The New World Order, the Rats, and modern slavery

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Originally posted 2022-09-22 13:14:21.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has served the New World Order wonderfully well, don’t you think? Through it, the most despotic, corrupt and incompetent dictators the West has seen in over seventy years, can cast a smokescreen over their manifest treachery. It could hardly have worked out better for the globalists.

FJoe Biden, Manny Mac Macron, Bodger Johnson, wee teacher’s pet Trudy, whatever women – male or female – are running the West and so many more, all look to this crisis to divert attention from what they did. These are people whose crimes against humanity should have them locked up at best and in other days, they might have faced the guillotine or a firing squad. I’m not sure that change was ‘progress’.

It is helpful for politicians to be terrified of the populations they would oppress, don’t you think?

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Who gave them the right to put their entire populations under house arrest? Who gave the the right to turn civilian police forces into paramilitary goon squads? Who gave them the right to force the citizenry to accept being injected with unproven ‘vaccines’ against a disease that actually kills fewer than the common cold? In the UK in 2021, you had more chance of dying from dementia, heart disease or bronchitis than Covid – which actually accounted for only 5.4% of deaths. (Office of National Statistics) Did we see nationwide hysteria over dementia? No, we didn’t.

It is impossible now, not to ask oneself whether this was all planned. Did the globalist New World Order see that the tide was turning and decide to take drastic action?

The New World Order and the WHO

New World Order – ‘Shit, it looks like populism and nationalism are winning – damn that Donald Trump. What can we do?’

WHO – ‘We could manufacture a pandemic for you.’

New World Order – ‘Oh good, then we could turn our police forces into paramilitary goon squads, ruin people’s lives, destroy their businesses and economies! Great! Then maybe they’ll see sense and do things our way. And we’ll see to it you get lucrative sinecures on the boards of some nice big pharmaceutical companies.’

WHO – ‘Thank you so much, just give us time to buy up stock in those companies, please. And we daresay you’ll be needing weapons to use against your populations, so we’ll invest in those too.’

You’re quite sure it didn’t happen like that?

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The Party of Slavery

russia not slavery

I’ve been thinking about slavery for a while and of course, reading a lot. You see, in the West today, you’d be forgiven for thinking that slavery was something uniquely perpetrated on black people by white ones. But that’s a blatant lie. Throughout history there have been slaves and most of them were not black.

The Mesopotamians had slaves – and they were not black. The Greeks had slaves and indeed the Spartans enslaved an entire nation as workers, the Helots. They weren’t black. The Romans had slaves. Most of whom were not black, though I am sure some busybody will find a reference to one. The Turks enslaved people from all over Europe and Asia, with a taste for Circassian boys (from modern southern Russia), who were particularly fair and had blue eyes. Definitely Not Black. They were the most popular sex slaves in the Ottoman Empire.

Circassian slaves in the Ottoman Empire

Even the blacks who genuinely were enslaved were mainly so by other blacks, slavery being endemic across sub-Saharan Africa – as it still is. At least twenty-three million people today are held as slaves, almost none of them by whites – and that is not counting those who work for pittances in rigged economies.

The problem is that some blacks were enslaved – by other blacks – and then marketed by Muslim slave-traders, who were notorious – and taken to work in the Americas. That was tragic, but hardly uncommon.

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Enter the Democrats

The USican political party which most supported slavery was called the Democrats. We can discuss how this group developed and how they evolved from British political parties later, but for now, it’s enough to note that they were the majority party of the rural elite, especially in the southern States – and since the rural poor either did not have a vote or were themselves slaves, they had a pretty free run.

The Democratic Party, as it’s now known, is currently making a big thing about open borders into the USA. Why is that? We know from surveys that once people from Latin America settle and become established in the USA, their voting patterns change – they become Republicans. So why are the Democrats to obsessed with this, such that they allowed over two million illegal immigrants to enter the country last year?

new world order

The reason is that the Democrats have never lost their slave-owner mentality. Immigrants can be used as the perfect substitute for slaves; poorly paid and largely uneducated, they are a natural underclass, the modern serfs, if not technically slaves. Sure, their children might be different, but that first generation is all the Democrat needs, to stuff his ballot boxes and pick his fruit.

Plus ca change, plus ca reste pareil.


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