speak out about them.

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Mike Bailey and the dirty AGPs

When another American researcher, Dr J Michael Bailey, published a popular science book explaining transsexualism and transgender in 2003, a group of this type mounted a character assassination campaign against him. They accused him of professional misconduct and even of abusing his own children. All of the allegations were investigated, shown to have been lies and Dr Bailey was exonerated, but it shows: these people play dirty.

When Sleepy signed his infamous Executive Order ensuring that such individuals could compete in women’s sport, he was going with the zeitgeist. He must have known that this would utterly destroy women’s sport. Mustn’t he? Surely even he can’t be that stupid. But perhaps he was more afraid of what the trans lobby could do to him than of provoking the ire of women. Now that says something.

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MeToo is no longer the focus

Suddenly, in the aftermath, the feminist focus has shifted. The movement, for years attacking, is now entirely on the back foot. Biden’s googly completely foxed them and now they don’t know where the next ball is coming from. The conflict between feminists and transactivists has been going on for decades, but this was a real Gettysburg.

Now I have to admit to being conflicted. I have always supported the homosexual transsexuals. I met some at college myself in those distant 80s and I’ve had sympathy for them ever since. I know many personally. On the other hand, I have little enough for the Jenner type. In my exchanges with them I have rarely found them to be amenable. At the same time, the blatant attempt by feminists to demonise men and erase masculinity, sticks tight in my craw.  But then, I have a daughter myself and I care about her welfare. This is a difficult moral issue, at least for me.

Is this another storm in a latte cup, of the type that has characterised feminist versus transactivist conflicts in the past? We shall see. But the sports issue is only the tip of the iceberg; this story will play long

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  1. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t date anymore, and those two little words are the biggest reason why. Especially if you’re not Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and don’t have his money, if you refuse to treat women like dirt, and are too smart for your own good, like, say…me! I’m far more at risk to get those words flung at me for even trying to seriously get a woman’s attention at all because I’m “creepy.” But if I were Hollyweird matinee idol handsome with muscles and money and preferably not too much processor power upstairs…oh boy. I’d have women all over me on the daily, no doubt. All things considered, I’m glad that’s not the case. My well meaning but clueless father doesn’t Get It and tries to tell me things like “Don’t paint women with such a huge brush,” because he’s married and oblivious to what it is to be a single man in America these days. Don’t blame me, girls, look in the mirror for why you can’t get a date anymore, and maybe do some self-examination while you’re at it. Too much effort? Then shut it. I don’t want to hear it.

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